TOP radios for all occasions

TOP radios for all occasions

Walkie-talkies are means of communication that transmit voice messages in places where other communication gadgets do not work. Such devices differ in their operating wavelengths. A select few of them operate exclusively in the city, since they actively suppress interference on the air. Other species have been successfully used in the forest, on the banks of rivers or at sea due to the stable signal over long distances. From the above it follows that the choice of the best walkie-talkie directly depends on the conditions of its further operation, and an overview of the most popular models will help with this.

What types of walkie-talkies exist

Depending on the place of use, walkie-talkies are divided into the following types:

  • used outside the city - suitable for hunters, tourists, fishermen. They receive a signal well on multi-level terrain and are distinguished by a large radius of action, and retain their charge for a long time.
  • professional - created for military and rescuers, have signal coding.
  • used in urban environments - for builders and security guards. They receive the signal well, suppressing extraneous noise.
  • motor transport - designed for taxi drivers and truckers, has high-quality noise reduction.
  • used in shipping - with the obligatory admission of the River Register of the Russian Federation and a certificate of the Ministry of Communications. Reliability, signal range, special protection from water.

The best walkie-talkies for hunting and tourism


The minimalistic design does not affect the functionality of the device in any way - the radio accepts three frequency ranges: VHF4, UHF, LB. The device is equipped with a 6W transmitter and a sensitivity of 0.25 μV. The radio is reliably protected from the penetration of dirt and water, has a shockproof housing. The detachable antenna can be easily replaced if necessary. The radio memorizes 16 communication channels and, if necessary, works in the repeater mode. The battery holds a charge for about 11 hours in autonomous mode. When the charge approaches the end, the indicator signals this. A walkie-talkie of this type can work for years.

YAESU FT 60R (FT 60R 2)

This is an expensive dual-band model: VHF and UHF. The transmitter power is 5 W, which can be reduced when working at short distances to save battery power. The radio is equipped with an indicator of the charge level and an economy mode of energy consumption. The battery saving mode is activated automatically. The device is equipped with a shockproof housing, protected from moisture and dust. The monochrome display and rubber keys are backlit. The receiving frequency is changed with the knob. If necessary, a headset is connected to the radio, a password is set.


A set of inexpensive walkie-talkies ideal for beginner hunters. Its functionality is correspondingly limited: the devices operate in the PMR range, and the transmitter power is only 0.5 watts. These indicators are sufficient for negotiating within a few kilometers. The walkie-talkie is suitable for open areas within a radius. The device memorizes 8 communication channels, which are switched by means of a button. Illuminated channel numbers are shown on the monochrome display.

The owner of a smartphone is tied to civilization. Just move away from the coverage area - and that's it, your fancy device turns into a piece of expensive plastic. However, not everyone lives in large cities, and some regularly go hunting, go fishing or go in for tourism. In such cases, good old radios come to the rescue.

In our rating, we will tell you which walkie-talkie to choose for hunting and fishing, truckers, tourists, warehouse workers and security guards, or in a car. We tried to collect all the optimal models in different price ranges, focusing on reviews on Yandex. arcade and profile sites.

The best all-round city radios

Baofeng BF-S

  • UHF radio
  • 5W transmitter power
  • Li-Ion battery power
  • weight 166 g <
  • number of channels 16
  • CTCSS, DCS encoding
  • headset connection

Opens the list of the best radios for the cheapest rating model. The price is one of its main advantages, but you get your money a full-fledged miniature radio receiver, very easy to set up and use. It's nice that at the same time, the radio has built-in protection against the playful little hands of those who like to poke at the buttons - the channel settings are registered only through the cable.

But, of course, you will have to forget about more interesting functions - dual range, protection from weather conditions, or about a working radius of 10 km. In general, if your goal is to issue walkie-talkies to warehouse workers or security guards, or just fool around with friends in nature, then Baofeng BF-888S will fully pay off its price.

Important: to work in Russia, a flashing may be required, since in our country the frequencies at which the radio works by default are prohibited.

Pros: price, channel settings are registered via cable, autonomy.

Cons: no Russian voice acting, no protection from weather conditions, need a flashing.

Motorola Talkabout T Twin Pack

  • PMR radio
  • 2 radios included
  • transmitter power 0.W
  • range of 4 km <
  • food 3xAAA
  • weight 79 g
  • number of channels 8

Are you going to go camping with your family? Do you want to relax in the country, but at the same time do not lose sight of the child? It is worth thinking about a set of walkie-talkies for the smallest, Motorola Talkabout T42 Twin Pack. These are small bright devices with an attractive design, very simple, and even a five-year-old child can figure out how to work. Or several children - for those with many children, Motorola has Triple and Quad versions (three and four radios are included).

Since the invention of radio, wireless communication has become an integral part of our lives. And the modern element base has made radio stations compact, inexpensive and affordable.

In this review, we will look at the best walkie-talkies of 2020, analyze their characteristics and selection parameters.

The best radio for hunting and fishing SOYUZ

The rating of walkie-talkies for hunting and fishing, as well as other civilian purposes, is opened by a Russian-made dual-band device. Allows for two-way communication in simplex or half-duplex mode (simplified - only one correspondent can work on transmission at a time). The sensitivity of the receiving path is 0.25 μV.

To eliminate interference from unwanted radio stations, support for digital and analog coding CTCSS, DCS is provided. To remove annoying noise during the pauses of the correspondent's transmission, the receiving part is equipped with a noise suppressor with an adjustable response threshold.

The transmission mode is activated from the PTT button or you can activate the VOX system. In this variant, the device switches to the transmitter mode from the sound of the voice. To work with active repeaters, the Shift mode is provided - the transmission frequency is shifted relative to the reception band. Tuning along the range is stepwise with the selected step, but the portable radio station has 127 memory cells into which you can store certain frequencies by organizing a channel mode of operation.

The device is equipped with a built-in 1 W speaker. If necessary, you can connect a headset. It is powered by a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery. You do not need to remove the battery to charge. You can update the software from your computer. The weight of the device is 215 g.



TurboSky T Dual Band Radio

For a fan of outdoor activities, the question of having a connection always comes first. Perhaps some are hoping for a mobile phone, but not an experienced and responsible traveler.

He probably knows that there are many moments in life when the phone is simply not convenient for operational communication, and in some places, especially in mountainous areas, cellular communication is simply useless. This issue is resolved with the help of portable radio stations, which will provide reliable operational communication with associates.

What are the advantages of this connection?

Well, first of all, the time factor. With the help of the radio, you can keep in touch with different groups instantly. This is vital in emergencies when there is no time to wait for a connection and every second is precious.

Secondly, the communication conditions. You will be heard at once by all members of the group who have walkie-talkies, this, mind you, is very convenient in the presence of a large company.

The third benefit is financial. There is no connection to a cellular operator. And this is very important when traveling abroad. There is no need to buy local SIM cards for each member of your trip, or use roaming charges.

And, finally, there is an opportunity, if necessary, to contact the Ministry of Emergencies (you just need to know the frequencies of regional rescuers in advance)

What factors are important when buying a walkie-talkie?

The main thing is to start with what you want to get from radio communication.

For some, inexperienced, it is important that the radio has fewer buttons and functions. This will be enough "blind" channel. They are usually inexpensive, have simple functionality, and few buttons. But at the same time they perform the function of communication with dignity.

When choosing a walkie-talkie for work in dense forests and rough terrain, several important factors should be considered:

  • legality of use
  • radio range
  • battery life
  • operational reliability

Legislation in the field of radio communications

The following frequency ranges are allocated for civil radio communication in Russia:

  • 27 MHz (26.960 - 27.405 MHz, CBC/cb, 85 channels) with the allowed output power of the transmitter (in AM - amplitude modulation - and FM - frequency modulation modes) up to 4 watts SSB modulation is also allowed - but it has not become widespread in portable C-Beams due to significant sound distortions arising from frequency instability - and requiring constant frequency adjustment to ensure acceptable reception quality. It is possible without any registration and payment for a frequency for individuals to use radio stations with compact standard and car antennas; if you install a stationary antenna on the roof of a house, it must be registered by law.
  • 433-434 MHz (LPD, 69 channels from 433.075 MHz to 434.775 MHz in 0.025 MHz steps) with a permitted transmitter output power of up to 0.01 W and a compact antenna (use of car and stationary antennas in the LPD range not permitted for civil radio communications).
  • 446 MHz (PMR, 8 channels from 446.00625 MHz to 446.09375 MHz in 0.0125 MHz steps) with a permitted transmitter output power up to 0.5 W and a compact antenna (use of car and fixed antennas in PMR range for civil radio communications is not permitted).

Frequencies of radios sold in Russia

The original circuit of the transmitter with a number of advantages is used in the C-Bi radio stations produced by KB Berkut (Russia):

  • High efficiency at the level of 70% when operating on any antenna against an efficiency of 30% for a compact and about 60% for an effective long (automobile, stationary) in the classic transmitter circuit
  • Reliable protection of the output stage when switched on without an antenna or with a poorly matched antenna (in contrast to the overload mode in the classical transmitter circuit in imported C-B radio in the transmitter circuits of KB Berkut, the output stage in this situation works in a light mode)
  • The lightweight thermal mode of the output stage at a high transmitter power allows you to reduce the weight and dimensions of the walkie-talkie due to the absence of the need for bulky radiators

Radio communication range in dense forest conditions and elevation differences

Most of the sellers of walkie-talkies are trying to impose on hunters and fishermen UHF radio (400-520 MHz), simultaneously misleading them about the legality of using such radio (with a power level many times higher than the levels allowed without registration).

But walkie-talkies of this range have a wavelength of about 60 cm, and a radio wave is capable of effectively circling an obstacle that does not exceed half the wavelength. T. a living tree with a trunk diameter of 30 cm is a serious obstacle, let alone a dense group of trees or a hill.

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