Top 6 observation decks on the way to Lago Naki

Lake in the mountains

The Lago-Naki Plateau can be called the hallmark of the Caucasian Reserve.

A large number of tourists begin their acquaintance with the KGPBZ (Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve) from here, climbing the peaks of the Fisht-Oshten mountain range - Oshten (2804m.), Pshekha-Su (2743m. ), Fisht (2867m.)

But sometimes it is not necessary to pack a large backpack and go on a multi-day route to be surrounded by mountains, alpine meadows, and rocks from which will take your breath away. That is why the Lagonaki Highlands are very popular among fans of weekend hikes.

Observation decks of the Azish-Tau ridge

Highway "Dakhovskaya - Lago-Naki", passing along the Azish-Tau ridge to the ridge. The Stone Sea has a huge number of viewpoints, which are definitely worth visiting not only for those who are passing here for the first time. I think that avid lovers of LDPE of the Krasnodar Territory will also be able to discover new attractions after reading this article.

Many locations are "wild", so I must inform you: we never allow ourselves to litter anywhere, and whenever possible we pick up garbage that is left behind by "would-be tourists". We advise you to do the same!

Let's start with the viewpoints of the ridge. Azish-Tau in the direction of Lago-Naki

Mountain Summer Camp

Tent camp, there is a climbing area

Coordinates: 44.28061, 40.21835

The mark on the map is located 300 meters to the left of the road, so you can leave the car at the side of the road and walk in a straight line, or drive about 1 km further, then turn left and drive a little back along the dirt road (this is the main entrance To camp).

74th Championship in tourism of students of state educational organizations subordinated to the Department of Education of the city of Moscow

Mountain hike

A mountain hike is the passage of a given route, of a certain difficulty, autonomously in the natural environment. The main factors affecting a person in a mountain hike will be mountainous terrain and high mountain climate.

If you bought a ticket at a travel agency, then you go on a mountain hike in the company of absolutely strangers, differing in culture, age and physical fitness. In order for a mountain hike to bring you joy and pleasure, you need to stock up on a positive mood at home. There is nothing that brings people together like communication in a narrow team in conditions. Therefore, at the end of the hike, you will have some good friends.

Hiking trails

The mountain hike has the following characteristics:

    • participants carry personal belongings and public equipment;
    • bivouacs are organized in the most suitable places, but it is not a fact that, due to circumstances, you will not have to spend the night in an unusual setting: a booth, on stones;
    • the participants of the mountain hike eat together, food is prepared for the group by the attendants on a fire or on gas burners;

    2. The route of the hike is laid by the instructor-guide based on his knowledge of the terrain, cartographic material and description of the route

      • the movement goes along mountain paths and rough terrain;
      • the state of the group on the route is supervised by professional instructors;

      • movement along the route of 1-2 category of difficulty requires elementary preparation of the participants of the mountain hike, to cope with this load by the strength of anyone;
      • to participate in hikes of the 3rd and higher category require experience of previous hikes;

      • participating in the hike you will see with your own eyes magnificent panoramas of the Caucasus mountains;
      • natural obstacles that the participants of the hike may encounter: height, bad weather, ford , snowfield, scree, grassy slope. The instructor-guide in all cases explains and shows how these sections of the route are passed correctly, insurance is organized in difficult places;
      • due to the fact that the hiking routes pass in sparsely populated areas, it is difficult for a participant to leave the group and requires a lot of strength from the instructor staff.

    The championship in tourism of students of state educational organizations subordinate to the Department of Education of the city of Moscow is a traditional city event held annually with the aim of popularizing and developing tourism and local history activities of educational organizations in the city of Moscow.

    I can hardly call myself a climber - I went a few "ones" for a couple of badges. I just like to go to the mountains, but I don't get to do it often. For this reason, I decided to expand the horizons near my home, and since my native land is not "mountainous" but "water", the choice fell on kayaking and kayaking.

    During the year I reviewed 4 models of kayaks. In fact, there were many more of them, but only those that I was ready to buy based on the allocated budget will be presented here.



    This was the first boat I turned my attention to. Its production is in St. Petersburg and I was hoping to get a kayak quickly before my desire burned out.

    In April last year, I did just that, placed an order and answered the manager's call, from whom I learned that it would take about a month to make the boat. I canceled the order and went to the mountains, at this the first stage of my kayak selection was completed.


    This kayak model was the second I took a look at the following spring. She, like Barbarian-480, was relatively inexpensive and, at first glance, met all my requests.

    It could be quickly ordered, received within a few days, and tested on the water during the May holidays. But, unlike last year, I decided not to make hasty actions and wondered what I expect from my kayak. Why do I need it?


    Teberda - Arkhyz Hiking in the mountains

    Sports hike 1 room. Duration - 9 days. It takes place on the territory of the KChR. Designed for beginners and experienced tourists.

    Order number: 002021

    • RUB 22,000 per person in a group of 4 or more;
    • 66,000 rubles. from a group in a group of 1 to 3 people;

    Dates: see tour schedule ↓

    Teberda is a small town on the way to mountain Dombay. The healing air, the purest water and the most beautiful nature have made Teberda a popular destination for hiking and mountain travel. Translated from the Karachai Teberda - "God's gift". The delightful climate and green slopes of the mountains gave Teberda the right to be the favorite muse of poets and artists. Seething waterfalls, transparent rivers, white mountain peaks can be found in poems and paintings, photographs of romantics and adventure seekers.

    Arkhyz is a tourist area with the center of the same name - the village of Arkhyz. The mountain valley of Arkhyz is located at the confluence of the rivers: Psysh, Sofia, Kyzgych and Rechepsta. Filled with sun and warmth, for many years it has attracted lovers of outdoor activities: summer and winter. Connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle in search of longevity are in a hurry to plunge into the atmosphere of Arkhyz and enjoy the aesthetic view of its panoramas, inhale the life-giving aroma of Arkhyz pines.

    g. eberda - valley of the river Muhu - lane. uhu (1A, 2764m) - the valley of the Ullu-Marka river, 8 km - the valley of the Aksaut river, 13 km - lane. Cheget-Chat (1A, 2840 m) - d. arukha, 16 km - lane. Northern Chigordali (n/a, 2500 m) - v. izzych - p. rhyz

    First day

    Arrival at the Kuban hotel in the city of Nevinomyssk. Acquaintance with the guide. Getting equipment and all sorts of delicacies. Stacking backpacks.

    Second day

    Breakfast. Transfer to the city of Teberda. Going out on the route, working out the command "under the backpack". Trekking up the mountain valley to the Mukhu pass, 8 km. Setting up a camp in the mountains. First night under the stars.

    Third day

    The lake in the mountains is called Kardyvach and the path to it passes through the long valley of the Mzymta River. During the golden period, we visited the world of a mountain lake, felt its aroma, energy; admired the beauty and fullness of early autumn colors. This is romance, but now everything is in order. A story about how we visited a lake in the mountains.

    Dr. Dr. We are driving a UAZ. The car now floats in the mud, then puffs in the road dust. 22 (twenty two) kilometers of mountain serpentine from the village of Esto-Sadok to Engelmanova glade. The old lumber road is complaining. For a long time it was not leveled, not put in order, but many want to get to the cherished lake in the mountains.

    Top. Top. It was we who left the comfortable Russian jeep - an all-wheel drive UAZ and went out onto the hiking trail. At first it is wide, then narrows. On the left is the mountain - the slope of the Main Caucasian ridge - the famous Aishkhi. Under the mountain, the river - the noisy Mzymta, runs in a hurry to the Black Sea. Mzymta is bubbling in the gorge, frightening travelers on the trail.

    There is a mountain in the Caucasus - the Highest. on that mountain the river is the deepest.

    Suppose our mountain is not the highest, and the river is not the deepest under the mountain. Only the beauty of Mzymta and the riot of colors have attracted tourists for more than a year to the cherished lake - the source of the noisy Mzymta. Lake in the mountains - a pearl to the Caucasus Mountains - Lake Kardyvach.

    We stomp groaning. Backpacks creak, mocking tourists. Stop. The weather is getting worse. We will spend the night in a dense spruce forest.

    It is raining in the open glades, there are wet burdocks and crocuses, and we sit in a dense spruce forest, drink sweet tea and dream of a lake between the mountains. Everyone is looking forward to meeting the famous blue lake. Lightning thunders and flashes in the mountains. We decide not to be afraid. Hang up.

    Valley of the Mzymta River. Unique nature. Relic plants

    Valley of the Mzymta River. Faded colors of autumn

    Top. Top. Today is the day of checks. We are checked by all and sundry. Here is a brigade from the raid - please show the passes. There is a stationary post at the turn - again they check the passes to the border zone. Today we are as popular as ever.

    It's raining in the morning. Small nasty, but still summer - warm. A dense spruce forest saves us from its intrusive streams.

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