Top 5 youth tourism destinations in Europe

Top 5 youth tourism destinations in Europe

It is not always easy to find the ideal destination for those interested in youth tourism. The ideal place for young people should be a combination of fun, relaxation, shopping, sun and outdoor activities. Here are 5 of the best youth tourism destinations in Europe.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has always welcomed young people. Everything is in motion here, everything is possible here. For tourists keen on history, it is recommended not to miss a visit to the Van Gogh Museum and a guided tour of the Rijksmuseum.

For those who are fond of sports, it is recommended to take tickets to the stadium "Amsterdam Arena". For a family holiday, pamper yourself with a visit to the world famous Madame Tussauds or a canal cruise in Amsterdam.

Split, Croatia

Split is the best and friendliest city in the country. Dozens of activities are ideal for youth recreation, such as the two-hour Game of Thrones tour, during which tourists can see various filming locations of the famous TV series.

This city is extremely interesting to explore on a paddle tour to combine fun, exercise and sightseeing. Young people will love the “Pirate Dinner & Drinks Cruise” on a replica of Christopher Columbus's boat.

Also, tourists can enjoy a cocktail in one of the best hotels in Split, as well as a culinary tour to get acquainted with the famous and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Florence, Italy

A full city of amazing culture, delicious food and everything that will be interesting to see young tourists. Plus, there are some of the best bars and clubs here - great fun.

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Did you stand on a rock stuck over a precipice? Do you know what the Norwegian Sea mussels taste like? Do you find the steering wheel and pedals on the shimmer? Did you take a sunny photo at midnight? Have you heard how giant ferries greet each other?

Do you want to learn everything and try many other things? Climb to the top and see the land of trolls at a glance, pull 5 fish from a depth of 120 meters at the same time, swim in a mountain lake after many hours of climbing light, watch the northern lights in the whole sky, wake up to the cries of seagulls and the call of the attendants?

Then we invite you to a joint adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime - a tour of the Lofoten Islands. A Scandinavian careful approach to nature, wild campsites on uninhabited islands and cozy multinational campgrounds, the drive of the first crossing by the sea, salt spray and pleasant fatigue in the evening await you. We will walk along the Lofoten Wall - a chain of ancient mountains, we will collect fresh water under huge waterfalls, watch the breath of the sea at ebb and flow and meet the sunsets over the cities from a bird's eye view. We will learn to overcome the wave and doubts, enjoy all the surprises of the weather and new meetings, and open up the strength to start a new life!

Are you ready for perhaps the most unconventional vacation of your life? Then this is the right route!

Upcoming hikes

The last 3 places remain, as not everyone has confirmed their participation yet.

How to get there

We recommend using our transfer from/to St. Petersburg or driving your own cars to the meeting point with the group (the meeting point changes from hike to hike, you need to check with the coordinator!), because in previous years there were there are frequent cases of loss of luggage of participants in hikes (We are not responsible for the loss of baggage, and of course we are trying to help solve such problems.)

1. Our transfer (9000 rubles one way)

We will meet in St. Petersburg, at the Ozerki metro station, in the parking lot at McDonald's at 6:00 am, 1 day before the start of the hike !. Arriving Muscovites will just have time to get there from the morning trains. The shuttle bus starts at 7:00 am.

Approximately by 9 am we arrive at the border with Finland. After passing the border, we look at duty-free.

Then we travel through the forests of Finland, admiring the deer, now and then walking along the road, forests and lakes. We will drive next to the famous Lake Saimaa system, past many Finnish towns and villages and, finally, we will arrive at about 14 o'clock in a rather large port city by the standards of Finland - Kuopio, where we will make a long stop at 1-1. hours, here instructors need to buy food for our trip (included in the price), and you can walk, relax and have a snack on your own.

At about 20 o'clock we pass the oldest city in Northern Finland - Oulu, founded in 1605 and located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. By 21 we arrive at the parking lot, where we will set up camp, cook dinner, and have a pleasant time.

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Choosing a vacation in Europe does not mean that you will have fun and your vacation will be unforgettable. Everything will depend on the preparation for the vacation and your preferences. If you are going to spend all the days on the couch, then with the same success you can sunbathe in the country by the river, and not spend a lot of money on it. But if you are an active person, then Europe will open up in front of you from various sides.

What is interesting about rest in Europe?

First, vacation in Europe is notable for its diversity. Due to the large number of countries in a small area of ​​the continent, in a short period of time you can see many cultures, monuments, landmarks, castles and ancient buildings. It's one thing to watch on TV or listen to stories about magnificent buildings, and quite another when you personally visit historical places where kings ruled in the Middle Ages. Also, Europe is rich in a large number of resorts where you can do vigorous activity. Diving, parachuting, yachting, water skiing and other equipment.

Within the city limits you can find a cinema and watch, for example, films about climbers. And after that, go to the mountains and personally try to conquer a small peak. Due to the large number of mountains, almost every European country has ski resorts. And this is a separate type of tourism that millions of people on our planet are fond of. As for the excursion, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Italy are especially interesting in this regard. Austria is probably the most environmentally friendly country in the entire European continent. Since it is mostly located in the mountains, there is always the scent of flowers, which has a beneficial effect on the human body. And in Rome there is a huge number of historical sites. If you visit three monuments every day, then a year will not be enough for you to examine the entire preserved heritage.

What else does Europe offer?

A large number of museums, theaters and other stages where interesting events are held every day. Young people will be happy to attend contemporary music concerts, and art lovers will find a wonderful gallery or visit a museum. In general, if you do not sit still, you will definitely find something interesting.

Tourism in Asia, of course, differs in its approach and culture. Which one is better to choose depends on the personal preference of each person. But we advise you to visit both east and west. As they complement each other and offer a unique pastime.

Search for tours to Europe

To find a suitable option for a tour to Europe, we recommend that you pay attention to the proposals of our partners. Based on your requests, you will find the best offers from tour operators. Group tours, offers with air travel, combined tours, all this and much more on the websites of our partners - Level. ravel Booking tours, Last minute tours, Onlinetours: search tours online. The prices for the tours should please, because we recommend - a smart way to travel. You can also arrange any tour in installments.

The age of technology has simplified the booking and purchase procedure as much as possible, making an online selection of a tourist tour as easy as shelling pears.

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