TOP 15 best navigators for forest and fishing in Russia; rating for 2021

How to choose a reliable travel navigator

Laziness is the engine of progress, and the lazier humanity becomes, the more progressive it is. Direct proof of this is the electronics market. 1000 gadgets per person - is it a joke? And this is far from the limit ...

Technological progress is so elusive that it managed to capture a rather narrow segment of consumption - tourism. In this article, we will look at such a gadget as a GPS navigator for a tourist.

A navigator through the eyes of a tourist: What does the consumer want to see?

What is the ideal travel navigator? I think that in this matter, inveterate survivalists will agree that the device should not be easy "not kill", but "immortal". Moreover, with completely different travel scenarios. So, a set of characteristics for an ideal GPS.

  • Shock resistance. The navigator must “withstand” everything: falls, bumps and other injuries. A device made of low-quality materials will not only bring disappointment from losses, but also a panic state of stress for those who do not have basic orientation skills.
  • Moisture resistance. Of course, an ideal navigator should work in any conditions: be it a flood, heavy rainfall, or forced submersion.
  • Anti-glare display. And in our area there is the sun. Moreover, it is bright and rather insidious. And what kind of survivalist would like to waste his time and unnecessarily strain his eyes to "look out" for the parameters indicated by the navigator?
  • Autonomous work. GPS that "dies" before it crosses the finish line will definitely not be useful for the survivalist on the journey.
  • Dimensions. The saying “Size doesn't matter” certainly does not apply to travel gadgets. Only a lightweight and compact GPS navigator can attract the attention of an avid tourist.

Tourist's choice: TOP-trusted GPS-navigator

The American company Garmin became the pioneers in the creation of GPS-navigators for tourists. Today, this niche is monopolized by them, so the tourist and survivalist will not have a question about which manufacturer to give preference to.

Budget model. The cost ranges from $ 120 to $ 150. The Garmin eTrex 10 case is shockproof and finished in black yellow. Display size - 36x43 mm, type - monochrome. The navigator is quite compact, equipped with fasteners for easy transportation.

The GARMIN E-Trex 10 is capable of storing 50 routes and 1000 waypoints. Powered by AA-type batteries. Works 25 hours. Perfectly synchronizes work with found satellites (malfunctions may occur in lowlands). Not afraid of water.

Cons: Too little memory. For travelers who need to work with several maps at once, this navigator is not suitable.

Upgraded model of the eTrex series. Not only the technical characteristics have become "more mature", but also the price. The cost of such a unit ranges from $ 200 to $ 250.

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This easy-to-use handheld device is a great navigator for small boats, powerboats and sailboats without a chartplotter

Easy-to-use handheld GPS navigator - Highly sensitive GPS navigator lets you mark and store 1000 waypoints and 100 tracks start line, heading line, countdown counters and maneuvering assistance - Sunrise/sunset times, estimated time of arrival, as well as other calculated and marine data - Built-in lighting

The device, equipped with a highly sensitive GPS receiver, can mark and store up to 1000 waypoints and 100 tracks for navigation. Use the device on land and on water. If accidentally dropped into water, the device floats on the surface. The navigator offers features for Garmin SailAssist ™ sailboats, including a virtual start line, heading line, countdown counters and tack assist.

Fast satellite reception The high-sensitivity GPS receiver provides fast satellite reception and positioning, even in difficult conditions such as deep ravines and under dense tree canopy.

Mark Important Waypoints You can mark and save up to 1000 waypoints (such as fishing spots or lobster traps) and 100 tracks so that you can use these points for navigation later.

SailAssist Sailboat Function The SailAssist function, which includes a heading line and tack guidance, helps you sail. The device will determine the position of your boat in relation to the optimal tack angle for the current conditions. Sailing enthusiasts will benefit from features such as a virtual start line and a subtraction timer to help you cross the starting line at exactly the right time.

Save important data The GPS 73 device is compatible with the NMEA 0183 network. To transfer data to the device, connect it to a computer via USB. Swimming, hunting or fishing enthusiasts can use built-in astronomical data, including sunrise and sunset times, hunting and fishing calendar, estimated time of arrival, and estimated and marine data.

High contrast display The GPS 73 has an intuitive user interface and backlit buttons for quick and easy operation. The high-contrast display provides excellent image quality in all lighting conditions.

Navigators for tourism, fishing and hunting

Today many fishermen make their life easier by recording everything they need on modern devices. The most convenient for this are portable, inexpensive navigators for fishing. Despite their small size, they have many useful options, they can be placed in a pocket, they help to find cool places, not to get lost in a pond, in a forest.

According to existing reviews, navigators for fishing do not require much space. They work and function properly in difficult conditions. They are protected from dust, moisture, have a solid case, they can "survive" even if they get under water.

On the Russian market, navigators for fishermen are represented by a wide range of devices. There are devices that combine an echo sounder with a navigator for fishing, which significantly expands their capabilities, and allows you to turn fishing into a more comfortable activity.

Select a navigator for fishing

Fishing is a specific occupation and therefore, when choosing a navigator, you need to take into account some features of the devices that will be really useful when fishing. The best parting will be the one with:

  • small dimensions: small dimensions do not require much space for its transportation;
  • strength and water resistance: fishing conditions can lead to moisture getting on the hull, sometimes falling the device into the water; possible during operation, the device falls on a hard surface;
  • the ability to support maps with sections of water bodies, off roads, settlements: it is especially good if they contain information about depths, passage of channels, edges, etc.;
  • the presence of a built-in device that measures air pressure: this allows the fisherman to predict the weather and, accordingly, the intensity of biting in the reservoir;
  • the presence of mounts on the side of the boat, the handlebars of a snowmobile, a motorcycle.

In addition to such specific features for fishermen, tourist navigators for fishing should have a high-quality display, a good supply of power supply, the ability to work as a car navigator, which will allow the fisherman to get to the right place without any problems.

Garmin is a well-known brand of navigators used in different life situations. One of the fisherman-friendly products and perhaps the best fishing navigator is the Garmin GPSMAP 62s, which is now a top seller in many specialist and online retailers.

Not bigger than a cell phone, the GPSMAP 62s is a portable fishing navigator that, in addition to traditional options, has a number of specific options that are most convenient for fishermen. This:

    water resistance: the device is not afraid of precipitation, it remains operational, even after being in water for up to half an hour;

    This fishing pocket navigator is, of course, equipped with operating modes that will help you get to the fishing spot. It contains maps of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, which are updated three times a year.

    Any modern smartphone has a built-in GPS navigator. But on camping trips or fishing, it is recommended to take specialized navigators that are designed for long-term work offline, and also do not depend on the Internet connection. The leading manufacturers of such devices are such companies as Garmin, Prestigio, Lowrance. What is the best navigator for the forest and fishing, what characteristics should you focus on?

    By what characteristics to choose

    It is recommended to choose GPS navigators based on the following parameters:

    • Food. It is necessary to take into account not only the duration of autonomous operation, but also which batteries are used. The best option for tourists is replaceable AA-cells ("finger" batteries). In this case, you do not have to worry about the gadget being discharged at the most inopportune moment.
    • Enclosure protection. For "extreme lovers" the preferred option will be GPS navigators with protection according to the IP67 standard. That is, waterproof. And in such models, as a rule, shockproof inserts are also provided.
    • Functionality. In this regard, Android models will be the favorites. But their main drawback is battery life.
    • The amount of internal memory. And it should be borne in mind that not all models support memory cards.
    • Display type and resolution. Monochrome ones consume less charge, but color ones can display more information and these are the ones recommended for novice travelers (who are not yet very well versed in the coordinate system and basic landmarks in space).

    And an equally important parameter when choosing a navigator for forest and fishing is the cost. Devices in this category have a wide price range: from 3 to 50 thousand rubles.

    Navigator with proprietary software from Garmin. Display - 4 inches (color, touch). The built-in Li-Ion battery provides up to 16 hours of active work, but, if necessary, you can use AA batteries. There are voice and sound notifications, a built-in compass and barometer. Micro SD support is available.

    Among the shortcomings: the screen is highly reflective in the sun, the case is without any protection, a long “cold start”. And the price is almost 30 thousand rubles.

    Although the navigator is the simplest in appearance, it is from Garmin and supports all proprietary functions of the manufacturer. This means that the device works stably, you won't have to deal with software bugs (as when using Chinese "NoName" devices).

    Simple and cheap, entry-level model. Most travelers consider it to be the best for beginners. It will cost only 11,000 rubles. Features:

    • 3-inch color screen (but the quality is poor);
    • 8 gigabytes of internal memory (Micro SD also supports);
    • there is a function of memorizing up to 200 routes;
    • the battery is designed for 20 hours of active operation (can be replaced with ordinary batteries);
    • the case is waterproof (but without protection against falls).

    A fishing GPS navigator can fundamentally change the very system of hunting or fishing. If earlier a fisherman tried to manually calculate where it is deeper, what time is it, where is stranded, where there may be a fish, now, using a GPS navigator, you can see all this on the device screen in one second. It is also easy to navigate the terrain Now a fisherman or hunter will not get lost in the forest, he will not get entangled in the bends of a river or pond.

    GPS navigator for hunting and fishing

    As a rule, if a person loves hunting, then he also loves fishing. Therefore, it is very important that the navigator has in itself not only the data of the forest or boreal forest, but also of the water areas. For this reason, there are several criteria that a navigator must meet in order to be comfortable to use it in a dark forest and in a bright meadow near the lake.

    First, it is important to protect all the most important things in the navigator from dust in the forest and moisture on the water. To do this, he must have a strong and well-closed case. Secondly, the navigator must be able to work for a long time on its own battery, that is, without a charger. Thirdly, the weight, given that the device will have to be worn for more than one hour in the hand, should be small. Fourthly, the navigator should be easy to use and have many functions, for example, to support everything not only about hunting, but also about fishing.

    Let's consider the criteria for choosing a navigator. First, if possible, it should be a receiver. Then it will receive signals from different satellites, which will provide a better orientation on the water and in the forest. How many satellites does this particular navigator catch? This is an important criterion.

    Secondly, the device must be sensitive. For example, the device picks up a signal well on the water, but is silent in the forest, especially under thick foliage. It is for this reason that those navigators that are installed in the car are in no way unsuitable in the forest, but they can still be used sometimes on the water.

    Third, the display must have good performance. This means that when it gets dark, when you get into the forest thicket, when there are no glasses at hand, you can always see the picture well. And for this she should be bright and clear. And the size plays a big role. After all, the larger the screen, the clearer the small details are.

    GPS navigator for fishing on Android

    If you want to collect a big catch, then you should use a program that was written specifically for Android. As a fisherman, you will love its features. For example, it is very accessible. There is no need to understand it for a long time, looking for the necessary functions. The interface is quite accessible. The menu is intuitive and easy to define. The most important thing that you get is the result, that is, a big catch.

    You can fix and find your own and other people's donks and troll. You can use the program both online and offline. And this is especially convenient when you find yourself on the high seas, where there is no Internet connection. Also, the device includes many additional functions. These include a compass, a ruler, weather forecasts, tide, low tide, lunar activity, sunrise and sunset times.

    You can also upload or download your points, which were good for fishing in the last fishing trip. You will also learn about the places where fishing went well with other fishermen, which is very convenient when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. It is possible to compile a report on each fishing trip, attach photos of the catch.

    GPS navigators for ice fishing

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