Top 10 longest rivers in Bashkortostan

The modern city of Ufa and its waterways

The history of the lands of Bashkortostan dates back to the 7th-6th millennia BC. Thanks to this, the republic attracts the attention of travelers.

There is a wonderful climate, there are national parks and reserves, unique natural areas, flora and fauna.

More than 12,000 rivers flow on the territory of Bashkortostan, and there are more than 2,500 lakes and other water sources. In this regard, water tourism is actively developing in the republic.

Some rivers are striking for their mountainous character, fast flow and impressive length.

In our article you can find out about the longest rivers of Bashkortostan, their length is indicated only on the territory of the republic, many of the water streams continue to flow beyond its borders.

Nugush, km

The river is a right tributary of the Belaya River, its length in Bashkiria is 235 km. Translated from the Bashkir language, the name of the Nugush River is translated as "pure water".

The water source originates on the Yurmatau ridge, flows through the South Ural mountains. This river has the fastest flow in the republic.

Nugush is popular for the fact that water tourism is developed on it, rafting is often organized on it, moving along the river, travelers have the opportunity to admire uninhabited picturesque landscapes, including waterfalls.

In 1967, a reservoir was created on the river, the territory of which is part of the Bashkiria National Park. The upper reaches of the river flow through the lands of another nature reserve - "Shulgan-Tash".

Big Ik (Sakmara tributary), km

Ufa is a large industrial city in the Central part of Russia, the administrative center of the Ufa region. Although, today only old-timers say so. Back in the 50s of the last century, the republic of Bashkiria was formed, now Bashkortostan, with the main city of Ufa. We will find out which river flows in Ufa, and what value is the water potential of the region.

Water resources of Bashkiria

There are picturesque rivers and lakes in Bashkortostan. Fishing, rafting, green tourism attract people. The capital of the republic is washed by river waters. The main river in Ufa is Belaya, it is the main source of drinking water, supplies enterprises, of which there are many in the city.

The Ufa region also has many water bodies. The rivers are fed by rains and melting snow, less often underground waters are sources. Floods are observed in spring, the water level in the channels rises by several meters. The rivers of Ufa carry water to the Caspian Sea.

In general, the state of Bashkiria's water resources is deplorable, some large rivers from spring to autumn have a negative water balance. The reason is the great needs of the factories and combines of the republic.

Many farms dump animal waste into the water. Residues of chemical fertilizers fall from the fields. This is a potential threat to the rivers of the region.

On which river is Ufa

The city of the same name with the river, also the capital of Bashkiria, is located on the peninsula. So what river flows in Ufa? Or is there another body of water? If you look at the map, the city is spread out between two rivers. Looking more closely, you can see that the Ufa rivers include three water streams: Belaya, Dema and Ufa.

If we talk about which river Ufa stands on, it would be more correct to indicate the White River. The Ufa River is considered its tributary, just in the area of ​​the city their channels are connected. Belaya is considered one of the largest water streams in the Urals, belongs to the Kama basin.

Belaya is one of the main waterways of the region. In addition, many sights from past centuries have survived on its banks - a fortress, a cathedral, a mosque. Alas, local authorities are only planning to improve the recreation area.

More about the Ufimka River

The river flows in the Urals, captures the territory of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. The official name is Ufa, but the locals affectionately call it Ufimka. Karaidel will sound in Bashkir. The length of the channel is about 918 km, the coverage of the water area is 53,000 square kilometers.

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