To the White Sea on the Yagry island - unusual excursions in Arkhangelsk

To the White Sea on the Yagry island - unusual excursions in Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk was called the "Capital of the North", "Gates of the Arctic", and now this city - the first seaport of Russia - is officially assigned to the land Arctic territory of Russia. What to see in Arkhangelsk and its environs on a classic weekend tour - read the ATOR Bulletin.


Heading north, 64th parallel. The branded tourist route "Arkhangelsk: the Arctic begins here" is included in the historical, cultural and tourist project "Silver Necklace of Russia". Tour duration: 3 days/2 nights.


The proximity of the sea and the Arctic affects the weather, it can change here several times a day. As the saying goes, a northerner is not one who is not afraid of the cold, but one who dresses warmly, so even in summer a windbreaker and an umbrella will not hurt, and in winter the warmest jacket and mittens are required.


The time in Arkhangelsk is Moscow time, and the distance from Moscow is not that great - 1234 km. You can overcome them by train (20 hours) or by plane (2 hours): who is more comfortable and familiar.

The plane at the international airport "Arkhangelsk" lands at 10 am, so we immediately go to the hotel, where we meet with those who arrived by train: the tour on the branded route “Arkhangelsk: here starts Arctic".


The date of foundation of Arkhangelsk is considered to be 1584, and the city received its name from the Archangel Michael Monastery, founded at the mouth of the Northern Dvina in the 14th century. Archangel Michael is considered the heavenly patron of the city, we see his image on the coat of arms of Arkhangelsk.

Most of the monumental monuments of Arkhangelsk reflect the connection of the city with the sea. Judge for yourself - a monument to the founder of the Russian fleet, Peter the Great, fleet admiral N. Kuznetsov, Solovetsky cabin boys, participants in the Northern convoys, a savior seal, even the artist and writer Stepan Pisakhov holds a string bag with a fish in his hands, and the hero of his fairy tales, Senya Malina, is even riding a huge burbot! And the "Arkhangelsk man" Russian academician Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov was the son of a fisherman-pomor.

And also, when going on a trip, take 500 rubles with you - this banknote depicts the Arkhangelsk Marine Station with a monument to Peter I.

We will visit the Northern Maritime Museum, located on the Red Pier. It was from here that G. Ya. Sedov and O., legendary in the history of the Arctic exploration, set off. Schmidt.

Auto-tour to the picturesque coast of the White Sea through the shipbuilding city of Severodvinsk

Excursion rating: 100% 33 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-3 people Price: 4380 rub.

To the White Sea to Yagry Island

Many people associate Arkhangelsk with the White Sea, but in reality the sea is 40 km from the city near Severodvinsk. Within the boundaries of Severodvinsk, on the Yagry island, there is the only sandy beach in the district with a beautiful pine forest and dunes. It is not easy to get to it on your own, moreover, along the way there are many interesting objects, including little-known ones, which travelers usually overlook. In this small tour, I will not only help you get to the White Sea with comfort, but also introduce you to the history of Severodvinsk and the most remarkable places on our way.

Sergey guide in Arkhangelsk Conducts 3 excursions Usually responds within 2 hours. Good day! I am from Arkhangelsk, before that I lived on Solovki for a long time. He is a historian by education. I have over 10 years of experience working as a tour guide (including in museums and on official tourist routes), organizing and conducting expeditions and tours in the Russian North. My approach is to show the uniqueness of my land through everyday history and unusual sights. Provides 3 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 5 hours Children: Allowed with children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion


It is impossible to get to Yagry without passing through Severodvinsk, which for a long time was a closed military city. Historical buildings have been preserved here - buildings and signs of the Soviet era, among which it is easy to feel oneself in the past. You will learn how this port city was built, what significance it played in the maritime history of Russia, about local production and outstanding inhabitants, as well as about modern defense enterprises. Also in the city we will see the buildings of the ancient Nikolo-Korelsky monastery, I will also tell its history.

In addition, on the way to the White Sea coast you will see:

Ideas for trips around the country - in the project "RBC Style" "100 Travels in Russia".

The Arkhangelsk region is a region not favored by tourists. Nevertheless, there is definitely something to see here - wooden architecture, the cradle of the submarine fleet, Pomor cuisine and one of the most beautiful villages.


Somewhere on the horizon, submarine cabinets should be visible. They say that swimming in the sea and watching them are a special pleasure. But now the sky is overcast and light rain and snow are falling, boats are not visible. Sea foam envelops the sand and becomes like frozen construction foam.

Somewhere in these places in 1553 diplomatic relations began between Russia and England. At the end of August, a ship under the command of Captain Richard Chancellor anchored near the village of Nenoksa. Through Kholmogory, then the capital of the Russian North, Chensler reached Moscow. After an audience with Ivan the Terrible, Richard became an ambassador, and an anchorage, warehouses and living quarters appeared on the shores of the White Sea on the island of Yagry. For decades, the port became the main link between Russia and England. Today, a small memorial sign and the name of one of the streets remind of Chancellor on Jagra.

Today Yagry is no longer an island, but a region of Severodvinsk. The road here from the city center takes about 20 minutes. Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery, the one whose monks met Chancellor, is also in place. True, it is almost impossible to get to it - in the 1930s Sevmash grew around the monastery, which became the flagship of the construction of submarines in Russia. The monastery itself was not only locked inside the enterprise, but also lost some of its premises - they house the plant's subdivisions. Only in the 90s, the monastery was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, and services began to be held in the Nikolsky Cathedral. True, believers and few tourists have to admire the domes of the cathedral mostly from afar: Sevmash is a secure facility.

Monastery in 1907, before the founding of the Sudostroy village (Severodvinsk)

I turn my back to the sea, close my eyes and imagine how 500 years ago English sailors came to this shore. Only a bone-chilling wind pulls me out of the lulling sound of the waves, and I open my eyes. There is a shabby nine-story panel building right on the shore. The photographer and I joke that renting an apartment here is the most affordable way to move to the sea in Russia. The most affordable, but perhaps not the best.

You need to come to Severodvinsk in the summer, when the frosty wind doesn't try to fit under three layers of T-shirts, and your feet don't get bogged down in the slushy snow. It is good to take a leisurely walk here, looking at the quaint wooden houses. In Severodvinsk, as in a closed and rich military town, the Soviet government did not skimp on comfort for the residents. Many wooden houses here were built according to individual projects - with bay windows, curious entrance lobbies and unusual balconies. If we compare these "pieces of wood" with what awaits us in Arkhangelsk, the latter loses.

In Severodvinsk, even panel houses are not the same as everywhere else. Local, the so-called Severodvinsk series, were specially designed for the city. They are characterized by increased comfort and are better adapted to harsh climates. In total, 163 such houses were built here, the very first one can be viewed at st. Trukhina, 16.

And be sure to visit the local museum of local lore. Here they have long since brushed the dust off the exhibits and decided on a large-scale reconstruction. Several halls are equipped with the latest museum technology. Exhibits can be touched, twisted in hands and studied in every possible way. Be sure to pay attention to the Cup of the All-Union Spartakiad (a naked guy and a girl standing in an embrace) - a trophy of the Great Patriotic War, which was originally the Cup of the 1936 Olympics.

On the way back from Severodvinsk, stop at the village of Shikhirikha. On the local suspension bridge across the river, it turns out very cool photos.

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