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How to choose thermal underwear for cold weather and what is the difference between active and passive types of sets

Thermal underwear is an important attribute of equipment for winter entertainment (fishing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, expeditions, etc.). It is subtle, therefore it is not felt on the body. But its heat-saving properties are often on par with several layers of traditional clothing. And all because it is made of fabric with a special weave, which retains heat and wicks moisture away.

We decided to tell you how to choose thermal underwear for cold weather to feel comfortable in it. Nikita Tukalov, a consultant at the Etna tactical clothing and equipment store, helped us with this.

In the large assortment presented by leading manufacturers, it is difficult to navigate and choose the right model. We will tell you everything about thermal underwear: what materials are the best, how to choose the size and cut, how to take care of the garments, and also give an example of several high-quality models for adults and children.

Finntrail men's thermal underwear for fishing and sports

  • made of warm thermal fleece Waffle-knit;
  • features: anatomical fit, flat seams, high collar with zipper;
  • thermal underwear size - from XS to XXXL;
  • costs 4100-5500 rubles.

The Finnish brand Finntrail offers a large selection of premium equipment for extreme expeditions, fishing, off-roading. The products are highly durable, comfortable to wear, and effectively protect from the cold.

Finntrail Subzero 6404 is an example of high quality, warm and very comfortable to wear men's thermal underwear, which is better to choose for cold weather (from 0 to –25 degrees). Especially recommended for sports or fishing.

The product is made of fleece fabric. Has stretching properties. The seams are flat here, so they do not squeeze the skin, do not leave marks after prolonged wear. A nice feature is a high collar with a zipper, it will protect your neck from the cold wind.


An excellent option for those who have not decided on the choice of thermal underwear for winter weather, for sports (for cross-country skiing, for snowboarding), for fishing. The product does an excellent job with the task. Protects from cold, frost. The fit is comfortable here. Due to the anatomical cut and good elasticity, thermal underwear does not hinder movement during physical activity.


NordKapp Women's Thermal Suit for Winter Weather

So, friends! Let me start by surprise you with thermal underwear. It turns out that we have known him for many years. Already from the very mossy XVI century. And this is nothing more than the most common ... #pants! Which we have so called thanks to the Italian calzoni - "pants". You understood correctly: grandfather's blue underpants are also # thermal underwear!

However, if anyone is interested in the history of this wonderful outfit, then go to Wikipedia - everything is described in some detail there.

And the only difference between grandfather's blue pants and thermal underwear is that for grandfathers "thermal underwear" was always sewn without reference to the purpose of use. T. it was universal and the same thing was used literally in all cases of life. And it wasn't always good.

Types of thermal underwear

Today we have a division of types of thermal underwear. In many ways, this is also a trick of marketers, but, nevertheless, there is a difference.

  • Sports - wicks away moisture well;
  • Heat-saving - keeps you warm as much as possible;
  • Everyday - moderately removes moisture and keeps you warm, inexpensive;
  • Specialized - used by divers, rescuers, military, special services.

Basically, all these types differ only in the composition of the material mixture and cut. For example, natural wool keeps warm well, is very "wearable", but does not wick away moisture well. Synthetics, on the contrary, removes moisture well, is more elastic, but with a lower heat saving. T. By combining synthetics with wool, manufacturers of the material get what is best suited for different types of thermal underwear.

As for the cut, this is already the art of the product manufacturer. Obviously, the first three types are the result of the creativity of the manufacturer's designers, but customers already order a specialized thermo for their Wishlist. There are nuances and subtleties - not everything is so simple!

How to wear thermal underwear?

What all types have in common is that thermal underwear is always worn on a naked body. Well, of course, a coward for them - what is really here? Hygiene ... And then suddenly you ka-a-ak ... Then you don't wash it off, yes ...

Why is that? Why only a naked body? Exclusively because there should not be anything between the material and the body that would interfere with the functionality of the thermal underwear (air does not count). For example, if you go in for sports and you are wearing a T-shirt under thermal underwear, then all the moisture will accumulate in it. And the material "for sports" always has a performance limit for moisture removal.

How not to waste your money and buy a really high-quality thing.

Good afternoon, dear readers! There are many myths around thermal underwear. Someone thinks that it is impossible to freeze in it even in the most severe frosts. Others do not even look in the direction of the jersey, as they believe that it is only for athletes. Also, many are afraid of such things because of the synthetics in the composition. Today we will deal with myths, find out what it is and how to choose thermal underwear.

What is thermal underwear and what is it for

Why does a wrapped person freeze, even if it's not extremely cold outside? Because he sweats. When exercising (and it can even be a leisurely walk) sweat is released. It is absorbed by clothing, it gets wet and becomes cold. And the body has to generate additional heat in order to evaporate this moisture and make up for heat loss.

Thermal underwear has a special cellular fabric structure. The cells actively absorb sweat and remove it to the outside of the garment, where it is evenly distributed and transferred to the next layer (or evaporates). This avoids heat loss. Also, rapid absorption prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying, so an unpleasant odor does not appear. Winter kits are specially insulated to provide a warming effect.

This jersey is worn by men, women and children alike. There are many varieties:

  • overalls ;
  • suits;
  • leggings and underpants;
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts and tops;
  • thermal socks;
  • briefs.

There is underwear for fitness, various sports, fishing and hunting, as well as for every day.

Key parameters for choosing thermal underwear

In order to choose the right thermal underwear, it is necessary to take into account several basic parameters: the composition of the fabric, the size, the conditions in which it is supposed to be used (type of activity and ambient temperature), and the brand that produces these products. We will analyze each of the characteristics in more detail.

Material composition

The main question that worries many is "What is the best fabric composition?" Do not be alarmed when you see a large percentage of synthetics on the suit label. Even if the linen is 100% made of artificial material, there is nothing wrong with that. Modern high-quality synthetics are safe for health.

Natural fabrics are used in sewing, but more often as additives due to the fact that they are unable to cope with perspiration as effectively as synthetics.

Good thermal underwear is essential for both adults and children. It should keep you warm in cold weather, and stay dry after walking, exercising, snowboarding or skiing.

We decided to consider the best thermal underwear, ranking models from quality brands. Mikhail Kudashov, the head of the Everest sports club, helped us in this.

Dozens of models of men's and women's thermal underwear, as well as sets for children can be found in sporting goods stores. Not only beginners, but also experienced athletes face the difficulties of choice.

In the top 10 we have included really high-quality and efficient models in terms of keeping warm:

The best women's thermal underwear NORFIN

The winner of the thermal underwear rating for women is a model of a Latvian brand made of microfleece. The material retains heat well, pleasant to the touch, dries quickly after washing. The anatomical cut guarantees a perfect fit. An elongated jacket and high waist leggings protect your back from drafts and wind.

On the sleeves there are cuffs with a slit for the thumb, which will warm your hands in the cold, prevent the fabric from gathering when putting on outerwear. Stand-up collar with a short zipper to the chest can be easily unfastened and fastened. Thermal underwear is invisible under outerwear, does not hinder movement during a walk.

If you choose a model for every day, you can buy the versatile Norfin Performance. The set is suitable for walking even in very cold weather.


Warm, comfortable underwear with a smooth inside and a soft outside. The collar covers the neck well. The zipper stretches smoothly, does not jam. The jacket sits loosely enough, you can additionally wear a thin set for skiing. The fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture well, keeps you warm. However, in severe frosts, you can freeze if you stand still for a long time.


The best men's thermal underwear for fishing NordKapp set

The versatile set of a loose sweatshirt and tight-fitting pants is designed for high and low activity at temperatures from -26 to +6 degrees. Three-layer material made of polycotton, polypropylene, merino wool wicks moisture well from the body, keeping it warm and comfortable during a long stay in the cold.

Thermal underwear - functional clothing designed to warm the body and winter sports. For the manufacture of textiles, polyester or polypropylene are used, which perfectly wick moisture away.

Cotton, wool and other impurities are added to synthetic materials, which increase the stretch and durability of the linen. The two main functions of thermal underwear are keeping warm and removing excess moisture from the body.

Types of thermal underwear

  • Heat saving. This species is suitable for people with low to medium physical activity who live in areas with a cold climate.

Thermal underwear helps to keep warm, since the air gap between the surface of the body and clothing is increased due to the cellular or voluminous weaving of the fabric.

The air in it heats up to a temperature that is comfortable for the body, which does not decrease and does not allow a person to freeze.

  • Moisture-wicking thermal underwear (functional). It removes excess moisture from the surface of the skin, thereby keeping the body temperature at the desired level.

It is made of synthetic materials that do not absorb liquid: heated air is discharged outside through such a fabric, and sweat evaporates without remaining on clothes.

  • Hybrid thermal underwear combines the qualities and functions of the two previous types. Although air circulation decreases when heat is retained, and air exchange increases when excess moisture is removed, a balance can be achieved between the two processes.

Manufacturers either increase the density of the moisture-wicking fabric, or decrease the thickness of the heat-saving fabric.

The most effective is two-layer underwear, the inner layer of which is made of synthetics that wick away moisture, and the outer layer is made of heat-saving or moisture-absorbing material (wool, cotton, synthetics or their combination).

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