The Pearl of Polesie - a water trip to; kayaks on; rivers Sluch and; Pripyat

The Pearl of Polesie - a water trip to; kayaks on; rivers Sluch and; Pripyat

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How to get there, meeting point

Meeting with the instructor at the railway station in Polotsk at 07:30 am on the first day of the hike. You can get to Polotsk by any transport (railway or bus) earlier than this time and come to the meeting. From Moscow direct train # 039SCh arrives at 07:10, from St. Petersburg direct train # 079CH arrives at 02:37.

The departure from Polotsk can be planned by any transport after 17:00. Direct train # 039B leaves for Moscow at 18:30, direct train # 080CH leaves for St. Petersburg at 23:56.

Description of the trekking route

We will go with you to the amazing lake land of Poozerye. These are the lakes of the Ushachsky group, located in the Ushachsky district, partly in the Polotsk and Lepel districts of the Vitebsk region of Belarus. Many lakes of this group belong to the Turovlyanka river basin. The largest lakes are: Cherstvyatskoye, Paulskoye, Otolovo, Polozerie, Yanovo, Berezovskoye, Krivoye, Gomel.

The coastline is represented by a complex of glacial and water-glacial landforms. It forms a picturesque landscape, combining different types of hollows, lake ridges that surround them, and lumpy heights, often overgrown with forest. The lakes are connected by numerous rivers and streams. The Diva River flows through a number of lakes.

We will visit those lakes of them, which, like beads, are strung on rivers-channels. We'll start with Lake Otolovo. On our way there will be lakes: Turos, Berezovskoe, Paulskoe, Yanovo, Shchaty, Gomel, Suya, Turovlya. After Lake Turovlya, we will find the difficult river Turovlyanka, where all the skills of kayaking will be required. Here the water in the river accelerates, and all sorts of difficult obstacles (blockages, etc.) appear in the channel.

The gorgeous ending of the rafting will be the city of Polotsk, where we will arrive along the Western Dvina on the last day of the hike. In Polotsk, whoever has time before the train will be able to walk around the city on their own, visit sights, iconic and religious places.

Day hike program

Meeting with the instructor at the station building of Polotsk station. We sit in a registered minibus and go to the starting point of the route.

How to get there, meeting point

Description of the rafting route

The Sluch River is one of the most beautiful and interesting rivers in the south of Belarus. The visiting card of Sluch is the unique floodplain oak forests that have survived to this day. Huge giant oak trees accompany us throughout the entire route. On high steep banks, very convenient for parking, oak forests are replaced by pine forests.

Pripyat is one of the most majestic and beautiful rivers in Belarus. For the pristine nature of its nature, the impenetrable swampy floodplain, the river is often called the "Polesskaya Amazonka". Plyosy, beaches, backwaters, old lakes alternate with high steep banks. There are few forests on the banks of the Pripyat, mostly willows of all stripes. Pripyat is famous for its fish stocks.

The route ends in the ancient Belarusian city of Turov, the modern tourist center of Polesie. There are local history museums, historical monuments (a settlement, a monument to Kirill Turovsky), which you can visit if you wish.

During the rafting along the route, you will get a lot of new impressions, gain new interesting experience. You will find out what a water trip is, have an interesting time with friends and meet new ones.

The route is designed for people without special training, the main thing is your desire! Three meals a day, varied on the route. Cooking at the stake. On the route, he catches the phone (roaming), but there are places with unstable reception.

Day hike program

Rafting on Sluch starts from the village of Novye Milevichi. The river valley in this section either narrows or widens. High banks covered with mixed forest alternate with low, swampy ones. A dam has been built on this site on the river. Passage along the left bank. We set up a camp on a high bank near the village of Zalyutichi.

The section of Sluch from the village of Zalyutichi to the village of Lenin, near which an overnight stay is planned, is perhaps the most picturesque along the entire route. On the high banks of the river, floodplain oak forests give way to birch groves, pine forests. The low banks are covered with bushes and reeds.

We are rafting along Sluch "for our pleasure", overcoming numerous obstacles in the form of fallen trees, unexpected shoals and stretches. We admire the beauty of these places, study the flora and fauna (there are rare species of birds), swim and fish. Parking places near the villages of Morschinovichi and Vilcha.

Sluch soon flows into Pripyat. On the shores, open areas of the swampy Pripyat floodplain are more common. And here it is - "Polesskaya Amazonka". Pripyat greets us with majestic expanse, calm current and clean sandy beaches. We raft a little and set up camp.

How to get there, meeting point

Description of the trekking route

Our route along the Neman is the most rich in historical places and people who have left their mark not only on their native land, but also became famous far beyond the borders of Belarus. These are Narkevich-Yodko, Yakub Kolas, Solomon Maiman, Vladislav Syrokomlya, Adam Plug, as well as a tourist, poet and bard A. Krupp.

The route along the Neman River "History and Pride of Belarus" includes not only kayaking, but also a rich program of sightseeing and historical sites along its banks.

The first thing on the route is the ruins of the Narkevich-Yodko estate. The manor in the village of Nadneman is a neo-Gothic architectural monument with features of the neo-Renaissance A monument of manor architecture of the 19th century, the family estate of the scientist-physicist Yakov Narkevich-Yodko, famous throughout Europe, the place where at the end of the 19th century the first meteorological station and a health resort-sanatorium were created in Belarus.

Further, the Neman carries its waters to the homeland of Yakub Kolas, whose name permeates the places from Nikolayevshchina to the city of Stolbtsy: the estates of Smolno, Okinchitsy, Albut and Lastok, where museums are currently functioning.

Downstream we find ourselves in the aura of places associated with the life and work of Vladislav Syrokomli, Solomon Maiman, Adam Plug, as well as other people who left their mark on the Belarusian land. These places are filled with beauty that continues to excite the minds of creative people at the present time.

On our rafting you will get a lot of new impressions, as well as gain new interesting experience. Learn what a water trip is, chat with friends and make new ones. By joining the hike, you will take a break from the crazy rhythm of city life and bustle, you will be able to get away from stress, worries and anxieties, from everyday life.

Our rafting is interesting both for beginners and for prepared people who want to spend time in peace, but in active movement. We offer you the opportunity to actively relax and try your hand at kayaking "Taimen". On land you can organize fun games, you can swim, those who wish can go fishing.

The route is designed for people without special training. Three meals a day, varied on the route. Cooking at the stake. We live in 2-4 local tents. Catches the phone on the whole route (roaming).

Day hike program

Meeting of the group by instructors in Minsk. Transfer to the starting point. Preparing for the rafting. Our instructors will give instructions and help you pack your things properly, teach you everything you need. After the first meters along the river, we make a stop on the right bank in order to inspect the ruins of the Narkevich-Yodko estate and outbuildings.

Further, Neman passes through meadows and forests. Today we will stop for the night in one of the most convenient places for this.

How to get there, meeting point

Description of the trekking route

Adventures await us on the Ptich River, along which we will paddle for five days on Taimen kayaks and enjoy the nature of these places around us. Gradually we will move in a southerly direction and eventually find ourselves in northern Polesie.

We will spend the night in tents, we cook meals on fires.

Day hike program

Meeting of the group by instructors in Minsk and moving to the starting point by a custom bus. If there are participants getting to Osipovichi, we will pick them up separately. preparation for the rafting. Our instructors will give instructions and help you pack your things properly, teach you everything you need. We are distributed among the crews, repacking things in hermetic bags and getting ready to go out on the water. Before the rafting, we will organize a hearty snack. After lunch we will go out on the water.

Today we are in no hurry and therefore the distance is not long. Let your hands remember how to row and operate the kayak, or maybe this is a reason to learn how to do it. There will be no difficult sections on the river. In a convenient place we will moor to the shore for the night. We set up a camp, a bonfire, dinner and rest.

Breakfast. We collect the camp. Out on the water. Today we enjoy the river in relative calmness. On the route we will pass under the railway and auto-bridges in Daraganovo. True, it will be possible to stop at a local beach, relax, go to the store. As we move farther and farther from Daraganovo, we will stop for the night on a steep bank with beautiful views. A hot dinner, a fire and long conversations - as the decoration of our evening.

We won't be in a hurry in the morning, but breakfast will be ready by 9 o'clock. After breakfast we collect the camp and go out into the water. Today we will pass the village of Simonovichi. In the village of Gorodok we will also stop to rest and visit the local church. During the day we will make a stop for lunch. We will organize a night stay near the village of Borisovshchina. In the evening there is a bonfire, dinner and impressions of the first part of the hike.

Traditional breakfast in the morning. Today we will sail past the regional center - the town of Glusk. If you stay on vacation, you can quickly visit the small store and replenish your stock of sweets. But we will rest a little later - at a lunch break. We will also try not to delay lunch and move on. We will spend the night near the village of Berezovka. Dinner and bonfire gatherings.

Further, the river is calm, although it flows in the shoals. In the morning, breakfast and packing, lunch are done in a convenient place with a hard shore, where we will rest. We swim in a measured way, enjoy nature. We will stop for the night near the village of Porechye. We have a rest, have dinner.

Today we only have to reach the automobile bridge, from where a minibus will pick us up. In the morning, we are going to take our time, have breakfast and set off. We get to the bridge, unload and collect things and kayaks, pack. While everything is drying and getting ready, we will cook dinner. A bus will arrive at about 14 o'clock and we will take it to Minsk.

Additional information

Kayaking on the rivers of Belarus

During the existence of the company "TVOYA STIKHIYA" we have developed exclusive routes for water trips along the rivers and lakes of Belarus.

We propose to organize for you, your friends and colleagues a weekend water trip or multi-day kayaking in the picturesque places of the republic.

Whether it's a team group, a corporate rafting, a family holiday or an individual tour - we guarantee an unforgettable experience!


The Beaver River originates on the Orsha Upland near the village of Rafolovo, Tolochin District, Vitebsk Region. It flows through the Central Berezinskaya plain in the Krupsky and Borisovsky districts of the Minsk region. It is a left tributary of the Berezina. The total length of the river is 124 kilometers, its catchment area is 2190 km². The river valley is trapezoidal, swampy. The average annual water consumption at the mouth is 15 m³/s, during high water - up to 540 m³/s.

A water trip along the Beaver River is recommended for beginners and groups with children, a simple and suitable option for a short kayak trip.

The weekend route starts near the town of Krupki, is simple and we pass at any time of the water season. The river will delight you with picturesque landscapes, meandering through meadows, sometimes swampy, running into sandy cliffs with a pine or oak forest and again going into the meadows.


Isloch is one of the rivers on which it is pleasant to open the water season. It is known for its fast current and beautiful high banks. Forests on both sides of the river, the picturesque nature and the fast flow attract not only water tourists, but also simply those who like outdoor recreation. It flows in the Minsk and Grodno regions of Belarus, the left tributary of the Western Berezina (Neman basin). Length 102 km, catchment 1330 km2. The main tributaries are: Yarshevka, Pershayka, Volozhinka, Vyganichanka, Teterevka, Volma, Ivenchik.

It starts near the village of Glushintsy, Dzerzhinsky district, flows within the boundaries of the Minsk Upland, in the lower reaches - through the Naliboki forests. It flows into the Berezina in the southeast of the village of Bakshty, Ivye District.

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