The nature of the Ivanovo region

Sights of the Ivanovo region

Ivanovo region is one of the most valuable regions of the Russian Federation from the point of view of history. The territory of the region has long been at the center of the most important political and social events, be it the church schism or the oprichnina of Ivan the Terrible. The abundance of material evidence of a rich historical past is a visiting card of the region, however, it is far from the only one. What are the monuments of the Ivanovo region are the most attractive for tourists.

The best sights of the Ivanovo region

Resurrection Cathedral with a bell tower in Shuya

The temple was built in 1799, later a bell tower was added to it, which still surprises tourists with its lightness of forms and graceful design and is one of the visiting cards of the region. The bell tower of the cathedral is one of the tallest buildings in the Ivanovo region and has a height of 106 m, it has a powerful bell.

The fate of the cathedral is full of dramatic events. So, during the years of the establishment of Soviet power, almost all church officials were arrested and shot, and the building was confiscated in favor of the state. However, it was not destroyed, and already in the 90s. returned to the bosom of the church.

Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God of All Who Sorrow Joy, Furmanov

Without exaggeration, one of the most interesting Orthodox churches not only in the Ivanovo region, but also in Russia, definitely worth visiting. It was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The appearance of the cathedral is unique: it is made in the so-called "Russian style", implying a mixture of elements of styles of different architectural trends: classicism, modern and others.

"Red Cathedral", as it is shortly called by the locals, looks very elegant and impressive. The marble iconostasis of the temple deserves a separate mention - it is completely original and has been preserved unchanged since 1911.

Museum of Ivanovsky chintz

It is impossible to fully get acquainted with the history of the region without visiting this museum, because weaving and textile industry since the 17th century. to this day they are the main crafts of the inhabitants of this territory, in which they have reached the level of a unique art.

Administratively, the museum is subordinate to the local museum of local lore, its main exhibits are items, one way or another connected with chintz, painstakingly collected by the patron Burylin in n. 20th century The museum collection is located in the house of the same manufacturer Burylin. The museum also includes an archive and exhibition hall, located in a beautiful shed for carriages and carriages.

Museum of Film Director Andrei Tarkovsky, Yuryevets

Small but cozy, unique and atmospheric biographical museum. It was founded in 1996. It is located in the house where the future author of "Andrei Rublev" and "Stalker" lived during the war after the evacuation. Most of the museum exposition is documents from the director's personal archive, specially bought by the organization at an auction when the museum was created.

Sights of the Ivanovo region

Sanatoriums of the Ivanovo region on the map:

Prices for a year with treatment

The main treatment areas in the sanatoriums of the Ivanovo region:

  • Pediatrics
  • General therapeutic profile
  • Respiratory organs
  • Nervous system
  • Support- locomotor apparatus

The Ivanovo Region is included in the Central Federal District. The capital of the region is the city of Ivanovo. In Russia it is the center of the textile industry, and in the popular rumor it is jokingly called the "City of Brides".

The landscape is flat, in some areas it is gently undulating, in others it is flat and low. The highest point on the map does not exceed 250 meters in height. Between the rare hills, lakes formed, which over time, without an influx of water, turned into impassable swamps.

The main water artery is the Volga, with its numerous tributaries. The Gorky reservoir was built on it. The Klyazma also significantly affects the region; many small rivers and streams belong to the basin of this river.

Most of the lakes are concentrated in the central and southern regions of the region. For example, Podozerskoye, Yuritsinskoye and Serkovskoye lakes. Also in the Ivanovo region there are unique oxbow lakes, in the Klyazminsky reserve.

Forests occupy almost half of the region's territory and consist of taiga and mixed forests.


The climate is of the temperate continental type, influenced by cold winds from the Atlantic Ocean, and frequent cyclones. Due to these factors, the weather conditions in the region are constantly changing.

In this article you can find out about the sights of the Ivanovo region. What these places look like, where they are located, how to get to them.

General information about the Ivanovo region

One of the smallest regions located in the central part of Russia. Representatives of the flora and fauna of the Ivanovo region are listed in the Red Book. The region abounds in expanses of water and numerous forest areas.

Located in the central part of Russia. It occupies 21.4 thousand kilometers. It borders on four regions: Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir. The length does not exceed 160 kilometers, and the width is only 230 kilometers. The most densely populated is the central part of the region. Industry is concentrated here and large cities are built. The bulk of agricultural land is also located here.

The relief of the Ivanovo region

Occupies lands located in the central part of the East European Plain. The landscape is represented by plains with small hills, smoothly turning into lowlands. There are no hills and mountains. There are many reservoirs on the territory of the Ivanovo region. Mostly these are small lakes, some of which are swampy. The coastline during spring floods is indistinct, joining into a single water surface with numerous tributaries and lakes.

Geological structure of the Ivanovo region

The Ivanovo region occupies the eastern part of the Moscow syneclise of the Russian plate of the ancient East European platform. There are many deposits dating back to the Ice Age. They are located above the more ancient Permian and Mesozoic.

Mineral resources of the Ivanovo region

The Ivanovo region is not rich in mineral deposits. The origin of the existing ones is sedimentary. There are studied deposits of phosphorites, a couple of developments of glass sands, building materials: clay, sand. The region has organized the production of building materials using its own raw materials. Discovered underground reserves of fresh water and mineral springs. There are reservoirs with medicinal table water.

Peat and sapropel are being developed and extracted.

Oil and gas of the Ivanovo region

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