The best navigators for the forest

TOP 10 best travel navigators

GPS-navigator is an irreplaceable thing on the road. It will come in handy when traveling to new places, will tell you the shortest way, will help in the fight against traffic jams.

We decided to review the popular models and compile the top navigators for the car in 2019 and 2020. Nikolay Korotaev, a consultant of the Nanotech store, helped us with this.

A wide range of devices is available in stores and on Internet sites. Figuring out which car navigator is better to choose is not always easy.

Our rating includes the best models in terms of quality, functionality and usability:

The model topped our top thanks to a user-friendly interface and high accuracy of route determination. An LCD display with a resolution of 480x272 pixels helps to navigate easily.

The device combines GPS positioning and maps with Garmin proprietary software. For cases when it is not possible to connect the navigator to the on-board network through the cigarette lighter, you can use a backup power supply that will provide operation for 1 hour.

Recommended for car owners who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, appreciate convenient control, clear navigation. Garmin DriveSmart 51 RUS LMT is the best navigator for a car in the middle price segment.


Users note the high speed of work, the accuracy of cartography. They praise the function of displaying free parking spaces, which is very important for large cities. The only thing that did not suit the buyers was a weak suction cup holder, which may not hold the device.



The best budget GPS navigator for auto Navitel G with GLONASS and GPS

In our time of active urban development, getting from point A to point B is not so easy. Maps become outdated quickly, and where yesterday there was a wasteland overgrown with weeds, now a forest of high-rise buildings rises. And if you need to leave your hometown or go to the other end of the country? The navigator will help here - he will lay the shortest route, and tell you where to turn to avoid traffic jams.

Which car navigators are better, see our 2020 rating, compiled taking into account reviews, prices and the popularity of models on Yandex. arcade.

Which car navigator is better to choose

Hardware Features

Diagonal and screen resolution are very important indicators for any gadgets that display information. The basic rule here is that the more the better. There is no need to be afraid of the large diagonal, it will only get in the way if you attach it directly to the windshield at eye level. And the higher the resolution, the more detail is displayed and the clearer it becomes.

  • Built-in memory. It's very good if the navigator still has an extra. slot for a memory card.
  • RAM - the same rule; the larger its volume, the faster the navigator works.


Actually, for the sake of which car navigators are bought. Which of them is better can be determined by the combination of characteristics:

  • reliability of maps,
  • the ability to quickly update information about traffic jams,
  • how exactly the navigator communicates with the base - Wi-Fi or cellular (the latter is useful if the driver often travels outside the network coverage),
  • is it possible to work with the navigator offline,
  • is there a possibility of voice prompts,
  • support GLONASS,
  • how often maps are updated and how much updates will cost the driver.

Operating system

Smartphones have long supplanted conventional maps and compasses. However, it is not always possible to hope for the work of even the most modern phone. Hiking in forests or mountains, long-distance bike rides, hunting or fishing are activities where you can use a good tourist navigator much more than it might seem at first glance. A review of ten current models for lovers of traveling to places where cellular communication is poorly picked up will help a tourist to choose the best offer and feel confident beyond the boundaries of civilization.

Selection criteria

At its core, a tourist navigator is a small portable device that is capable of determining the coordinates of the current location with high accuracy. The device is equipped with a compass, high-capacity battery. The mounting method can be hand-held or designed for mounting in a car or on a motorcycle handlebar. The characteristics that you should rely on when choosing a quality gadget should fully satisfy the needs of a hunter or mushroom picker, ensure maximum performance. These include the following criteria:

Best Travel Navigator

One of the most worthy hiking models in the ranking, designed for avid fans of hiking, and a device from the cult American manufacturer, whose name has almost become synonymous with the entire niche of portable navigation devices in the area. The handheld navigator has a fairly compact size, a high-quality 4-inch screen. The Montana 680 is controlled by touch. At the same time, the screen reacts even to a gloved hand, which is quite convenient for those who are accustomed to winter hiking or fishing. In addition to the battery that keeps the device running for 16 hours, the engineers have provided a compartment for AA batteries, which will become an excellent alternative power source in an emergency. You can additionally charge the model from the car, so the device is also suitable for those who do not travel on foot. The navigation itself is carried out thanks to GPS and GLONASS, which are relevant in Russia. The connection works fine without connecting an external antenna, the details of the maps are reproduced at an excellent level.

GlobusGPS GL-

Convenient navigator in a light slim body for installation in a car, running on Android system. The touch screen with a diagonal of 6 inches is sensitive to touch, and the software and the processor with a frequency of 1024 MHz ensure the operational speed of the gadget. In addition to navigation software from Navitel and a built-in map of the area, the GL-900 is supplemented with an FM player, a player for video or audio, and a voice message mode. In addition to multimedia capabilities, the modification pulls up information about the situation on the road, signaling in advance about traffic jams, so that the user can plan a convenient route in advance.

  • truly multifunctional device;
  • large screen;
  • stable performance;
  • powerful Wi-Fi receiver;
  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • secure attachment;
  • easy re-routing.

  • display glare in the sun;
  • cost;
  • slight rotation angle.


A cheap Chinese navigator for cars, powered by Navitel software, with a five-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 480x272. The downloaded maps include information about the terrain of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and Scandinavia. The quality of the model in many ways exceeds the price, the device delicately combines multimedia and navigation functions. The amount of memory is 4 GB, but the manufacturer allows you to increase it by using a memory card up to 16 GB. The device combines both battery and cigarette lighter power. In addition to the player for audio and video files, the device has programs for recognizing text or graphic documents. The device can be synchronized with a PC, connected to a phone via Bluetooth, which greatly simplifies operation.

For fans of hunting, fishing, tourism and other outdoor activities, the developers of smart devices offer special navigators. Models for walking through the forest have various useful functions - topographic maps, autonomy, accurate detailing of lakes, rivers, streams and other natural objects. Such a simple and compact device is actually extremely useful, since it will not allow a person to get lost. Based on the recommendations of experts, customer reviews, experts have compiled a rating for 2020. It presents the best navigators for the forest, simple and functional, as well as a list of reliable manufacturers, the criteria for making the right choice.

Which firm's forest navigator is better to choose

Dozens of companies from all over the world produce useful gadgets and devices for mushroom pickers, hunters, fishermen, amateur tourists. But not everyone can boast of absolute compliance with all requirements for quality, functionality, and reliability. In 2020, the following manufacturers offered the best forest navigators:

  • Garmin is an American company, a progressive manufacturer of GPS navigation equipment and smart watches. Foundation date - 1989. In addition to offices in different states of America, there is a representative office in Europe. The devices are actively used in various spheres of human life. For many years, the brand has held a leading position, offering a lineup with a branch of different prices.
  • Kinsmirat is a Chinese company that was founded in 1992. It is considered the leader in the production of metal products using the Die Cast method (i.e., injection molding). The production cycle begins with the development of drawings and ends with a dealer sale.
  • Yasmart is a technology brand from Russia that develops, manufactures, sells smart gadgets and devices for human comfort. More than 25 years of experience helped to achieve success. Smart products are intended for home, vehicles, travel, and various personal devices. The assortment includes mainly air purifiers and humidifiers, household appliances, electronics, GPS.

Rating of navigators for the forest

There are many models on sale today for different purposes and tasks. Which one to choose depends on personal needs and budget. While one wants to buy a cheap forest navigator, another is looking for a premium multifunctional device. In compiling the rating, the experts relied on several criteria:

  • Supported navigation systems - GPS, GLONASS;
  • Hull protection class - resistance to moisture, dust, shock;
  • Stability and duration work - power supply;
  • Display characteristics - size, compactness, picture quality;
  • Option to download maps from outside - support for connecting to a PC, Internet;
  • Functionality - basic, extended;
  • Memory and processor - memory size, expandability, performance;
  • Autonomy - duration of work without recharging;
  • Comfort - dimensions, weight, ergonomics.

Demand indicators, the percentage of positive customer reviews helped to select from several dozen similar devices. Based on this information, it was possible to identify all the strengths and weaknesses of the nominees. For the top five products, the price is fully consistent with the quality and functionality.

The best simple navigators for the forest

The greatest demand is observed for simple and cheap navigators for the forest from the budget segment. They are suitable for short walks in nature; with a basic set of options, they do well with them. Most often they are bought by fishermen, mushroom pickers and hunters. As a rule, the price branch does not exceed 15,000 - 20,000 rubles. Experts presented 3 models for this rating category for those who do not want to overpay for unnecessary irrelevant opportunities.

Opens an overview of a reliable model from a well-known manufacturer in its market segment. It differs from similar products in the highest indicator of demand, positive reviews. Allows you to navigate the area in the case of mushroom hunting, hunting or fishing. Two supported navigation systems are responsible for receiving satellite signals at once - GPS and GLONASS. The quality is several times higher than that of many similar models. Two AA batteries are responsible for autonomy. The monochrome screen can withstand up to 2 days of use on a single charge. In addition to the map, there is a compass with the function of determining the speed, azimuth for calculations. The case demonstrates high resistance to any mechanical stress, moisture, temperatures up to -18 degrees. The universal mount allows you to mount the Garmin eTrex 10 on a bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile and other means of transport. A 2-inch monochrome LCD screen is provided for visualization. Built-in Track-Back keeps track of your movement so you can retrace your route.

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