The best motorcycle for travel: TOP-18 models

Water bike for tourism

Wind, salty, splashing water, speed and freedom - that's what a jet ski is. Both professionals and beginners can ride it, for sports or recreation, jet skis have become an integral part of recreation on the water. Sports, entertainment and a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions will give you such a walk. In this article, we will look at some of the models of jet skis.

EX Deluxe

The most advanced jet ski in the EX family. It is equipped with RiDE, an electronic system with two throttle grips, which greatly facilitates maneuvering in confined spaces and makes driving safer. EX Deluxe is the perfect companion for a great time on the water. To make it easier to climb out of the water, a reclining step and a soft rubber mat are provided at the stern.

Yamaha Marine TR-1 is a compact four-stroke engine designed for water transport. Like Yamaha's snowmobile and motorcycle engines, it uses a three-cylinder configuration. This achieves an optimal balance of weight, power and economy.

  • Water activities for the whole family

To simplify maintenance, easy access to its details is organized. The body is made of lightweight, scratch-resistant material and is large enough to accommodate three people. Lightweight and easy to operate, the Yamaha EX is the perfect choice for beginners.

  • RiDE System

Yamaha RiDE is a unique system that makes operating your watercraft simple and safe. There are two throttle control levers on the steering wheel. The right one is responsible for acceleration, the left one is responsible for deceleration and reverse. The system is intuitive and requires no training; the driver masters it in a matter of minutes.

  • Comfortable seat for three people

The ergonomic, stitched three-person seat is perfect for both sporty rides and long trips. There is a sealed locker under the seat.


VX Cruiser HO

Unlike the rest of the family, the VX Cruiser HO® is powered by the Yamaha Marine 1. HO sports four-cylinder engine. In this configuration, the touring model is comparable in acceleration dynamics with competitive jet skis.

Jet skis are complex devices, the design of which resembles a classic motorcycle or snowmobile. A jet ski is a unique watercraft with a metal-plastic hull, which is equipped with a two-, less often four-stroke internal combustion engine. Its original use is in sports competitions. Later, a unique vehicle began to be used for outdoor activities. In order to understand how a jet ski works, it is worth learning about the existing types of modern technical means.

Currently, the most popular are two types:

    standing - aquabikes that are capable of speeds up to 120 km/h. They are characterized by lightness and maneuverability. Thanks to the tilt adjustment of the jet nozzle, freestylers have the ability to make sharp turns or jumps over the water and at the same time remain safe for the pilot;

  • seated - less maneuverable and faster devices, designed for rest. There are two- and three-seater jet skis. Despite the lower power, they can be used not only for walking, but also as a tug for water skiers and parasails.

Jet ski device

A jet ski refers to small vehicles and consists of:

  • of the motor located inside the device body. The "mechanical heart" is reliably protected from water. The cooling system can be either closed or open. The direct connection of the crankshaft to the drive shaft ensures the centering of the impeller - the element through which the sucked water passes. During the operation of the unit, water accelerates, which in turn makes the entire device move. Some models also have reverse gear;
  • steering element - turning the steering wheel forces the jet to move in the specified direction. This detail creates the direction of the entire watercraft. For easy cornering, use the installed accelerator lever. This is the so-called passive steering, which consists of two side flaps. They are located at the back of the device and are hidden under the body. The flaps rotate in the same direction as the steering wheel, thereby simplifying the control of the equipment;
  • the braking system - it is much safer than that of a snowmobile, because it does not have a propeller. Nevertheless, before accelerating a jet ski to maximum speeds, you should determine its stopping distance;
  • a body consisting of ultra-strong modern materials. The shapes of the jet ski are designed to provide easy handling. Inside the device there is a special compartment for things, which is reliably isolated from water ingress;
  • additional equipment - modern models of technical equipment are equipped with various devices to create comfortable movement and increased safety. An additional device of a modern jet ski is rear-view mirrors, control panel, navigation.

The principle of a jet ski is very simple. For a long operating period, it is forbidden to use it in shallow water bodies and in rivers with a fast flow.

A jet ski is a useful vehicle that is widely used for travel. But, before using it, it is recommended to study how the jet ski works and where it can be used. Despite the fact that in most cases it is used for outdoor activities, there are other uses. Some people use appliances for domestic purposes. The simple device of the jet ski, the diagram of which is attached to the instructions, allows you to use it on the farm or during water excursions.

How it works

The principle of operation of a modern jet ski is very similar to household devices - a lawn mower, a chainsaw. Jet skis run on two or four stroke engines. The device of the power unit of the first version of the jet ski is equipped with two or three cylinders, the second version of the transport, as a rule, is equipped with four cylinders. The main difference from ground vehicles is the unique cooling system. Engine temperature control is ensured by supplying cold water directly from the reservoir.

The principle of starting a jet ski is similar. Its mechanism activates the ignition button, which is located directly on the steering wheel. How does a jet ski work? It's simple - the ignition button activates the starter, which, in turn, rotates the crankshaft and starts, in fact, the power unit itself.

The variety of equipment for entertainment and recreation is growing every year. Now, instead of boats and boats, fans of extreme water sports began to purchase jet skis. These are maneuverable, lightweight, easy-to-operate units, which are not for nothing called jet skis for their excellent performance and the ability to quickly develop impressive speed.

If you decide to purchase a jet ski, you should study the features of its design and determine the criteria that will affect your choice. You will learn about all this from this article, and at the end you will find a rating of the best modern models.

Watercraft design

Despite the laconic design, the jet ski is technically no less difficult than the ATV or snowmobile. It is a floating craft with a hull made of durable fiberglass. The unit drives a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine.

The jet ski was developed for sports, but over time it has become a popular watercraft for outdoor activities.

There are now two types of jet skis in stores according to their design:

When planning to buy a jet ski, you need to pay attention to several features of this type of transport:

  • Seasonality. Jet skis can only be used during the summer months. For autumn, winter and spring, they are put into a special box or cover. In addition to storage space, the owner needs to take care of purchasing a special protective cover.
  • Inability to move on the ground. A jet ski can only move independently on water, to which it must be delivered somehow. For this, they buy a special trailer and a car.
  • Accessories. The jet ski should only be used with life jackets, and both the driver and passengers should have one.
  • Requirements for use. Despite the shallow draft of this water transport, it cannot be used in shallow ponds or rivers with a fast flow.
  • Registration. Regardless of the type of design and size, the jet ski is required to be registered with the State Inspectorate as any other small vessel. You need to do this within 10 days after purchase, and then you will have to pay transport tax every year.

Types of jet skis

The design of a jet ski depends a lot on its purpose. According to this criterion, jet skis are divided into four types: family, sports, tourist and children's.


Units of this group hardly fall under the definition of aquabikes - rather, it is water transport, since it has impressive dimensions. This model can fit three people.

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How to shake a paw and stay alive

Fans of speed, stunts and other extreme sports should take a look at the aquabike. Jet ski or jet ski racing.

The emergence of the aquabike

The inventor is American Clayton Jacobson II. Clayton worked as a banker and had a long passion for motorcycles. He enjoyed racing motorcycles in mud as an effective stress management tool. So in the mid-1960s, Jacobson came up with the idea to transfer racing to water, creating a new type of motorcycle for this - the aquabike.

“Racing in the mud was my hobby - said Clayton Jacobson - It was a stress management tool for me. The ground was too hard to fall and so I got the idea for a new vehicle. I wanted a soft landing and the water could give what I was looking for. A kind of water bike. ”

American Clayton created the first workable prototype in 1965. In 1967 he joined the Bombardier Corporation, known as the manufacturer of Ski-Doo snowmobiles. And already in 1968 the first industrial model of the Sea-Doo seated aquabike went on sale. Sea-Doo production lasted until 1970 and ceased due to mechanical problems and weak consumer demand.

In 1971, Jacobson's contract with the Bombardier Corporation expired. The next day, he signs a new contract with Kawasaki for the production of new models of aquabikes, including a stand-up jet ski. 6 different prototypes were created, of which 2 models went on sale in 1973: WSAA and WSAB. Later, Kawasaki broke off the contract with Jacobson, and in 1976 he filed a lawsuit against them, which was not resolved until 1979.

Kawasaki was the only company to produce jet skis until 1986, when Clayton signed a contract with Yamaha. The popularity of the aquabike was also inspired by the Bombardier Corporation, and in 1988 a new batch of Sea-Doo was released. By 1991, Clayton Jacobson had earned about $ 3 million from copyright.

In 1989, he reopened a lawsuit against Kawasaki, which claimed the invention was the property of their employees. And in June 1991, Jacobson was awarded $ 7.5 million in compensation and $ 13.5 million in sanctions. But in September of this year, the decision was suspended by the judge due to insufficient evidence and a new trial was ordered.

When going on a motorcycle tour in Russia or other countries, you should choose the best motorcycle for traveling so that you don't have to worry about breakdowns or lack of comfort on the way. Mototourism is now very popular, because it allows you to look at the world, everyday life and life in general in a new way. This is a real philosophy that seasoned travelers follow, and also a beginner's dream to comprehend. Choosing a motorcycle for such a tour is a top priority. And we tried to find for you the best versions of two-wheeled horses that are suitable for different riding styles - from measured and unhurried, allowing you to contemplate what surrounds the road, to extreme options, conquering off-road and even, in some cases, mountain slopes.

Top Travel Motorcycles Ranking

What would you choose or recommend?

Whatever one may say, but if there is a desire, then in a motorcycle tour you can go on absolutely any bike. Those who have some experience and prefer to drive a two-wheeled friend do not worry too much about the comfort, wind or rain on the track - they just collect simple tourist belongings, start the bike and drive forward along the planned route. But for a beginner, this way of traveling presents a certain level of danger and risk, so it makes sense to think once again about which two-wheeled horse to choose for a trip in order to make it as comfortable and safe as possible. Consider which models experienced bikers recommend. Note that this rating is compiled on the basis of reviews and reviews of those who already had experience of owning these motorcycles.

TOP-best touring motorcycles

For the convenience of users, we have split our list into four main categories, although there are actually many more motorcycle categories. In the forefront, we will describe exactly the tourist bikes, which are the best suited for various trips - even around the world.

- Victory Cross Country Tour

This is a powerful, beautiful bike, the journey on which will really bring pleasure not only to the driver, but also to the passenger. The soft suspension, spaciousness and high build quality make it a reliable companion on the road.

This bike has been recognized as the near-perfect tourer since its launch. It is being improved every year, improving technical performance and increasing travel comfort. Victory is now recognized as a true long-distance bike brand.

The powerful 1731cc V-twin engine won't let you down on the way, half-turn starts, the motorcycle instantly accelerates to cruising speed. Air-oil cooling system. As experienced travelers note, it is hard to get stuck in traffic jams when driving through cities on this bike, as it gets hot. But on the track it behaves perfectly.

Gears switch easily, however, the first three come with a characteristic click, then the rigidity of switching practically disappears. Sixth gear is very useful on the freeways - the bike does not vibrate and rushes forward quite powerfully.

A 22 liter tank will allow you to drive 300 km without refueling. The suspension is very soft, even a long ride on an iron horse will be a pleasure. The brakes are hydraulic and efficient.

There is also a convenient function - Comfort Control, which allows you to cool the space around the lower legs, so as not to feel the heat of the engine. The passenger will also be comfortable: they have developed reversible footrests for him. By the way, the saddle for both road users has a heating system.

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