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Rest in Adygea at thermal springs

One of the most beautiful places in Adygea is the waterfalls on the Rufabgo stream. It is believed that there are 16 of them, but the waterfalls have a different size and intensity: some are visible to everyone at once, some are breathtaking, and some are so small that they are almost invisible in the mountainous area of ​​Rufabgo.

How to find Rufabgo Falls?

The Tuapse-Maykop highway passes through the village of Kamennomostsky, or Khadzhokh. If you walk from this village, then after two kilometers you can get to the waterfalls for free. An ordinary road, if there is a car, we turn to the village of Dakhovskaya.

From Maikop about the same - direction to Dakhovskaya and Lago-Naki.

Belaya River in front of waterfalls

The bridge over the Belaya River leads to the waterfalls. There is a fee to enter, but the adventure is worth it.

Rufabgo is a tributary of the Belaya River. On Belaya there is the city of Maykop, and later we will raft on it. Initially, the stream was called Syryf in Adyghe, that is, "white hill". This is how the locals saw him because of the foaming, therefore white, waterfalls.

The first waterfall is already visible from the side of the road - called "Three brothers"

Rufabgo Travel Route

Waterfalls can be seen already on the Belaya River, further, climbing higher and higher mountains, we see more and more impressive pictures. At a distance of several hundred kilometers from here, in Abkhazia, the waterfalls are also impressive ... but more about them and about Lake Ritsa later.

The excursion path does not include all waterfalls, but only five, however, the last two are already difficult: a slippery path, wet ledges, a narrow steep road. Climbing equipment is not required, but footwear should be comfortable and stable.

Thoughtful information for travelers

Recommends ...

Adygea is an excellent place for recreation all year round. Rafting is rightfully considered one of the most popular entertainment. All tourists who prefer active sports are provided with a great opportunity to raft on the Belaya River. It is about him that I decided to write this post.

Rafting on the Belaya River

Brief information

Despite the fact that this sport is an extreme sport, absolutely anyone can take part in the rafting, even a child (from a certain age). Rafting on the Belaya River is supervised by professional instructors and brings maximum positive emotions.

And you can do this both in the warm season and in winter. True, some tourists argue that in summer, unique travel along the mountain river is much more comfortable. By the way, if you are planning a trip to Adygea in the spring, you have every chance to watch the competition of professionals. Or even take part in them, if you have enough experience.

The Raft is an inflatable boat with high sides, stable enough to overcome rapids of varying difficulty and stay in the boiling water. A huge amount of splashes, speed and beautiful landscapes bring real pleasure to the participants of the rafting. And rafting on the river. White is generally special.

Rafting on the white river from Guzeripl (tours)

Rafting on the Verkhniy river (From rubles)

The adventure is suitable for tourists of all skill levels. On the way there are obstacles of 2 - 3 difficulty levels. Duration is one hour. The price includes equipment, the work of an instructor with extensive experience. Photo and video filming can be done for an additional fee. The first part of the route passes without obstacles, so even children can be taken on it. From a certain point to the finish line, they will be taken by an accompanying photographer on the bus. The second part passes through several rapids. The difficulty level changes depending on the amount of water in the river. The tour runs all year round.

Rafting on the Ammonite Valley River (From rubles)

Easy difficulty route, 350 - 400 meters long, 3 hours long. The price includes equipment, instructions. The rafting takes place along the Khadzhokh canyon, 20 meters deep. A thundering, bubbling river, beautiful views and a lot of positive emotions await all the way. The tour runs daily, requests must be made in advance, two or three days before it may not be available. The adventure is especially popular in the summer. Photo session and video filming are not included in the price, they are paid separately according to the price list.

The relief of the Republic of Adygea, the flat part of which is surrounded by the foothills of the Caucasian ridge, has become the reason for the formation of sources of hot healing water, amazing in their properties. Rising from a depth of 2600 m, the water is enriched with useful minerals: iodine, bromine, fluorine, strontium, silicic acid.

Treatment and rest in Adygea at thermal springs are indicated for problems with the spine, diabetes mellitus, disorders of the kidneys, liver, cardiac and vascular systems.

Features of treatment and recreation at thermal springs in Adygea

In the mountains of the region, hot water flows to the surface are not uncommon, there are more than 100 springs. Some, located in hard-to-reach places, remained in their original state, but hotels and balneological sanatoriums were built around the main part.


Rest on thermal springs in Adygea is attractive all year round due to the mild climate and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. For the resorts located in the flat terrain, the peak season is in the spring-summer period, when recovery can be combined with walks and excursions.

And in the centers located in the mountains, the best time comes in winter, because after active descents on snow-covered slopes you need a relaxing rest. In frosty weather, the water remains steadily hot, so it is not at all cold in the outdoor pool, and the contrast of temperatures will add vigor and harden the body.

Kitchen Features

Recreation and tourism is one of the priority sources of income for Adygea, therefore, restaurants and cafes with local cuisine are at guests' disposal. Residents of the Caucasus Mountains prefer lamb or poultry dishes, generously seasoning them with bitter red pepper, spicy local herbs and sour milk dressing. The abundance of vegetables and herbs will make your lunch a real feast of taste.

In every hotel or sanatorium, guests will be offered breakfast, but there is no need to count on the "All inclusive" program. Therefore, getting to know the local cuisine will be an important part of your holiday.

Healing effect

Water from the majority of thermal springs is used not only for bathing, it can be drunk as prescribed by specialists. Also, on its basis, therapeutic mud and cosmetics are created.

It must be remembered that doctors do not recommend staying in thermal water for more than 15 minutes, the effect of minerals increases the load on the lymphatic system and heart function. Children under 5 years old should not use the thermal pools, they are inhaled and treated.

The venue of the program is the picturesque foothills and mountains of Adygea, pristine mountain landscapes with unique flora and fauna. The natural beauty of these places helps to achieve spiritual harmony, here the human body is restored, saturated with energy and health. The tour is planned to the most photo-attractive places in such a way as to provide the maximum opportunity for creativity for tourists when taking photos.

The benefits of this trip:

  • swim in a geothermal spring (three large pools with running hot silicon water and one pool with cold water);
  • take a walk through the picturesque mountainous area;
  • we will receive a head of Adyghe cheese as a gift;
  • we will spend cozy evenings by the fireplace with delicious barbecue and dishes of the Adyghe cuisine.

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Tour program

Arrival in the village. Kamennomostsky.

14:00 Accommodation in comfortable cottages or rooms with all the certificates in the room.

16:00 A trip to the geothermal source awaits you.

Swimming in large pools with running water from a hot spring (up to 3 hours).

Silicon-activated water relaxes the body, helps in the treatment of a number of diseases, and is used for cosmetic purposes, the skin becomes smooth and beautiful.

10:00 Easy walk: acquaintance with the natural architecture of the mountain gorge "Rufabgo", with its water extravaganza, waterfalls: "Noise", "Kid", "Heart of Rufabgo", "Lace".

15:00 Afternoon: trip to the geothermal spring.

A small republic in the Caucasus with stunningly beautiful nature. This is Adygea. 01 region in the Russian Federation, seriously - code of Adygea 01.

People go to Adygea to walk in the mountains, jump from bungee boats, raft down the rivers or just enjoy the snowy peaks or flowering meadows. The Republic of Adygea is surrounded on all sides by the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. Rest in Adygea can be combined with sunbathing on the Black Sea coast. After all, the Black Sea from the republic can be reached in a few hours.

Geographical location

The Republic of Adygea is located in the central part of the North-West Caucasus, in the basins of the Kuban, Laba and Belaya rivers. The geographical position is very convenient, and it provides favorable conditions for its economic development of the territory. Railways and highways connect the Republic of Adygea with many regions of the Krasnodar Territory and the Russian Federation.

Date of formation

The Adyghe Autonomous Region was formed on July 27, 1922 by a resolution of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee by separating the Kuban-Black Sea Region from the Krasnodar and Maikop departments.

On June 28, 1991, the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Adygea was adopted. The RF law of July 3, 1991 officially formalized the transformation of the Adyghe Autonomous Region into the Soviet Socialist Republic within the RSFSR.

Administrative divisions

The capital of Adygea is the city of Maykop. The republic is divided into 7 administrative districts:

and 46 rural administrations with 224 settlements. There are 2 cities of republican significance in the republic: Maikop and Adygeisk, 5 urban-type settlements. Settlements are mainly auls, villages, rural settlements.

The population of the Republic of Adygea is 463,088 people, as of 2020. The average population density is 56.6 people per 1 sq. km, which is almost three times higher than the average for Russia. The highest population density is in the districts.

About half of the total population of Adygea is concentrated in two cities - Maikop and Adygeisk, and five urban-type settlements.

The nature of the republic

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