Sea kayaking tour in northern Norway trekking in the mountains: photo and video

Fishing on o

Our journey will take place along the water along the border of Norway's two server districts (fylke) - Nordland and Troms. On sea kayaks, we will go around the islands of Hinnoya, Grutoya, Baroya, Tjeldoya, we will see strikingly different landscapes of wide fjords and narrow rocky straits. We will walk along the rocky shores and relax on the white beaches at the foot of the mountains. We will climb to the peaks of Jelgen, Stortinden, Stetinden, from where panoramas of the Andfjord, Otofjord, Tyusfjord we have passed will open. We will also visit the port city of Harstad, where we will get acquainted with the history of the region and look at the modern life of the Norwegians.

This route, unlike our trips to the Lofoten Islands and Vesterolen, passes through non-tourist destinations. In fact, all this is one archipelago, and the nature here is similar everywhere, but on this route of an ever larger scale: the mountains are higher, the straits are larger, the fjords are longer, the forests are thicker and older, the ferries and fishing boats are louder, the islands are much larger, the parking lots are more spacious, the mountain trails climb further and trekking lasts longer, and if the fish are necessarily gigantic, and all our trophies were not caught right here, and cod for 10'8 kg, and two halibuts for 14'5 kg and 23 kg. Here, by the way, we open all the details of catching trophies: Tackle, tips, secrets of fishing in Norway.

There are a minimum of encounters with civilization and a maximum of nature, the harsh Norwegian Sea, rowing in the sea and fjords. On the route, days are combined with long trekking to the mountains, and free time is devoted to simple leisure: a hiking bath with brooms, a hearty dinner, collecting huge mussels, fishing, easy walks around the neighborhood, sunsets and gatherings with new friends, sometimes even by the fire (there where it is allowed to breed in the coastal zone). Here you will definitely have time to think about your own, to hold an unforgettable first part of the honeymoon, reboot in places of the Viking Power, breathe freedom from all, and also to know Norway from the inside. And how beautiful here! The spirit captures each second photographer (and each first end the memory cards), and even the quadcopter refuses to return home after such scales, colors and expanses! :) <

In 2020, the program is completely redesigned and optimized! We added new trekking, grew excellent parking lots and are now ready to show all this to you. The 11-day route is the abbreviated version of the 18-day and every time it covers its different parts, accumulating the most interesting and accessible place in itself. This kayak tour is perfect for those who prefer short, but saturated travel. The prolonged 18-day route will be more complex and will require greater physical fitness and endurance. The expedition format of the 18-day tour of Norway will allow fully relaxed and enjoy a long-term communication with nature.


Both options forces even participants without water hike experience - the motorboat of escort transports general equipment and personal belongings, ensures safety on water, and our instructors teach kayak management techniques throughout the route. In any case, you need to be ready for hiking conditions, accommodation in tents and physical exertion, because these are real Norwegian adventures for a strong spirit!

Tour Description

We do not have a clear thread of the route and the program by day, because every hike is obtained unique. A lot of factors affect the choice of what exactly we will do every day. Weather, winds, currents, tides and flows, these are the elements that almost everything is solved here. We will improvise, adapt to weather conditions to choose the optimal line and traffic schedule.

Instructors on the route regularly and very carefully track weather forecasts from several sites, predict the direction of wind at a particular transition by sea, monitor speed and direction of flow, alert security services and even natural signs. Analyzing a lot of factors during the day, in the evening our guides constitute a plan the next day.


Thanks to the five-year-old experience in this region and the exchange of experience between instructors teams, we collect the picture of the wayward and amazing Norway, to ensure that all participants are interested in and safely at the same time. Due to weather conditions, the trip plan can be changed by the decision of the instructor team, if possible, forced delays on the route are used to explore new trekking, fishing from the shore, rest or interesting leisure time on the shore.

How are the hikes going?

To participate in this hike, you need to have a valid passport and a valid Schengen visa.

Sea kayaking tour in northern Norway trekking in the mountains: description

Sea fishing in Northern Norway with Adventure Club instructors on the legendary island of Senja.

Senja is the second largest island in Norway (excluding Svalbard). By the way, it is not as popular with ordinary tourists as the Lofoten Islands, so you will be pleased with the wild nature and the colorful atmosphere of a quiet hunt. The infrastructure of the island was created for the enjoyment of fishing: there are many fishing centers on the island, cottages for a comfortable stay in the warmth, and in local restaurants they can prepare any trophy for you.

According to the statistics of fishing bloggers, this is a favorite place for fishermen from all over the world, we will have a unique opportunity to visit not just Norway, but to do real professional fishing in the historical epicenter of fishing. Dock in ancient fishing villages on the coast of the Norwegian Sea, feed the seagulls, admire the sky, breathe freedom, as they did for centuries before us.

Accommodation in cottages, with the ability to prepare your catch and upload a couple of new pictures to the network. Fishing from inflatable PVC boats at depths from 20 to 400 meters. Each depth is rich in its fish, requires different approaches to its treasures.

We have been successfully operating in Northern Norway in the summer for 5 years now and we conduct many sea kayaking trips. All photos in the photo gallery of this route are from our summer hikes. The Norwegians say that in the summer there are few fish in the sea (it's hard to believe it, isn't it?), But in the spring - a lot.

We have never met spring in Norway yet, and we want to check this statement on our own experience!

We decided to hold a new fishing tour in March 2019, when the so-called skrei is in the waters of Norway - Norwegian cod, which gathers every year for spawning along the entire northern coast of the country and especially loves the island of Senja. At this time, there are specimens up to 30 kg. We will try to catch other types of fish as well: moth, halibut, catfish, red perch, lure, pollock and small fish. Perhaps we will treat ourselves to crabs and mussels. They also say that sharks and stingrays are caught in Norway, we do not hope for that, but anything can happen.

On the indicated dates, the route will be explored, the following tours will not be conducted at such a low price!

This is a tour for both self-sufficient experienced fishermen and those who want to taste the abundance of the sea and learn the intricacies of sea fishing. We will teach beginners everything and show everything, but it has long been noticed that the most trophy fish are won. Let's see who!

Lovers of eating fresh Norwegian fish and equipped support groups for the main fisherman in the family can also take part in this adventure :)

Norway - want to go there? Sea kayaking tour in northern Norway + trekking in the mountains: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

In 2020, the program has been updated, in addition we will visit the legendary island of Senja!

The Lofoten Islands are the most beautiful place on earth! Lofoten's nature consists of hundreds of islands and huge rocks towering over them. These are narrow straits, fjords and endless expanses of the Norwegian Sea. These are white beaches and emerald water. These are magical sunsets and mountains painted with blue, crimson, purple haze. This is a must-see place.

Climate and natural phenomena. Despite the fact that the archipelago is located in the Arctic Circle, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate here is warmer than on neighboring mainland Norway. In summer, flowers bloom magnificently, and currants and raspberries ripen in the gardens of local residents. In June-July, there are white nights and a polar day, and at the end of August you can already admire the northern lights.

Weather in Lofotenach. In summer, the air temperature during the day can be from + 10 ° С to + 25 ° С. It can drop to + 8-10 ° C at night. Lofoten is truly a heavenly place, but still close to the cold ocean, so do not forget about the frequently changing weather. Be sure to choose your personal equipment responsibly for this tour!

The nature of the Lofoten Islands is incredibly diverse and vibrant. No wonder they are sometimes called the "Flooded Islands". As if the 4000 meter peaks were flooded, and the very peaks remained visible, and at their foot there are bright green meadows and tiny fishing villages. Here you can find snowy mountain peaks, sheer cliffs, green hills, flooded fields, vast sandy beaches, mysterious fjords, fragrant forests of blue spruce, soft and even vertical swamps, pure mountain lakes, an ocean with rich flora and fauna, and waterfalls and rivers no account.

Route specifics. Each of our tour is unique, so there is no description here by day. The instructors closely monitor the weather, wind, currents and put together the program along the way, creating the best hike, taking into account the wishes and capabilities of the group in the existing weather conditions. The weather in Norway, as they say, is King and God, so everything here depends on it, including our plans. Which peak we will visit and at what time (before lunch or after), how long we will go by kayaking. Our route is built in such a way that every day we see and learn something new, we always have a fallback and alternatives.

We will travel around Norway by minibuses, go light on simple trekking in the mountains, visit museums, cities and fishing villages. Weather permitting, we will go for two or three days to the wild island on kayaks, or make radial exits to the sea and return to the campsite. Every time we go out on the water, we will be accompanied by a motor boat, which will protect, make our kayaking trip more comfortable and interesting.

We will cook the food ourselves, so that our trip leaves the impression of a gastronomic tour! And from what we catch on a fishing trip, we will definitely cook fish soup, fish steaks or smoke fresh fish. We cook on a portable gas stove in a special tent in the camp or in equipped kitchens in campsites.

Our route intelligently combines all the benefits of civilization and the wild northern nature. How nice it is to warm up in a hiking bath after a few hours of rowing on the turquoise sea or enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy camping after a tonic walking walk. In one day of travel, you will step on snow, sand, grass, moss, stone, wood flooring. In Norway, people and nature exist in an amazing way, and we will immerse ourselves in this atmosphere every day. All buildings are harmoniously inscribed in the environment, they complement the landscape, giving it a fabulous shade. And, it is worth noting that Norway is one of the leading countries in terms of living standards. You really feel safe and comfortable here.

Transfer. One of the important advantages of this route is auto-escort starting from St. Petersburg. We will travel by minibuses during the entire tour in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The road towards the Lofoten Islands will take two days with one overnight stay on the shores of a beautiful Finnish lake. The road back will take three days, with stops in interesting places, visits to sights, the Swedish Abisko National Park, and two nights in picturesque places in Sweden and Finland in natural parks.

In 2017, the UN recognized Norway as the happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report. And this is despite the fact that winter has reigned in the country for more than six months, and the sun comes out only for a few hours. But the Norwegians are not discouraged, and are doing everything possible for an interesting and comfortable winter in their country, including for tourists. Here's what to see and do in winter Norway.

Take a walk in Oslo

Photo: vichie81/Shutterstock. om

The winter weather in the capital of Norway is warm and humid, the temperature rarely drops below minus 7 degrees. Don't be surprised if it rains in January. But Oslo is a compact city, and a few hours will be enough to slowly explore the center.

On the main street - Karl Johan, the Oslo City Hall is located, where the Nobel Prize is awarded (once a week, free guided tours are organized in the City Hall), the Royal Palace, the National Gallery with the famous work of Edvard Munch "The Scream", the pier where local fishermen sell freshly caught and boiled shrimp. Next to the pier is the building of the New Opera with a sloping roof, which you can and should climb. This is a favorite vacation spot for Norwegians - from the roof you can see a panorama of the city center and a view of the Oslofjord islands with bright wooden houses.

On the Aker-Bruges embankment, you can see moored ships and taste the national cuisine in one of the restaurants. You can study the national catering in the Mathhallen gastronomic center. They sell food from private Norwegian producers.

Near the embankment there is the Askershus Fortress with the Museum of the Armed Forces, which is dedicated to the country's military craft from the Vikings to the Second World War. History buffs should visit the Viking Ship Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum, dedicated to the navigator Thor Heyerdahl. There is a partially restored legendary wooden ship on which he and his crew crossed the Pacific Ocean.

Photo: eFesenko/Shutterstock. om

If this is your first time in Oslo, stock up on hot drinks and, regardless of the weather, head to Vigeland Park. More than 200 human sculptures made of granite, bronze and cast iron are exhibited in the open air. They show different states of people: emotions, relationships, activities such as wrestling or dancing. The park is open all year round and admission is free.

Moving around the city and visiting museums is convenient and profitable with the Oslo Pass card - it gives you the right to visit more than 30 museums and use any public transport for free.

View the winter fjord

Photo: Shutterstock. om

Upcoming hikes

How to get there

We recommend using our transfer from/to St. Petersburg or driving your own cars to the meeting point with the group (the meeting point changes from hike to hike, you need to check with the coordinator!), because in previous years there were there are frequent cases of loss of luggage of participants in hikes (We are not responsible for the loss of baggage, and of course we are trying to help solve such problems.)

1. Our transfer (9000 rubles one way)

We'll meet in St. Petersburg, at the Ozerki metro station, in the parking lot at McDonald's at 6:00 am, 1 day before the start of the hike! Arriving Muscovites will just have time to get there from the morning trains. The shuttle bus starts at 7:00 am.

Approximately by 9 am we arrive at the border with Finland. After passing the border, we look at duty-free.

Then we travel through the forests of Finland, admiring the deer, now and then walking along the road, forests and lakes. We will drive next to the famous Lake Saimaa system, past many Finnish towns and villages and, finally, we will arrive at about 14 o'clock in a rather large port city by the standards of Finland - Kuopio, where we will make a long stop at 1-1. hours, here instructors need to buy food for our trip (included in the price), and you can walk, relax and have a snack on your own.

At about 20 o'clock we pass the oldest city in Northern Finland - Oulu, founded in 1605 and located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. By 21 we arrive at the parking lot, where we will set up camp, cook dinner, and have a pleasant time.

Wake up at 7 am, departure at 8 am. We cross the border with Sweden and at about 2 pm we reach the northernmost city of this country - Kiruna. This city is known for its huge reserves of iron ore, an interesting view of the cozy town, quarries and mesmerizing fields of windmills will open up. Here we will stop for 1 hour for a snack and rest.

After Kiruna, more and more beautiful mountain landscapes will open up to us, indicating the approach of the Norwegian border. And now, finally, we will enter the cherished country, which will meet us with an amazing landscape!

By 20. 0 (on the day of the start of the hike) we will arrive at the airport of Evenes (EVE) to pick up the participants who have arrived by plane. And the Lofoten Islands are just a stone's throw away. Let's go further. crossing a long bridge, we find ourselves in these marvelous, reserved lands, admire the beauty of nature around us everywhere, drive through the famous long Norwegian tunnels, go around rocky fjords, admire the azure turquoise sea and the comfort of Norwegian life. 23:00 - we are in the parking lot, dinner, lights out.

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