Sea kayaking in Kamchatka

Avachinskaya Bay in Kamchatka

Nalychevo Park reveals all the pristine and attractive nature of Kamchatka. Its natural diversity is amazing! Volcanic ridges here give way to flowering mountain tundra, rapid flow of rivers - pure lakes, glaciers - hot and mineral springs. Breathtaking mountain landscapes create a special atmosphere and immerse you in a world of amazing beauty. Having overcome the picturesque passes and climbed the volcano, we will rest on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and fully experience its mighty element. Forward! "Ready for adventure"!

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How to get there

By plane to Yelizovo airport. Gathering of the group on the first day of the hike at 15:00 local time at the airport building.

Return tickets can be taken on the final day, starting at 13:00.

Those who arrive earlier or fly back later may need to check into a hotel. We advise you to choose and book in advance. And decide where to stay - in the town of Yelizovo, where the airport is located, or in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (30 km).

In Yelizovo, it is more convenient. it's closer. There are hostels, hotels for every demanding taste. Or you can rent an apartment. In high season, the chances are high that inexpensive options will be busy. Therefore, it is better to book accommodation in advance. Hostel ViLa +7 (4152) 332232, e-mail: hostelvila @ yandex. u Yelizovo, Uralskaya 2. Cost from 1000 rubles. Link to the site for booking rooms in Yelizovo hotels here

There is something to see in Yelizovo: 1. Monument "Russia begins here" (Yelizovo, Shumaninsky crossroads, 3. 7 km to the city center). 2. Museum of Civil Aviation of Kamchatka (Address: Zvezdnaya str. 103, near the airport). 3. Elizovo State Museum of Political Geography (Elizovo, V. Ruchiny St., 13). 4. Yelizovo City Museum of Local Lore (Yelizovo, Lenin St. 10).

Feedback from participants

It's been two weeks since we returned to civilization, and I still dream about volcanoes, hot springs and the starry sky of Kamchatka. It's time to write a review. Let's go point by point. one. Many thanks.

I will not schedule the route, a lot has been written about it. I will only say that it will be enough for an idea of ​​what Kamchatka is, but you will want even more. He makes you fall in love with this one.

Volcanoes and hot springs: natural park Nalychevo Kamchatka

Rich program. We have developed this tour especially for tourists who arrive for a short time, but want to get the most of their emotions. For 5 full days we will get to know the best places in Kamchatka.

Attractions. Active Mutnovsky and Avachinsky volcanoes; the Bystraya river is the second largest in Kamchatka; Avacha Bay, which can accommodate the entire world fleet; the reserved island of Starychkov, where birds nest; therapeutic Malkinskiy and Nalychevskiy thermal springs.

Comfortable format. You don't have to carry heavy backpacks, cook or live in tents, basic fitness and a little more tenacity are enough for the tour.

Find out how the tour "Top 5 places of Kamchatka" is going

Meeting Day

Transfer to the hotel. At the Yelizovo airport, we meet the guide and board the minibuses. On the way, we take a traditional photo of the bear statues "Russia begins here." In an hour we will find ourselves in Paratunka - a resort area near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Acclimatization. We check in and dismantle the suitcases. The hotel rooms are double rooms, each with a shower and a toilet. Relax after your flight in the thermal pool, have dinner and get ready for your adventure.

Day Excursion to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano

South Kamchatsky Natural Park. After breakfast we leave the hotel by traditional Kamchatka transport - off-road buses based on Kamaz/Ural. The volcano is located 80 km south of Petropavlovsk, the journey takes 4.5 hours.

Observation deck. On the way, we stop at the Vilyuchinsky pass a kilometer high. From here you can see 7 volcanoes and the valley of the Paratunka River. The observation deck is decorated with totem poles, personifying the spirits of the peninsula. After a halt, we pass the rest of the way to the foot of the volcano.

Hiking. The height of Mutnovskaya Sopka is 2324 m, and we begin our ascent at the level of a kilometer. The ascent lasts 3 hours, but you won't be bored. The volcano is active, and we will see the manifestations of its life:

Hiking in the natural park Nalychevo in Kamchatka: we travel along the picturesque passes, climb the volcano, relax along the Pacific coast. Join us!

The Pacific Ring is a route for strong and hardy tourists, ready for long transitions, fords and climbs, ready for changeable weather (it rains in Kamchatka all 12 days of the hike), and therefore to blurred trails, wet feet and difficult field conditions. Instead, Kamchatka will open up in all its glory: the most spectacular volcanoes are very close - we will climb into the crater of Gorely volcano and come close to the eerie smoking fumaroles of Mutnovsky, walk along the Martian reliefs, bask in thermal springs (and more than once!), Enjoy the power of the Pacific Ocean, and Let's fish with our bare hands! At the end of the hike we will put a bold exclamation mark - we will climb Avachinsky volcano (2741m). Join one of the juiciest hikes in Kamchatka!

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Early booking discount is NOT cumulative with the "Went with us before" discount

Discount on the Black Friday promotion is not cumulative with the discount "Went with us before"

How to book a place in a group?

1. Make an advance payment of 10,000 ₽ 2. Option of temporary booking for tickets: after the application, in agreement with our consultant, buy plane tickets for the dates of the trip. After that, within 21 days, you need to make an advance payment, otherwise the reservation will be canceled. 3. Full payment no later than 30 days before the start of the hike.

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In one of the parts of the well-known Kamchatka Peninsula, there is one of the largest ports in the world, which is ready to accept a ship of any size. This is not a freezing bay, which is famous not only as the "gateway" of the Kamchatka Territory, but also for its amazing beauty. Vitus Bering was the first who saw the real beauty of this place and described it, but many travelers came here and noted the flavor of the area, calling the bay a pearl. Avacha Bay is quite large in size, it flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The bay is a closed in-depth part, but in terms of size it can hardly be called a full-fledged large part of the bay. It stretches for 24 kilometers in length, and the width of the entrance is 3 kilometers. The total area of ​​the bay is approximately 26 meters. Of course, in such a territory there is not one, but a number of several bays: Tarja, Tikhaya, Rakovaya, Babiya, Petropavlovskaya, Seroglazka, Mokhovaya and so on. Each bay has its own system and lighthouse.

Although now there are many types of ships, some reach seemingly incredible sizes and in order for important ports to receive them, you have to come up with special systems for lifting the ship, entering the port, and so on. Avacha Bay has a large space to accommodate any ship in the world and this is its huge bonus. In addition, a large number of ships can be stationed in the port. So that you can imagine the scale, the area of ​​the bay is 215 square kilometers, which is an incredible figure. It is also famous for the fact that, despite the harsh climate in winter, the sea surface of the bay is not covered with ice, this makes it possible for the port to function freely without problems, but also affects the local lands.

The bay of the Avacha Bay is also large, 24 kilometers, as mentioned above. Such a space will allow you to enjoy the sea, walk along the coast and admire the rocks near the coast. In general, the rocks begin there even in the underwater part, but they also fill almost the entire place near the coast. These rocks look very fabulous, especially in cold weather. They give the landscape a very unusual and mysterious look, which you want to look at without stopping. Some areas completely replace rocks, and they come straight out of the water, but there are pebbly beaches along which you can walk for a long time, you will even have time to get tired.

Bay Description

Unfortunately, the bay itself is not open to the public. It is located in the southern part of Kamchatka Island. Two rivers flow into it: Avacha and Paratunka. It is clear that the name of the bay comes from the name of one of the rivers, since in translation it carries the meaning of the bay. On its banks you can find the cities of Vilyuchinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is not for nothing that it is called the "gateway" of the region, in front of the entrance to the bay there are two capes of the Bezymyanny and Mayachny rocks, such a peculiar three-kilometer passage stands in Avacha Bay. In addition, it has a very good location, besides being part of the city, the port is well protected from serious weather problems. In addition to the fact that the bay does not freeze, the rocks help to hide the bay from strong winds and storms.

In addition to beautiful walks, you can practice diving under the water of Avacha Bay. Weather conditions and unique fauna will open the world of Kamchatka to you. This type of recreation is well developed in those parts. You can ask experts not only for good diving spots, but even the season and day when you should take your trip to the underwater world.

The main attraction of the bay is the Three Brothers rocks. They are located right in the middle of the bay and keep an old local legend. How three brothers protected the people from the wrath of the gods.

Where is

You can find the bay at the address: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Territory.

Avacha Bay on the map

If you need to find its location by gps: 52 ° 59′00 ″ s. sh. 158 ° 33'00 "in. etc.

How to get there

Our goal is to explore the “gates” of Avacha Bay. We will walk on the water near the natural monument - the Three Brothers kekurov, and then we will go to Tikhaya Bay to visit the grottoes in the rocks, accessible only to kayakers. Also, we will have a night in tents in the beautiful Bolshaya Lagernaya bay.

  • we will admire the beauty of Avacha Bay and Kekura Three Brothers;
  • we will see Vilyuchinsky volcano and bird markets from the sea;
  • we will visit the grottoes of the bay Quiet.

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Tour program

In the morning we meet in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, get into cars and drive to the south of the regional capital to the Bolshaya Lagernaya bay.

We set up a tent camp.

Then we will have a light snack and safety briefing from the guide.

We select kayaks and other necessary equipment.

We set off to the natural monument Kekura Three brothers.

You need to be ready to row for 3-4 hours.

During the trek we will see a beautiful coastline, admire the Vilyuchinsky volcano, located on the other side of the bay, and see bird colonies.

Our walk will end in the late afternoon.

After returning to the camp, we will have dinner by the fire.

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