Sails of Lake Pleshcheeva: About the Youth Water Hike on Yalah; St. Andrew's flag - from Peter I to the present day

25 largest rivers of the Yaroslavl region


Youth water voyage on yalah "St. Andrew's flag - from Peter I to the present day", dedicated to the anniversary of the Charter of the Russian Naval Fleet

Historical background

In 1720, at the behest of Emperor Peter the Great, the "Book of the Marine Charter" was published - the first maritime law of the Russian Navy. It was in this year that the St. Andrew's flag was confirmed in the charter. When preparing the Charter, Peter I gave the following description of the flag: "The flag is white, across it there is a blue St. Andrew's cross, which he christened Russia."

Peter I personally worked on the creation of the Andreevsky flag. A drawing of Peter has survived, on which the tricolor crossed the St.Andrew's Cross. On December 11, 1699, Peter I approved the St. Andrew's flag as the naval flag of Russia. Since then, the cross flag has become a symbol and witness of Russia's naval victories. The traditional parting words before the battle were: "God and St. Andrew's flag are with us."

Preparing the hike. Theoretical and practical training of cadets

The project was implemented with the support of the "Presidential Grants Fund" and is aimed at popularizing sailing and rowing tourism and sports among young people, as well as attracting the attention of young people and the general public to the heroic and memorable dates of the history of the Russian fleet.

The participants of the campaign are the cadets of the Holy Righteous Warrior Theodore Ushakov of the Naval Cadet Corps, which was created in 2011 and is part of the United Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called Cadet Corps at the Orthodox classical Gymnasium-boarding school of the Holy Aleksievskaya Hermitage ...

Preparations for the hike began in February 2020. It entered an active phase in the second half of June, when it became known that the "Presidential Grants Fund" approved the project of the Youth Water Hike on Yalah "St. Andrew's Flag - from Peter I to the Present Day" dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Charter of the Russian Navy.

Documentary support, approvals with authorities, negotiations with contractors, contractual relations, search and selection of equipment, construction of boats, logistics, logistics, menu development - all this was done in 30 (thirty) days ...

During the preparation phase, a lot of work was done on team building and logistics. Two-shell plastic vessels YL-6 were chosen, which are safer compared to wooden ones. Similar vessels are used at the Artek International Children's Center on the Black Sea.

The cadets participating in the campaign underwent theoretical training on the basis of the cadet corps of the Holy Aleksievskaya Hermitage and consolidated the theory in practice on Lake Pleshcheyevo - the cradle of the Russian fleet, where in 1692 Peter I created a funny flotilla. As a result of training, fourteen cadets passed the exams and received certificates of "Master of the boat" in the Yaroslavl Children's Maritime Center named after Admiral F. Ushakov ".

30th anniversary of EMERCOM of Russia

Sails of Lake Pleshcheeva: About the Youth Water Hike on Yalah; St. Andrew's flag - from Peter I to the present day

The Yaroslavl region is beautiful for its history, culture and, of course, nature. There are more than 4300 rivers in the region, of which 11 are rivers with a length of 100 to 150 km. Most of them are tributaries of the Volga, or tributaries of its tributaries. Some of them carry their waters to the largest lakes in the region - Nero and Pleshcheyevo. The largest rivers in the region after the Volga are: Kostroma, Nerl, Sit and Ustye.

All waterways of the Yaroslavl region are united by a flat character and a calm current. They cover the region with a dense network. Fishing is popular everywhere: both on the Volga and on numerous rivers and lakes. They also have rich recreational potential: there are sanatoriums with mineral springs, recreation centers and summer camps for children. There are dozens of routes for a fascinating rafting among picturesque forests, past historical sites.

The longest rivers of the Yaroslavl region

List of the largest rivers flowing through the region.


The most important river in Russia is considered the cradle of the Yaroslavl region. The history of the region's capital is inextricably linked with the great river. Thanks to her, the ancient city received its development as the center of trade and culture of our country. And today, the main part of the city is oriented towards the Volga, it stretches along the river for 30 km. Within the city limits Kotorosl flows into the Volga. Part of the upper course passes through the region.

The length of the river is 3530 km, in the Yaroslavl region - 340 km.


The main part of this river is in the neighboring Kostroma region, and its mouth is in the capital of the region, which they gave the name to. It flows into the Gorky reservoir. Part of the upper course of the Kostroma runs along the border of the Lyubimsky district of the Yaroslavl region, the channel is winding, lies in the high wooded banks. The reserve "Kologrivsky forest" is founded here, where the ichthyofauna of the river, coastal vegetation and fauna are studied.

The length of the river is 354 km, in the Yaroslavl region - 50 km.

Nerl (tributary of the Klyazma)

Passes through the Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Ivanovo regions. On the Yaroslavl land is the source of this river, near the village of Lychentsy, Pereslavl region. The upper course of the Nerl is a forest river in high hilly banks. These places are well suited for river rafting: beautiful landscapes, convenient parking, small population. In the lower reaches, before the confluence with the Klyazma, on the Nerl there are famous sights: the Church of the Intercession and the residence of Andrei Bogolyubsky.

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