Rules of safe behavior on the pond

Rules of safe behavior on the pond

Safe behavior on water in summer

Summer is the time for vacations. And what kind of vacation is complete without visiting a reservoir, artificial or natural. Never mind. According to statistics, on average more than 10 thousand people die in water bodies, and more than half of them die in the water. That is why you should follow the basic safety rules so that the rest does not turn into unpleasant consequences, and not only:

  • The ability to swim is the most important component of safety on the water. But even a good swimmer can get tired, or his leg can be abruptly cramped. Therefore, do not rely solely on your swimming skills. If there are no swimming skills at all, it is forbidden to go into the water deeper than waist-deep.
  • Bathing in places that are not equipped for this, as well as in prohibited places. A bathing place is considered to be equipped, where the bottom of the reservoir is checked, cleaned of snags and stumps, and various debris. In addition, the water area of ​​the equipped bathing areas is limited by special buoys, and on land there is a rescue stand equipped with lifebuoys and balloons, a first-aid kit. In prohibited places for swimming, there may be underwater currents, whirlpools and whirlpools, which not everyone can cope with.

behavior on the pond in summer

  • It is forbidden to swim near the piers and piers, as well as swim up to the ships. Also, it is forbidden to dive from boats and piers. Not knowing the condition of the bottom and support in the form of a dock or boat can lead to spinal injuries. The use of objects that are not intended for this as a floating craft may also cause injury.
  • Non-compliance with temperature conditions. Violation of this point can also adversely affect health. It is not recommended to swim at temperatures below 20 degrees. If this is inevitable, then bathing should be carried out under the supervision of other people, and preferably doctors. At temperatures of 24 and above, stay in water should be limited to 40 minutes. Otherwise, hypothermia of the body occurs, which can lead to shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat. Also, remember that after the last meal, at least two hours must pass before you head into the pond.
  • Games in the pond should be carried out in specially equipped places, not to allow games with tosses in the water, grabbing bathers, as well as giving a false alarm.
  • Children themselves are an increased source of danger. Do not leave them unattended. Even if a child knows how to swim, he is unlikely to be able to correctly distribute his strength, so do not lose sight of the child for a minute. Be sure to wear a life jacket on your child. It should be remembered: children freeze in water much faster than an adult, so his presence in the water should not remain uncontrolled.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages before, during and after bathing is strictly contraindicated.
  • Pollution of the reservoir and coastal zone is also prohibited.
  • If you decide to ride a boat or catamaran, be sure to wear a life jacket. No circle and sleeves can replace it. For more information on the rules for safe recreation on water bodies, see the video.
  • Winter safety rules on water bodies

    In winter, you should also follow the safety rules when you are on the pond:

    • It is forbidden to go out on the pond at night.
    • Ice strength is determined by a few blows of the stick in front of you. If after impacts the ice does not lose strength and water does not come out, the ice is sufficiently stable. It is forbidden to check the ice thickness with kicks.
    • It should be remembered that in places of thickets of shrubs and trees, ice, as a rule, does not exceed 5-7 cm in thickness, and is unreliable enough to be found on it.
    • When fishing in winter, remember that it is not permissible to gather in large groups on the ice.
    • In the case when a group of people is moving on the ice, the distance between them must be at least 5 meters.
    • The transfer of personal items on the ice is carried out on one shoulder, which, if necessary, it was possible to drop them, or use them as improvised means.
    • You cannot jump on ice floes during ice drift.

    Drowning Assistance Rules

    Rules of assistance if a person is drowning:

    - first of all, loudly call for help;

    - call specialized help services - ambulance and rescue service;

    - throw a lifebuoy to the drowning man;

    - If possible, try to get to the drowning one yourself.

    Compliance with safe behavior on water bodies is a kind of guarantor of rest without unpleasant incidents. It is worth remembering that when choosing a place to stay, you need to take time to study the bottom of the reservoir and the coastal zone, in order to exclude various unforeseen situations. You can find out how to behave on vacation by the reservoir from our article.

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