Rules of conduct for safe river rafting

Presentation on the topic; Water trips and water safety

The concept of ensuring the safety of both children and adults on the water includes not only the rescue of drowning people, training in swimming, navigation, prevention and preventive work with children, adults, but also ensuring safety on coastlines and beaches, organizing participation in the development of water sports, works on the arrangement of coastlines and beaches.

Unfortunately, there are frequent cases of injury to people who ride jet skis, motor boats, boats, rowing boats, kayaks, inflatable boats and catamarans, sailing ships, houseboats (houseboats and summer cottages).

We must know that the use of boats and yachts in places of mass bathing of citizens is unacceptable! By the way, there are age restrictions (only from 18 years old) to obtain the right to drive boats, motor boats, yachts and jet skis, and the state of health, as well as passing the training course and passing exams, must be taken into account.

Small craft safety rules prohibited:

exceeding the set speed;

violation of the rules and conditions of maneuvering;

causing damage to hydraulic structures, technical equipment and shipping and navigation conditions;

entering areas permanently or temporarily closed for navigation without special permission or deliberately stopping at prohibited places;

go under a motor or sail and maneuver on the waters of beaches, baths, other places for swimming and mass recreation of the population on reservoirs;

approach the swimmer on jet skis (jet skis) at a distance of less than 100 meters, as well as the boundaries of the swim on beaches and other organized swimming places;

carry unaccompanied children on board;

Hello friends and readers of my blog! Rafting in English or rafting in Russian is a vivid and memorable adventure. If you have never experienced the power of a mountain river, my advice will help you, if you are already an experienced rafter - you can refresh your knowledge. In this article I tell you: how to observe safety when rafting, from the moment of preparation for the route and ending with emergency situations on the river.

Preparation Requirements

Rafting belongs to extreme sports, and therefore, in some cases, it can be fraught with dangers. Good physical shape for any kind of tourism is a huge plus, and rafting is no exception.

Least of all physical fitness requirements if you decide to go kayaking on a calm flat river. Then you can row as best you can, alternating with other team members. However, if we are talking about long hikes, mountain rivers or difficult routes with winding rivers, then preparation is indispensable. Only the well-coordinated work of the entire rafting team will make it possible to successfully pass all the difficulties of the track.

What to choose for training when preparing for a trip on the river? You need to understand that endurance is the main thing for rafting, or rather strength endurance, because you need to row a lot. If you work out in the gym, choose exercises to train the muscles of the back and arms, the press is also important. As I said, the emphasis is on endurance, since we do not swing our arms with dumbbells, but choose a simulator where you can perform the same actions for a long time, for example, the most obvious one is a rowing simulator.

Running and swimming are also good. It is important to do a little more than you can during each workout. This will help increase your stamina. It is useful to play team games: basketball, volleyball and other similar games.

Beginners sometimes need psychological preparation, especially before long hikes. The easiest way to get rid of fears is to get comprehensive information on issues of interest. The more you understand how the route is built, how the rafting facility is arranged, what you need to know from the safety rules, what the danger of certain areas is and how you will overcome them, the better prepared you will be for the hike.

If you decide to raft using the tour, then the organizers are usually responsible for preparing the boat, they also issue the main equipment - life jackets and helmets. If the group is independent, then preparation should begin with the revision of the kayak. It is necessary to make sure that all its parts are intact. The backpack should always have a repair kit in case of puncture or breakage.

When choosing clothes, collecting a backpack, the main value is their waterproofness. When packing things, food, first aid kit, matches, make sure that everything is sealed.

Basic list of things that you will need: life jacket, safety helmet, raincoat/windbreaker, hat, thermal underwear, waterproof boots, wetsuit, gloves, socks, cotton T-shirts, trousers/shorts (preferably made of synthetics , which protect from the wind and dry well), sweatshirt. Also, do not forget about changeable clothes.


The popularity of rafting or rafting is the opportunity to test oneself for endurance, for survival, for teamwork. Wildlife can present many extreme situations, but that's why we love hiking. The main thing is that unpleasant stories do not happen due to carelessness or non-observance of simple safety rules during water trips.


Annotation to the presentation

Presentation for schoolchildren on the topic "Water trips and safety on the water" on life safety. pptCloud. u - a convenient directory with the ability to download a powerpoint presentation for free.


Hiking and water safety

Author: P. Kosenko, teacher-organizer of life safety.

Lesson plan:

Features of water tourism and requirements for the level of training of a tourist-water manager. Preparing for a water trip. Rules of safe behavior on the water during the hike.

Hiking along rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs successfully combines elements of cognition of the natural environment, active recreation and health improvement.

A water tourist should be able to: swim well; to assemble and repair a tourist ship; properly pack food and equipment; be able to row and steer a ship; to moor and roll off (depart) from the shore.

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