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The place and role of tourism in the open economy in the Altai Territory

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Altai Territory is one of the most interesting territories in Russia in terms of tourism. Over the past three years, tourists from 60 countries have visited it. Many were attracted by the monuments of architecture and culture of historical cities of the region, such as Barnaul, Biysk, Zmeinogorsk and Kamen-Ob. Tourism is one of the most promising sectors of the regional economy with great potential for rapid development.

Altai Territory is characterized by a combination of mountain and plain reliefs, the beauty of the Ob and a variety of picturesque landscapes. There are all opportunities for the development of non-traditional forms of tourism. There are many archaeological and ethnological monuments on the territory of the region, namely: burial mounds and soil burial grounds, ancient settlements and ancient settlements, cave monuments of the Stone Age, mining for copper and gold.

The main purpose of the course work is to study geographical conditions as a factor in the development of tourism in the Altai Territory.

Work tasks:

  • Briefly describe the geographic location of the region, its history and culture.
  • To study the physical-geographical and economic-geographical conditions that determine the development of tourism in the region.
  • Describe the main types of tourism in the region and assess the dependence of their development on geographic conditions.
  • General information about the region

The place and role of tourism in the open economy in the Altai Territory

Lakes of Altai Territory photos with names

The complex undulating relief of the Kulunda Valley was formed about one million years ago during the anthropogenic era. Then the eastern and northeastern territories were the seabed with depressions in the form of saucers. Now these rounded low-drainage basins have a silty and highly mineralized environment.

The central regions located on the Priobskoye plateau are characterized by bulky rallies up to 100 meters high. The main reason for their appearance is the erosion-fold effect of destructive flows as a result of the breakthroughs of ancient glacial-dammed lakes. Here, small elongated reservoirs are located in hollows in the form of bead mirrors connected by channels, for which they received the name - bead-like.

Another reason for the formation of closed water bodies is the natural process of regular changes in river channels. Such oxbow lakes usually have a winding oblong shape.

In the southern and southeastern foothill areas, there are Altai lakes with photos with names that are most often found in magazines, the Internet and travel booklets. They are distinguished by maximum external aesthetics, excellent ecology, mild-temperate climatic conditions. Suitable for various types of recreation and health improvement. Provided with modern infrastructure and transport accessibility. They are characterized by significant depths and warm up well in the warm season.

The reservoirs owe their amazing exterior to karst, water-glacial and seismic activity. A striking example is the popular Lake Aya, the basin of which was formed as a result of the collapse of the slope of the Katun River valley, which served as a dam for a huge ancient reservoir.

Lakes of the Altai Territory - a list of foothill water bodies

Among the many water bodies of the region, there are lakes with a unique landscape or the status of hydrological monuments, which are taken under state protection and serve as a popular place for excursions, passing tourist routes and recreation (see table)

The name of the lake Location Features Aya (Aiskoe) Altai region (5 km south of the village of Aya). Border with the Republic of Altai. GPS coordinates 51. 04503, 85. 53504. animates one of the basins of the Katunskaya terrace, exceeding the level regime of the river by 50 m. Age is about 13000 years. The maximum depth reaches 22 m. The area is 9.3 g. It feeds from well springs. In summer, it warms up to temperatures above + 21 ° C, which allows you to swim comfortably. Has a rocky island, beach and rental station. There are tourist centers around. It is part of the Aya Natural Park. The name is translated from the local language as "moon" (associated with the crescent shape of the reservoir). ebedinoe (Svetloye) Soviet district (3 km south of the village of Urozhainoe). GPS coordinates 51. 04503, 85. 53504. spruce and well-warmed lake with a sandy-pebble bottom and clean spring water without suspended particles. The source of the river First Koksha. It is part of the Lebediny Nature Reserve. Thanks to the warm springs, it does not freeze even in severe frost. It serves as a wintering place for a huge number of whooper swans and other waterfowl. Equipped with observation platforms. okshaSovetskiy district (4 km north-east from the village of Urozhainoe). GPS coordinates 52.11991, 85.29821 It has an elongated shape. The length is more than 3.5 km and the width is up to 120 m. The total area is 48 g. Clean water with a low level of mineralization. The southwest bank is low, the northeast bank is raised and adjoins the hills with an absolute height of 220 m. The source of the river of the same name (left tributary of the Katun). It is part of the Lebediny Nature Reserve. Nearby is the ridge of the Katunskaya terrace. Olyvanskoe At the foot of the northern slope of the Kolyvan ridge in the Zmeinogorsk region (2 km east of the village of Savvushka and the road "Pospelikha - Kurya - Tretyakovo - border of Kazakhstan"). GPS coordinates 51. 66168, 82. 91418 Great place for a beach holiday. Elongated from north to south. The area of ​​the mirror is 440 g. The length is 4 km with a maximum width of 2.4 km. The average depth is up to 3 m. The water is clean, fresh and warm in summer. The shores are low with frequent interspersing of bizarre rocky remnants (the results of weathering). It is characterized by a rich flora, which includes up to 20 species from the Red Book of Altai Territory (water walnut, tulip, quadrangular water lily, large-flowered astragalus, etc.). on the territory of the Kurinsky district (5 km north-east of the village of Kolyvan). The route 01K-70 "Kurya - Kolyvan - Bugryshikha" is nearby. GPS coordinates 51.91349, 82.47237Differs in a round shape in the form of an ellipse. It is of tectonic origin. It is located in the vast granite-shale basin of the Kolyvan ridge. The depth is 5-6 m with rare drops up to 10-12 m. The area is 3 sq. km. It is famous for its stone island, which served as a haven for counterfeiters in the 18th century. The highest mountain of the Kolyvan ridge - Sinyukha (1206 m) is located in the vicinity. Okhovoe At the foot of Mount Sinyukha on the territory of the Kurinsky District (6 km to the north of the village of Kolyvan). GPS coordinates 51.52793, 82.60077 A small but very picturesque reservoir in the ancient hollow-bowl of one of the peaks of the Kolyvan ridge (500 m above sea level). Popular tourist attraction. Framed by beautiful outlier rocks. Revered by the Orthodox as a holy place where you can wash away all your sins in a year.

A very popular object among tourists is the special economic zone "Turquoise Katun" on the left bank of the river of the same name (Altai region). Geographically, it borders on Gorny Altai, to visit which it is enough to cross the bridge abutting the "Chuysky tract". The main attractions are the Tavdinsky caves and a huge artificial lake with equipped beaches, quality service and a wide range of entertainment. The total area of ​​the pond water area is an impressive 5 hectares.

Another attractive place for a full and relaxing vacation in the foothills of Altai is Lake Kireevo near the village of Novozykovo (Krasnogorsk District).

Course work on the topic Place and role of tourism in the open economy in the Altai Territory Important socio-economic opportunities for the development of tourism:

In early August, a group of journalists made a four-day expedition "Altai Hugs", the main route of which was along the Ob River. The participants visited tourist places, learned about the development of the region's transport system, tasted local dishes and were delighted. Altapress. u figured out whether it is possible to make river cruises a permanent format of travel in Altai.

Why traveling on the river is interesting

“It's good here, but there is no sea” - you often hear this phrase in conversations about the tourism potential of the Altai Territory. As an alternative, they mainly offer Lake Yarovoe - the water in it is salty, and in summer there are many sunny days.

During the expedition "Altai Hugs", journalists were convinced that the sea could well compete with a river - this is a whole world with its colors, laws and persistent people who spend almost their entire lives on ships. Some families are from generation to generation.

“The river calms,” say the river workers, “a ship is coming, and you understand that it cannot go faster. You put up with it. And then you notice that in the city you stop hurrying too. "

When you move along the Ob for three days, you clearly feel: it gives life and binds. On the banks there are towns and villages with an unusual history, small boats with fishermen "hang" in the channels - they catch pike perch, carp, pike.

Heavy barges carry heaps of rubble - thanks to them, in recent years, tens of thousands of trucks have not taken to the roads of the region, thus saving the budget for the repair of asphalt.

If you go ashore, you will find a lot of interesting things. In good weather you can swim or walk in the forest, in the rain you can stay in some village with hospitable local residents. Eat simple summer food made from products from the garden - okroshka, lightly salted cucumbers, berries. Fresh honey from the apiary is a must. And wash it down with herbal tea.

Someone will offer you fish soup or grilled meat. After the stress of the city and the river walk, it all tastes better many times over. On the ship you will be fed borscht or buckwheat with stew.

Rivermen are not very talkative. It is extremely difficult to get some stories out of them. They will calmly tell you that yes, they spend several months on the river in the summer, and in the winter they repair ships or go skiing.

You told them: "Did you get caught in a storm?" They tell you: "It used to be" - and no details. Sadly, they will notice that there are few ships left. You ask: "Do you miss the river in winter?" “Yes,” everyone will answer.

One proudly told us about his grandmother-captain, who drove a passenger ship from Zaton after the war. Another, from the fishery, - as the poachers cut his head with an ax and killed the escort, the two of them went to eight. “Somehow I had to kill a man myself,” he adds.

It's hard to imagine another place like the Altai Republic. Foreigners call this region "Russian Switzerland" for its unique landscape, untouched by civilization originality. Once upon a time, even before the arrival of people, the same atmosphere reigned in the Alps.

Here the rivers are stormy, and the lakes are calm, streams gush right from under our feet, and around the endless steppes surrounded by mountains that are as ancient as the planet itself. A wild land, although inhabited by people. Places where the mysterious and unknown awaits at every step. Here past and present meet, stones carry their sacred meaning, and even the air is filled with the inexplicable energy of Mother Earth.

Geographic Information

The Altai Republic is not the entire territory of Altai as such, but only a part of it. Not to be confused with the Altai Territory. Altai Territory and the Altai Republic are neighboring territorial entities of the Russian Federation. A part of the Altai Mountains does come into the territory of neighboring states.

The administrative center of the Altai Republic is the city of Gorno-Altaysk.

Borders with the republics of Tyva and Khakassia, the Kemerovo Region and the Altai Territory, as well as China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

The area of ​​the Altai Republic - 92.903 thousand km 2

The Republic was formed on June 1, 1922.

The Altai Republic as a subject of the Russian Federation is part of the Siberian Federal District. Located in the center of Eurasia, in the south of Western Siberia.

Nature of the Altai Republic

Nature is the main reason forcing tourists to visit Altai from year to year. Several biosphere reserves with representatives of flora and fauna that live only here are concentrated in a relatively small area.

Besides, the forests and meadows abound with medicinal plants. The knowledge of traditional medicine has not been completely lost here, so herbal preparations are sold everywhere, but you can do it yourself. People come here for healing water and mud even from other countries.

Altai rivers: the most popular rivers for rafting and hiking

Altai Territory has many natural sites that it can be proud of. These are majestic mountains, the highest cascades of waterfalls, beautiful lakes, forests and steppes. But this is not all the wealth of Gorny Altai, since it still has many attractions and unique places. The Altai rivers are very popular among tourists and travelers and there are several reasons for this.

  • The first is incredible beauty and their diversity, each has its own characteristics, character, temperature, level and much more.
  • Second - almost all tourist routes pass near or across rivers. The third is active rest, since the large rivers of this region are considered ideal for rafting.

Amazing Rivers

Speaking about the Altai Territory, the Ob and its huge number of tributaries should be highlighted. But the mountainous republic has a large number of valley and deep arteries. Let's consider the most popular and famous places.

Refers to the largest rivers in the world. It originates at the confluence of two most beautiful rivers - the Katun and Biya. It flows on a fairly flat relief and belongs to the valley. A large number of villages and settlements are located on the banks of the river. At first glance, it is very calm and does not frighten with its calm waters, but in fact it can bring a lot of trouble. For example, in 2014 there was an abnormally high amount of precipitation, which affected the nearby territories. Every spring, the inhabitants of the right bank are anxiously awaiting, because during this period it overflows and brings troubles to the villages.

There are a lot of tourists here in the summer. A large number of festivals are organized on the shores, which take place in the open air. Also in summer, on the water you can find a large number of boats and pleasure boats.

It originates in the famous Teletskoye Lake. Its length is 280 kilometers.

Few people know, but this river gave its name to the beautiful city of Biysk. The upper part of the river especially attracts the attention of tourists. And all for the reason that this section of water has a large number of rapids, which is ideal for rafting.

On the waters you can find boats and motor ships with excursion groups. These waters are also popular with fishermen due to their abundance of fish. There are several dozen species of fish in the river, especially grayling, taimen, and burbot, especially revered among fishermen.


Pride and celebrity, she is called the mistress of Altai, and she is very loved by tourists. It originates from Mount Belukha, its total length is 688 kilometers. It has a very restless disposition, and on its way overcomes all types of relief.

Perhaps this is the most demanded point of water tourism. In addition to rafting, which is very popular, the river pleases with a huge number of waterfalls. Its waters are quite cold, in the hottest weather, the temperature does not rise above + 15 °, but this does not frighten off tourists at all.

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