River cruises in Russia - the nuances of choice

River cruises in Russia on a motor ship in navigation 2021

Cruises along the rivers of Russia have recently become a widespread and affordable form of recreation. Traveling on a motor ship is excitingly interesting, comfortable and prestigious. Cruises on motor ships along the Volga are especially popular among those wishing to broaden their horizons, offering a varied excursion and entertainment program, as well as giving the opportunity to start resting from the moment of purchase - without complicated preparation of documents and transfers from hotel to hotel, transfers from transport to transport.

How to choose a motor ship

The uniqueness of traveling on a steamer is obvious - there is an opportunity for everyone to find entertainment to their liking (measured rest, allowing the tourist to go with the flow; active - educational excursions, contests, quizzes, master classes, activities in creative workshops under sensitive by the guidance of professional animators).

What do you need to know to fully enjoy a river cruise? The bulk of cruise ships are 3- and 4-deck ships. They differ from each other in the degree of equipment and amenities provided on board. It is also important to know when the interiors and furniture were renewed on the ship.

Most ships have several restaurants and bars. There are also public areas for entertainment events. On the upper deck there are sun loungers and showers for sunbathers. In recent years, many ships have been equipped with wireless Internet, there are mobile payment terminals, an ironing room, a massage parlor, a medical office, and a souvenir shop.

How to choose a cabin

The comfort of the cabin is one of the main factors affecting the cost of a river cruise.

Rooms on board have different levels of comfort:

  • with conveniences (shower and toilet are in the room);
  • with partial conveniences (inside there is only a washbasin, and the bathroom is shared, located on the deck) ;

The choice of deck is also important. The higher it is, the more expensive, as a rule, the cost of the voucher is. The cabins also differ in terms of equipment level. Inexpensive rooms have bunk beds, side table and wardrobe. More expensive ones are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, and have a large area. Superior cabins may have several rooms, a TV set, and updated furniture.

Sea cruises are a very non-trivial type of recreation, and the world cruise market is very specific: the traditional canons of the tourist business do not apply to it. Seasonality, the economic situation of the host countries, fashion trends, political overtones - all this, of course, affects the cruise industry, but in a special way. “Dead seasons” simply do not happen here: the cruise business is perhaps the most flexible and the easiest to adapt, because hotels, restaurants, amusement parks are in any case real estate that strongly depends on the surrounding circumstances. But the liner can always be transported to a profitable region.

Transoceanic Travel

By the way, the most desperate romantics can share with the crew the transoceanic passage of the liner from one home port to another. Such a cruise is much cheaper than a regular one - because not everyone dares to take such a trip. During a month of sailing, you will go ashore only once or twice, and if the ship is practically empty, theaters and animators are unlikely to work for you. But, of course, no one canceled food and service in the cabin. Of course, most of this rest will seem very doubtful (therefore it is not actively promoted), but there are connoisseurs who find special pleasure in solitude and detachment. Transoceanic cruises are a vacation for those who know that every sunset on the high seas is unique.

Some companies make special themed cruises for long journeys. For example, on March 29, a 20-day dance cruise will start on the MSC Armonia liner. On the way from Buenos Aires to Venice, passengers will be taught dance classes in the main areas of different cultures. Such a trip is worth about 3000 USD. The Texas-style cruise starts on September 4 on the Poesia of the same Italian cruise company MSC. For 18 days sailing from Kiel (Germany) to New York, tourists will be able to try their luck in the casino or at the poker table for only 1239 USD.

Transitions of liners are often not announced en masse, so you need to find out about them on an individual basis directly with the cruise company. And do not forget that there are ships that sail on safe routes all year round and do not leave for a long time. If the liner began the summer season in the Mediterranean Sea, then by winter it may be at its maximum in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. And if you find a ship off the coast of Alaska, it may well migrate to the Indian Ocean. Thus, practically "on the cross-country" people make a round-the-world voyage. You can go around the whole world on the liner without haste in a couple of months.

From heyday to crisis

Transoceanic cruises date back to the early days when the steamship was primarily a means of communication between America and Europe. In 1958 Pan American Airlines opened New York - London and New York - Paris flights. And then, when ships became irrelevant as transport, passenger shipping successfully adapted to the leisure and entertainment industry. Since then, sea cruises are easy to get along with any circumstances, and for two centuries of commercial activity in the cruise business there has not been a single disastrous season. Of course, each company sooner or later has a "black streak", but the state of the world cruise market as a whole is very stable.

The current global economic crisis has also affected the cruise industry. Particularly enterprising companies have even organized themed anti-crisis cruises for businessmen in this regard. The ships hosted seminars and trainings with the participation of reputable and successful businessmen. Being on such a cruise has become a matter of prestige, and the practice of “business cruises” continues successfully. So, on March 18, a cruise for major investors from Forbes magazine starts in Sydney: a 12-day cruise on the Crystal Symphony liner will cost 7,000 USD. Of course, it is impossible to recruit a full ship of large investors, but in order for such a themed cruise to take place, a group of 20-30 people is enough.

Themed cruises

There are three types of theme cruises: private cruises, charters and cruises directly from cruise lines. Private cruises are organized by travel agencies or other companies. To get on such a cruise, you need to buy a ticket at a special price directly from the organizing company: this makes it possible to participate in all planned activities. At the same time, "ordinary" tourists will also be on the ship. Charter flights differ from private ones in that everyone on board the ship is a member of a themed cruise. Ships are often rented for nudist, swing or even gay cruises. Also, cruise companies themselves constantly arrange unusual cruises, available to everyone.

Howard Moses, the founder of the largest themed cruise website, believes that unusual cruises are not cruise lovers, but lovers of the activity that the cruise is dedicated to. It is unlikely that the occasional tourist will find himself on a biker cruise, poetry cruise, or chess cruise. A Muslim will not go on a Christian pilgrimage by sea, and a married couple will not end up on a gay cruise. Although there have been such cases. For example, due to the carelessness of the travel agency, an elderly American couple once went on a cruise for sexual minorities, after which the travel agency had to compensate the spouses for moral damage by providing a ticket to another already regular cruise.

The special spirit and flavor of river cruises, almost lost after the 1917 revolution, began to revive again in shipping, and along with them, the popularity of this type of recreation, praised by the classics of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, is reviving. And indeed - where else can you feel how "wide my native country" is, if not on the deck of a cruise ship, slowly cutting through the water surface?

Map of river cruises in Russia (click to enlarge)

However, those who are not happy with this prospect will not be disappointed either: almost all river cruises offer a rich excursion program, "green parking" with outdoor picnics and other entertainments, and if the weather is favorable, then and with bathing.

Routes and Features

River crises last from 2 to 20 days, depending on the route. As for the routes, the most popular are various cruises along the Volga, Kama and Don (the duration depends on the number of stops and the richness of the excursion program), as well as excursion and religious tours of northern directions (Valaam, Kizhi, Solovki) - and numerous hybrids of these two types ...

Thus, cruises in northern directions traditionally go from St. Petersburg (this is both cheaper and faster - you can meet in 2 days off), and travel along the Volga to the south usually begins in Moscow. At the same time, routes of the type "Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow" are gaining popularity, usually lasting from 6 to 11 days and uniting part of the Volga and northern directions. The main excursion points are usually Valaam and Kizhi.

Cruise prices

The cost of a cruise usually includes: accommodation and bedding (usually the price is indicated for one person, and not for a cabin - keep this in mind), 2 or 3 meals a day (due to a busy program, the ship cannot stop for every meal of passengers, but eating every day in a restaurant à la carte is still expensive), excursions according to the program, guide services and an entertainment program on board the ship.

Please note that some of the excursions and services are almost always paid separately! It is worth carefully studying the list of excursions included in the program, choosing the desired additional ones and taking their cost into account when calculating the trip budget.

Those who are determined not to take additional excursions should think about their leisure time for their free time, because a tourist finds himself alone (or in the company of the same tourists) in a city that is often completely unfamiliar to him. It makes sense to learn more about the settlement and outline the range of objects that you would like, and most importantly, you will have time to visit before the boat departs.

Subtleties of choosing a cruise

There are a few more nuances worth discussing.

First, health insurance. Russian tourists, having resigned themselves and realizing the need for medical insurance abroad, when traveling in Russia rely solely on compulsory medical insurance and maybe, which do not always save. For almost all cruises, medical insurance is offered on a voluntary basis, and it makes sense to use it: you can get it right at the office of the travel agency, it’s a penny relative to the cost of any cruise, and the soul will be calm.

Sea cruises have gradually become a popular and affordable form of tourist travel. And there are reasons for this: all the newest are equipped with roll stabilization systems, and their routes are designed so as to avoid storms as much as possible. A wide range of entertainment is provided on board so that the passenger does not get bored.

Sea cruises throughout Europe

Sea cruise is a popular type of vacation among travelers. A sea voyage gives you the chance to visit several countries at once, plunge into their culture, stroll through the cities with a long history.

It is difficult to imagine how many cultural values ​​the European civilization contains. The tourist is provided with the whole range of types of recreation: beach, sightseeing, religious. Every tourist can find something to their liking.

Europe is an ideal region for travel, there are 43 states and over 200 seaports on its territory.

Every city has a myriad of places to see: museums, historic sites, majestic cathedrals, local food restaurants and shopping malls. Europe will be the best solution for the first cruise, there will definitely be no reason for disappointment.

The trip covers Northern, Western and Southern Europe, which allows you to get acquainted with the maximum number of cultures and cities.

Northern Europe Cruises

On a sea cruise in Northern Europe, the traveler finds himself in a number of countries:

  • Denmark,
  • Sweden,
  • Norway,
  • Iceland,
  • Finland ,
  • Germany,
  • Great Britain,
  • Poland and the Baltic states.

It doesn't matter how old you are (20, 30 or 80), what you graduated from (Culinary College or Harvard) and what stage of evolution you are at. Everyone wants to relax beautifully and tastefully! Someone from the granite of science, someone from annoying clients and careers, and someone just abandon the gray everyday life.

For many months you have been waiting for those cherished weeks to come and finally OH - vacation will come. For many months you have been preparing, dreaming, choosing and planning so that the weeks favorably provided to us by the most caring Labor Code in the world would suddenly end before they even started.

For a long time and carefully you try to plan your vacation so that later it will not be excruciatingly painful for wasted days and those money that is carefully set aside throughout the year.

You try, but does everyone succeed or do it as usual: the beach, burnt shoulders, a bar and a bed in the room?

And not even because they do not have enough salary for something else, but because they simply do not know that REST CAN BE OTHER But he can!

  • If you are tired of lying day after day on a cramped beach on a reclaimed (if you're lucky) deck chair - often surrounded by far from slender general store saleswomen and violent after taking a local intoxicating " Tagilov ”- pay your attention to the cruise.
  • If you are tired of constantly unpacking and packing your suitcases with many hours of travel in a stuffy bus on excursions like “gallop across Europe” - turn your attention to a cruise.

Put aside your thoughts about Turkey, Tunisia or what you are thinking about for a couple of minutes and read this article

We guarantee that after reading your ideas about cruises will turn 180 degrees.

  • After all, if you have never been on a cruise, but only seen in a movie, then you have not seen even a third of what is on the cruise ship.
  • If you were on a river cruise on the Volga, then you did not see even half of what should be on a cruise ship;
  • And even if you still managed to visit a sea cruise on a trade union permit and come back with diamond smuggling, congratulations, you - Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov.

Well, you want to know why more and more tourists around the world prefer cruise ships rather than hotels?

We were looking for an answer to the question and found whole reasons

The cruise has EVERYTHING!

Excellent cuisine: meals on a cruise ship like in 5 * hotels (and somewhere on the level of top Michelin restaurants), and most of the establishments are open from early morning until late at night.

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