River cruises from St. Petersburg

River cruises from St. Petersburg

Rafting on the rivers of St. Petersburg is gradually becoming a favorite leisure option for residents and guests of the region, because what could be more exciting than a water trip through picturesque corners of nature? Active rest allows you to simultaneously relax your mind away from the bustle of the city and get a fresh charge of energy mixed with positive emotions. But whether the adventure is exciting and extreme or blissfully calm - it's up to you!

St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region

St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region

Tosno, Leningrad Region

Kronshtadt, Leningrad Region

Priozersk, Leningrad Region

Rafting in St. Petersburg - outdoor activities are back in fashion!

Leisure planning and the search for new tourist areas for an exciting pastime sometimes takes a lot of time, although these issues are very simple to solve. It is enough just to define the expected result! Rafting or any other type of river rafting will be a universal option for active recreation, if you want:

  • enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air;
  • feel close to the mighty water element and even try to fight it;
  • learn to work together and develop a team spirit;
  • acquire skills in boat management and handling tourist equipment;
  • get a charge of vivacity, adrenaline and inspiration.

The choice of water routes is usually determined by the beauty of the area and the presence of natural obstacles. The first criterion plays a major role if the purpose of a water trip is to obtain aesthetic pleasure and relaxation. The second is taken into account more for rafters, because beginners may not be able to cope with the trail with numerous rapids and waterfalls, and seasoned athletes are unlikely to be attracted by the river surface without a hint of extreme.

The international classification provides 6 levels of difficulty for rafting routes. If you are just trying your hand at such sports tourism, it is better to limit yourself to 1 - 3 steps. An experienced guide or instructor will help you choose the optimal route and teach you the basics of using the equipment and tricky boat handling techniques.

How to start selling excursions and tours online

The water element has always attracted a person. River cruises are a great alternative to a beach holiday. Why are they so popular? There are 3 criteria:

  • River cruise is one of the types of travel that does not require money for travel and you can see a fairly large number of places without spending days on the road.
  • There is no hotel change.
  • Modern motor ships have a well-developed infrastructure and are quite comfortable.

River cruises from St. Petersburg to Russia

In 2009, the construction of a new port was completed in St. Petersburg. Today the northern capital boasts the most modern cruise port, one of the largest in the Baltic region. The routes of world cruise companies pass through the city on the Neva.

River cruises from St. Petersburg are ideal for rest and travel in Russia. They combine the romance of water and coastal landscapes, excursion activities in cities and towns, places of historical glory, religious pilgrimages to ancient monasteries and churches that stretch along the banks of navigable rivers.

Boat excursions can be booked on cruises, which open up the visited cities from new perspectives.

The variety of river travel from St. Petersburg is huge, from short 3-day tours to long 15-20 day tours.

According to statistics from last year, the number of Russian travelers who chose river cruises increased by about 15%, and foreign tourists - by 20%. Tourists from Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia and even Australia come to look at the Russian expanses.

Popular tour operators and travel agencies in St. Petersburg:

  • Large Russian shipping company and tourist operator Vodokhod.
  • A large Russian tour operator is the Gama group of companies.
  • Cruise center "Infoflot".
  • "Cruise House MK" company.
  • Volgo-Baltic Travel Company.
  • Tour operator “Zaputevkoy. f ".

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