Reserved routes of Lake Onega (rest and excursions): description

Reserved routes of Lake Onega (rest and excursions): description

In 2020, we have hikes for 6 days and nights, so that you can meet a week's vacation with the road, and traditional rafting for 9 days, with a great dive.

► Program for 6 days or for a week with the trip:

A dynamic route at a good pace is a great opportunity to meet the required deadlines and have time to properly reboot in nature, away from civilization. We will go 60 km along the river and 50 km by motor to the most beautiful islands in the White Sea. Rafting on Kereti in this case will take 4 running days with one day on the river or at sea (at the request of the group). We will go on the sea under the motors for 2 days, and we will have time to see the most beautiful islands and make a bathhouse. In total, you will get a memorable and budget trip available to everyone.

The timing was chosen so that when leaving Moscow on the night from Friday to Saturday or from St. Petersburg on Saturday morning, you were already at Loukhi station in North Karelia at 3:30 on Sunday. You can arrive in advance and wait for the arrival of the 16th train at the station. The first day will be long and eventful, like all the others, and in the evening of the 6th day we will finish the route in the village. Lower Pulonga, and on the night of the 7th day, according to the dates of the end of the hike, which are indicated on the website, you will go home. It will be Friday to Saturday night. On Saturday evening you will arrive in St. Petersburg, and on Sunday morning in Moscow. There will be time to rest a little and get ready for the work week.

► Program for 9 days or for 10 days with the trip:

This program differs from the weekly version by a more relaxed rhythm of movement and an emphasis on immersion in the atmosphere of Karelia, and a longer duration of the sea part of the trip. On 9-day hikes, motorized sea travel takes up a significant part of the hike. The rafting section is the same dynamic, the speed of passing the river does not change, but one day on the lake is added, and the sea part of the hike increases, now this is a big trip to the White Sea islands for 4-5 days.

The 9-day program is designed for those who want to dive deeper into a hike in northern Karelia and the endless White Sea, diversify the trip with excursions and spend more time in nature. We meet at 3:30 at the station. Louhi, as in the case of the short program, but the start can be on Sunday or Thursday. We also finish the hike in Lower Pulong, leaving home from Chupa station on the night of the 10th day of the hike.

We are rafting down the Keret River on sports catamarans, on them we also go in a bundle along the White Sea under a motor. We are distributed among three K-6 crews, which are led by our instructors, and two K-4s are prepared for lovers of dynamics and test themselves in the rapids, these catamarans go without instructors.

Our stable catamarans are adapted for maneuvering in rapids and safe sailing at sea. Many years of experience in going out to sea and new modified catamarans will allow us to pass a large sea route - up to 70 km by sea! We will show you the vastness of the wayward northern sea, its distant islands on the horizon and in the distance of a selfie stick, beautiful sunsets and sunrises every day, and, of course, the spirit of Karelia!

Remember that for a comfortable sea trip under a motor, you need to have warm, windproof clothing.

Rafting on Kereti on catamarans is safe and available to everyone. We will go through all the rapids, go around all the outstanding stones in the rifts and collect all the best sites on the river! There are 25 water obstacles in this classic Karelian river, so our trip will be very dynamic. This is enough to not only get acquainted with alloys, but also to master the catamaran from scratch.

The power and complexity of the Kereti rapids strongly depends on the water level. The most interesting rafting in June, in July Keret becomes shallower, the rapids become weaker, the line of their passage is more branched due to the abundance of stones. The water level in August depends on whether the year is dry or rainy. If it rains, the water level becomes higher, but more often in August it is warm and dry, and the rapids become even weaker.

Our instructors will teach the basics and subtleties of water tourism techniques, support throughout the entire route. They will teach you how to operate a sports catamaran, set insurance and will explain in detail how to behave when passing specific rapids, suggesting the most exciting but safe trajectories for each crew.

Rafting on the Keret River and the White Sea: description

We invite you to visit a tourist camp and have an active rest in a cozy, picturesque and mysterious place in Karelia - in the Unitskaya Bay of Lake Onega. The length of the lip is 50 km, width is 2-4 km, and we will be able to feel these expanses while traveling on high-speed motor boats or on a pleasure boat, having examined dozens of various islands and disembarked on the most picturesque of them. We will walk on foot through protected forests and mysterious gorges teeming with berries and mosses, touch the logs of ancient chapels and abandoned villages, and also admire them from the water.

We will be surprised at how much sky above our heads and water around us, and magical sunsets and bright sunrises will give us the opportunity to take wonderful shots and color our impressions of this place!

The Unitskaya Bay of Lake Onega is characterized by the fact that it is sparsely populated and has few outlets to the water along its shores. The nature in the surrounding areas is well preserved, the water in the lake is drinking, around the protected mushroom forests, a wide variety of birds, impassable shores and berry swamps.

It is on such a special territory that our Base of ecological tourism and active recreation "Bardovo Urochishche" is located. Our guests are comfortably accommodated in reliable camping tents, ready to receive 20 and, if necessary, 40 tourists. The base is located on an island with an area of ​​several hectares, in a pine forest on a high sandy shore.

Professionals and fishing enthusiasts will be able to test their skills and luck by going fishing with a rod or spinning rod, from the shore or from a boat, at dawn or in the evening. The caught fish can be cooked on the spot: boil the fish soup, fry or smoke it.

Rarely does any of the guests refuse to swim in the life-giving water of Lake Onega; the water temperature in summer is quite acceptable here, especially in hot weather or after a bath! And our bath is the most unusual - an exclusive Russian bath in a dugout!

The most important thing: no one will be left without attention and individual approach throughout the entire period of rest, everyone will find something to do and a company to their liking.

Daily program

Day (Friday)

Arriving, accommodating in a tent camp, getting to know the surrounding area, having lunch, going through an introductory briefing.

Participants from St. Petersburg are already ready for action at 15:00, and participants from Moscow are ready for action at 19:00, i.e. the Moscow train arrives later.

We go on a sightseeing tour of the Unitskaya Bay in the direction of Bolshoi Onego on several motor boats and, after walking 30 km, we reach the famous Pegrema - a place of serious archaeological excavations. On the territory of Pegrema we will see the archeological monument - the Glade of Idols, which is a sanctuary of the ancient Sami who once lived in these places. Professor Zhuravlev lives here and conducts excursions, who spent many years studying this place and wrote several books. He is ready to share interesting information with us.

Karelia - would you like to go there? Rafting on the Keret River and the White Sea: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

The article tells about how to organize your independent travel in Karelia: when to go, what to see and how to get there.

The Republic of Karelia, rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, is located next to Finland in Russia. The region attracts travelers with its pristine purity. It is ideal for both a quiet, relaxing holiday and an active pastime with a continuous change of scenery. Hunting for birds and animals, rafting on rough rivers, skiing and dog sledding, fishing, excursions - all this awaits curious tourists in Karelia.

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  • Honest review of Karelia
  • A savage to Karelia: pros and cons
  • About the main attractions of Petrozavodsk, Sortavala and the republic itself

How to get to Karelia?

In the northwest There are 4 options for getting to the republic:

  • By train. direct routes are provided between Petrozavodsk and Moscow or St. Petersburg. If there are no direct flights from other cities of Russia, you can always take a ticket with transfers.
  • By bus. the variant most suitable for the residents of St. Petersburg. Flights to Petrozavodsk depart every day.
  • By plane. Outside the village of Besovets, 12 km from Petrozavodsk, the main airport of Karelia is located. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance.
  • By car. An excellent travel option in Karelia in terms of economy and freedom of movement. Suitable for large families and companies. It should be taken into account that many roads in the republic are unpaved.

When there is no time to plan a trip to Karelia on your own, you can contact the guys from Alem-Tur. This is a tour operator verified by us. They have been working since 2002 and know all the most beautiful places in the republic. All tours are turnkey: accommodation + transfer + excursions. In general, we recommend. See what tours to Karelia they offer now.

What to see in Karelia?

A huge number of cultural monuments are concentrated in the republic. The most interesting attractions for tourists:

Planning a trip? You are here!

We've got some useful gifts for you. They will help you save money during the travel preparation phase.

Continuation of the automobile guide to the Republic of Karelia with routes that will surely appeal to tourism lovers with the prefix "eco". In the first part, we paid attention to the organizational component of the trip, told what to see in Petrozavodsk and how to ride a speedboat on the largest lake in Europe. Ahead of us is a trip along the golden ring of Karelia, contemplation of the famous White Sea petroglyphs and, possibly, the solution to the secret of Mount Vottovaara.

day: the golden ring of Karelia

Kivach Waterfall - Girvas Volcano - Marcial Waters - Sampo Mountain

The length of the way from Petrozavodsk with the return back is 220 km. The total travel time is 3 hours 30 minutes.

Driving along the famous golden ring of Karelia is a must for those who want to see live unique natural monuments, which cannot be found anywhere else. On the route, you will meet a rapid waterfall, a volcano frozen one and a half billion years ago, the oldest sanatorium in Russia, and mountains with breathtaking views.

Plan your trip in advance

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When planning your trip in advance you will receive:

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