Reserved Ritsa - mountains and lakes (hiking light): description

Hiking multitour with access to the sea: description

8 days in the Ritsinsky reserve + rafting on the final day + sea.

Abkhazia is a very beautiful country! Mountain landscapes, the Black Sea, the richest vegetation, hospitality. Apsny, the land of the soul! The route is based on the principle of "lighter and more beautiful": all transitions without backpacks (auto-escort), light walks to mountain lakes, waterfalls, ridges and peaks!

On the first day we reach the alpine meadows and set up tents surrounded by mountains. From the camp we walk light for 2 days to the mountain lakes and waterfalls. Then we move to a new place (the backpacks are transported in an UAZ) - and again for 2 days we make radials along the mountain ranges and peaks. The places where we will camp are located on the border of the forest zone and alpine meadows. We cook breakfast and dinner on a fire, for lunch we have a snack (sandwiches, dried fruits, nuts). We walk along alpine meadows, admire the rocks, an abundance of flowering plants very close to the snowfields. Most likely, we will visit the Abkhaz shepherds and taste real wine, cheese, mamalyga. At the end of the route we go for rafting down a mountain river! Then we leave for the sea to New Athos.

Features of the route:

  • The program may change depending on the weather, group preparation or other rational factors.
  • At the crossings, we transport backpacks in a UAZ with an accompanying person. Perhaps 1-2 backpacks will not fit - in this case, the backpacks will be as lightweight as possible, we will carry the lightest (personal items, foam).
  • The company is always selected cheerful, active. The group usually has participants of all ages, but most of the participants are between the ages of 18 and 35. But this, of course, is not a limitation, and we are always glad to both younger and older tourists.
  • Russians do not need a foreign passport to travel to Abkhazia, a Russian passport is enough (make sure it is not expired).
  • For minors under 14, the trip is possible only if accompanied by at least one of the parents.
  • For participants from 14 to 17 years old, unaccompanied by parents (accompanied by more distant relatives), it is necessary to have a notarized consent from the parents for independent travel abroad.

Daily program


We arrive in Adler, the instructor meets at the railway station at 12 o'clock. By bus we reach the village of Psou. We leave Russia - we pass through the border point into the territory of Abkhazia (a Russian passport, not expired, is enough). Next, transfer by bus to the mountain lake Ritsa at an altitude of 900 m. On the way, we will have lunch at a cafe (lunch is not included in the price) and inspect the Blue Lake, the Yupsharsky canyon, the "Stone bag" gorge, admire the mountains from the observation platforms.

From Lake Ritsa we go even further up - to the border of the forest and alpine meadows. We cross the stream and set up our camp. We are resting, preparing dinner on the fire. Let's get acquainted.


We leave the camp under guard and walk lightly along the stream bed to the mountain lake Mzy. On the way we take pictures of goats, cows, horses. You can go over the lake - take a walk on the snowfield. Having admired enough and having rested, we climb further - to the ridge of Mount Atsytaku. Enjoy even more incredible views - there are 3 upper lakes and stunning mountain views!

In the evening we return to the camp. Dinner. An evening of pleasant communication.

A unique opportunity to try EVERYTHING in Georgia!

From the very heart of this infinitely hospitable country - from Tbilisi - our journey through enchanting Georgia begins. After the excursion part - visiting the medieval monastic complexes of Kakheti, we set off on an equestrian journey from Tusheti to Khevsureti. The route passes through UNESCO Heritage villages and it's hard to imagine how many ancient towers you will see!

Having been near the border with Chechnya and Dagestan, we are heading to the Black Sea coast. On this way, you can test yourself for endurance while conquering the 3500 m pass, discover the joys of meeting the mountains, rafting, sulfur baths in Tbilisi, night views of Batumi and, of course, the sea. The Black Sea coast in Georgia is perhaps the most affectionate ...

There are no backpacks on the route. All pedestrian crossings are light. Accommodation: in Tbilisi - in a hostel, on the route - in tents, at sea - in a guest house.

Please note that 2 program options are offered, differing in cost and duration (9 and 14 days).

Attention! To participate in the hike, you need to confidently hold on to the saddle, be able to trot, and not fall when changing to a gallop.

Documents: entry to Georgia is possible only with an international passport, no visa is required.

Local time: +1 hour Moscow time.

Weather on the route (in summer): Tbilisi - warm and sunny (during the day + 25 ... + 35 ° С, at night + 18 ... + 25), In the mountains - closer to 3000 m. The temperature in July can drop up to 0 ... + 10 ° С Batumi - humid climate, tropical showers are possible (+ 25 ... + 30 ° С)

Currency: GEL - Georgian lari. Course - 1 lari = about 32 rubles (2016 data). It is desirable to take dollars with you for exchange.

  • the mountainous part of the route is saturated with rivers, participants must have protection of their feet from water, changeable dry shoes and be mentally prepared for wet feet.
  • in Khevsureti, women are not allowed to visit Orthodox churches.
  • people who have watched the movie "Mimino" are allowed to hike :)

Daily program

Ladoga Skerries is a unique nature reserve located in Karelia, in the northern and northwestern parts of Lake Ladoga, and consists of 650 rocky islands of various sizes. The word "sker" (Swedish skär, Old Scandinavian sker) literally means "rock in the sea". Perhaps everyone has seen these rocks in photographs at least once, but now it's time to see them with your own eyes! ? In 4 days we will go kayaking past a huge number of picturesque islands, some of which we will disembark and walk. We will also spend the night on the islands, and blueberries should ripen in July. Rocks, pines, immense Ladoga and the cries of seagulls - don't miss it!

Type of route Duration Length (km) Difficulty of route Hiking schedule in 2021 Water 4 days 60 Easy. Minimum camping experience and physical fitness required Jul 18-21, 2021

Trekking plan:

The group meets on the 160B train, which departs from the Leningradsky railway station on July 17 at 16:00 (closer to the hike, we will coordinate all the participants to buy tickets to travel side by side). You need to buy a ticket to Yakkima station. Until the evening there will still be time to devote to acquaintance, tea drinking, board games and guitar songs, so the road will not seem long ?

Day (- km):

Early in the morning at 5.22 we arrive at Yakkima station. By the way, this train was launched quite recently in order to support tourism in Karelia. Just right for us.

Our bus is already waiting at the station, which will take everyone to the camp site on the bank of Ladoga, where kayaks will be waiting for us. Tourists nicknamed the Taimen kayak “barge” for its spaciousness and carrying capacity. This barge develops quite decent speed. Forget about lazy rafting on "Pike" in the Moscow region!

Having equipped the kayaks, we sail off and head for the Strait of Love - an inconspicuous small passage between the two islands, which will open to an unknowing person only from a distance of several meters. If we list all the bays and islands that we will pass, then we can write a whole story, so in this regard we will mark only the general direction and the most significant points. Today the general direction is the northern part of Timonsaari Island. There are not many parking places there, so if they are busy, you will have to walk a few more kilometers and get up in a secluded bay with access to the open Ladoga.

Day (km):

Yesterday we were supposed to master synchronous rowing and kayaking, so we will gradually increase the mileage. On the southern tip of Timonsaari Island, we will go to a group of stone islands, which, in our opinion, are one of the most beautiful along the entire route. From the southern tip of the Pellensari peninsula, we will go to the Käräitsaari island. Then we continue to the Sulasalmi Strait, where we will stop for the night.

Day (km):

Today our goal is the famous island of Vehkamo. It is famous for its sandy beach and views of the open Ladoga from a stone cliff. Thanks to his celebrity, he is often busy, so let's hope for luck. In any case, there are many more excellent islands in the vicinity to dock. On the way, we will go out to the big water and fight the waves to the cry of seagulls, like real sailors.

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