Report on the water trip of the t / c "Meschera" in Karelia along the rivers Kepa, Kem, Norva, Okhta

Report on the water trip of the t / c

Creation of a tourist and recreational cluster "South Karelia"

Responsible executors: Federal Agency for Tourism, Government of the Republic of Karelia.

Implementation period: 2015–2018.

Amount of funding: 1.6 billion rubles.

To provide the infrastructure of the tourist and recreational cluster "South Karelia" at the expense of budget funds, a motor road to the tourist facility "Mountain Park" Ruskeala "was put into operation, dredging works were carried out to organize the water approach of small vessels to the hotel complex "Ladoga Estate" in the Niemelyansalmi Bay of Ladoga Lake. The construction of infrastructure facilities will allow the development of new types of tourism that have not fully developed potential (water and yacht tourism), will lead to a decrease in prices and, at the same time, to an increase in the safety, reliability and quality of services provided to tourists.

Formation of tourist clusters within the framework of the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism (- years)"

Responsible executors: Government of the Republic of Karelia, Federal Agency for Tourism.

Amount of funding: tourist and recreational cluster "Legends of Karelia" (planned amount of funding - 4.27 billion rubles), tourist and recreational cluster "White Sea Petroglyphs" (planned amount of funding - 2.1 billion rubles. ).

As part of the clusters, it is planned to create 15 large tourist centers and 6 tourist routes located in the territories of 9 municipal districts. The specialization of future clusters is cultural and educational tourism with elements of ecological and religious, which fully corresponds to the accepted tourist direction of the Silver Necklace of Russia project, of which the Republic of Karelia is a participant. In 2019, an agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Karelia and the Federal Agency for Tourism for the allocation of a subsidy from the federal budget for the construction of a supporting infrastructure facility - an access road to the tourist complex in the village of Chalna of the Pryazhinsky National District. The Government of the Republic of Karelia is working on the preparation of design and estimate documentation for the construction of supporting infrastructure facilities, technologically connected with the tourist facilities under construction.

Development and adoption of a law on the regulation of tourism and tourist activities in the Republic of Karelia

Report on the water tourist sports trip III grade. t/c "Meschera" CDT "Yuzhny" in Karelia along the rivers Kepa, Kem, Norva, Okhta. committed from July 16 to August 04, 2012. Ryazan 2012

Route passport

Nothing brings you closer than doing idiocy together. People's

Type of route: water, Difficulty level III Rafting facilities two four-seater catamarans (

1600) Line of the route Ryazan - Kem - pos. Kepa - r. epa - p. Kem - lake. Roppomo - b. Norva - lake. Norvajärvi - Lake Shuljarvi - lake. Matkojärvi - Lake Syagozero - lake. Voingozero - r. oinga - p. Churozh - r. Okhta - r. Kem - pos. Poduzhimskaya HPP - Kem - Moscow - Ryazan. The length of the route is 315.7 km. Number of participants 8 people Dates of the route 16/07 - 04/08, walking days (rafting/dragging) - 14 days Water level Very high. At a different water level, this route is hardly passable on catamarans.

Participant details

Don't go children, go for walks in Africa! (C) Aibolit

F. ... Position Year of birth Experience Ilyin Evgeniy Mikhailovich Head 1977 rmenek V K. - Rr. Karnali VI K. - UDvoinin Alexander Leonidovich. head1975r. Snowy IV grade. - Rr. Kitoy V K. - UAushev Vladislav Alekseevich timekeeper Chirko-Kem II grade. - UKlimkin Artyom Alexandrovich, photo, 1999. Chirko-Kem II grade. - UKoverdyaev Pavel Igrevichzavkhoz 1995r. Chirko-Kem II grade. - Vadim Gennadievich Kislinsky repairman Chirko-Kem II grade. - UAtakishiev Nikita Arturovichpovar 1997 Chirko-Kem II grade. - UTrukhin Denis Igorevich in. 995 RUR Chirko-Kem II grade. - Y

Route selection

-Tema, are you going to write in September, at school, an essay on the topic: “How I spent my summer”? -Yes! -And what will you write in it? -I will start it with the words: "I spent three weeks of summer in f @ ne!"

To make everything work out, and everyone was whole and happy, well, as far as possible, the category of the campaign was determined and declared based on the experience of the group. That is III-IV. This is the maximum speed for that region. The schoolchildren of the renewed Russia, after Fursenka, Anischenko and juvenile justice, in theory, will normally endure these loads, and there will be fewer questions for me. ? There are no problems with rivers of this category in Karelia, on the Kola and in the Arkhangelsk region, so everything is in order here. The choice is huge.

The route should pass outside the border zones in order to avoid unnecessary approvals, sending inquiries, communicating with “our smaller brothers in uniform in uniform”. Thus, the entire borderland and the notorious Tumcha from Kutsanjoki disappeared. Yes, I haven’t been there yet.

The route should be long, so that the kids can feel all the delights of tourism, as such, and water tourism in particular. Short rivers have disappeared, and besides, in August there is usually "tension" on them with water. It seems that they forget to add water there in the summer.

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