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A weekend in the Pskov region: what to do from July to July


July 27/from 11.0/Pskov (Children's Park)

On July 27 at 11. 0 in the Children's Park of Pskov, a big festival of wildlife "RosyankaFest" will take place, organized by the Polistovsky Reserve.

The program includes all the most interesting: the site of the reserve, guests from the protected areas of the Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod regions, many games, master classes, a photo exhibition, a concert, a drawing of reserved gifts and much more.

75th anniversary of the liberation of Izborsk from the Nazi invaders

July 27/from 11.0/Izborsk


11. 0 Solemn meeting at the brotherly burial (Pskovskaya St.)

13. 0 Grand opening of the holiday (under the northern wall of the fortress)

13. 0 - 16. 0 A festive concert with the participation of the creative teams of the Izborsk and Novoizborsk Houses of Culture, guests from Porkhov and the Republic of Latvia.

23. 0 Evening disco (Izborskiy Palace of Culture)

Also, guests of the holiday will be able to visit museum expositions, walk through the ancient Izborsk fortress, go down to the Slovenian springs, feed the swans, and take beautiful photographs as a keepsake.

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Weekends in the Pskov region: things to do from September to September


Organ Music Concert

September 14/17:00/Pechory

Performed by laureates of international competitions DENIS MAKHANKOV and DINA IKHINA (organ, Pechora - St. Petersburg)

The Music of the Cathedrals of France program will feature works by composers of the French organ school. music of the 17th century, various works of the extremely rich era of romanticism in France, music of the 20th century will be played. and completely modern music written by the composer Denis Bedard.

Dina Ikhina and Denis Makhankov graduates of the St. N. Rimsky-Korsakov organ class Hon. Artist of Russia Daniel Zaretsky, laureates of international competitions. The organ duo's repertoire includes both original compositions written for an ensemble of organists and transcriptions of orchestral works, as well as premiere compositions by contemporary composers.


September 15/17. 0/Dedovichi District Leisure Center

A bright holiday will be held in Dedovichi, organized by the Dedovichi Forestry Company and the Sudoma timber mill with the support of the district administration.

The opening of the holiday will take place at 17.0, and then the best workers of the forest industry of the region will be awarded. They will be awarded certificates of honor, congratulated on their professional holiday and thanked for their hard work. After that, the audience will be able to take part in an interactive quiz. The winners will receive a valuable prize. An entertainment area with attractions and sweet treats will be organized for children.

The concert of the "Propaganda" group will start at 18:00. Everyone knows their hits. Not a single disco in the country could do without such popular compositions as "Chalk" and "Rain on the Roofs". These songs topped the charts for weeks.

Tourist site of the Pskov region

Weekends in the Pskov region: where to go from to May


V International Folklore Festival "Nightingale Night"

May 27/from 21.0/Lenin Square, Golden Embankment

The 5th International Folklore Festival "Nightingale Night" will be held on the night of May 27-28 in the historical center of Pskov with the support of the Culture Department of the city administration. 14 groups will take part in it, including guests from St. Petersburg, Udmurtia, Estonia and other cities of the North-West of Russia. The current festival is marked by the theme "Mother-in-law and son-in-law cannot be separated!".

Festival program:

21. 0 - "Pskov walk around" - greeting and introduction of all participants of the festival (Lenin Square) 22. 0 - Torchlight procession of the festival participants along the city streets (Lenin Square - Troitsky Bridge - Golden Embankment) 22. 0 - "Singing River" - a boat trip of the participants of the festival "to songs" along the delta of the Pskova River (the Pskov River from Troitsky Bridge to the Resurrection Tower) 23. 0 - "Nightingale Night" - the opening ceremony of the Festival and themed concert at the Resurrection Tower (Golden Embankment) 01. 0 - "Vechorka" - festivities at the Resurrection Tower (Golden Embankment)

Participants and spectators are attracted by the unique atmosphere of the evening spring Pskov: “The holiday will begin on the banks of the Pskova River, where the participants of the festival arrive by boat. Folk games, songs and dances by the light of torches, a good meal await guests and participants of the festival. "

Note that the goals of the festival are to create conditions for the preservation, development and popularization of traditional culture; creating conditions for the development of the creative potential of collectives and individual performers working in the genres of traditional culture; strengthening the connection between creative teams.

Holiday "Dovmont Pskov"

May 28/12.0 - 16.0/Pskov Embankment (Militseyskaya St.)

On the embankment of the Pskova River from the Pskov Kremlin in the direction of the Finnish Park, the IV historical holiday "Dovmont Pskov" will unfold, dedicated to the holy noble prince Dovmont-Timothy.

During the holiday from 13:00 to 16:00, 4 sites will work: a musical courtyard with a festive concert, a craft courtyard with product sales and master classes, a hearty courtyard with a tavern, a historical courtyard with camps for Pskov reenactors (shooting galleries, historical interactives).

Weekends in the Pskov region: things to do from September to September


4th historical holiday "Voevoda Shuisky"

September 28/12:00/Pokrovskaya Tower

The organizer of this event is the Pskov City Youth Center. The Pskovo-Izborsky United Museum-Reserve, as a co-organizer of the event, will present the Streletskaya Zastava interactive platform at the event.

The festival will begin at noon with a funeral litiya in the Church of the Nativity and the Intercession of the Virgin from Prolom, at 1. Sverdlova Street. Further, the holiday will continue on the embankment of the Velikaya River, near the walls of the Pokrovskaya Tower.

Pskovites and guests of the city will be able to look at the reconstruction of the battle, visit the craft yard, where they will teach the minting of coins, wood carving, spinning of thread, archery; concerts of folk performers, demonstration performances of clubs of historical reconstruction, defile of historical costumes, excursions to the Pokrovskaya Tower and underground passages. At the Pokrovsky complex, 5 courtyards are deployed: historical, craft, entertainment, musical and Sytny.

Let us remind you that the troops of Stephen Batory besieged Pskov from August 18, 1581 to February 4, 1582. The date that led to the peace treaty between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and ended the 25-year Livonian War became one of the most important pages in the heroic chronicle of Pskov.


September 27/10:00/Rybnitsa Tower of the Pskov Kremlin

On Tourism Day, Rybnitsa invites residents of Pskov and city guests to an interactive program near the Kremlin

Everyday life in the Pskov region: what to do from July to August


XV International Theater Festival

August 1-7/Pushkinskie Gory

On August 1, the 15th International Theater Festival of the Creative Non-Commercial Union “Art Laboratory Cordon-2” will take place.

Over the past years, actors, directors and theater teachers from different countries - Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania - have visited the forest theater stage with performances here. The cities and towns of our Fatherland are widely represented - Moscow, Moscow region, Surgut, Krasnoznamensk, St. Petersburg, Gatchina, Agalatovo. Annual participants are directors and actors from Pskov. Russian and world classics are on stage - Shakespeare, Rimbaud, Pushkin, Gogol, Goncharov, A. Ostrovsky. Interpretations by Daniil Andreev, Joseph Brodsky.

Some theaters have become regular contributors. The festival of the theater attracts guests not only with original interpretations, but also with the possibility of free communication between spectators and participants in the performing arts between performances. during the daytime there are lessons in stage skills, rehearsals, sometimes improvisations are born. The evening after the performances is devoted to performances and discussions.

On the website of the Art Laboratory . u/not only the program of the 2019 festival has been published, but everything that the Laboratory and its Public Council live on on ordinary days: photographs of the Public Festival of Poetry, exhibitions of sculpture and paintings, excursions to the exhibitions and the Pushkin Reserve in Literature Museum, novelties of art life of an original social undertaking. It is no coincidence that already ten years ago it was supported by the Public Chamber. Admission to the performances is free. The activity of the Creative Union is based only on the charitable support of the audience.

August 1, 3/Pskov

In early August, the Pskov region will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi invaders and the Day of the region.

The program of festive events dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of the Pskov region from the Nazi invaders and the Day of the Pskov region

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