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3 days/2 nights MORE TOUR DATES - IN PROGRAMS, the rafting is suitable for fun companies who want to get communication,.

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2 days/1 night The alloy is suitable for fun companies who want to get communication, fun, animation, new ones.

7 days/6 nights

5 days/6 nights A very dynamic, fast route for those with fewer numbers.

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Traveling along the Ural river Sakmara is a sea of ​​aesthetic pleasure from natural beauty and physical pleasure from overcoming simple water obstacles. This route cannot be called slalom, but in some sections it reaches 4 levels. It was completed in May 2018 on the Sterkh-4 catamaran produced by CAT-LTD by a crew of 4 people. The starting place is the village of Yuldybaevo (Bashkiria), the finishing point is the city of Kuvandyk (Orenburg region). The transfer from Moscow was carried out by train to Magnitogorsk, then by bus to Sibay, from which by car to Yuldybaevo.

First part: Yuldybaevo - Fortress Zalair

Launching - below the bridge in Yuldybaevo. Immediately after the village of Sakmara, it enters a beautiful gorge lined with rocks, and its channel narrows, there are many rapids and small rifts in it.

After 5 kilometers, rapids begin, which are stone ridges blocking the river, past which, nevertheless, you can always safely pass. Downstream - the Yamantash Rapid, 1.5 km long, is the most difficult on Sakmara. It has four stages. Meter differences on the first and third steps make you worry. Lots of sinks, cauldrons and barrels.

After Yamantash, you can rest in a good parking lot on the left bank - before passing a long four-hundred-meter rift and the next rocky rift. Further - a straight section of the river with a calm current and thickets of wild cherry trees on the left rocky bank. Behind it, the river flows mainly along rocky rifts with small rapids. The rifts alternate with long stretches. This character of the river (this is the smallest part of it along the entire route) is preserved until the confluence of the Krepost Zalair tributary behind the village of Starokuyapovo.

Second part: Fortress Zalair - Yantyshevo

After the confluence of the Fortress Zalair, Sakmara continues to retain the character of a mountain river. There are many small rapids and rapids in the channel, and the banks are decorated with picturesque rocks. For 50 kilometers, before the confluence of the Barakala, the river flows among the spurs of the Zalair plateau, where it is covered with forest, and where it is covered with steppe forbs. On this site there are many convenient places for parking, and excellent fishing - with pike, chub, ide, roach, burbot. Before the confluence of the Barakala, about a kilometer away, the river is pressed against the rocks, followed by the shivera. Further - the Barakal rapids, the main discharge of which is of a waterfall type.

The difference is more than 1 meter. The spillway is formed by a sloping bank protruding to the right. You need to manage to fit into the drain, the width of which is no more than 2 meters, and not hit the stone slab under it. You can enclose this place. Downstream in the village of Yantyshevo there are shops where you can buy groceries if you're lucky to be open.

Third part: Yantyshevo - Kuvandyk

Beyond Yantyshevo, the river flows in a deep rocky gorge, giving the impression that you are in a mountainous country. But, if you climb these rocks, you find a slightly hilly plateau with agricultural lands, in which Sakmara cut her way. Further, the river valley gradually widens, the current slows down in numerous reaches. Downstream, the Urman-Zalair tributary flows into the Sakmara, and it becomes wider and fuller, although rifts continue to occur. Further afield, the river splits into channels with a fairly fast current, washed-out banks with blockages and clamps. It enters the plain, leaving the Zalair plateau on the horizon. From the confluence of the Urman-Zalair to Kuvandyk, it is about 3 days to go. Kuvandyk is connected by transport links with Orenburg. There are enough settlements along the entire route, but not everywhere there are shops, and where they are, they may be closed. Therefore, everything you need, including a stock of bread, is better to stock up before the start - in Yuldybaevo.

Zilim is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bashkiria, its sources are in the mountains of the Southern Urals, and it flows into the Belaya River. It flows among the harsh rocks, green hills, beautiful and very mysterious places. Rafting on the Zilim River, one of the most popular water routes, is an excellent option for active recreation for physically well-prepared tourists, preferably with experience in kayaking.

This route is carried out in accordance with the Rules for conducting sports tourism routes of the Federation of Sports Tourism of Russia, with the design of the route through the Route Qualification Commission. At the end of the hike, the participants will be sent certificates about the offset of the passage of the tourist sports route of the first category of complexity and the Badge "TOURIST OF RUSSIA" and the Certificate to it will be issued.

The route we go to Packraft-295, most of all it looks like a super-light inflatable one-seater kayak.

The rafting begins in the Karagaevo tract and passes through the Kysyk rapids, about 7 km long. The channel here is cluttered with boulders, its width is 15-20 m. After accepting two tributaries, the river turns north and flows between canyon-like high and very picturesque banks.

Travelers are greatly impressed by the Kuzgenak rock - high, majestic, with a steep ridge adjoining the Tikat ridge. During a halt on a rocky shore, you can take unique photos of untouched nature. After a long descent, the highest rock in the South Urals, Mambet, appears before the eyes of tourists.

Pobeda Karst Cave is a multi-storey system with many lakes, wells, grottoes, popular among speleotourists. Several tiers are hidden under water. The road to the cave runs past a weeping rock - a wall over which water seeps.

Rafting down Zilim, in the clear waters of which there are a lot of fish, will leave a lot of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions, unique beauty photos.

The climate of the South Urals, in contrast to Karelia, is sharply continental. And the average summer temperatures are 5 degrees higher than in North Karelia and 2-3 degrees higher than in South Karelia. There is a third less precipitation, and the number of sunny days is 2-3 more than in the North-West of our country.


The region of the Southern Urals is epidemiologically dangerous for tick-borne encephalitis - we recommend getting vaccinated!

Recommendations and/or requirements of the instructor-guide are obligatory for all group members. The instructor has the right to make a decision to change the route depending on weather conditions and the level of training of the participants.

Drunk participants are not allowed on the water.

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