Rafting on the Roshinka River on kayaks Leningrad region: description

Rafting on the Roshinka River on kayaks Leningrad region: description

Group “Privalov. em - tourism and hikes in the Leningrad region ”is incredible travel in the Leningrad region, exciting trips and exciting excursions to historical places, as well as new acquaintances, and of course, the opportunity to see unique objects with your own eyes. render completely.

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Friends! ? We are very, very, very looking for assistants (administrators) in our wonderful excursion - tourist - hiking group! If you are passionate about St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and all its diversity - leave your requests in this thread Requires a guide organizer administrator You need to lead a group, write posts - in return you can visit our excursions for FREE))

? We are also looking for a photographer: you visit with us with a 50% discount excursions \ trips \ hikes and take pictures of event participants, as well as the place itself, and then upload photos to our group. It's simple)

? We are also looking for beginners and not only guides in various directions. (Beaten and banal excursions do not suit us, we are for unique routes) We will be especially glad to those who already have some ready-made new unusual and interesting routes in the Leningrad region.

All conditions are discussed individually. Leave a request in this thread. A guide is required, an administrator, and we will contact you! ?

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Only you will be the first to receive notifications about updates, about the resumption of registration for the most anticipated excursions, such as the Brusnitsyn mansion, as well as priority registration for free excursions for you!

Privalov Net - excursions and tourism in the Leningrad region

Summer vacation for many townspeople is associated with pleasant water and fresh splashes, gentle sun and picturesque coastline, swimming and diving, often fishing and other excellent natural conditions and emotions.

Outdoor recreation recharges good health and mood, gives strength and impressions, relieves city stress and problems, relaxes the body and soul. Yes, unless you list all the positives that bring us rest by the reservoir.

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region were lucky to have a huge number of lakes, over 1800, among which there are some of the largest and most picturesque in Russia and the world, for example, Lake Ladoga. And literally on each of them you can relax. But the reality is that you can't swim in everyone.

For those who dream of a clean, cozy and atmospheric river-lake vacation with swimming, we have made a selection of the best reservoirs of the Leningrad Region. In addition, these places are very popular among beach lovers, connoisseurs of water procedures in nature, and fishermen and rock climbers.

If you are looking forward to such a holiday in the near future, we will show you where you can go for it in the vicinity of the Northern capital. You just have to choose the location that your heart asks for.

Lake Korkinskoye

Vsevolzhsky District in the Leningrad Region has long become a favorite vacation spot for Petersburgers. In these parts, the pine forest is adjacent to birch and oak groves. In the forest itself, there is Lake Korkinskoe, in which, moreover, various fish are found.

All conditions for a comfortable rest have been created on the shore of the lake - gazebos have been installed where you can sit and have a delicious lunch. For lovers of their own juicy shish kebab or appetizingly baked trout, there are special places equipped in a more secluded setting where you can rent a barbecue and everything for making a shish kebab, and for fishing - all the necessary equipment, including boats.

Any of several gazebos are located just 20 meters from the water. The gazebos are of a closed type, in front of each there is a barbecue on a wooden deck. There are also cheaper tents with barbecue facilities on the lake. You can also book a beach site.

Also on Lake Korkinskoye there are playgrounds for playing small towns, volleyball, paintball, tennis, there is a water town, a wakeboard and a water slide, a real Russian bathhouse works. In general, you will find a forest, picturesque nature, a nice beach, gazebos, barbecues and boats. You can go fishing for a fee. We draw your attention to the fact that there is a paid entry to the territory.

How to get to Lake Korkinskoye from St. Petersburg

Privalov. em - tourism and hikes in the Leningrad region ”is incredible travel in the Leningrad region, exciting trips and exciting excursions to historical places, as well as new acquaintances, and of course, the opportunity to see unique objects with your own eyes.

Fishing is popular in the Leningrad Region. Where to go to return home not empty-handed? What if you really want to go fishing, but there is no boat or fishing rod? What if you are a beginner and do not know all the intricacies of the art of fishing? All about fishing in the Leningrad Region can be found in the article. Where to fish in the Leningrad Region, which reservoirs for free and paid fishing in the Leningrad Region are worth visiting, what kind of fish to fish in the Leningrad Region, read below.

Leningrad Region

With the onset of summer, I want to leave the dusty city, stuffy offices, hide from the hot city air in the cool of suburban water bodies, throw a fishing rod and indulge in the excitement of fishing.

Professional fishermen, of course, do not share their secrets with everyone and are extremely careful: they are especially reluctant to tell journalists about fishing spots. We bring to your attention the top reservoirs in which you can fish in different districts of the Leningrad region.

But before you set off on any of the routes, we remind you that in the territory of the Leningrad region in some areas there are bans imposed on sports and amateur fishing. A complete list of prohibitions limiting fishing places, the use of certain floating equipment, as well as the timing of catching a particular fish, can be found at the end of this article.

Fishing in the Leningrad region for free

So ... Places where in the Leningrad region you can go fishing for free with your tackle.

Fishing - Izhora River

This river originates on the Izhora Upland from a spring near the village of Skvoritsy, Gatchina region. Most of the banks of the river basin are occupied by meadows, arable land, shrubs; there is no forest here. In the upper reaches, the channel is heavily overgrown. The bottom is rocky, in places sandy, in some places in the coastal cliffs outcrops of blue Cambrian clay, sandstone, limestone are visible.

Lived: roach, perch, small pike. Local fishermen say that when the river was not yet so heavily polluted, even trout and grayling could be caught in it.

How to get there: If you decide to try fishing luck in this reservoir, you need to get to the railway station Mozino. Here you can fish both down and up the river. From the Mozino platform, you can also go to the highway bridge on the river. Ligovka and fish upstream. And if you go from the platform to the left through the village of Romanovka or drive by car, turning off the Gatchinsky highway, 6 km to Lukash, then deep pools and rocky rifts will begin down from Romanovka.

Roshinka is a small but very picturesque river in the west of the Karelian Isthmus. It originates from the lakes located on the Lembolovskaya Upland, flows into the Gulf of Finland near the village of Serovo.

In its middle course, the Roshinka flows through the oldest larch grove in Europe (Lindulovskaya grove).

Rafting takes place on 2-seater inflatable kayaks (Waterfly), which allows even beginners to participate. Our instructors will teach you everything you need during the rafting.

This route is a complete semblance of a full-fledged Karelian rafting. We live in tents, cook food on a fire, look through and overcome obstacles, raft along with all the equipment (without an escort car).

Arrival - by train from Finland Station to platform 63 km of Vyborg direction, our instructors will be waiting for you there. The starting point of the rafting is about 2 km.

Rafting on Roshinka in May and October is simpler and more comfortable, does not require special equipment and is suitable for families.

In April, the difficulty increases (due to the flood), the water is cold and the banks are often still in ice and snow. This is an option for experienced hikers looking to open up the season and warm up before their May hikes.

Daily program


We meet at the platform of the 63 km station of the Vyborg direction. A short hike (2.5 km) and we are in the camp. The road mostly goes through the forest and the path can be puddled - choose your shoes according to the weather!

We meet, have breakfast, undergo instructions and prepare for the rafting. The instructors will teach all the necessary skills along the way.

Our community will tell you about the immense beauty of the Leningrad Region, tell you where to look at ancient architectural monuments and how to enjoy your vacation close to nature. render completely. The upcoming 2019 year was declared by the Governor of the Leningrad Region - Drozdenko Alexander Yuryevich - the Year of a Healthy Lifestyle, and it is in the vastness of our region that you can temper not only the body, but also the spirit, because for travelers there are many types of tourism offered: from active to spiritual.

All information is published with the support of the Committee of the Leningrad Region on Tourism and the Information and Tourist Center of the Leningrad Region. . entravel. u

PETERSBURG, VYBORG. You can “fly”, get to Vyborg, a Russian border outpost, in different ways. You can be fast with the Swallow, you can at the Allegro cross-border. Which from the northern capital of Russia and straight to Helsinki "shoots". And you can go to ... a steam locomotive! The very real, revolutionary hard worker, who - thanks to the Leningrad Region Committee on Tourism, gave him a tourist steam locomotive along the “Red Route” ...

Let's repaint Vyborg red ...


TV channel "Spas" aired the project "Shrines of Russia". One of the series of the project is dedicated to the Leningrad Region. The project was filmed from 18 to 22 August with the support of the Committee of the Leningrad Region for Tourism and the Federal Agency for Tourism and the Patriarchal Council for Culture.

The Red Route project is now in Vyborg!

How the final city of the "Red Route" hosted the conference-seminar read here: . u/news/kultura/14678/

Seminar-conference "Presentation of the projects" Red Route "and" Life of Remarkable People "

You can read about the trip from the official portal of the Leningrad Region Committee on Tourism here: . enobl. u/news/14324/

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