Rafting on the Nerskaya River May 15, July 10, 2021

Rafting on the Nerskaya River May 15, July 10, 2021

In search of the best river for rafting

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Looking for the best river for rafting

timabeda »01 Jul 2014, 19:13

For a long time I gathered my courage and finally matured to share my modest experience gained in kayaking on the rivers of central Russia. This is my first experience of writing an independent report. I decided because I wanted to share useful information that I have accumulated over several years. there are four in the family. Dad, mom and two children. While the kids were growing up, the topic of rafting was closed for us, during this time we managed to travel around Europe, thanks to Vinsky's forum for help in organizing routes, but for the third year now every summer on weekends or holidays we manage to get out somewhere within a radius of 200 km from Moscow ... We do not dare to organize independent rafting and there are many reasons for that. Most importantly, there is no company among the acquaintances with which this can be done. There is not all the necessary equipment, which still needs to be thought of, where to store, and the thought that all this still needs to be delivered to the place where the rafting starts, and then back, to organize the transfer and solve a lot of other organizational issues kills the remaining germs of enthusiasm. Fortunately for us, more and more companies are appearing that are ready to take on the solution of all these problems and satisfy the growing demand for outdoor activities, which in recent years has grown significantly due to the people oversaturated with well-groomed Europe and looking at the endless expanses of our great Motherland in search of new impressions. The organizers, as a rule, are tourist clubs or companies organized on their basis. By and large, the participant of the rafting is only required to row, everything else will be taken over by the organizing company, but for people spoiled by all inclusive and this is a test. In general, over the past three years, we have become participants in four organized rafts, brief impressions of which are presented below in chronological order. Taking into account the rules of the forum, the names of all companies organizing the trip are deliberately not mentioned.

Ugra. This is our first family trip. We went to the 2012 Independence Day. The children were then six and a half and four and a half years old. The meeting point is the railway station in Kaluga, then there was a transfer by minibus to the beginning of the Yukhnov - Nikolo-Lenivets route. The rafting was organized by a Kaluga company. The guys were just starting their activity that year and all the equipment was new: tents, kayaks, sleeping bags, etc. Payment was made on the spot, and, in principle, it was possible to refuse at any time, but we nevertheless decided and did not regret it. Also noteworthy is the flexible pricing policy for children. I don’t remember exactly, but our children went on this rafting almost free of charge, in no other trip we were not offered such discounts for children. In general, there were no complaints about the organization. As a bonus, at the first parking lot, the guys organized a wonderful barbecue. As in other trips, the help of the participants is welcome, but not required.

Now about the river. On the rafting site, the Ugra is wide enough, there are no debris, the current is moderately strong. All this provides a comfortable and fast movement along the route. The banks of the river are silty and high, there are few beaches. It was difficult to find places to dock. Everything decent was usually busy.

The route passes through the territory of the reserve, but to be honest, the surrounding landscapes were not impressive. There were areas of pine forests, but they were few. Mainly along the coast stretches an impassable deciduous forest, overgrown with tall grass. The route ended in Nikolo-Lenivets. A wonderful place that I recommend to visit.

So, the output is as follows. Ugra is a comfortable river for beginners. But in terms of picturesqueness, it is much inferior to many rivers of the middle lane and those who are rafting not for the first time vryatli will surprise with something. The exception is Nikolo-Sloth. Without exaggeration, a unique place in the Kaluga region.

Lukh is a charming river winding through pine forests on the border of Vladimir and Ivanovo regions. High sandy shores, the purest water, the air filled with the aroma of pine needles will not leave you indifferent. Even when I searched the Internet for information about this river, it was clear that Luh is very picturesque, but in reality the river turned out to be even more interesting.

But first things first. Rafting on the Luh is offered by many. Most of the tours take place on weekends (3 days/2 nights). We chose the tour on weekdays (5 days/4 nights). On the one hand, many people feel sorry for spending precious vacation days on rafting, which can be done on weekends, but rafting in the middle of the week has its big advantages. The whole river is at your disposal. There is no one on the river, except for rare fishermen, a large selection of free parking areas, plus a day trip with a hiking bath as a bonus. In short, everyone makes their own choice. Someone does not have extra time and it is more important to have a rich weekend, others prefer unity with nature, which does not need to be shared with anyone. We were among the second. the float took place at the end of June 2013. The organizer was a travel agency from Vladimir, which has extensive experience in organizing outdoor activities (not only rafting). I would like to note one point. The tour was planned in advance, and the group seemed to be recruited, but at the last moment the people broke away. There are only 5 people left, including our family. The guys didn't cancel the tour. They found us an escort. As a result, everything worked out. I'm not sure that this alloy was commercially attractive for the company, but preserving the reputation for the guys turned out to be more important. Everything else was also up to par. The equipment is not new, but everything is solid. There was so much food that they did not eat everything.



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The upcoming May holidays have given us three days off. The plans were to conduct them fun and interesting - on two kayaks in the amount of 6 people, we decided to go downstream along the Pre River (the right tributary of the Oka, 192 km long, flowing through the Ryazan Meshchera) from Zavodskaya Sloboda (a village 22 km from the town of Spas-Klepiki) to the village of Deulino (58 km. from Ryazan). Three days with two nights were waiting for us ahead. In one kayak (three-seater Taimen), four were seated: Lyosha and Dima on the oars, and Yulka and I were like ballast. And in the second similar kayak, our friends Aleksey and his son Yarik were walking, plus all the provisions and all the things.

But our adventure began the night before. On the way to the village of Gorki, where we were supposed to spend the night, we decided to find a cache, which we had read about the day before on the website . eocaching. u/Name of Meschera Paustovsky's cache. His description: "Not far from the road, a juniper bush grows. In the ground at the roots of the bush on the northeast side, a depression is made to the size of a container, in which, in fact, the container lies." The top of the container is masked with turf. As a guide, you can use a dry tree with an anthill at the base, standing nearby. If you stand near a tree with your back to the anthill, then the juniper bush will be in azimuth of 150 degrees. If you walk in a straight line from tree to bush and bend over to the roots, the container will be under your left hand. "We found the cache, noted it in a notebook, and left our review.

In the morning we arrived at the launch site. We began to collect the kayaks.

Final preparations, things are packed. Let's hit the road. It is interesting that when the water subsides, this place will be just a flood meadow. Far from the river. But the spring flood allows us to start from here and successfully move right through the meadow to the river.

While putting things together, Julia found a beautiful emerald lizard. These lizards are said to be the ancestors of dinosaurs.

The river flows along the edge of the forest, and the rest is the spring flood. Pra spilled, which means the trip promises to be beautiful and interesting.

Along the banks, the trees are just covered with green grass.

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A small winding river Nerskaya flows among a pine forest with beautiful banks, in places overflowing and forming swamps with high reeds. It attracts not only water workers, but also hikers, bike travelers, and auto-moto-quad guides. And believe me, it's not in vain that all these people rush to this wonderful place. Since Soviet times, tourists have chosen the banks of this river; many places have unusual names, the most popular of which, perhaps, has always been the Wonderland. Not a single tourist has passed this place while traveling along the Nerskaya River, and many come here to hold massive tourist gatherings. So we have to admire these beauties: swim in the lake, look at the famous house with a rainbow and, of course, admire nature! On weekdays, there are not so many people here and therefore we will enjoy the peaceful flow of the river and the sounds of the forest. In one day we will get a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

Hike Report September 5, 2020 Hike Report July 1, 2020 Hike Report June 24, 2020

Type of routeDurationDistance (km) Thread of the routeDifficulty of the routeRafting1 day4 km on foot 19 km on waterPodosinki-Khoteichi-KurovskoeEasy. Available for beginners

Hike Dates: May 15, July 10, 2021

Trekking plan:

Participants of the hike get on the train on their own, departing at 7:44 am from the Kazan railway station. Buy a ticket to the station "Podosinki" in one direction. If possible, get into the third carriage from the head of the train. We will go back from the Kurovskaya station.

9:32 The group meets at the Podosinki station (the train from Kazansky railway station in the direction to Kurovskoye leaves at 7:00).

We get acquainted, go through a short briefing and set out on the road. The first 4 kilometers we have to overcome on foot to the lake, near which our fleet will come to life. We will have a bite to eat, take a swim, sit down in kayaks and set off on our journey.

11: 00-16: 00 At first the river will be very narrow and it will be possible to walk along it only one kayak, but with each kilometer the Nerskaya will become more spacious and deeper. Places with walking paths will be replaced by a dense forest. After passing nine kilometers along the river, we will notice how a fairy-tale house peeps out among the pines - this is the Miraclearium! A favorite with tourists, thanks to the colorful tree house and convenient parking in the pine forest. We will stop nearby, make a fire and prepare a delicious camping lunch. Here you can walk and see what attracts tourists here ?

16:00 It's time to sail further: there are fewer parking lots and fewer tourists, and the places are more and more beautiful. Pines and spruces lean over the water, washed away by the current. Observing the course of the river, you see how the fish gurgle, leaving behind diverging circles, fat frogs jump into the water, and even a serious mother duck swims with her funny babies. So we will overcome the second part of the waterway and finish in the village of Khoteichi, where the white-stone temple of the Life-Giving Trinity solemnly rises on the shore.

19:30 From here the cars will pick us up and take us back to the train to the Kurovskaya station. This is how our day will be rich and profitable. Don't miss the opportunity to present yourself with this exciting journey!

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