Promoting Arctic Tourism: How They Do It in Canada

Promoting Arctic Tourism: How They Do It in Canada

How a remote province attracts tourists by hunting icebergs

You can make money on tourism not only where there is a hot sun and sandy beaches. Arctic tourism, the development of which the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Tourism Agency decided to develop, already generates large tourist flows in countries bordering the Arctic Circle. Moreover, in most cases it is one that brings good income to local budgets and literally transforms the regions.

A notable marketing campaign can attract a large number of tourists even to a rather distant destination. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is a good example of this.

A sparsely populated region in Canada has launched a marketing campaign that has won nearly 300 awards in 12 years at various competitions and festivals around the world. But more importantly, she was able to bring many tourists to an area that initially did not show much tourism potential.

The concept of "Find Yourself" was introduced back in 2006, and its goal was to create an emotional connection between the target audience and the tourism opportunities in the region. In the same year, the province received six prestigious Adrian Awards from the International Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. First of all, the IcebergFinder website received awards. om and TV ads.

“Tourism is a very competitive industry globally. And the advertising campaign, in case of receiving awards, attracts more attention, and this increases its recognition, "- told the Skift portal. om Target Marketing and Communications Katherine Kelly.

Privacy is the new luxury

Despite the fact that the main product of Newfoundland and Labrador is isolation and unity with nature, it was not easy to promote the direction due to its strong remoteness. As Christopher Mitchellmore, the Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation of Newfoundland and Labrador, jokes, supporters of the "flat earth" theory could well call the province one of the "corners" of the universe.

“Our location has become one of the main problems for us. The province is the most eastern part of North America and is located practically in the middle of the ocean. Getting here takes a lot of time and money. We are located as far from Disneyland as possible in every sense. But this is not a fictional country: we have whales, icebergs, a unique culture and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ”says the Canadian official.

And presenting the characteristics of the province in an original way has been the key to success at major festivals, which, in turn, has ensured the growth of tourism.

Everyone in search of icebergs

Promoting Arctic Tourism: How They Do It in Canada

Canada is a huge country with rich travel opportunities. However, due to the long distances, this kind of leisure is not cheap. Read on to find out what it costs to travel from Toronto to other major cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton.

Although Canada is not one of the most visited countries in the world, there is something to see for tourists: between Montreal (the largest eastern city) and Vancouver (the westernmost metropolis of Canada) - 4 600 km, 5-6 days driving, five time zones, varied climates and many places of interest.

In this article, you will learn about the cost and time of travel between Toronto and other major cities in Canada. Ticket prices are current as of autumn 2019.

By plane

All major cities in Canada are connected by air. At the same time, Toronto is the largest aviation hub in the country.

There are four commercial airports in and around Toronto:

  • Lester B. Pearson Airport in Mississauga is the main international airport and the busiest in Canada. It serves flights to many cities.
  • Hamilton/John S. Monroe Airport is an international airport located 65 kilometers from downtown Toronto near Hamilton. Among other things, from here you can get to Calgary, Edmonton and Abbotsford (a city within the Greater Vancouver).
  • Waterloo Airport is an international airport located northwest of Toronto. From among the major Canadian cities, you can fly from here to Vancouver and Calgary.
  • Toronto Billy Bishop Airport is an airport that serves regional flights, in particular flights to Montreal and Ottawa.

The cost of tickets for flights to major cities from Toronto starts from 500-600 Canadian dollars.

Flight time: 4.5 - 6.5 hours. Return tickets (direct): 600 - 1,179 CAD

Flight time: about 4 hours. Return tickets (direct): 520 - 1,063 CAD

Promoting Arctic Tourism: How They Do It in Canada How a remote province attracts tourists by hunting icebergs. 11 April 2019 09:41 There is no need to make money on tourism

Ski resorts in Canada with their excellent quality and very diverse slopes, as a rule, are chosen by those tourists who have already visited many European countries, and now want to combine unusual skiing with an interesting "excursion". A separate segment is students going to study in Canada. If it were not for the long and expensive flight, as well as the very complicated process of obtaining a visa, there would be much more Russian tourists both on the mountain slopes and in the national parks of Canada.

Cities and regions

The capital is Ottawa, the major cities are Vancouver, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton.

Banff, Jasper, Mount Robson, Wood Buffalo, Waterton Lakes, Glacier & Clwayne, Pacific Rim, Kutney, Yoho, Oyuittic Reserve.

For a complete list of cities in the country, see the Canada Cities and Resorts page.

Time difference with Moscow

Canada has 6 time zones at once. These are North American Pacific Time (UTC − 8), Mountain Time (UTC − 7), Central Time (UTC − 6), North American Eastern Time (UTC − 5), Atlantic Time (UTC − 4), and UTC − 3: 30 time zone. ... At the same time, some parts of the country turn the clock hands in the summer, which adds two more time zones to Canada - UTC − 3 and UTC − 2: 30.

How to get to Canada

Aeroflot flies four times a week from Moscow to Toronto (approximately 10 hours in flight). Many European airlines - KLM, British Airways, Finnair, LOT, Air France, Alitalia, CSA, Lufthansa, Austrian and others - fly to different cities in Canada with connections in Europe. These are often the cheapest options. For example, Lufthansa flies to Ottawa on a daily flight via Frankfurt.

It is also possible to fly with a transfer in the United States, but this will require an American transit visa, even if you do not leave the transit zone of the American airport.

Residents of Minsk and Kiev can get to Toronto using the same European airlines. Air Astana flies from Kazakhstan to many European capitals, from where you can easily get not only to Toronto, but also Ottawa, Vancouver and other cities.

Quebec Whale Watching Tour

Please note, scheduled group tours run from June 5th to September 5th. For travel agencies, businesses and other organizations, group tours are conducted on request from May 15 to October 15. Individual whale watching tours run from May 4 to November 3. The price may vary, depends on many factors, we recommend making an inquiry for each specific date. Prices in Canadian dollars CAD

2 days from Montreal1 - 2 people - from $ 1345 3 - 4 people - from $ 1645 5 - 6 people - from $ 2095 3 days from Toronto1 - 2 people from $ 2695 3 - 4 people from 2995 $ 5 - 6 people from $ 3395 Premium tour 2 days from Montreal1 - 2 people - from $ 1795 3 - 4 people - from $ 1995 5 - 6 people - from $ 2295 VIP tour 2 days from Montreal1 - 2 people - from $ 2199 3 - 4 people - from $ 2699 5 - 6 people - from $ 2999

Combined group excursion 2 days from Montreal - $ 595 per person for double occupancy, supplement for single occupancy $ 189 4 days from Toronto - $ 695 per person, for double occupancy, including excursions in Montreal and Quebec, supplement for single room 219 $

First day

Depart Montreal, arrival in Quebec and city tour.

On a guided tour of Quebec, you will visit the famous site of the 1759 battle between the French and English armies. This battle changed the entire history of the development of Canada and is a key one in the history of North America.

After driving through the old Kent gate, you will find yourself in old Quebec. The Old Town still retains the unique atmosphere of the European Middle Ages. You won't see such an atmosphere anywhere else in North America. It is no coincidence that the old part of Quebec has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will also see many historical monuments, medieval buildings, Renaissance buildings, Catholic cathedrals, Jesuit and Franciscan monasteries.

Further along the route follows the Citadel - this is one of the most famous forts in North America, then the pearl of architecture - the famous hotel "Chateau Frontenac", the building of the Parliament of the province of Quebec, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Price building, the Fort Museum, the monument to the founder Quebec Samuel Champlain and King Louis XIV of France. The steep banks of the upper part of old Quebec open up the vastness of the mighty Saint Laurent River and the lower part of the Old City.

At the bottom of the old town, you will have the opportunity to walk along the cobbled streets of the oldest and most charming street in North America, Petite Champlain. In the old Royal Square, you will see the oldest stone church in North America - Notre Dame de Victoria Cathedral. In the cozy French streets of old Quebec, there are many souvenir shops, cafes and cozy restaurants of French cuisine, you will also see the old port and the Museum of Civilization.

Continue the tour at Montmorency Falls. After the waterfall, continue to St. Catherine's Bay along the scenic mountain route along the St. Lawrence River. Arrival at the hotel, check-in.

Breakfast in the morning, after breakfast cruise on the St. Lawrence with whale watching. During the cruise, tourists will see several species of whales that swim into the Gulf of St. Catherine on the St. Lawrence River and at the mouth of the Saguenay River every summer. Whales gracefully swim and dive, jump out of the water, striking the audience with their size and grace. At the end of the voyage, the cruise ship sails into the majestic fjords formed by the cold, powerful northern Saguenay River. After the cruise, check out from the hotel and return to Montreal. Free time in the evening.

Tour of Quebec, travel by tourist bus. Accommodation at the hotel in St. Catherine's Bay, cruise tickets. Guided tour and driver. Group tours are not accepted for children under 8 years old.

group tour: on request individual tour: spring-autumn-summer duration: 14 days detailed description on the page "OUR TOURS"

During your exciting auto travel in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, you will visit the following cities and attractions:

Montreal and Quebec City, Province of Quebec, St. Lawrence River Cruise with Whale Watching, Province of Quebec, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, Ontario, 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River Cruise, Ontario, Toronto and Niagara Falls in Ontario, 30,000 Islands and Lake Huron cruise in Ontario, Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia

group tour: on request individual tour: spring-autumn-summer duration: 6 days detailed description on the page "OUR TOURS"

Private tour of the most famous cities and attractions in French Canada. During a fascinating journey through French Canada, you will visit the following cities and attractions:

Montreal in the province of Quebec, the city of Quebec, the capital of the province of Quebec, a whale watching cruise on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Montmorency Falls, Quebec, Tadoussac, Quebec Ottawa and Gatineau in Ontario and the province Quebec

group tour: on request individual: spring-autumn-summer duration: 10 days detailed description on the page "OUR TOURS"

An exciting journey through the most famous cities and attractions in Eastern Canada. During the Grand Voyage tour of French Canada and the Atlantic Provinces, we suggest visiting the following cities and attractions: Montreal, Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec, a whale watching cruise on the St. Lawrence River, the province of Ottawa and the city of Gatineau, the province of Ontario and the province of Quebec , 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River Cruise, Ontario. Fundy National Park, Atlantic Coast of Canada

group tour: on request individual: spring-autumn-summer duration: 7 days detailed description on the page "OUR TOURS"

Private Tour of British Columbia and Canada's National Parks in Alberta. During an exciting auto travel in British Columbia and Alberta, you will visit the following cities and attractions: Handsome Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, Jasper National Park in Alberta, Banff National in Alberta, Calgary in Alberta. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glacier, hot springs and much more

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