Place of power

Sandy river in the Altai Territory

October 25 - 27 in the Altai Territory in the sanatorium "Dawn over Biya" (Biysk region) will host the film festival "Altai Territory - a place of power." It will be held for the seventh time. Anyone interested in video shooting can take part in the festival.

"Films promoting sports, tourism and love of nature are accepted for the competition," the organizers say.

Participants will be divided into categories - professionals and amateurs. The works will be evaluated by the jury in the following nominations: "Tourism", "Sports", "Nature, Ecology", "One-Minute Film", etc.

The plot of films can be completely different - human life, fate, any event, travel, etc.

“At one of the festivals I was impressed by the film by Novosibirsk journalist Svetlana Antomonova about how the participants of the“ Immortal Regiment ”with photographs of their grandfathers climbed the mountain,” says the Honored Traveler of Russia, Master of Sports in water tourism Yevgeny Lebedev ...

Who will be on the jury of the festival

Chairman of the Jury - Vyacheslav Kirichuk, Deputy Head of the Press and Mass Communications Department of the Altai Territory, as well as: Evgeny Lebedev, Honored Traveler of Russia, Master of Sports in Water Tourism, Vladimir Vladimirov, Member of the Council of the Altai Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Sergey Manskov, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications, Political Science and Philology of Altai State University, journalists and videographers of the leading mass media of the Altai Territory.

How to Become a Winner

“As they say - through hardships to the stars. Traveling always brings joy to a person, so I highly recommend traveling, taking pictures and videos of all this. And if your shots can excite the emotions, feelings of other people, then you did it for a reason! - says Evgeny Lebedev. - To become a winner, professionals must be able to surprise the jury members. And here the main rule is to make a film not out of duty, but at the behest of the soul! As for novice amateurs, I can only advise one thing - try it, go for it. No wonder they say: if you suffer for a long time, you will definitely succeed! "

Where and how things will go

The festival will take place in the place of power of the Altai Territory - on the territory of the sanatorium "Dawn over Biya". Screenings of the nominee films will be interspersed with walks in the fresh air, teas and interesting conversations.

“The bards will traditionally perform at the opening ceremony of the festival. The presence of famous travelers is planned, for example, Ivan Kuzhelivsky, the honored traveler of Russia. Its goal is to select films for a similar Tomsk Film Festival, which has been held for 20 years and is known in Russia, ”said Vladimir Vladimirov, a member of the festival jury.

Also for the participants and guests of the festival will be held master classes, seminars on photography and video filming and making films, sports and cultural events.

Place of power

The outskirts of Zavyalov are slowly turning from a semi-wild rural place into a full-fledged mud-cure resort. People who come here regularly note that the number of tourists is growing every year, and the infrastructure is improving. An altapress correspondent. u went on vacation in Zavyalovo, appreciated its pros and cons, and also found out how much it costs.

Rest in Zavyalovo belongs to the budget category. Tourists (mainly from Siberia) come here for mud and Salt Lake, and swimming in fresh water is considered a pleasant bonus.

What is special about Zavyalovskie lakes

In total, according to local authorities, there are 330 lakes in the region. The most popular are Bitter (Salty), Kormovishche, Krivoye (fresh), Alkaline. They are all very close to each other.

The salt concentration in the Gorky Lake is about 115 g/l, roughly the same as in Bolshoye Yarovoye. It is almost impossible to drown here: the water pushes upward.

Blue healing clay lies at the bottom of the lake and along the shores. Small red brine shrimp can be found in the water. When they die off together with brine (salt water) and silt, they form curative mud. This year, due to the cold spring, there are very few crustaceans.

In the Alkaline Lake, the water of the chloride-carbonate-sulphate type, in other words - mineral. It is soapy to the touch, as if a little detergent had been diluted in it.

Rental housing on Zavyalovskie lakes

There are several recreation centers in the area of ​​popular lakes. Prices are about the same everywhere. People start booking houses and rooms since March. The cheapest option is camping, where people come with their tents.

A place in the tent camp costs 400 rubles per day, it is designed for 5 people and one car. You can rent a barbecue grill.

Applications for the festival are accepted until October 15th.

Altai is an amazing land where people come for peace and relaxation. However, the possibilities of Altai are much wider, it is able to provide not only a calm rest for the soul and body, but also a wide range of different options for those who like active rest. For example, trekking or river rafting, and other types of water tourism.

Description of the Peschanaya River (Altai Territory)

The Peschanaya River is one of such places, providing great opportunities for travelers. The source of the Peschanaya River in the Altai Territory on the map is located two dozen kilometers above the village of Besh-Ozek. This place can be found near the Seminsky Pass. The source of the river is located almost one and a half thousand meters above sea level. The sandy river cannot be called a calm river, it is in a hurry to go down, becoming part of the great Ob river. On its way, the stream of this river overcomes various rapids, divides and connects back. The confluence of the Ob and Peschanaya rivers is located very close to the inflow of the Biya and Katun, literally fifteen kilometers away.

The mouth of this river is considered very beautiful, therefore it was recognized as a natural monument. However, this status was assigned to this place not only for the beauty of the landscape, there are a lot of birds nesting on the banks of reservoirs located near the mouth.

You can get directly to the mouth of the river using only your own legs or the legs of a horse or the surface of the water. In other words, you cannot get to the mouth of the river by car.

The river bed is two hundred and eighty kilometers long. Thus, the river has the ability to touch many regions of the Altai Republic, at least five.

The place from which all the atmospheric precipitation that feeds the river flows down extends for five and a half thousand square kilometers. This river basin is limited by the Anuisky, Cherginsky, Saminsky and Terektinsky ranges.

If you divide the river according to how the current behaves, three sections can be distinguished: the first stretches from the source to the mouth of the Bolshaya Tikhaya, the second to the village of Krasny Gorodok, and the third ends directly with the Ob.

Fans of active recreation on the water divide rivers into different categories of difficulty. The Peschanaya River of the Altai Territory has an average level of difficulty, denoted by the number three. This means that the river has rapids with moderately difficult ramparts. Those who are rafting downstream are unlikely to be able to avoid all obstacles. Large shafts, funnels can meet. There is no mortal danger on this river, but you should be careful. There are six hazard levels in total, the easiest of them is at number one, the most difficult at number six. Thus, Sandy is in the middle.

The Peschanaya River is a favorite territory for competitions in the technique of water tourism, the latter have been held on its stream for more than a decade and provide these places with a large influx of tourists every year. For those who like to spend time fishing, this river is also of interest. You can go fishing on your own or take advantage of one of the many tours.

Where is the sandy river

Altai Republic - the name literally translates as "Golden Land". This corner of Russia is shrouded in secrets and legends of ancient ancestors. The extraordinary beauty and sights of Altai annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. Many of them come back here again and again.

Altai: where to go and what to see

Tourism is well developed in Gorno-Altaysk. For example, in the republic there are about 13 thousand reservoirs for every "taste" - salty, fresh and even alkaline. The most famous rivers located here, the Katun and Biya, attract rafting enthusiasts. Thanks to the natural attractions of Altai, all kinds of excursion routes and entertainment are organized for guests:

  • hiking, skiing and horseback riding are organized depending on the weather and season;
  • mountaineering and exploring ancient caves;
  • fishing on lakes and hunting in forests, as well as spearfishing;
  • ski holidays;
  • paragliding, etc.

Gorny Altai is known not only for its sights, but also for its effective medical base. The main factors of the health programs of the Altai Territory are mineral springs, mud, as well as clean mountain air, saturated with trace elements and ozone. The best health-improving complexes of Gorno-Altaysk, where people who want to improve their health come annually, are located in Belokurikha, Zavyalovo and Yarovoye.

Peculiarities of Altai Territory

The main methods of treatment at resorts:

  • balneology ;
  • health paths - health-improving walking along specially designed routes, or paths of flat and mountainous terrain;
  • health-improving physical education;
  • ozone therapy;
  • antler and radon baths;
  • herbal medicine;
  • inhalation;
  • salt caves.

Tourist excursions of the Altai Territory are quite diverse and are more connected with history, archaeological finds and natural heritage. Event tourism dedicated to traditional celebrations and themed events among local residents is a great reason to visit this resort. An example is the "Cheese Festival" with tasting or "Shukshin Readings" for fans of the famous writer.

Climatic features of the republic

The republic is located in the very center of Asia on the borders of the Siberian taiga, Kazakh and Mongolian steppes. The winters are cold here and the summers are quite warm.

In winter, the weather often changes, it is not uncommon for some areas to have strong cold winds. The average January temperature is -17 ° C. Sometimes it drops to -28 ° C, and sometimes to -30 ° C.

In summer, the average mark on the thermometer reaches + 20ºС. On the hottest days, the thermometer's thermometer can rise to +25 + 30 ° C. Speaking of precipitation, they are not frequent in the steppe zone, unlike in the foothills.

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