Paraphrase about miscellaneous

Paraphrase about miscellaneous

Water is the source of life, the source of bright days. Look flawlessly Into the rushing stream. Everyone wants to get drunk, you river banks, lakes, oceans

What is water? This is a trickle from a tap, It is waves and a storm on the seas-oceans. In a misted bottle, a drink in hand, And in the key, and in the well, and in the stream. Yes, there are different kinds of water. In liquid, solid it is. Even in gaseous form. We don’t see it or we don’t notice it.

  • But when she is not, we feel hard.
  • Olegova S.
  • *****
  • What is water? A colorless mineral, Odorless, shapeless, but look around - This is the main mystery, the main miracle of the Planet,
  • This is the main source from which Life spilled out.
  • Without water, something alive on the Planet is inconceivable And water is omnipresent - both in the depths and above the earth, And the planet Earth, a blue grain in the Universe,
  • It would be much more accurate to name not by Earth, but by Water.
  • Oceans and rivers, lakes and eternal ice floes, The sap of trees and grasses, the blood of living animals and people - This is only water, this is the very core of Life,
  • This is the plasma of the Planet, or maybe the entire Galaxy ...
  • We do not appreciate it, we, like children, play with a toy, With this main treasure, the mystery of Life, water, Pollute it, poison it, kill it ...
  • Well, and if when- Will the game turn into disaster?
  • The sun of the desert is beating down, there is not a well for thousands of miles, And not a drop of water, and mouths are sintered from the heat, And the head is ready to split from the white Sun ...
  • Give happiness a sip, give a drop of priceless water!
  • Who knew this, who once went through this, He with water on "You", he saves it from trouble ... Can it really be people to keep the Planet more reliable,
  • Someday fate will lead through the scorching heat of the desert.
  • I really want to believe that people will grow up, That the source of all Life on this Earth will be preserved, And in the bottomless space the planet Earth is blue
  • It will shine just as it did thousands of years ago.
  • Arkady
  • *****

Water is our whole life. Without water, everyone would have died long ago! Water of the planet, hold on: May clean showers save you. We will not leave you, dear, No way and never again. From Baikal to Altai

We will save you, our Water!

What can be in a transparent water droplet? At first glance, of course, nothing. But drop on the glass, leave traces

And look through the microscope.

And you can see this, What you did not even suspect. Secret can convey his secret

Water for you. Did you dream about it?

Only the curious will she open the veil of her secret. Get to know her, get to know her in full.

  • And the water world will cover you.
  • Olegova S.
  • *****

Useful, gentle, just boundless, Life giving us, proud, domineering, Cold, burning, mighty in anger. You come to the world by the river, by the oceans, In the house you meet with open taps, A drop of dew that covered the grass, With a tearful rain that heaven sends us. Life on Earth without you is impossible, And we will act carefully, So that your purity is preserved -

  • Our irreplaceable water.
  • Matvienko I.
  • *****
  • The water from the Urals smells like crystal, It rings transparently, playing merrily ... The Swamp reservoir conceals its spirit, And pure rain water, That joyfully flows over me, Has a taste, guided by Her alone ... Nature's taste is High and flawless ... Shrinking the age of forests and the beast, What are you with nature So inhuman - Her crown and pride, man? How rarely, timidly, Sloth to please, You protect your mother -
  • Nature!
  • Shestopalov Y.
  • *****
  • The river, and the lake, and the pond They are always waiting for us in the summer, It's nice to be in the heat
  • And by the stream - to drink water.
  • Everywhere, everyone needs water: It is important for ships too, Floating in the open sea,
  • Wheat ripening in the field ...
  • For both people and animals There is nothing more valuable than water. Everyone needs to value water,
  • We can't live without it!
  • *****

The most interesting poems about water for schoolchildren

Dear readers, today, continuing our soulful summer conversations, I would like to once again talk about the sea. This time in poetry. After all, in its greatness it is so beautiful!

Sea and water have always been inexhaustible sources of inspiration for poets. With its variability, it resembles a restless human soul. And his impermanence is akin to the feelings that we experience in the soul. I invite you to enjoy together a selection of my favorite verses about the sea.

Goodbye free element ...

Sea ... A symbol of eternal freedom and independence, quest and adventure. Challenging the sea elements, people test themselves for strength. In verses about the sea, it is very often identified with life's difficulties, which a person has to face more than once on his way.


The sail of a lonely whitens In the fog of the blue sea. What is he looking for in a distant country? What he threw in his native land.

Waves play - the wind whistles, And the mast bends and skips ... Alas! he is not looking for happiness And he is not running from happiness!

Under him is a stream of brighter blue, Above him is a golden ray of sun ... And he, rebellious, asks for a storm, As if there is peace in the storms! Mikhail Lermontov

Life is like the sea, it is always filled with storms. Look closely, man: the storm is throwing the ship. If a gloomy night descends, manage it anxiously, Look for an anchor of salvation - you will find an anchor of salvation ... If you, man, do not see the end of this night, If without an anchor you wander deaf in the sea, Well, without a thought, then throw yourself into the cold sea! Let the ship sink - the waves will carry you out! Alexander Blok

Waves rise like mountains And starry ascend to the firmament, And eyes fall with horror Into the instantly dug abyss.

Poems about water are short and not very good.

Christmas carols

Kolyada, kolyada. Give me whiskey, give me ice. But for a snack you need Feijoa and avocado.

Hey, drunk guard. We offer you Ruff. Open the porch door For carols, mothers.

Hey spouse, don't be a bootie. Give me the sambucas for chic. Do not swear mate, you fool. Your man is the king of glamor.

Mother-in-law. Nice old lady. Invite to a group sex. You, wife, girlfriends-aunts. All my brains are about. those.

Hey, neighbor in the penuar, Open the lari stocks. Well, if the husband is fishing, Open the closet for the stick.

Kolyada, kolyada. I won't sell Christmas. And I’ll only go back down I’m for the BMW X5.

Oh, carols, carols. Give credit for a grace period. And pour a glass of hanka, To reduce the interest in the bank.

Hey, Slavs - Russians Listen to the carol while you are drunk. After all, if you were sober, by God, you would not let me to the doorstep.

Oh, beautiful women from Kiev Give me a couple of hryvnias. Danke. Give sausages and kiwi. The most generous city is Kiev.

Oh, Moscow girls. Treat with a slice of pizza. I will sing, I will play a tambourine. God-Medvedev-Putin is with us.

Here it is, what a sea! Beautiful verses about the sea

Reading poetry about the sea, it seems that they rush and roll like turquoise waves, playing and shimmering in the sun with bright reflections. The sea is mesmerizing and exciting! It is calm, and stormy, and gentle, and strong, and sometimes scary and unpredictable. But the main thing is that the sea is alluring ...

This collection contains very beautiful poems about the sea and love, about sea sunrises and sunsets, about rest and vacation at sea, from classical poets and modern poets.

Short and beautiful verses about the sea

Let's go where the stones breathe, Where the sea slowly licks the shore, Under old palm trees, the sun is shining,

Blinds in the eyes, and we fall asleep under the night sky.

The Black Sea is large: In the morning it is gray-blue, In the afternoon it is green, Foamy, salty. Well, at night, with the moon, it seemed to me Golden!

The sea sends waves - The shore tastes, Opens, closes Parachutes of jellyfish. A sleepy seagull shakes, the ripe sun meets.

I plunge into the foam of the waves, I plunge into silence. There are a million stars in the sky, I'll take one for myself. Dissolve it in water, Suspension of golden dust. You will not find them anywhere, Only in summer, only at sea, Only at night, only here.

The sea is worried, beckons to itself, In the distance it runs away carelessly ... The wind carries away sorrow lightly,

The sun throws rays on the earth, We are embraced tenderly ... The white seagull screams alarmingly,

Wouldn't you go to sea ...

And you would not go to sea, Did not know any trouble or grief, Tosca in a rusty gaze. You would return home.

Fool, you don't have enough sushi? Why do you get up to the helm And go away from the pier In the storms, an unbridled howl?

I wanted to take a sip of freedom, Sea to experience nature, But the ace of spades falls from the deck with a dagger.

And you didn’t want to, didn’t believe it, Spit on your losses, But the waves go like animals, And they feel your pulse.

Now you will not go ashore, Though you will be faithful to the sea, But the period of up to seconds has been measured And a cry breaks through the wind.

The sea has its own laws, It is one crown for us, the Crucifixion and the icon. Now you owe him.

Take me with you, sailors ...

Take me with you, sailors. I will knit hooks from twine, I will love anchors with all my soul, With an angry look, I will crash into the seas. I will lay a bed for you in your cabin, On the deck in the morning for you to dance, See in the distance rocks, reefs and shoals, Brew coffee and heat caramel. There will be a sound for me at night, under the blades Dreaming of the warmth of your sinewy hands. In a storm, I will not hide in the hold, I want to listen to the roar of the wind sullen. I love the sea with the shore mix so much, Sailors, why am I not with you, but here?

Who roamed the oceans ... (Call of the Sea)

Who roamed the oceans, Knew the latitudes of all seas; He tasted storms, hurricanes And became stronger from this.

Who experienced the pitching at sea, Who conquered the gust of winds; Whoever was not afraid even of a fight is good for sailors.

Who is not afraid of the terrible abyss, Salty is a bitter wave, And does not whine from the storm with tears ... Such people are needed here.

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