OO; Nizhny Novgorod Regional Tourist Club

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Location Nizhegorodskaya oblast, village Merinovo - village Khakhaly Duration, timing3 days, as you recruit Type of tourism Water route on kayaks Group composition from 10 people

Tour cost: from 5000 rubles. Tour cost for children under 13 years old traveling with a parent: 4000 rubles.

Features of the route: - Both beginners and experienced tourists can take part in the tour; participants can be children of any age, accompanied by their parents; - The cost of the route includes accident insurance Insurance JSC "VSK"; - On the route there is the possibility of fishing, fishing tackle is not issued, the catch is not guaranteed.


* 1 Parking points may change at the discretion of the instructor, depending on the level of training, weather conditions, etc. The program contains only the main activities that, in our opinion, require preliminary preparation. It goes without saying: every morning taking off and setting up a tent camp every night (excluding daytime), preparing "daily bread" and, most importantly, swimming, sunbathing, fishing, volleyball-football-playing.

OO; Nizhny Novgorod Regional Tourist Club

Sports and Tourism in our country are gaining momentum every year. And if you have not yet joined this interesting, and most importantly useful pastime, now is the time to discover new tourist destinations and modes of movement, as well as more active types of recreation such as sports tourism.

Types of sports tourism

Sports tourism is a type of tourism based on competitions on difficult routes. These include overcoming categorical obstacles in the natural environment: passes, peaks (in mountain tourism), rapids (in sea tourism), canyons, caves and at distances created in the natural environment.

Sports tourism is also divided into types. We will tell you about the main types that you can start practicing this summer.


Hiking involves mainly walking on the tourist route. The main task of hiking is to overcome obstacles on the terrain and landscape on foot, for categories of high difficulty - in areas with difficult terrain and climatic conditions. For hiking, of course, you will need good equipment, sportswear and shoes.

Tracksuits and hiking kits will make your hike more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Mountain tourism

Mountain tourism or trekking in the mountains has the main task - to go through mountain passes, climb to the top, cross mountain ranges. The right athletic shoes are essential for mountain climbing. Good running shoes will not only help you conquer the peaks faster, but also keep your feet from injury and damage. On our site you can find a large selection of new discounted sneakers.

Water tourism

Water tourism on rivers using rafting facilities (ships), as a rule, in mountainous areas, involves overcoming water barriers formed by the relief of the river bed and the peculiarities of its course.

Good swimming equipment is also of great value. A bathing suit that will make you feel calm and protected while rafting will make your sports tourism unforgettable.


Date: weekly from Saturday to Sunday

Duration: 2 days/1 night

The price includes:

Extra paid:

Tour program

6:35 - departure to N. Ovgorod from Moscow (Kurskiy vokzal) by high-speed train "Strizh"

10:10 - Arrival in Nizhny Novgorod. Meeting at the railway station, at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.

10:30 - Breakfast

11:30 - Excursion "Interesting Nizhny" with elements of interactive (with a visit to the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin).

The historical center of Nizhny Novgorod is a place where past and present, history and modernity, old mansions and the newest shopping and entertainment centers, the Oka and Volga rivers meet.

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