Officially: over a thousand new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the country

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CHISINAU, 12 Feb - Sputnik. In Moldova, 1280 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed by laboratory methods per day. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health on Friday.

Four episodes of "import" of infection have been identified: from Romania, Ukraine, Great Britain, Czech Republic.

The total number of registered infections in the country has reached 168,826.

Over the past 24 hours, 4100 tests were carried out, with 343 tests repeated.

Over the past 24 hours, 67 health workers have been infected with COVID-19: 19 doctors, 31 nurses and 17 support personnel.

286 patients are in critical condition (55 of them are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices).

Another 19 deaths were recorded, the total number of deaths from complications due to coronavirus infection is 3626.

Measures to combat COVID- in Moldova

Since March 17, a state of emergency has been introduced in Moldova due to the spread of the pandemic. And from May 15 to September 30, the state of emergency was in effect in the field of health care.

Since October 1, a new system for assessing the epidemiological situation has been introduced in the republic. Districts of the country were assigned “red”, “orange”, “yellow” or “green” hazard levels every two weeks. Depending on this, the restrictions also changed. From November 30, the country re-introduced a health emergency, which was extended until February 15, 2021.

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Officially: over a thousand new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the country

Three villages, which in Soviet times were part of one collective farm, decided to reunite. True, now with a different goal - they will develop rural tourism.

CHISINAU, 13 Nov - Sputnik. The villages of Cioresti, Dolna and Mikliusheni, which are located in the Nisporeni and Straseni districts, have created their own tourist route - "Dor de Codru". It includes six mini-tracks for every taste.

Tourists are offered to walk along ecological, fishing, cultural, gastronomic, sports and historical and religious paths.

What you can see

Getting lost on a new route is difficult. At the entrance to the villages of Cioresti and Mikliusheni there are information panels with a map of tourist routes and contacts of responsible persons. Local residents tried to include in the route all the most beautiful and interesting places that are in these settlements. For example, an ecological trail involves walking to natural attractions - valleys, slopes, picturesque meadows.

One of the objects is the source of Zemfira, where, according to legend, Alexander Pushkin met a beautiful gypsy woman who inspired him to write the poem "Gypsies".

In turn, the estate of the boyar Rally in the village of Dolna, where the poet lived, is included in the historical and cultural route. All facilities are landscaped and marked with signs, note the UNDP project coordinators in Moldova. Many had to arrange rural roads. There are several lakes between the villages of Dolna and Cioresti, which are included in the fishing trail. There, in addition to roads, there were also places equipped for fishermen.

New jobs

The villagers enthusiastically embraced the new idea of ​​creating a tourist route. For some, this is a future opportunity to earn their living. Thus, when creating a gastronomic trail, the local authorities revived two old boyar cellars. In the dungeons with 19th century masonry, they will not only conduct excursions, but also treat tourists with national dishes - placinths, cabbage rolls and wine, prepared by the hands of rural women, said the mayor of the village of Dolna Romeo Cioquine.

"When we got down to work, the old basement was half covered with clay. We cleaned it, did a technical examination. Now we hope to attract as many tourists as possible," said the local elect.

In addition to the restored cellars, the gastronomic route includes an agro boarding house in the village of Choreshti and the House of Honey in Mikleushany. The owners have invested several thousand euros in their creation in the hope that tourists will be interested in the "Dor de Codru" route.

Rescue Crafts

The total number of officially registered episodes of infection with a new type of coronavirus in Moldova has exceeded 168 thousand.

Ecological tourism is actively developing in Moldova, one of the objects of which is the Lower Prut reserve.

CHISINAU, 17 Dec - Sputnik. Ecological tourism is becoming more and more popular in Moldova. And, of course, in order for our country to have as much as possible to look at, natural objects must be preserved and taken care of. And in order to understand how to preserve the environment, you need to learn this.

What does Nizhniy Prut do

But from common theoretical truths, let's move on to highlighting the practice of their implementation. In the village of Slobozia Mare, Cahul region, there is an Environmental Education Center at the Nizhny Prut Natural Reservation.

"We provide information about state-protected ecosystems, flora and fauna. One of our goals is to promote the development of ecological tourism in the country. For this we have agreements with universities and specialized specialists. Also our center is visited by schoolchildren from nearby settlements, "Director of the Nizhny Prut reservation Gheorghe Vasilake told Sputnik.

According to him, Lake Beleu with an area of ​​9.5 square kilometers, one of the largest lakes in Moldova, is of particular interest for ecotourism. Beleu is a relict formation of the lower Danube estuaries, formed about five to six thousand years ago. In this place there is a varied flora, more than 300 species, as well as 200 species of birds and 40 species of mammals and more than 20 species of fish. Many of them are on the verge of extinction and are included in the Red Data Book of Moldova. The territory of the reserve includes nine settlements of the Kagulsky district, including 824 hectares of forest land, including the Slobodzeya forestry.

How the reserve was created

In the summer of 2017, the Nizhny Prut Biosphere Reserve in the Cahul region became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This decision was made after the organization received a request from the Ministry of Environment of Moldova at the beginning of the year. The Moldovan authorities hope that investments in the region will increase, and tourism will develop rapidly.

The preliminary agreement of UNESCO on the establishment of the reserve was supported at the meeting of the IV World Congress on Biosphere Zones, which took place in 2015 in Lima, Peru.

The reserve was established within the framework of a transboundary trilateral project Romania - Ukraine - Moldova. The project, funded by the European Union, should help expand the area of ​​protected natural areas and ensure the conservation of biodiversity in Moldova.

Though not the most popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova is famous for two things: viticulture and an abundance of ancient Orthodox monuments - early Christian rock monasteries and medieval cathedrals. Who does not know a stork with a bunch of grapes in its beak - the emblem of Moldovan winemaking? Today, hundreds of varieties of wines and cognacs are produced here, and wine tours around Moldovan cities and villages are perhaps the most popular area of ​​the local “excursion”. Of the pleasant bonuses - the practical absence of border formalities, only 2 hours in flight and such a Soviet-style native local population. Among other things, the country has an extremely rich and, as they say, colorful history with the spirit of gypsy barons and dedicated Kabbalists in the air, as well as simple and tasty cuisine and good opportunities for treatment. In a word, everything you need for a full and interesting rest.

Cities and Resorts

The capital is Chisinau. Major cities are Tiraspol, Balti, Bendery, Rybnitsa. Look for a complete list of Moldovan cities and resorts on our page.

For details on when is the best time to go to Moldova and what to do on site, see the tours to Moldova page.

Time difference with Moscow

How to get to Moldova

You can get from Moscow to Chisinau by flights S7 and Air Moldova. S7 takes off from Moscow Domodedovo every day, all year round and twice a day in summer, and 2 hours later lands at the airport of the Moldovan capital. Air Moldova aircraft take off twice a day - at 10:40 and 22:40 - every day throughout the year, also from Domodedovo.

From St. Petersburg Air Moldova flies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (2 hours in the air), and from Kiev - on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, on the way - 1 hour.

Citizens of Belarus will have to get to Moldova with a change in Moscow or Kiev, or use a rail link.

You can also get to Chisinau by rail: several trains leave daily from Kievsky railway station in Moscow. Travel time is from 26 to 32 hours. From St. Petersburg to Chisinau by rail - 40 hours, trains run every day; from Minsk - 30 hours, communication on odd days.

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Rafting on the Dniester without restrictions: people with disabilities traveling along the river

Rafting on the Dniester without restrictions: people with disabilities traveling along the river

Hundred kilometers in kayaks in a non-standard composition were covered by the participants of the water trip. The group of 23 people includes people with disabilities, retirees and children.

One third of the way in a day

Last Thursday, August 17, the participants returned home. In five days, from August 13, they covered a route of about 100 km in kayaks. A fascinating journey along the river began in the village of Kalarashovka, Oknitsa district, here the instructions were given and boats were assembled, and a group of 23 people, including 16 from Belians, was supposed to move towards Soroca.

“The first day is usually a warm-up day, and we swam about 35 km,” says one of the participants Sergei Ursul.

As explained by the head of the rafting, former director of the Station of Young Tourists, Yuri Koinov, “the route was chosen so that everyone could pass it, and among the participants there were two disabled people of the 1st group, six more - the 2nd group. They also chose it taking into account the beauty of the places. " They made halts for the night, but they also arranged days off.

Dinner, as usual, by the fire.

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