Mortality statistics in extreme sports

Mortality statistics in extreme sports

The safety of children on the water is entirely dependent on their parents. The kingdom of Neptune is by no means as welcoming to man as it might seem at first glance. Even in spite of the smooth and relatively calm surface, the bottom of the reservoirs can be uneven, silty, in some places there are strong currents and eddies. Therefore, the first rule, which must be observed by all, without exception, lovers of outdoor activities on the seashore, for example, a river or a lake, sounds like this: you can swim only in places designated for such purposes. Up to primary school age, children take water procedures only under the supervision of adults, and mothers and fathers (or grandparents, etc.) are vigilantly watching them. Older children can already swim on their own, but they should be aware of measures to prevent accidents on the water, know the basics of first aid, be able to provide it, identify a drowning person, etc. You need to start putting this information in them from a very young age. Explaining and showing with examples, sharing personal experience and not being afraid to talk about the consequences. What should parents know about the safety of their children while swimming in reservoirs and what should they teach the younger generation in order to avoid unpleasant consequences from communicating with the water element?

Water Accident Prevention: Tips for Parents

If adults are drunk, swimming is strictly prohibited for both parents and their children. Because complete and vigilant control in this situation is no longer possible.

In order to avoid accidents on the water, parents need to follow simple rules themselves, and be sure to voice these rules for the younger members of the family every time before going to the beach.

Basic rules

Video “Rules of behavior for children on the water”

Memos in verses and pictures

It is clear that if you give your child a mournful lecture about what is forbidden to do and where to swim, the child is unlikely to remember all these wisdom so easily. But there are many different materials on water safety for children. These are poems, and memos in pictures, and methodological developments, including games and visual aids on this topic.

Information offered to the child in a playful way will remain in his memory for a long time. Take, for example, the reminders suggested below. It is clear, visual, interesting. And rhymes-chants are quite easy to remember.

Behavior in Critical Situations

Often accidents happen through the fault of the swimmers themselves, who begin to panic and no longer keep the situation under control. One must learn to relax by swimming passively on the surface of the water. To do this, roll over onto your back and slightly spread the limbs to the sides, and if the body begins to sink lower, then it must be kept afloat with the help of light movements.

Recently in Russia, in connection with the beginning of the swimming season and the weakening of restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, there are more and more reports of tragedies on the water. For this reason, REN TV decided to recall several recent accidents and prepare expert recommendations on how to maximally protect yourself and your loved ones while relaxing by the reservoir.

Gave their lives: two men and a teenager drowned in Novosibirsk, saving a girl

In Novosibirsk on July 7, three caring people died trying to save a 12-year-old girl who was swimming in the wrong place in the Ob River without adult supervision. When the child began to drown, a 50-year-old man rushed to the rescue, as well as a 22-year-old young man and a 14-year-old teenager. The girl was rescued, but her rescuers disappeared under the water. The bodies of two of them were found on the same day.

I wanted to save my sister and girlfriend: about a teenager who drowned in Rostov

A similar tragedy happened in Rostov-on-Don: a 17-year-old boy rushed into the Don River to save his drowning sister and another girl. The girls were saved, but the hero himself died. It is known that his name is Franco, he is a gypsy.

Tragedy in Komi: a man wanted to save children

A man was killed on the river in Komi while trying to save three children. According to eyewitnesses, an adult was swimming with the children when they began to drown. The man began to pull them out from the depths, eyewitnesses came running to help. As a result, two of the children were saved, but the 13-year-old boy and the 48-year-old hero himself drowned.

Cases of children drowning in whole groups

Recently, there have been several cases when children drowned in whole groups. So, in early July in the Kurgan region on the Iset River, children aged 12, 13 and 14 years old drowned. In the Altai Territory, in the area of ​​the suspension bridge near the Alei River, three children were lost - two girls 11 and 8 years old and a boy 16 years old, and later the bodies of all three were found in the water. In the Samara region, the bodies of 14-year-old and 16-year-old adolescents were removed from a pond in the village of Maloe Ibryaykino.

And in the Perm Territory, back in June, two 15-year-olds drowned while swimming in the Kos River. In total, there were eight people in their company, and initially they were in shallow water, but they were carried away by the current. Some managed to get ashore. One of the victims drowned while saving the girl.

Tragedy with a jet ski in Tver: two drowned in front of eyewitnesses

Extreme sports attract with their uniqueness and a large amount of adrenaline and emotional outbursts. But these same types of pastime can be fatal even for professionals in their field. On average, in every extreme sport, from 12 to 72% die annually, depending on the danger of the sport. In each of these activities there are rules, non-observance of which can lead to death or external unforeseen circumstances interfere.

The increase in mortality in this sport is due to its extreme and growing popularity. A large number of people died when jumping from cliffs, the least number of people were injured after jumping from buildings.

Mortality in sports is associated with such factors as: Improper jumping technique and insufficient qualifications; Low-quality equipment; Incorrectly calculated flight path resulting in a collision with rocks. According to statistics, he dies in sports


athletes, that is, up to 72% of people. Most popular athletes who died during competition or training:

Ratmir Nagimyanov. Jumper died while jumping in the Alps on October 3 near the village of Chamonix.

Valery Rozov is a climber from Russia, Honored Master of Sports. The athlete tragically died in Nepal, during one of the jumps on the wing from Mount Ama Dablam.

Uli Emanuele is a French athlete who died while jumping in the mountains of Switzerland.

Armin Schmieder is an Italian who crashed while jumping in the Swiss Alps at the age of 28.

Dean Potter is an American who made the jump in one of the US National Parks. The athlete was considered the best base jumper, he set several records and overcame a flight of 8 kilometers in 2008.


racers die annually during the competition. Mortality during auto racing is explained by the following factors: Collision with objects; Collision with other participants; Loss of vehicle control; Vehicle on fire.

October 12, 2020 80 comments about 12 minutes to read

14 people died in the region in two weeks of 2021.

What was that time and what do you remember.

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28-year-old Denis Zlygostev died while diving in Listvyanka. According to the results of the examination, the cause of death was lung barotrauma. IRK journalist. u talked with the parents of the deceased, friends and a representative of the diving center to find out what happened and why Denis was not saved.

On July 2, Denis and his friends went to Listvyanka. I decided to try diving at Baikal. Before that, he had never dived. I found the contacts of the New Dimension diving center in advance, made an agreement with the instructor and invited my friend Dmitry and his wife Natalia.

- My husband refused right away. He is not a fan of extreme adventures. He suggested it to me, because I already had diving experience in Thailand, and I agreed, - recalls Natalia Sharova. - We chose a day and went with the whole family, took our grandmothers and a child with us.

Arriving in Listvyanka, everyone went down to the shore, where the diving center is located. Instructor Alexander was already waiting for them, with whom Denis had negotiated. An underwater excursion to the sunken ship located at a depth of 10 meters was planned.

According to Natalia, the first step was the question of payment. The cost of the dive is 4500 rubles per person. Before the trip, Denis transferred the prepayment to the instructor's card. I paid another 2000 rubles in cash on the spot. Natalia transferred the money for herself.

Natalia on the day of the tragedy. The girl refused to dive at the last moment

Before the dive, the instructor warned that you should swim one at a time, keep close and not swim far, as the water is very cloudy. According to Natalia, she and Denis wanted to dive together, and Alexander agreed with them. In her opinion, in this case, he initially did not act according to instructions.

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