Like a horror movie! Belarusians talk about rest in Egypt after the pandemic

Travel to Egypt: how to relax and what to see

Experts of the Egyptian travel industry announced a possible slowdown in the development of the industry in 2019. What is the reason for such forecasts against the background of last year's growth in foreign tourist traffic and an increase in income from tourism, Vestnik ATOR figured out.


Egypt closed data on inbound tourism in 2018, so there is no official data on this topic. Egyptian media publishes this information with reference to their sources in the Ministry of Tourism. According to them, Egypt's revenues from tourism increased last year by 50% to $ 11.4 billion. The revenue plan (the target was to get $ 10.5 billion in the sector) was exceeded.

In 2018, 11.34 million foreign tourists visited Egypt and spent 121 million nights in the country. About 7 million guests came from Europe, the tourist flow from Arab countries amounted to 3 million people. The rest of the tourists came from other continents: from the Asian region - about 670 thousand tourists, from America another 456 thousand people, from African countries - 165 thousand tourists.

The TOP-5 European entry markets of Egypt in 2018 included Germany (1.7 million people), Ukraine (1.1 million), Great Britain (421 thousand), Italy (420 thousand). ) and Poland (303 thousand). Recall, according to the Egyptian side, in 2018, 145 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation visited the country. Of the non-European markets, Saudi Arabia has the best result (900 thousand tourists).

According to the Egyptian Federation of Tourism Chambers, revenue growth in the sector was largely due to the improvement in excursion tourism (Luxor and Aswan), which is popular with tourists from Asian countries. Thanks to this, the average cost of a foreigner in Egypt, taking into account accommodation, was $ 100, while in 2017 it was $ 92.8


Forecasting the development of the sector in 2019, experts from the Egyptian tourism business believe that the growth of industry revenues and the number of foreign tourists will be from 5 to 10%. The most common estimates are about a 5% increase in the sector. According to industry representatives, tourism in Egypt simply has nowhere to grow for objective reasons.

Egypt's biggest advantage over competitive destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia or Spain is the low cost of a beach holiday. However, this "budgetary" positioning of Egypt attracts "budgetary" tourists to the country, which does not lead to an increase in income. For this reason, the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Egypt is again asking the state to intervene in the pricing of hotels at least for the summer period: this is necessary so that hotels that offer a "big discount" do not bring down the entire market. As noted in the Federation, due to low prices, hotels of the 3 * category have practically left the market: hoteliers do not want to sell rooms for $ 10-15 per night and are closing hotels.

The Egyptian hotel fund is another problem in the development of the sector. The construction of new hotels and the reconstruction of existing ones have practically ceased in the country. According to the Federation, only 50% of the country's hotel fund is in satisfactory working condition. Hoteliers do not have funds for real estate renovation, the state does not provide preferential loans for these purposes, the hotel development fund has not yet started working.

For this reason, a number of hoteliers begin to panic: in the event of the return of mass tourism from Russia and the UK, they will not have time to prepare their facilities for receiving guests and hire staff. In addition, the pressure on hoteliers to pay for the new classification. So you have to choose: either go through this procedure and shoot "extra" stars, or pay a fine.

A separate topic is the tourist tax of Egypt, which, unlike other competing countries, introduced two of them for foreign tourists at once: a visa ($ 25) and a departure tax (its amount will increase from 20 to 25 dollars from November 1, 2019). At the same time, the UK (30 pounds) and Germany (46 euros) collect the so-called insurance fee from their tourists when they fly to Egypt. Such quasi-taxes, according to the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Egypt, affect the choice of tourists, so these levies should be canceled. The proposal has already been sent to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Egypt's tourism revenues are growing, but the industry has nowhere to grow

Egypt has long been a favorite destination for tourists. Local resorts have all the necessary amenities and a variety of recreational activities for both adults and children. It will be interesting to spend time here for lovers of different types of recreation - beach, active, entertainment and sightseeing. However, ignorance of some of the nuances can ruin a long-awaited vacation. In this article, we share useful tips to minimize unpleasant situations and force majeure.

Prepare your trip in advance

The first thing you need to travel to Egypt is a tourist visa. You can get a permit document in two ways - at international airports upon arrival and in advance at the country's embassies in major cities of Kazakhstan.

Obtaining a visa, having landed in the country of the pyramids, is allowed only for tourist groups that fly on a charter flight from Kazakhstan. A special stamp will be attached to the passport at the place of arrival. The cost of pasting is 27 USD. It is better to pay on account of US dollars. Such a visa is issued for 30 days.

It is important to know: watch out for the expiration of your passport. At the time of travel, the validity of the document must exceed 6 months.

For independent travel, you must send a request to the embassy in advance for a visa.

Official papers and certificates that are required for contacting:

  • passport with two pages without marks;
  • visa application form;
  • a couple of color photographs 4x6 (one should be pasted into the profile, the other should be attached with a paper clip);
  • an invitation that confirms that tourists in Egypt are invited guests (not required, but can request) or a voucher;
  • a document on hotel booking;
  • insurance;
  • plane tickets (two-way).

Useful advice: fill out the visa application form carefully, without errors: in case of corrections, the document will be canceled.

Traveling with minor children? Observe the requirements for the preparation of documents:

  • a separate passport for a child (issued from 14 years old);
  • a photo pasted into the parent's passport (if children are over 6 years old);
  • original and copy of birth certificate;
  • copy and original of a notarized letter from the guardians, which gives permission to travel abroad (if the child is traveling alone, accompanied by an unauthorized person or with one of the parents).

According to the advice of experienced vacationers, most often such a list of documents is sufficient to obtain a visa, but the consul has the right to request additional information. Children under 12 do not need to pay the consular fee.

A citizen of Kazakhstan receives a visa within 15 working days after submitting a request. The cost of a single entry visa is 25 USD, a tourist multivisa will cost 35 USD.

If the visited resort in Egypt is located on the Sinai Peninsula, you can do without a visa. At Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the passport will be marked "Sinai Only", with which it is allowed to stay in this part of the country for up to 15 days.

Must have, or What is important not to forget when packing your bags

First-hand news

The Land of the Pyramids is interesting for many reasons at once. Being one of the most important civilizations of antiquity, it subsequently absorbed the Arab and European colonial heritage, which were superimposed on a specific climate and no less unusual mentality of local residents. So, on the agenda is a trip to Egypt: how to have a proper rest and what to see in this country

Security and other nuances

First of all, you need to take into account the local mentality and the Islamic vision of the world. It should not be forgotten that, culturally and scientifically, Egypt cannot be classified as a developed country. Therefore, in society, for example, a rather superficial attitude towards women prevails, any manifestation of friendliness on the part of which can be regarded as an invitation to copulation.

Therefore, it is better to forget about flirting with local men, and even better to appear outside the resort area only accompanied by a man, or, at worst, a girlfriend. Religion must also be taken into account. 99% of the population see the world through its prism, so what is normal in Europe is completely unacceptable in Egypt.

It should also be remembered that some of these 99% are real religious chauvinists, so it is worth getting ready for the fact that outside the market, where a tourist is viewed as a customer, the attitude towards a non-Muslim will be restrained at best especially when it comes to the traditional quarter.

Accordingly, open outfits (this also applies to men) and drinking are allowed only within the resort area.

  • It is equally important to consider that compliance with sanitary standards in a hotel and in the rest of Egypt are two completely different things. Everything is safe within the resort area, and outside, often the opposite is true. The chances of catching an intestinal infection by buying something at a local diner are very high.
  • All fruits bought in the markets should be thoroughly washed, while swimming in the sea - make sure that no water gets into your mouth, and tap water should not be drunk even at the hotel.
  • In addition, you should remember about malaria, which can be protected with the help of quinidine-containing drugs. Moreover, the reception should be started at least a week before the trip, continue the entire rest period and another week after returning.
  • As good as the Egyptian beaches are, the occasional shark swim up to them is worth keeping in mind. They try not to let them close, and set up patrols, but although the sea predators have not eaten anyone yet, caution will not hurt.
  • Therefore, it is possible to swim only in specially designated places, only for small distances, after pre-following, so that there are no fresh cuts on the body (the smell of the blood of the shark will not be ignored).
  • Another attack has a land and quite human origin - it's pockets. In Egypt, there are plenty of them, especially in the markets and in other crowded places. Unlike sharks, pockets are much more aggressive, so you should give preference by a credit card, and if you have to use cash, then distribute them in different pockets. Wearing jewels are not recommended.

Making purchases It is necessary to bargain everywhere, where it is only possible, especially in the markets and in small stores. If the tourist is not yet too tanned, look at him as an unfamiliar with the local realities of the "kettle", from which you can take several times more than the norm. Therefore, the price must be shot down by at least three times. And do not pay attention to the screams - screaming during the trade here is also in the order of things.

What things to take in Egypt

money. Oncemoto of those money that will go to accommodation and flight, each traveler should be stocking additional amount of money at the rate of $ 300-700 a week. Of course, a lot depends on the tourist's appetites, so familiar with prices for foods, souvenirs, diving, transportation and excursions are still before departure. By the way, about 10-20 dollars a week will go to the tips.

Sunscreen. The first is the cream that should be used constantly. Although if you lie in the sun for a long time, I will not save even. It is worth adding dark glasses and a headdress.


Where is it better to rest in Egypt to the sea? We are talking about 9 resorts for families with children, elderly travelers, lovers of sightseeing tourism and youth. We will tell where good beaches and entertainment, what prices for tours, pros and cons of popular recreation centers.

Last minute tours are looking for Level services. Ravel and Travela - they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save? Look: <

Egypt resorts map

Hurghada <

Resort is 470 km from Cairo - one best places where you can go to the sea in Egypt. Hurghada sandy beaches stretch along the coast of almost 40 km away.

to whom it suits. Hurghada is a universal resort. Strong coast, entertainment and attractions attract family with children on the western coast of the Red Sea. Here is good elderly travelers and divers. Lovers of scuba diving make dive to remote reefs and sunken ships. For young people there is adult animation, discos and nightclubs. From Hurghada it is convenient to go on excursions to the temples of Luxor, Cairo, Giza, Aswan and Alexandria.

Prices. Compared to other resorts in Egypt, Hurghada has affordable prices. In high season, a tour for 11 days for two with a flight from Moscow costs 74 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons. The seaside town is inhabited not only by tourists, but also by locals. Almost all hotels are located near the sea. As the resort is old, many of the hotels require cosmetic repairs.

Makadi Bay

The resort is located 25 km south of Hurghada and is famous for its clean sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Suitable for anyone. Makadi Bay is good for beach lovers, parents with children, fans of water skiing, fans of surfing and diving.

Prices. Tourists are welcomed by comfortable 4-5 * hotels, so prices in Makadi Bay are 10-20% higher than in Hurghada. In high season, a tour for 11 days for two with a departure from Moscow costs from 86 thousand rubles.

The hotels are carefully cleaned and the temperature of the guests is measured three times a day, there are almost no tourists on the streets, souvenirs on store shelves are covered with dust, and many hotels are abandoned.

The most daring Belarusian travelers continue to go on vacation: the borders of countries that have been closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic continue to open. This summer, Belarusians have already traveled to Albania, Montenegro and Turkey, and recently they have access to the resorts of Egypt - albeit almost without excursions.

Sputnik asked Belarusians who were among the first to visit the last mentioned country. According to the rested, tourists in hotels are several times less, many hotels are abandoned, restaurants have switched to plastic dishes, and the temperature is measured three times a day.

Seven hours in one mask

A traveler from Belarus Ekaterina often travels to Egypt with her family: her husband and two sons, 15 and six years old. He says they had no doubts this year too - they really wanted to go to the sea.

"Taking into account the security measures adopted in Belarus and the number of cases of infection, as well as the fact that we work and still contact people, we thought that it would be useful to get out with children to Egypt and even less dangerous than being at home - of course, taking all the necessary precautions, "says the interlocutor.

We took extended insurance: it protected against no departure (guaranteed a refund for the tour if one of the travelers got sick with coronavirus), and in addition, guaranteed full treatment and continued rest with a return flight on another plane for funds insurance company. Overpaid, Ekaterina recalls, about $ 10.

The temperature of the tourists was measured only in the "sleeve" just before landing. Everyone was asked to fill out a questionnaire: indicate passport and contact information, place of travel, tell about their health and possible contacts with COVID-infected. Throughout the flight, stewards monitored the wearing of masks: if someone took them off for a meal, they came up and asked to put them back on. Everyone was fed at the same time, but the snack was traditionally served in individual packaging.

"Regarding the strict wearing of the mask, there are some nuances - it needs to be changed, did anyone follow this? We arrived at the airport two hours before departure, then flew four hours and some more time were at the airport in Egypt, after which they got to the hotel. Does one mask, put on for seven hours, fulfill its function? We drove with a supply of protective equipment, changed regularly, but I'm not sure that everyone else did the same ", - thinks Catherine.

At the exit from the plane, tourists were greeted with a thermal imager. Right at the airport, an employee in a special suit processed all the luggage: the agency's interlocutor says that she recognized the disinfectant by the pungent smell. In transfers, they were seated more spaciously.

No Egyptian cleaning at the hotel

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