Large rivers of Kuzbass: Tom, Kiya, Inya, Kondoma

Where to go to rest for the residents of Kuzbass within the region

So, summer has finally come, and it's time to think about rest. What if you can't go far, but you can get out on the weekend? Your town. u prepared a list of places for recreation within the Kemerovo region. Of course, these are not all places you can go. Let's talk about some.

Water bodies

Turquoise Lakes

One of them is located near the village of Temirtau, Tashtagol region. A blue lake surrounds the forest. This reservoir appeared on the site of mine workings - earlier, iron ore was mined here. You can dive into the lake, and houses for tourists have been built on its shore. In addition, you can ride horses here.

Another lake of unusual blue color is located in the village of April. This lake also appeared on the site of a quarry, and the blue color is given to it by the clay that covers the bottom of the reservoir. The water in it is always cold because of the underground springs. There are no comfortable places to rest here.

One of them is located very close to the city of Kemerovo, in the village of Kamyshnaya, just 20 minutes drive from the city center. It is located near the village of Mazurovo. People often come here for photo shoots, some of them pitch tents and live. To get to the waterfall, you need to get to the Povorot na Kamyshnaya stop and walk through the pine forest along the path.

There is another waterfall in the Topkinsky district. Most often, it appears during the period of snow melting, but since this spring it is probably still in place. And if not, then on the shore of a neighboring reservoir you can arrange excellent fishing and pitch tents. This waterfall is located in the village of Glubokoe, near the dam.

Cave waterfall. It appeared recently during the construction of a highway to Altai, and is located in the Zalesovsky district - a little further than the borders of the region. Everything is ready here for tourists who want to relax by the lake with a waterfall: catamarans, parking lots, shops, and so on.

Lake Urskoe is located near the village of Ursk (Guryevsky district), next to it there are many ponds that have appeared at the site of mining. This lake is deep - about 50 meters. It is also surrounded by forest. Parking lots and places for tents have been arranged nearby. Near the lake there is a 500-meter mountain Kopna. And three kilometers from here there is another waterfall where you can swim.

Lake Big Berchikul is located three kilometers from the village of Tisul. It is filled with spring waters, and curative mud is mined on the shore. Valuable fish species are found in the lake itself. Near the lake there are comfortable observation decks, cafes and so on. Tourists are offered to go on a horse trail to admire the local landscapes.

Shestakovskiy paleontological complex

Where to relax in Kuzbass in the summer: an overview of waterfalls and rocks

Kemerovo Region participates in the program for partial reimbursement of travel expenses both in Russia and Kuzbass.

At the same time, coronavirus infection continues to spread in the region. Therefore, the high alert mode is in effect. Your town. u turned to the government of Kuzbass to find out about the work of tourist organizations within the Kemerovo region. Specialists from the Ministry of Tourism and Youth Policy told how resorts receive visitors with restrictive measures.

Summer village Sheregesh

According to the Ministry of Tourism, summer vacations in Sheregesh are “no less diverse, bright and active than winter ones”. For tourists, ascent and descent on a chairlift to the top of Mount Zelyonaya, a walk with a companion dog in riding equipment, a trip on ATVs, an excursion to natural monuments, rest on the lake "Heart of Sheregesh" are available.

"Now many tour operators offer tour packages to Sheregesh, which includes transfers from the cities of residence to the ski complex, hotel accommodation, as well as an excursion program," the Ministry of Tourism said.

Shor National Park

For tourists of Kuzbass, a trip to a large specially protected natural area of ​​federal significance - Shorsky National Park is available. Unique nature is located in the Tashtagol region.

“The total area of ​​the national park is 414,306 hectares. Shor National Park has a unique recreational potential. It is a territory inhabited by an indigenous and small ethnic group (Shors). The park has opportunities for demonstrating historical and cultural heritage objects to visitors. To get to the territory, you need to issue an entrance ticket, ”the department noted.

There are five ecological tourist routes on the territory of the park, where road and river transport are used. So, the most popular excursion is a simple rafting on catamarans from Sheregesh. The route runs along the Pyzas river.

Walk along the Mras-Su river

According to the Ministry of Tourism, a motorboat excursion along the Mras-Su River is a popular route among tourists. On it there are Cordon “Shelter Karchit” and “Kabuk”, rock formations “Man with a guitar”, “Rock of a camel” and a rocky outlier “Grandfather in a fur hat”.

Quarry Temirtau

This is an artificial reservoir, which was left after an open pit iron ore mine. The site was flooded with water. In the press service of the Ministry of Vashgorod. u told that divers call the Temirtau quarry because of the transparency of the water the second Baikal.

Where to have a rest in Kuzbass in the summer: an overview of waterfalls and rocks news on the site VashGorod. at

Kuzbass, as you know, is the unofficial name of the Kemerovo region. This constituent entity of the Russian Federation is part of the Siberian Federal District and is the most densely populated region in the Asian part of the country. In our article we will tell you in detail about the main rivers of Kuzbass. In addition, you will learn what is unique about the largest lake in the Kemerovo region.

Rivers and lakes of Kuzbass: hydrography of the region

The hydrographic network of the Kemerovo region is rather dense and branched, but it is not evenly developed. It is represented by a large number of watercourses of various lengths, as well as lakes, swamps and artificial reservoirs. All Kuzbass rivers belong to the Ob basin, the catchment area of ​​which is the first in Russia in terms of area.

In total, about 32 thousand watercourses flow through the region. Their total length exceeds 245,000 kilometers. The largest rivers of the Kuzbass have a clear geographical orientation: they flow from south to north (see map below).

There are 850 lakes within the Kemerovo region. The region is dominated by floodplain water bodies formed in river valleys as a result of rivers changing their channels. Most of these lakes are found in the floodplains of Ini and Kii. The largest water bodies of Kuzbass: Big and Small Berchikul, Shumilka, Mokhovoe. In the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau, there are also 65 alpine lakes of glacial origin.

Tom is the largest in length and catchment area of ​​the Kuzbass River, the right tributary of the Ob. The total length of the watercourse is 827 km, within the Kemerovo region - 596 km. In its upper reaches, the Tom is a typical mountain river with rocky shores, numerous rapids and rifts. Once in the Kuznetsk Basin, the Tom bed calms down, and in the lower reaches the river turns into a full-fledged flat watercourse, after which it smoothly and slowly carries its waters into the mother Ob.

The river is fed mixed. About 40% of all received water comes from rainfall, 35% - from melted snow, and another 25% - from groundwater supply. Freezing up on Tom is formed in early November and lasts until mid-April. The spring flood lasts from April to June and is characterized by significant fluctuations in the water level in the channel (up to 6-8 meters).

At least 120 tributaries flow into the Tom. The largest of them are Kondoma and Mrassu. A number of cities are located on the river within Kuzbass: Mezhdurechensk, Novokuznetsk, Krapivinsky, Yurga, as well as the regional center of Kemerovo. Water from Tom is consumed by 37 regional enterprises.

Kiya is one of the main tributaries of the Chulym. It begins in the Kemerovo region, the source of the river is located on the eastern slopes of the Kuznetsk Alatau. In the lower reaches of the Kiya flows through the territory of the neighboring Tomsk region. According to one of the versions, the hydronym “kiya” is of Turkic origin and is translated as “rocky cliff”.

On the banks of the river, there are indeed picturesque jagged rocks up to 15-20 meters high. Some of them even have their own names: Giant, Lonely, Father and Son.

Kia's food is mixed - snow and rain. The watercourse freezes in November and breaks open in mid-April. Unlike Tom, there is not a single industrial enterprise or factory on the banks of the Kiya. Due to this, the ecological state of the river and its banks remains satisfactory.

Inya is one of the right tributaries of the Ob. The source of the river is located on the Taradanovsky Uval, in the central part of Kuzbass. Further, Inya crosses the industrial and agricultural areas of the Kemerovo region. Within the region, on its banks there are two cities (Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Polysaevo), three townships (Gramoteino, Promyshlennaya, Inskoy), as well as many rural settlements and summer cottages. The total length of the river is 663 km, of which 433 km fall on the territory of Kuzbass. Within the boundaries of the region, the Ini runoff is regulated by the Belovsky reservoir.

The last couple of weeks, the topic of ecology in Siberia has been one of the most hotly discussed. But it is not only a matter of acute problems: there are more and more tourists among tourists who want to travel without harming nature. So, according to the Federal Tourism Agency, interest in ecotours since 2011 has grown by 50%.

If you decide to go on such a journey, and even without a guide, "SO" has prepared a list of routes through the most beautiful places in Siberia. Read it!

Raise the Master

For the development and maintenance of ecotourism in our country, the project "Wildlife of Russia: Preserve and See" is working. It already serves about 2.5 million tourists a year. Top Siberia here are Altai and Baikal protected areas.

But there are similar volunteer organizations in many regions. All this together testifies to the growing popularity of ecotourism. Why is it needed?

In recent years, according to Skvortsov, more and more people want to travel meaningfully.

Direct evidence: the tourist flow on the trails equipped by volunteers grows several times, and the risk to life on them, on the contrary, decreases.

In addition, such excursions allow not only contemplating, but also learning the history of the place, which means that you will be more attentive to it later.

Well, what? Let's go on a journey!

Republic of Altai

Difficulty level - easy.

Even if you previously associated Kuzbass only with the word coal, upon closer acquaintance the region will amaze you with its tourist diversity. The area hides a lot of places unexplored by tourists. Endless green massifs of taiga, turquoise lakes, majestic mountain peaks, secret paths, mysterious letters of primitive people inscribed on the rocks. Rest in the Kemerovo region will certainly include the magnificent Mountain Shoria, the reserved Kuznetsk Alatau, relict groves, noisy cedar forests and waterfalls lost in the wilderness. As well as unique ethnographic complexes, where the culture and life of the ancient indigenous peoples who lived in Siberia have been recreated to the smallest detail.

Harsh in its simplicity, the local nature leaves no one indifferent, and the breathtaking views will win the hearts of your Instagram followers. But the main thing that tourists come here for is a ski vacation: in the Kemerovo region there is the world famous Sheregesh resort, which in 2021 is ready to offer guests entertainment for every taste and budget. There are other places in the region where you can go downhill skiing or snowboarding, if your soul asks for something new.

In summer, all the more, you can give free rein to your imagination - hiking and cycling, rafting on Siberian rivers, thematic excursions to places where ancient tribes lived and even real huge dinosaurs roamed about, excellent fishing in mountain streams.

ideas for recreation in the Kemerovo region

1. bite the marching romance on the Celestial Teeth

Take a real hike, where everything will be - guitar, songs, gatherings around the fire, kilometers along the mountain slopes with a backpack on your back, climbing to the peaks, from where magnificent panoramic views open up, which will take your breath away. Overnight in a tent camp, exhausting hiking and wild delight from the conquest of the next height. The majestic taiga, ascents along giant stone boulders - kurumnik, the purest lakes and streams. In the evening - the incomparable taste of dinner cooked in a pot, fragrant taiga tea, hiking tales, and someone will surely pull on "How great that we are all here today!"

The Celestial Teeth is a tourist zone within the boundaries of the Kuznetsk Alatau mountain range, to the south-east of this area there is a unique nature reserve. The train journey from Novokuznetsk to Luzhba station takes just over 4 hours. For beginner tourists, there are simple routes (from three days) with ascents to the most popular peaks. However, even during this time, a lot of interesting things will happen to you: you will visit the legendary transfer point for tourists - at the Luzhba station, find out what it is like to be thrown into the very heart of the Kuzbass mountains on a Ural truck, see such sights as Tremolite stones, Talc quarry , Alguyskie waterfalls, a chapel near the Snow Leopard shelter, shelters for travelers scattered in the mountains. And then climb several mountain peaks and take spectacular photos.

2. See the rock paintings of primitive people

A unique historical and cultural monument - a group of coastal rocks dotted with drawings made several millennia BC - is located just 50 kilometers from the capital of Kuzbass, Kemerovo. There is also a museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa". Recently, the museum has been very actively developing and offers guests a huge number of educational and entertainment programs. On its territory, excursions to numerous exhibitions devoted to the life of the ancient peoples of Siberia are held, as well as a mini-zoo and attractions.

In winter, you can ride a dog sled, sleigh or snowmobile, try to master hunting skiing, slide down a slide with a breeze on a tubing, or visit the residence of Santa Claus. In summer, visitors ride among the pine trees in horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, ATVs, scooters and gyro scooters. They jump with a "bungee", sail on an excursion boat to the distant river islands.

Mass festivities and events are held here all year round - from national holidays to outdoor symphony concerts. On the territory of the museum-reserve, you can live for several days in a cozy village house with a bathhouse or in an authentic Mongolian yurt. Swim in a Slavic vat with hot water, learn the maximum about the history of the region, make friends with local celebrities - the bears Masha and Misha, the raccoon Masyanya, the marmot Busya, which becomes especially popular on Groundhog Day, although on this date he always sleeps soundly. As a souvenir, you should definitely buy traditional Siberian souvenirs.

3. Master skiing or snowboarding

Going on vacation to the Kemerovo region in winter, you will surely visit Sheregesh - the capital of Siberian skiing. This is a cult place for athletes and just lovers of outdoor activities. Those who have been there know that there is no place more unique in its atmosphere. Only snow, only drive, only unrestrained fun. It's not just that a million people come here every year.

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