Ladoga skerries

Dedication to touristsA cheerful holiday in nature for children and parents

A family kayak boat trip is a great choice for parents with children! And acquaintance with Ladoga Skerries will not leave anyone indifferent! For the whole family it will be an unforgettable journey with overcoming simple obstacles, visiting interesting places and islands!

Skerries are small rocky islands separated by numerous straits. They are scattered along the water surface of narrow bays and bays like fjords. Each such island is called a skerry. For the captains of any vessel, they pose a great danger, since some of them are barely visible above the water. However, for tourists and connoisseurs of unusual landscapes, they are a real paradise.

On this trip, we will live in tents on the islands, and all our adventures will be based on the legends of ancient tribes! In eight days of the hike, we will have time to ride along the picturesque skerries (5 days) with kayak crossings, and between the crossings we will stop for the whole day without packing up tents, and enjoy nature, active games on the islands (3 days for the entire trip).

And also a real camp bath awaits you, we will definitely put it on the shore at least twice during the entire trip, in it you can enjoy the warmth, and then, if you wish, plunge into the water!

And, of course, we remind you that the trek is led by experienced instructors, it will be great, fun and interesting for both adults and children!

Daily program


We meet in St. Petersburg at the Finlyandsky railway station and go to the village of Kuznechnoye, and then take a taxi. Lunch is already ready in the camp and our kayaks are waiting for their sailors and captains.

After lunch we will find out who is the sailor in the kayak and what the captain is driving. We get the oars, life jackets, things are sent to hermetic bags, and we go down to the water.

Ahead we have the first 5 kilometers along Ladoga and the magnificent beaches of Koyonsaari Island.

Together we set up a camp and plunge into the history of the Nerpa Tribe.


Today we have our first radial exit. The camp remains in place, and we go to the island of Linnasaari, what secrets are hidden on it? Let's find out at the top.

Ladoga skerries

The whole class hike in the forest A scenario for a holiday in nature and a family picnic in the forest with children

At one of the school parents' meetings, moms and dads discussed the next problems of relationships with growing children. They sighed that, they say, not just with them, thirteen. They advised on rudeness, stubbornness, disobedience. They debated, argued, looked for ways to get closer to children. And they decided to go with the whole class on a small one-day trek into the forest. That would be children, and parents, and porridge at the stake, and joint games. And in order to make the event even more interesting and more fun, we decided to arrange for the children to become a tourist. This story is a guide to action, a kind of scenario for a holiday in nature that you can spend with the guys. It can become the basis for a children's birthday party in nature, and for a family picnic in the forest.

Let's go!

Our hike turned out not the way it was originally intended, but it was still a success. By the agreed Sunday, most of the parents were busy with some important and urgent business. As a result, the class teacher Irina Mikhailovna, an enthusiastic dad from among experienced tourists and three active parents, including myself and my husband, went to the forest from adults. Gathering near the school at 9-00, all the necessary products are purchased, the weather pleases with clear skies and bright sunshine. We start on foot, fortunately to the nearest fishing line 40 minutes walk.

. Having chosen a pretty meadow among young pine trees, we set up our simple camp. Children spread bedspreads, throw their bags and backpacks and immediately run away: boys play football, girls - cheer for them. We do not bother them yet, we give them the opportunity to run a little. Then we command the general collection. The children are outraged. They are very mature and wise, they want to be left alone, they do not need our games. You have to be tough and take away the soccer ball for a while. All to collect firewood! At first they trudge reluctantly, then they liven up a little. They drag dry branches, chop them for firewood, flaunt in front of each other and in front of the girls. The girls are actively involved and also try to swing the ax. We throw lots and choose two people on duty in the kitchen. They go to peel potatoes. The rest are helping to build a fire. The ball is forgotten. After a while, several volunteer assistants appear at the attendants. boys. We surreptitiously observe and laugh, how clumsily, but with what passion they torment the unfortunate potato, trying to peel it. They take knives away from each other and seem to have great pleasure in cleaning. Mothers, why do your little men peel potatoes for the first time at the age of 13?

When all the chores are finished, we turn to the cultural program.

Warm up

To begin with, all the guys were asked to split into two teams and come up with a name for their team. They shared for a long time, so they had to resort to drawing lots again - to drag whole and broken matches. Then they argued for a long time about the names and, finally, issued: "Ragged Sneakers" and "Obtuse Corners". Y-yes.

As a warm-up, the guys were invited to compete, who knows more words on tourism topics. Each team names words in turn until someone has nothing more to say. We remembered a lot of words. Then, keeping in mind that a real tourist must be smart and quick-witted, each team was given a tourist problem. The solution is 3 minutes. So tasks:

"When going on a difficult hike, a tourist put a lot of all sorts of things in his backpack

  • sleeping bag, rug, clothes and other personal equipment 12 kg;
  • cereals, crackers , canned food and other products 13.5 kg;
  • a tent, an ax, and other public equipment 8.5 kg.
How much did a tourist's backpack weighed when he finished the hike, if known that all the food was eaten, the ax weighing 2 kg was lost, and at the bottom of the backpack there was an electric iron weighing 4 kg, which the caring little sister put the tourist so that his trousers and laces were always ironed during the hike? "

"In training, an experienced tourist puts on one ski in 20 seconds, and takes off in 10 seconds. How much time will an experienced tourist spend when taking off and putting on a pair of skis 30 times? How many pairs of skis will an experienced tourist wear in 10 minutes? "

After the tragedy on Syamozero in 2016, officials began to pay close attention to children's (especially sports-extreme) recreation. Instead of children, inspectors began to go to the camps in droves. Parents, in turn, decided to postpone such rest at all: suddenly what.

To understand how a typical outdoor children's camp works and what children do for several weeks, AIF correspondent. u went to one of these camps on Lake Mergub.

Far from civilization

After noisy Moscow, finding yourself among the forests, lakes, in a place where there is no Internet and cellular communication, seems to be something unreal. True, it is not easy to get here: 13 hours by train to Petrozavodsk, another 5 hours to the village of Tiksha and there 20 minutes along an impassable forest road. “Is this the way children overcome? And they do it several times a season? " - revolves in my head. But all thoughts immediately disappear as soon as we get to the camp. A huge space, tents, which even from a distance seem large and cozy, the laughter of children discussing something near the fire and, most importantly, a stone's throw from the lake.

The Big Adventure Hiking Camp is aimed at children from 8 to 17 years old. And this is not a place where you can relax and hang out. Classes for children are scheduled from 9 am to 10 pm. After all, in the camp itself, they are only 3-4 days and then to prepare before setting off on a real adventure. And there are plenty of adventures here: rafting on catamarans, hiking with huskies, bicycle rides. But before that, you need thorough preparation: learn how to make a fire, put up a tent, prepare firewood, hold an oar correctly and, perhaps, the main rule is to be responsible for your groupmates. Without this, you cannot survive in any campaign, and they are here from 5 to 21 days.

Before going on a multi-day hike, the instructors teach children all the skills that may be useful to them in the wild. By the way, the instructors themselves are trained directly by the director of the camp, and he is personally responsible for the skills of each.

As soon as the instructors understand that the children are ready, the group goes on a one-day hike to the neighboring peninsula: to test themselves. This peninsula is perfectly visible from the coast, where the camp administration is located. Moreover, the administration of the camp must notify the Ministry of Emergencies about every trip, even a short one. And parents do not have to worry: not only will their child be able to call back every day, but the instructor must at a certain time inform the deputy director of security about the status and location of the group.

Campfire, tea and talk

We follow the children a few hours after their departure: I wonder if they can apply the skills they just learned. We are sailing. The guys are sitting, chatting, drinking tea and warming themselves by the fire: it is about to rain. A little further away from them, in the forest, tents are already set up, things are neatly stacked nearby. It turns out that here everyone has his own position: someone is on duty today, someone is a fire-burning, and someone is responsible for firewood. So there is someone to keep order.

We learn that three guys came from London for the sake of hiking in Karelia. “I came here for this atmosphere,” one of them says, showing me a mug of tea, biscuits and a fire. - Mentally, there is no such thing in England. And I also want to know the nature of Russia ”. A friend interrupts him: “And my sister is a traveler, she loves this kind of tourism. And I follow her. I was last time. True, I did not go on a water trip, but with a husky. It's so great to be with the kindest dogs for 24 hours. "

Dogs with a big heart

And indeed, as soon as we got back, we got acquainted with the husky. There are about 60 of them in the camp. Each group of children can easily get to know them and go for at least one walk. The guys are allowed into the enclosure together only after the instructor, counselor and dog handler have gone there. It seems that the good-natured animals were just waiting for children: they jump, bark, lick their hands, fondle. The children are delighted. They run from one to the other - after all, their eyes run up. And this one needs to be stroked, and that one. But you still need to make a choice and dwell on one: with her, the guys will go for a walk.

At what age can you go camping for the first time? Of course in childhood! Especially if this is a special children's trip, in which the child will feel like a full-fledged member of the tour group and, together with other boys and girls, will learn to put up a tent, make a fire, love and understand nature. We invite you to join us on just such a small but very interesting trip to the banks of the Nerskaya River. The route is available for children from 6 years old (and for especially active ones - from 5 years old!) And will be interesting for children up to 12-13 years old. An exciting journey full of fun and kind adventures, outdoor games and a campfire lunch awaits you and your child. Your kids won't remember their best TV day ever! Give yourself and your child a whole day of forest fairy tale!

Type of routeDurationDength (km) Line of the routeDifficulty of the route Walking1 day8 railway station Podosinki - river Nerskaya - railway station PodosinkiUncomplicated

Hike Dates: June 5, 2021

Trekking plan:

At 11.5 we meet at the central part of the Podosinki platform (the train from Kazan station departs at 9:15). We meet and go through a short briefing about the upcoming route. This is where our adventures begin! Perhaps this is your child's first real "adult" trip. But even if your children are no longer newcomers to the tourist life, they will still remember this trip for a long time. Coming to our Meshchera forests, you immediately find yourself in a fairy tale. And this time is no exception! Our old friend Baba Yaga - harmful and quarrelsome - hid her treasures in the forest. And everything is as it should be - the chest with the treasure is hidden in the forest, but we have to find the keys to it on the way to the treasure.

We will find the right key, which means we will get the cherished treasures, but we will not find them, so again Baba Yaga will share them with Leshim. Believe me, even adults do not always manage to find the coveted key, but it's good that our children are more attentive and quicker than us - they certainly can handle such tasks! While searching for the keys, we will not notice how we approach the Nerskaya River. A fabulous pine forest stretches along the banks of this beautiful river - here we will set up our camp.

Children, under the guidance of an instructor, will collect firewood, make a fire according to all hiking rules and arrange a bivouac. We will also learn how to pitch a tent, try to shoot with slingshots, bows, Indian pipes, jump over a large rope, arrange small competitions - a real tourist lane with overcoming obstacles, carrying the "injured", climbing rope and many other adventures that will teach your the child to act well in a team and come to the rescue of his comrades.

A hot camp lunch will be prepared for everyone, and everyone will have the opportunity to fry sausage and bread on a stick - the legendary “camp” dish. Your child will be the happiest because he did it himself! After lunch, we will drink tea with sweets, discussing who turned out to be the most attentive, fastest and most accurate today. Time will fly by quickly, and we will not notice how it will be time to get ready for the return journey. At 17:48 - 18:05 we go home by train from the Podosinki station. Until next time!

List of required equipment:

- a small backpack for personal belongings - comfortable clothing and footwear for the weather - a hat - KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife) - it is possible without a knife - a thermos with tea or a bottle of water - repellent ( from mosquitoes and ticks) - seat - raincoat

If you are a beginner hiker, we recommend reading this article of ours - it will help you get ready for the hike correctly and without unnecessary expenses.

Hike cost:

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