Ladoga rocks and Koyonsaari beaches with children: description

Ladoga rocks and Koyonsaari beaches with children: description

A family kayak boat trip is a great choice for parents with children! And acquaintance with Ladoga Skerries will not leave anyone indifferent! For the whole family it will be an unforgettable journey with overcoming simple obstacles, visiting interesting places and islands!

Skerries are small rocky islands separated by numerous straits. They are scattered along the water surface of narrow bays and bays like fjords. Each such island is called a skerry. For the captains of any vessel, they pose a great danger, since some of them are barely visible above the water. However, for tourists and connoisseurs of unusual landscapes, they are a real paradise.

We will build real sand castles, relax on the picturesque Karelian beaches, admire stunning landscapes, swim, sunbathe and enjoy delicious field cuisine! Our signature pine-wood soup has long conquered the hearts and stomachs of both small and big travelers! And in the evenings we will listen to the gentle sound of the waves, talk a lot by the fire, sing our favorite songs and look at the immense sky with millions of star constellations. Already dreaming of such a vacation? Then join us on a wonderful trip to Koyonsaari!

Daily program


Travel to a magical island. Tervu - Koyonsaari

Our incredible adventures will begin in a cozy camping near the village of Tervu. We arrive at the start, get to know each other, undergo instructions and go kayaking to Koyonsaari Island.

You can get to this island either by a bridge or by water. This is a real Karelian paradise! The white sandy beaches are extraordinary here: fine, delicate sand, bright juicy colors of Lake Ladoga and dozens of uninhabited islets around. And what are the fragrant forests, delicious berries ... Fascinating? Yes, the hand is already reaching for the camera. And rightly so, cool pictures for a family album will turn out here!

We will camp right on the beach. A unique program tonight: stunning sunset, delicious signature dinner and exciting stories and legends! Yes, yes, this island is rich not only in beautiful nature, but also in history.


Ladoga rocks and Koyonsaari beaches with children: description

The waterways of Karelia are fed by underground and surface tributaries. There are 27 thousand rivers in the Republic, many of which are related to the Baltic Sea. Rare rivers of Karelia flow into the Caspian, some flow to the waters of the White Sea. There are waterways in the republic that cross the border with Finland, which have a completely different name there.

In total, the total length of the Karelian rivers is 83 thousand km. The average flow velocity of waterways varies in the range from 0.1 to 6 m/s. Rapids and waterfalls are common for Karelian rivers. It is the rivers that make the nature of Karelia rich and beautiful. They feed forests, meadows and hillsides with their waters, providing food and water to all living things around. An extensive tourist network is developed in these areas. There are also hydroelectric power plants in the Kemsky and Ondsky regions.

The longest rivers in Karelia

List, photos with names and descriptions of the main waterways of the region.

Falls into Onega. The water area is 7670 km². At the mouth of the river is its pearl - the Kivach waterfall. Suna has many rapids and many waterfalls. There are also navigable sections on the river. Hydroelectric power plants have been built in the fast-flowing areas. Today the river is considered a simple tourist route. Along its water area there are kayaking routes.

The water area consists of the upper and lower parts. The lower part reaches the White Sea, the upper part forms Vygozero. The drainage basin covers an area of ​​27,100 km². The name of the river is translated from Norwegian as "depression". At the mouth of this particular river, petroglyphs of Besov Sledki were discovered. The rock carvings there are dated back to the 4th millennium BC. There are no fast sections and large rapids in this area.


Right and northern tributary of the Kem. The pool covers an area of ​​8270 km². The river is notable for its way of replenishing water. The tributary feeds on rain and snow melt. The channel is filled with large rifts and rapids, so the river is not navigable. The water area is ideal for sports tourism. The depth here in some places does not exceed 3 meters. The water pool is located in the border zone.

The riverbed flows into the Vygozerskoe reservoir. The total area is 4080 km². The high speed of the water in the channel makes the river attractive both for rafters and for the construction of a hydroelectric power station. The Ondskaya HPP has been standing on the river since 1957. Fishermen also value these waters because they can catch pike, bream and grayling there. Residential settlements are located around this water area. A highway crosses the river in the Kemsky region. The entire waterway is full-flowing, there are few shallow waters in the channel.

The South Karelian artery is directly related to Lake Onega. The water area is 10100 km². River waters flow into Logmozero. Numerous salmon spawning grounds are considered a feature of the water area. Rafting competitions are held in areas close to the cities. The waterway has its own hydroelectric power station and is navigable.

Karelia - would you like to go there? Ladoga rocks and Koyonsaari beaches with children: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

By car in Karelia: a four-day route in 2 parts, covering the most iconic places of the republic

Part 1. Acquaintance with Karelia: organizational issues and first impressions

The Republic of Karelia borders on Finland and attracts fans of eco-tourism from all over Russia and neighboring European countries to its expanses. This region is famous for its unique, almost untouched by man, nature, interesting wooden architecture, as well as an aura of mystery and mystery, which we will try to reveal.


In order to fully immerse oneself in the amazing atmosphere of Karelia, it will take at least 4 days - there are so many iconic interesting places that must be visited in order to get the most out of the trip.

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Travel with pleasure!

How to get to Karelia

There are several ways to get to Karelia:

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