KBT MSU - MSU Water Tourism Club

KBT MSU - MSU Water Tourism Club

KAYAK ALLOYS from RiverPRO - Karelia and Kola!


INTRODUCING a new (from last season), but already the most FAVORITE DESTINATION of the RiverPRO water tourism club!

AVAILABLE TO ALL - both experienced tourists and completely newbies!

JOIN! RIDE! SMILE! Group: . om/club77676438

Is traveling your dream? Mountains, rivers, tents and bonfires - your passion? Wouldn't it be nice to go hiking and earn money? If your answer is "YES", then you are on your way with us!

Show in full. One of the best schools in Russia for training tourism instructors, held annually by the "Adventure" Club of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo, announces a new recruitment! Next spring we are holding two seminar schools on water and hiking at once. The seminar consists of a theoretical part, which will take place in March, and a training trip - in April of this year. Students who have successfully passed the theory exams and completed the training trip are admitted to an internship in children's health camps "Big Adventure" in Karelia and the Krasnodar Territory, which implies the leadership of the campaigns of children's groups. The duration of the internship is at least 1.5 months during the summer school holidays.

Main advantages: • Education is free. • Educational and training water trip runs along the Msta River in the Tver and Novgorod regions; on foot - in the Mostovsky district of the Krasnodar Territory (foothills of the Caucasus). • The training is carried out by the best trainers-teachers, honored travelers of Russia and the master of sports in tourism. • Seminars are held jointly with the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History. Graduates who have passed the exams and completed the internship receive certificates of instructors for children and youth tourism of the established form and an international First Aid Certificate of the Red Cross. • During the internship, wages are paid! Conditions: • Age at the time of the school-seminar - not less than 18. • Experience in leadership or participation in categorical trips, confirmed by certificates of completed trips of the established sample (photocopies of certificates are provided to the organizing committee of the school-seminar). • The student must have an "Accident Insurance Policy" valid from 01. 3. 016 to 01. 9. 016 (a photocopy of the contract is provided to the organizing committee of the school-seminar). • Knowledge of the Instructions for organizing and conducting tourist trips, expeditions and excursions with pupils, pupils and students of the Russian Federation (Appendix 1 to the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation No. 293 dated July 13, 1992). • Knowledge of the training program for sports tourism ("Initial level") in accordance with the "Regulations on the training system in sports tourism of the Russian Federation", approved by the Council of the TSSR 8-10. 2.006 y.

Announcements of recruiting into hiking groups are published here.

The Water Tourism Club of Moscow State University announces admission to the “School of Water Tourism of the Basic Level 2021!” Lectures and seminars are held weekly on Wednesdays from 19-00. The events are conducted remotely through the Zoom program. Practical classes in the Moscow region are held on weekends 2 times a month. Chebno-training hike is planned in Karelia on July 2-12. render completely. The first lesson of the school will take place on December 2, 2020. More details about the work of the School can be found at the link: . u/about-us/season2021

Those wishing to study - fill out the form in any form and send it to the Club's mail (the contents of the form and the mail address are available at the link: . u/about-us/season2021/34002-2) <

Winter and tourism are a great combination.

On November 22 and 23 we invite to the Travelers Club for the Winter Tourism Days.

Here you will find answers to questions: Show in full.

How to go hiking in winter? How to ski and where to start? Is it scary to go to the Arctic in winter or cross Africa by bike? Where can climbers climb in winter? How to ride a bike in the snow? What is hidden in the northernmost part of the Urals?

Are you looking for an interesting trail route?

And besides that, we will hold a lecture of the School of Tourism, and in a week a group of daredevils in company with us will go to the forest with an overnight stay: . u/club/shkola-turizma-chto-vzy ..

The club will be visited by ambassadors and close friends of "Sport-Marathon":

Sergey Romanenkov will tell you how to start the journey of a ski tourist and what awaits you in this endeavor. . u/club/pokhody-zimoy-ot-prosty ..

Altair Turkclub conducts an additional course of the school of primary tourist training


Classes are designed for beginners in water tourism and water enthusiasts with experience in kayaking. The training program includes lectures and practical classes, one- and two-day training trips of the weekend. Upon completion of theoretical training, it is planned to conduct a training trip of the II-III category of complexity along the rivers of sowing. Caucasus (Krasnodar Territory). Those who successfully completed the hike are issued certificates of the established form, which entitle them to participate in more difficult hikes and guide hikes. Lectures are given by the master of sports in water tourism Ivan Anatolyevich Terpilovsky. Participants of the hikes are assisted in providing the necessary equipment. Classes are free.

Lectures in the evening. Practical lessons on weekends. More difficult hikes in the future.

Classes start on March 1 (Wednesday) at 19.00 at the address: Minsk, st. Petrusia Brovki, 10 (3rd academic building of BSUIR), room 110 For inquiries by phone: MTS (29) 255-19-66, Velcom (29) 973-60-10

Dear friends! Welcome spring with the 750mm project. y! Already on March 18, we again invite you to plunge into the world of narrow-gauge railways and fresh beer with the tour "Lida narrow-gauge and brewing"!

A fascinating excursion to the world of narrow-gauge railways awaits you, where you can not only get acquainted with the history of this exotic type of transport, but also ride a passenger train along one of the existing narrow-gauge railways. render completely.

After exciting rides we will go with you on an excursion to the brewing capital of the Republic of Belarus. Lida is a city that breathes beer. The first Brovars appeared here with the entry into force of the Magdeburg Law in the 16th century. During the excursion you will get acquainted with the process of beer production, visit the heart of the brewery - the brewhouse, see, visit the shortest street Pivnaya, learn how to taste beer correctly. At the end of the excursion, you will have free time for an independent walk through the historic city center.

Fresh air, sound of wheels and winter landscapes outside the window and hot tea in a thermos - exactly what you need to meet a good day with a cheerful company!

The cost of the excursion will be: 67BYN - a trip along the narrow-gauge railway with a visit to the Lida Brewery; 45BYN - a trip on a narrow gauge railway without visiting the brewery.

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