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Do you like hiking and travel? Do you often rest with tents? Are you not afraid to stay far from the benefits of civilization? Rafting down the Medveditsa River in kayaks will prove that you have not seen everything. The beauty of the Saratov region, pure nature, an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual responsibility. Active rest in Saratov goes to a new level! This is not a home gathering or a trip to the country.

We have created such a program so that you will certainly feel the team spirit while rafting down the Medveditsa River. The company "Adrenaline" invites everyone who is alien to a boring weekend in front of the TV. Are you looking for a vacation with friends? Not sure how to spend your birthday interesting? Call now! Our phone number: +7 (995) 127-26-27. You won't soon forget kayaking on the Medveditsa River.

Consider 3 route options: along the river. Bear and R. Tereshka.

  • Krasavka Station - Young Station. The most active rest for extreme lovers. Fast flow, drive and unforgettable impressions are provided;
  • Mr. Bald Mountains - with. Ataevka. Sandy beaches, calm current. An ideal route for a quiet family vacation;
  • s. Ershovka - garden plots at the mouth of the river. Tereshki. The route map can be changed at the discretion of the group.

All rafting takes place both on weekends and on weekdays. The solution of questions on applications is carried out well in advance of the scheduled departure date. The participation of young children in the trip is discussed with the organizer on an individual basis.

Our guests will be fully immersed in the atmosphere of unity with nature: participation in the preparation of kayaks, tents and tourist utensils. Checking equipment, passing safety procedures. An active kayak vacation in Saratov is suitable for anyone who is tired of the bustle of the city and wants to have a real rest.

Fates draw closer together on our trips! If you want your chosen one to always remember the day of the declaration of love, invite her to the rafting!

Children under 6 years old are served free of charge, without taking a separate seat in the kayak. In case of refusal to participate in the rafting no later than 10 days before the date of the rafting, 50% of the advance payment is subject to refund. In case of refusal to participate in the rafting for 3 days or less, the advance payment is non-refundable.

Don't forget to think about a set of things to take with you. For experienced travelers, this will not be difficult. We will help beginners to do this by phone +7 (995) 127-26-27.

Imagine breathing clean river air. You are close to people close to you. You are resting. Actively and profitably. Kayaking in Saratov is a team entertainment suitable for groups of friends (colleagues) and families with children. Call now to find out more information and book the date of the rafting.

We are always ready to listen to your wishes to make your holiday program even brighter.

Types and directions of tourism in Armenia

The end of summer is an ideal time for active recreation on the water. It's not so hot anymore, and there are almost no mosquitoes and midges. But there is a kayak, oars, magnificent landscapes - such a rest will give a boost of vivacity for the whole year. "AiF - NP" has chosen the most popular water routes of this season.

Along the Bear

Medveditsa is an ideal river for rafting. The relatively fast current allows considerable distances to be covered during the day's crossing. And the impressions of the shores change, as in a kaleidoscope, with each new bend passing.

Route: from Mikhailovka to Serafimovich. Duration: two days of travel with one or two overnight stays (about 80 km). What to see: contrasting river banks - cliffs and beaches, exits to the water of hilly steppe areas. Where to travel: all types of kayaks and PVC boats. Trekking category: amateur. No special age restrictions.

Along Khopr and Don

The Don and Khoper Rivers are created for those who like to travel by water with companies or families. The flow of both rivers is unhurried, there are no rifts and whirlpools dangerous for novice travelers.

Route: along the Don River from the mouth of the Khopr to the Ust-Medveditsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery in Serafimovich. Duration: one day. What to see: sandy beaches, beautiful hills of the right-bank Don ridge, coastal protected forests. Where to travel: two- and three-seater kayaks. Trekking category: amateur. The preferable age of the child accompanied by adults is from 9 to 10 years.

Route: along the Khoper River from Uryupinsk to Serafimovich. Duration: a week of rafting (230 km). What to see: the shores of Khopra, untouched by civilization, with alternating wooded and steppe shores. Near the village of Bukanovskaya there is a monument to the Don Cossacks, at Slashchevskaya there are glacial relic boulders. Where to travel: light two- and three-seater kayaks of the Taimen class. Trekking category: amateur.

Route: along the Don River from Serafimovich to the "Shukshin Cliff" near Kletskaya. Length: about 100 km. What to see: the route was developed for admirers of the work of the Soviet, Russian writer and film actor - with a visit to the places where the famous film "They Fought for the Motherland" was filmed, and chapels on the high Don bank with a dedication to the actor. Where to travel: kayaks. Trekking category: amateur.

Down the Volga

The Volga is lower than the Volzhskaya HPP - the river for water routes is not the most ideal. The main danger is summer hurricane winds driving high waves on wide stretches. There are not very pleasant whirlpools, areas with a difficult current, continuous heaps of snag along the banks. It is better for beginners without experienced instructors not to go out on such a large river. The routes listed below are perhaps the safest for beginners and travelers without rafting skills. But it is better to go through them with an experienced guide-organizer.

Route: from s. Karshevity around the island of Saralevsky, along the Karshevitskaya Volozhka and Dubovskaya Volozhka channels. Duration: one day. What to see: the most unusual section of the lower Volga, where the river splits into narrow, picturesque branches with islands. The outskirts of the village of Karshevitoe, the Glukhoi farm are rich in small cozy islands, an abundance of canals, sandy beaches, and forest camps. Where to travel: kayaks. Trekking category: amateur.

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