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Rafting on the rivers Zhombolok and Oka Sayanskaya

Trekking along the picturesque trail along Lake Baikal. Kayaks on Lake Baikal. Leisure. Vivid emotions. New impressions. Swimming in Baikal.

23 - 30 July 2021 (10 seats), 30 July - 06 August 2021 (10 seats), 06 - 13 August 2021 (10 seats)

Kayaking. Stunningly beautiful landscapes. Minimum people. Transparent water of Baikal. Sandy beaches. Beautiful bays of South Baikal.

on request from June to September

We had a great time :) It was interesting and sooo much fun. The company got right to it! So many pleasant memories! Guide Chernysheva Katya. We are infinitely lucky with her. She loves her land, knows everything about it, and happily transfers this love to us. It is easy and comfortable to both discover new places and have fun with it. Great Guide! A wonderful person

Maria, good afternoon. Once again, we want to thank you for the joint project. We hope that this trip will be remembered for a long time by its participants and when planning the next events they will consider Baikal as an excellent destination where you can combine business with pleasure. I wish you success, good clients and new fulfilled requests! Special thanks to everyone who was directly involved in organizing the trip.

Thanks to Elena, Victoria, Daria, Christina, Natalia and everyone else for the kind words!

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Kayaking on Lake Baikal

Rafting on the rivers Zhombolok and Oka Sayanskaya is a route unique in terms of the saturation of obstacles and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

We will cover 260 kilometers of the route in 12 days, and all of them will be rich: even days here are devoted to passing the rapids, and free time is devoted to walking around the neighborhood, because it is so beautiful here that you don't want to let go of the camera ! It will be a truly sporty hike.

Attention! All foreigners are required to issue a pass to the border zone (issued two months before the start of the hike). Ask the route coordinator for details.

Upcoming hikes

Places are still available, as not everyone has confirmed participation.

How to get there

The fastest way to get there is by plane. Flights are operated by Aeroflot and S7 Airlines. Departure time is local. All hikes except the last one start on Sunday and end on Friday.

Since the hike ends on Friday, you can spend another 1-2 days in Irkutsk and go to Lake Baikal.

Meeting of the group with the instructor at the airport of Irkutsk at 8:30 Irkutsk time (+5 hours Moscow time) on the first day of the hike.

We will fly there from Moscow on Saturday evening and arrive in Irkutsk on Sunday morning. Moscow - Irkutsk (Aeroflot), departure at 17:25 (arrival at 4:00) and 21:20 (arrival at 8:05) Moscow - Irkutsk (S7 Airlines), departure at 18:45 (arrival at 5:15) and 21:40 (arrival at 8:15)

North Baikal is the most untouched corner of Baikal and the most protected. Baikal-Lensky Nature Reserve, Frolikhinsky Nature Reserve, Barguzinsky Nature Reserve. The beauty of nature here is simply mesmerizing! Combined pedestrian-water route.

By air flights from Moscow to Irkutsk (then by train to Ulan-Ude) or a direct flight to Ulan-Ude (the cheapest tickets are usually from S7). Then a flight to Nizhneangarsk by Buryatavia flights, the schedule can be viewed on the Baikal airport website (from Ulan-Ude it takes 1 hour 20 minutes). From Nizhneangarsky airport to Severobaikalsk 25 km, a shuttle bus runs (15-30 minutes to the railway station in Severobaykalsk).

RAILWAY You can reach Severobaikalsk by trains: # 92 (Moscow-Severobaykalsk) in the opposite direction # 91 (travel time - 92 hours) # 76 (Moscow-Tynda) in the opposite direction # 75

COMBINED OPTION 1. Flight to Bratsk, then by rail. 2. Flight to Irkutsk, then to Severobaikalsk can be reached via Baikal on the "Comet", travel time is 11 hours (the entire Baikal is crossed from South to North). Departure from Irkutsk (to be specified) - Tuesday, Friday at 8:50 (Raketa pier) local time; departure from Severobaikalsk - Wednesday, Saturday at 8:20 (Severobaikalsk port) local time. The ticket price is about 2500 rubles. one way. (In case of unfavorable weather conditions, flights cancellation is possible).


Meeting in the city of Severobaikalsk at 10 am local time at the railway station. Accommodation at the base (we leave things). Trekking to the shore of Lake Baikal. Rest, lunch. After lunch - free time to walk around Severobaikalsk.

Dinner, meeting the group. Overnight at the Ecological School.


Breakfast. Drive to the Springs in Goudzhekit. This is a unique place, we are having a good time and relaxing. Lunch at the cafe (not included in the price), return to the base.

Moving to Nizhneangarsk. Assembly of kayaks, dinner by the fire. To prepare food for the entire group, we unite 3-4 people in order to take turns on duty during the hike. Everyone is involved in setting up tents and collecting firewood for the camp. Overnight stay on the island.

Thermal spring "Goudzhekit" - located 25 km. from the city of Severobaikalsk. Opened in 1989. Secondary bicarbonate water with a temperature of 50 C. The source is fenced and presented in the form of two baths, there is a split room, a bar. Since time immemorial, people have used the healing properties of thermal waters. In terms of mineralization and composition of salts, the water of the Goudzhekit spring is closest to the "Dilijan" type (a famous resort in Armenia).


Breakfast. Rafting to Yarki Island located in the Upper Angara delta. On one side of the island is Baikal, and on the other is the Upper Angara delta. Around the open space! Dinner. Continuation of the rafting to Millionniy Island. If you're lucky, you can watch huge flocks of Baikal gulls here.

An intense tour that will allow you to see the most interesting sights of Lake Baikal in a week.

We will visit Listvyanka - a village on the shore of the lake, not far from the place where the Angara River begins. Here we will climb the Chersky stone - a beautiful view of the lake and the source of the Angara opens from here.

We will visit the Baikal Museum. Those who wish will be able to go to the seal.

On Olkhon Island we will settle in cozy houses and walk and ride in radials. We will visit Cape Khoboy and Ogoy Island with a stupa of enlightenment. We will definitely go to Shamanka Rock both in the afternoon and in the evening at sunset, when we get fantastic photos. Those who wish will be able to make a long journey to the opposite bank of Fr. Olkhon and look at the other side of Lake Baikal and Khamar-Daban.

And, of course, we will skate on the ice of the lake (skates are not available for rent, you must take your own from home). At the end of winter, the ice reaches a thickness of more than a meter, the patterns can be viewed endlessly, and it is a pleasure to ride on it.

Daily program


We meet in Irkutsk at st. Sofia Perovskaya, 31 near the hotel "Matreshka" (. U /)

at 10:00 am we get on the bus and go towards the village of Listvyanka. Today we do not need to travel much - about 70 km.

On the way we will stop at the Museum of Wooden Crafts - Taltsy. We will examine, take pictures and continue our journey.

In Listvyanka we check into a hostel for one night, have lunch and set off to explore the surroundings.

Utulik is a small Baikal village. Began the countdown of its history back in 1864, at the time of laying the Circum-Baikal Highway, although some mentions of a Buryat settlement at this place were encountered even earlier.

Location of the village on the shore of Lake Baikal

Utulik, located on the southern shore of Lake Baikal at the foothills of the majestic Khamar-Daban on the right bank of the mountain river of the same name, is very conveniently located on the federal highway P-258 and the Trans-Siberian Railway passing nearby.

Due to this circumstance, Utulik, like other attractions of Lake Baikal, located along the busy road and railroad, will never be left without the attention of numerous tourists and admirers of the Holy Sea.

Utulik is located in close proximity to the village of Kultuk and the starting point of the famous Circum-Baikal Railway - the city of Slyudyanka, as well as not far from the "strawberry" town of Baikalsk, which the city has a gorgeous ski cluster!

At first glance, Utulik is an ordinary Siberian village with a population of slightly more than one and a half thousand inhabitants, with village streets, well-groomed and not very farmsteads. Utulich residents are mainly busy with their own economy, gardening, growing and selling delicious strawberries, fishing on Lake Baikal and the Utulik River, as well as providing services for tourists.

Photo: . om

By the way, if you suddenly need accommodation here, you can stay in comfortable guest houses, the owners of which will only be happy to welcome guests.

The village has its own village club, various shops, a library, as well as a cafe mostly designed, of course, for tourists and motorists passing by on the P-258 highway.

Interesting Utulik

The village of Utulik is primarily interesting for lovers of kayaking and kayaking on the river of the same name Utulik, characterized by the presence of many rapids, a turbulent and noisy current. This is certainly to the liking of the representatives of this sport - lovers of increased adrenaline in the blood.

Photo: . om

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