Inflatable catamaran Muskrat: double option for fishing

Catamarans for fishing with a motor: rating of the best models, types

This swimming vessel is mainly used for outdoor activities, water travel and walks. Of course, fishing enthusiasts appreciated the benefits and convenience of inflatable catamarans with a motor. Catamarans are perfect for fans of extreme sports, rafting on the river on such a boat delivers a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions and an adrenaline rush.

Power catamarans and their comparison with monohull boats

Today, a well-designed and built motor catamaran is highly valued, confirming the significant advantages of this design compared to classic monohull boats.

Let's take a look at the difference between these two types of ships.

First of all, remember that any design has its drawbacks. What suits one person does not necessarily need another for a variety of obvious reasons. However, there is a whole set of parameters by which every vessel can be characterized and measured.


Compared to a single-hull vessel, where the lifting force pushing the hull out of the water is concentrated in the middle, the double hull of a catamaran has a lifting force distributed along the edges of the vessel, which ensures its greater stability. Of course, there are very wide monohull boats, and it is a pleasure to fly them. However, their large area of ​​contact with water increases the resistance of the medium, which in turn increases fuel consumption. Also, the "flatter" deadrise of the wide hull degrades its quality on waves.

When starting off, a well-designed catamaran, whether it has a planing, displacement or transitional hull type, provides a much smoother and more stable ride than a conventional monohull. (Note: Monohulls that are heavy or heavily tapered can provide a very smooth ride, but factors such as excessive sway cancel out the benefits.)

At speed, the catamaran rises, a cushion is created under it due to the flow of air and spray passing between the hulls. The great stability of the catamarans creates additional comfort when preparing food, sailing long distances and allows you to sleep well.


Two hulls provide more usable space inside the catamaran and on the decks. There is much more space in the bow of the ship as there is no narrowing of the ship's hull.

Rafting on catamarans is a widespread type of active recreation, especially loved by Russians. Extremists will appreciate the adrenaline rush and the boil of blood, which a similar descent along a rapids mountain river can give. And those who prefer a quiet walk can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the water.

Catamaran is a collapsible floating craft consisting of two inflatable balloons and a frame connecting them. Passengers are seated on seats in the form of pyramids, located on the sides, and sometimes in the ship's frame itself. Most often, catamarans are used that can accommodate 2 and 4 people, but there are 6 and even 8 people.

The first catamaran in Russia was developed by S. Papus in the 1970s. 10 years later, o has become the most common swimming means for hikes of varying degrees of difficulty. Even an inflatable kayak could not displace it. Until now, catamaran rafting is the leader in water tourism. Their versatility makes it possible to use them for any purpose - from family walks to extreme travel.

The advantageous difference between a catamaran and, say, a raft is its stability and good maneuverability. It cannot be turned over, making the boat safe and easy to navigate. It is allowed to travel on it even with 4-year-old children. Catamarans are not afraid of almost any difficulty of the route, up to category 6.

The advantage over the kayak is its higher carrying capacity and displacement (up to a ton). And unlike a raft, a catamaran is capable of developing its own speed.

The vessel has no trunk, and all personal belongings of travelers are placed on the frame in the middle. At the same time, the large size of the vessel allows you to take a large amount of luggage with you. Rowers can change their posture to keep their limbs from numb, and can also replace each other. They sit on pyramids most often on the sides (sometimes in a frame). Landing knee, face forward. There are no cabins on the catamaran, therefore, during long trips, parking is organized on land.

The most popular are catamaran rafting on the rapids of mountain rivers. However, the vessels are also successfully used for resting on calm water, in long tourist trips. Water slalom competitions are also held on catamarans. We can say that safety, speed, maneuverability and convenience are most successfully combined in this watercraft.

The versatility of the use of catamarans is possible due to the fact that there are several varieties of these boats. Each of them has certain characteristics that allow the vessel to perform the functions that are required of it.

Sailing (inflatable) catamarans are suitable for walks on large lakes, family holidays, slalom and simple rafting. They are considered an excellent alternative to a sailing yacht, only more budgetary and easier to store. They are easy to manage, even without special skills. At the same time, it is not necessary to register the vessel, since it is small.

Expedition (reach) is suitable for those who want to walk in calm water, fish and swim. They have a simplified design, so they are not used for extreme alloys. Their main feature is their high carrying capacity, which allows them to go on long autonomous hikes. In this case, the difficulty of the route is no more than the 3rd category. To operate such a vessel, experience is required, since a pleso catamaran may well capsize.

If the group is small, it is better to travel on a 4-seater boat. They are small in size, not bulky, but at the same time they can accommodate up to 6 people. A motor can also be installed on such a vessel.

While domestic fishermen go out to their favorite craft in inflatable and frame boats of the classic version: cockpit-motor-paddle, our European colleagues in the fishing hobby are practicing inflatable catamaran with might and main. A two-seater catamaran for fishing Muskrat is one of the popular options for inflatable PVC boats for active access to rivers and lakes. Consider the technical characteristics of the catamaran boat, the advantages and disadvantages of the model.


The Muskrat inflatable catamaran is a two-seater, folding, frame-inflatable version for practical, camping, fishing. The model features a one-piece frame that does not need to be assembled, just unfold from the included backpack bag, pump up and easily lower it into the water. The catamaran is distinguished by a rigid frame for accommodating additional equipment, the ability to turn 360 degrees, an adjustable backrest and the convenience of bringing fish as close to the board as possible.

Complete set of the Muskrat inflatable catamaran:

  • A pair of paddles;
  • Foot pump;
  • Seats;
  • Repair kit;
  • Backpack bag;
  • Passport.



The muskrat two-seater catamaran is made of durable PVC-reinforced material and an aluminum frame. This combination allows you to get a catamaran boat of the most lightweight possible. The frame of the inflatable catamaran is assembled with welded seams. In the supporting, underframe hinges there is an anti-friction coating-lining, which prevents friction and wear of the material.

The seat structure is located in the center, made of PVC material. The lower part of the frame is equipped with special rings for the anchor rope. It is convenient to attach and fasten luggage, bags, mounts for an echo sounder, a fishing rod and other fishing equipment to the wings. The seat for the fisherman and the passenger is adjustable with straps. The footpegs are equipped with a special hook for easier winding of the rope. It is convenient to raise the anchor without changing the accepted position of the body. The anchor wraps neatly under the seat so it's easy to remove and toss into the water. It is also convenient to install a fish tank here. As you can see, the inflatable catamaran is ideally designed for fishing, so that nothing distracts from the process.

Assembling the Muskrat inflatable catamaran

To assemble a two-seater muskrat catamaran, you must:

An inflatable catamaran is a vessel on two cylinders connected by a frame. A PVC deck or mesh can be stretched between the frame beams, or rigid plywood or plank decking can be laid over the beams.

The inflatable catamaran rests on the water only with its balloons, the frame and deck remain above the water. This design allows you to significantly reduce water resistance and thereby increase the speed of the catamaran.

Kosyu-Manaraga, Subpolar Urals

Kosyu-Manaraga, Subpolar Urals

The most widespread and well-known in Russia and the CIS countries is a tourist inflatable catamaran with two-layer balloons.

It is primarily intended for rafting on serious mountain rivers of 4-6 categories and passing difficult rapids and waterfalls.

The deck, as a rule, is absent on this inflatable catamaran due to the danger of its use in the rapids, and tourists sit in special knee fasteners astride the cylinders (Knee landing).

Tourist inflatable catamarans complete with a stretch deck are simpler in design and are more designed for simple sports rafting or just water trips. Usually a stretch deck is used for equipment. Also, tourists can sit and lie on it while traveling.

Stretch deck on floating catamarans Mastercat is made of reinforced PVC and does not stretch. With strong tension on the catamaran frame, you can even walk on the deck with your feet.

With the development of technologies for working with PVC and the development of PVC fabrics themselves, it became possible to produce high-pressure cylinders for inflatable catamarans (as in inflatable boats). In this case, a special PVC-reinforced boat fabric is used. You can read more about the features of modern PVC fabric in our article.

Single-layer mono balloons made it possible to slightly reduce the weight of the inflatable catamaran and increase its rigidity due to high pressure. The working pressure in such cylinders, as in PVC boats, is 250-300 mbar. Single-layer balloon technology is widespread in the United States and Europe.

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