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A pipe in the city of Zaporozhye, 126 meters high. It is one of the highest industrial rope jumping facilities in Ukraine.

Object characteristics: Total height: 126 meters; Total drop height: 100m; Free fall height: 80m is 3-4 seconds of flight.


Duration: 1 day; Difficulty: Extrime; Cost: 300 UAH;

Date: 15, 22, 30 September 2018;

The most extreme restHeight: 42m; Free flight:

2s; Adrenaline: peaks;

This is a vacation for those who want to fly and enjoy the joy of flying, who cannot live without drive, speed and healthy adrenaline. After each jump, the world changes and you change with it ... It cannot be described, it can only be experienced.

Zaporozhye is a very convenient city in terms of its geographical location. Despite the fame of heavy industry in the city and its environs, there are many beautiful corners of nature. Only Khortytsya is worth something with its history, legends and tales. A lot of historical and cultural natural monuments have survived on the island, there is a museum of the history of the Zaporozhye Cossacks, the historical complex Reconstruction of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, an equestrian theater, pagan temples and prayer books have survived and survived to this day.

Our team invites you to get to know the wonders of Ukraine better by taking an exciting kayak trip around the legendary island of Khortytsya. The walk is designed for one day of active rest (6-7 hours of rafting). All kayaks are equipped with life jackets and "dressed" in new PVC shells. Experienced instructors work with you on the route, so even "beginners" will like the walk.

Around Khortytsia Island along the Old Dnieper River

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Water tourism. Rafting

1. Features of the organization of water roads

2. Vibir to use the route

1. Water tourism - the price of the road, zd_ysnyuvani on board the type of vessels - boats, promenades, kayaks, rafts, inflatable chandeliers, yachts, motor boats.

Vikoristovuchi of the vessel, you may be able to get oversupplied and less vomit, less before an hour of walking. Water withdrawal gives you the ability to regulate the physical adjustment and make sure that you do not need to fix it, take more vantage with you, bring the message, which is important for the other methods of oversupply. Vodnі mandrіvki give you the power to systematically bathe, engage in ribalism, misleading.

Special water mandates are available to people of different physical preparation, to help people from weakening health.

Participants of the extravagant (downtime) water mandate are guilty of sailing, prepare the ship before sailing, work out awkward repairs, use an oar, and carry it through the simplest surroundings of the ship's nobility. For trips on sailing and motor boats, it is necessary to have a dedicated mother.

How the Ukrainian tourism industry assesses the prospects for the summer season and the intensification of domestic tourism, how the prices for vacations will change and what entrepreneurs in this area hope for, says Focus

In the first weekend of June, quarantine was eased in Germany and Germans hungry for rest rushed to resorts. Since the borders between European states are still closed, they headed to their native Baltic coast in the north of the country. There immediately collapsed: the seaside cities could not accommodate everyone who wanted to sunbathe and swim. At the entrance to the resorts of Scharbeutz and Haffkrug, checkpoints were set up and only cars with local numbers were allowed. "Please stay at home, we have reached the capacity limits," Bettina Schaefer, mayor of Scharbeutz, wrote on Facebook.

A similar picture - adjusted for the Ukrainian disorder and indiscipline - is already observed in Odessa, overcrowded with holidaymakers. As for the further development of the situation, the opinions of market experts were divided. Fazil Askerov, head of the board of the Odessa Region Tourist Association, is confident that Ukrainians will rest at domestic resorts. Volodymyr Tsaruk, director of the Center for Tourism Development of Ukraine, is cautious in his forecasts. In his opinion, there will be no boom. Most likely, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 season will be shorter than in previous years, and prices for travel services will rise.

Domestic tourism in: there will be no miracle

This year, a large tourist influx is impossible, if only because the resorts have neither the infrastructure nor the time for this. According to the Ukrainian Hospitality Association, in 2019 there were 20 million trips across the country: 8 million in the first half of the year, 12 million in the second. In 2020, only the first month was active - Ukrainians made a million trips to ski. In the following months, tourism businesses were idle due to quarantine. Accordingly, in order to catch up with last year's figures, they need to receive 19 million tourists, which cannot be done without violating sanitary rules.

Those who want to relax at the Ukrainian resorts will inevitably expect an increase in prices

- In previous years, our objects were loaded in July - August at 100%. This means that we will not be able to accept more, it is impossible to load 200% of tourists to Odessa. One would hope that more tourists will be in the fall, but I think this will not happen, since the rest of Ukrainians is tied to children's holidays, - says Alexander Liev, head of the Ukrainian Hospitality Association.

According to the expert, if this season the tourist flow will resume at 65-70% of last year's indicators, it will already be a good result. After all, the length of the season has decreased. It usually started in May, and this year in June even transport links have not yet fully recovered. Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are expecting a flow of visitors no earlier than July.

Tourism in quarantine

Those who want to relax at the Ukrainian resorts will inevitably expect an increase in prices. Sanatoriums, hotels and other places of recreation should operate according to new sanitary standards, in particular, provide personnel with protective equipment, disinfect premises and accommodate fewer guests in order to maintain a distance. The costs of all this, according to Alexander Liev, will be included in the cost of services. In addition, the price of rest may increase due to transport tickets, if the sanitary standard remains that the salon needs to be filled by 50%.

There are nuances with taxes. At the start of the quarantine, the government announced a tax amnesty for the tourism industry during downtime. Bill No. 3377, which provides for the abolition of taxes and tourist tax by the end of the year, was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada in April. But it was adopted only in the first reading. In fact, enterprises were exempted from taxes for only one month, and now they have to pay their debts for April - June. According to Alexander Liev, the average sanatorium has this amount of 3.5–5 million UAH. Most travel companies do not have the necessary "fat reserves" to pay taxes, so they will also be passed on to customers. As a result, the expert predicts an increase in the cost of travel by 20-30%.

Summer is in full swing, ahead of the velvet season. It's time to think about how to make the most of this time and enjoy the upcoming vacation.

If a trip abroad is not included in your plans, pay attention to the recreational resources of Ukraine. Even the most demanding tourists will be able to have a decent rest without leaving their home country. Tour operator Coral Travel recommends the five best Carpathian resorts.

Natural beauty, excellent service plus wellness

Picturesque mountain landscapes, European service, healthy air and thermal springs are a great alternative to the southern coast. In the Carpathians, you can also enjoy water procedures all day, improve your health and gain strength for the whole year. The region boasts five of the most popular resorts.


The balneological resort is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the eastern Carpathian region. In the sanatoriums of Truskavets, they successfully treat metabolic disorders, ailments of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

The Geneva hotel complex boasts a unique medical base. It is located in the city center and offers a full range of spa services. Coral Travel has rated Geneva as a recommended hotel. Such lists (. Br. A/otzyvy-o-coraltravel-obratnaja-svjaz-dlja-turoperatora-3869605) are compiled and updated based on feedback from tourists.


The resort is located 60 km from Truskavets. Since Skhidnytsia is surrounded by pine forests, even the air heals here.

There are about 10 mineral water springs at the resort, around which there are cozy sanatoriums and hotels. Medical and rejuvenating procedures are offered by the LOC "Tustan". The complex has its own spa center, saunas, indoor pools.


Polyana village is located in Transcarpathia. Mineral water "Polyana Kvasova" in composition is not inferior to "Borjomi", and the healing properties of the springs "Polyana Kupel" and "Luzhanskaya" are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Local sanatoriums specialize in the treatment of the digestive system.

Zaporozhye is not only a huge industrial center, but also the cradle of the Cossacks, a vivid proof of the most glorious times for the Ukrainian people. The largest island on the Dnieper, Khortitsa, is located in the city center.

The territory of the reserve is huge: more than 12 km in length and 2. km in width.

Therefore, excursion kayak rafting and water trips are divided into parts:

  • The northern outskirts with steep 30-meter cliffs and the reconstruction of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, the dam of the world famous Dnieper hydroelectric power station;
  • A unique flooded forest with a network of channels, lakes and dams, where to this day, a multi-species diversity has been preserved;
  • The islands adjacent to Khortitsa and the labyrinth of the Kakhovsky Plains, stretching for more than 20 km.

We offer you to plunge into the protected natural and historical complex, recognized as one of the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine"!

A water hike is a great way to actively relax with friends, learn or update your rowing skills, raise muscle tone and boost your immune system in the wilderness.

One day rafting:

Two-day rafting:

Multi-day rafting:

Expeditionary rafting from Zaporozhye to the labyrinths of the Kakhovsky Plains

In addition to the presented water trips and kayak rafting, you can independently think over your unique event, accompanied by any kind of vigorous activity. Any water trip, rafting, other types of outdoor activities, the alternation of one and the other will be carried out especially for you, at a convenient time, in more detail about rafting to order.

The cost of kayaking includes:

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