I'll pump it to the Titanic! Seven most expensive and unusual excursions in the world

Sea cruises from all over the world: from luxury to extreme

A cruise can be an ideal option for both novice travelers and experienced hikers. This method has certain advantages - you can visit several countries at once and enjoy the seascape.

However, the modern tourist business offers thousands of options for all kinds of cruises. For those who are not particularly versed in sea travel and do not know where to start, we have prepared a handy selection of cruise travel.

Viking River Cruise

For whom: beginners.

If it's scary to start your first trip from the sea, you can try yourself on a river trip. The Viking Cruise company has been operating since 1997 and has in its arsenal more than 60 river vessels, and now 6 ocean liners. The headquarters of the company is based in Switzerland, and travels along the rivers of Europe, Russia, China, the Americas, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Everyone can find a place to their liking!

Celebrity Reflection

For whom: lovers of comfort.

If you want to feel like a celebrity on your first cruise, the best choice is Celebrity Reflection from Celebrity Cruises. It combines every comfort imaginable and can accommodate over 3,000 passengers. The main highlight of the liner is a huge lawn with a lawn made of natural grass.

Royal Caribbean

For whom: families with children.

"Water World" accepts only guests of the sanatoriums of JSC "Resort Belokurikha"

The Vodny Mir health-improving complex is an analogue of the best European water centers, one of the few in Siberia. The project of the center was brought by the doctors of the sanatorium from Baden-Baden. Here you can find the hits and novelties of the world hydrotherapy.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to travel around the world, we suggest you do it in the "Water World". Here you will not only get acquainted, but also try on yourself the art of bathing in different countries and eras. The style of the Roman era will surprise you with its luxury and decor, and the Arabic style - with its traditional oriental flavor. But wherever you are, beauty will surely be combined with convenience and functionality, simplicity and safety.

The Vodny Mir EC is divided into several main zones: the territory of the pools, the thermoblock, which includes seven different baths and saunas.

A visit to the complex begins with comfortable functional changing rooms, which are fixed with an individual bracelet, and showers.

The territory of the pools includes a wide variety of water attractions that have a healing effect. Air massage plateau, fast and slow river zones, bottom geysers, hydromassage zones, cascade showers are based on a counterflow system or imitation of the natural river flow. Air temperature + 29-30 ° С, water temperature + 27-28 ° С.

From the territory of the pools you can go to the baths and saunas complex. In Roman baths, you can warm up well in a gentle way. The next sauna is an oriental invention, a real Turkish hammam. Feel the heat of the Finnish sauna, visit the traditional Russian bath.

Heated sun loungers, jacuzzi, hot tub - will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of bliss, relaxation and incredible peace.


The Vodny Mir EC has 6 types of pools of different volumes and water temperatures - everyone will choose to their liking!

Main pool. Volume 390 cbm m. Water surface area 292 sq. ... Depth 80-150 cm.

Children's splash. Volume 11.6 cubic meters m. The area of ​​the water surface is 18.5 sq. ... Depth 60 cm.

The best individual and group Excursions for Russian tourists for 2020. On the "World of Tourist" website, you will select the excursions suitable for you with Russian-speaking guides. You can ask questions before booking. Read the full description of the Tour, look at the photos, choose the best prices and read real reviews of tourists. Tour guides will guide you through the best routes and attractions.

Sochi Hotel Ratings

Sochi is the capital of the Russian south. During the season, 40 thousand people fly here every day. How many people travel by bus, rail or private car? It is very difficult to read. But this is a huge number. Many people book hotel rooms in advance. If you are just thinking about plans for a summer vacation, then our article will be useful for you. We offer an up-to-date rating of Sochi hotels. These hotels will be able to surprise even the most sophisticated clients.

Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa

Today Sochi is not only the main resort of our country, but also a full-fledged business center. Business summits, conferences and other events from the world of business and politics are regularly held here. The most popular hotel for combining business negotiations and leisure is Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa. The owners of this establishment named their hotel a boutique hotel. On the territory of the complex there is a Grand Hotel building with 40 design rooms that are different from each other. There are also 20 rooms in the Villa.

The Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa got into the rating of the best hotels in Sochi for a reason. Its advantages include:

  • Own forest, occupying 10 hectares.
  • Cozy private beach open only to guests.
  • The largest complex of SPA procedures in Europe.
  • Cinema, tennis courts, bath complex, restaurants and cafes.

[stextbox] If you want to relax in luxury apartments, then the Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa is the best option. Guests can use the golf carts to move around the complex. [/ Stextbox]

Pullman Sochi Center

Planning the perfect romantic getaway? Then choose Pullman Sochi Center. This hotel was created for a comfortable pastime of two loving people. It is often chosen by newlyweds as a honeymoon destination. The hotel is located a couple of minutes from the sea. On its territory there is everything you need to forget about problems and relax.

Advantages of Pullman Sochi Center:

  • Indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Fitness center and SPA lounge.
  • Equipped private beach.
  • Nice view of the city.
  • Sel Marin restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine.

An excursion to the sunken ship "Titanic" was announced for 2021. The cost of the tour is equivalent to a two-room apartment in Moscow. But this is far from the most expensive adventure.

Together with an expert on expeditionary cruises, Alexander Gruzdov, we have compiled a rating of the most expensive and unusual excursions in the world. The dive to the Titanic was not even included in the top three.

Space flight - $ million

Space flight is the absolute leader in the tourism services market both in terms of unusualness and cost.

A ticket to space costs $ 42 million, in terms of rubles - 3.238 billion, this is the annual budget of a small city in Russia.

Seven rich people have already flown to the ISS. The VIP traveler is offered an additional service: for $ 3-4 million to go into outer space. True, no one has taken advantage of the offer yet.

English billionaire Richard Branson promises to fly cheaper, for $ 250 thousand. It simulates the Virgin Galactic spaceplane, designed for six space tourists.

The billionaire's company announced that 600 people have already purchased tickets for suborbital flights, and 700 people have made deposits to buy them. Another 12 customers made deposits for participating in the orbital flight.

Test flights of the space taxi are all postponed and postponed. The organizers attribute the delay in test flights to the coronavirus pandemic.

The extravagant Briton has serious competitors in the space services market, including Roskosmos. Another tourist business player, SpaceX (USA), announced the flight of the first space tourist to the Moon in 2023. A ticket for this flight was allegedly bought by a Japanese billionaire.

Before traveling into space, you can practice flying into the stratosphere on a MiG-29 fighter. This service for $ 10 thousand (800 thousand rubles) is offered in Nizhny Novgorod.

Diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench - from up to thousands of dollars

We have already talked a lot about traveling in Russia, but we completely forgot about cruises, and they can be a good option if nothing else sinks into the soul. A cruise is an ideal vacation format if you want to include as many places as possible in one trip and make as little effort as possible.

Choosing to travel by ship, you win on several fronts at once: do not worry about finding accommodation in every place; don't worry about moving between cities; you rest on the road and during stops. We have collected the most popular cruise routes in Russia, during which you can get acquainted with the main sights of the country.

Down the Volga

Motor ship "Alexander Benois"

Moscow organizes many cruises along the Volga and along the rivers and canals flowing into it. As part of one week-long river trip, you can see the main pearls of the Golden Ring and central Russia. The cruise on the Alexandra Benois includes excursion services during the trip, with the exception of visiting the Museum of Cheese in Kostroma with tasting (450 rubles) and a boat excursion around Kalyazin with a visit to a snail farm (from 850 rubles).

What's on board

For living on a motor ship, you can choose a cabin from a standard class (two single beds) to a suite (double bed and sofa). Everywhere there are air conditioners, TVs, showers. The cruise price includes three meals a day in the restaurants "Romance" or "Poetry". And in the evening you can relax in the Silver Age bar.

Day one. Departure.

Day two. The next stop is in Uglich. Tourists are offered a tour of the Uglich Kremlin with a visit to the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry on Blood, the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Bell Tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, etc. Alternatively, you can visit the interactive Museum of Hydropower with models of Russian hydroelectric power plants and a water mill. Exhibits can be touched and studied - this is usually very popular with children.

Day three. You will leave in Kostroma, where a bus tour with a stop at the Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture awaits you. Here are collected old wooden huts, barns, churches. And in the Cheese Museum in an old merchant's house, you will learn not only about the history of the famous Kostroma variety, but also about the peculiarities of the production of this product in antiquity and about the difference between old and modern technologies.

In the evening of the same day you will get acquainted with Plyos - a town whose landscapes were inspired by Russian artists. During the walking tour, you will walk along the banks of the Volga, climb the famous Cathedral Mountain, from which the history of Plyos began, and Mount Levitan. The artist stayed in Plyos for two years, and his canvases glorified the city throughout Russia. You will also visit the Museum of Landscape with an excursion, which contains works by Levitan, Sudkovsky, Klodt, Shishkin, Savrasov, Polenov, Petrov-Vodkin and many other Russian landscape painters.

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