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When you want to go sailing, but there is no money, or River Adventures on the Klyazma, Oka and Volga

It was decided to celebrate the Day of International Workers' Solidarity not in the dusty spring capital, but somewhere on the river. Especially for the rafting, Kiryasik and I made 2 inflatable kayaks of the "Odyssey-370" type. And the Comrade Admiral of our inflatable fleet chose the river. It turned out to be Derzha.

Divankayaking: day

The first day we spent in a harsh male company. They mastered new boats (remember, yes, "Odyssey-370"?). By the way, a suitable boat rental from Mikhail Levashov (Zindolog). In the photo above, you can see that Comrade the dmiral of the combined Chukchi-Siberian fleet shows that the kayaks should be taken from Mikhail.

Our path started from a village with a wonderful name Tupitsyno. Nearby, by the way, is the village of Bezumovo. Scary places .. But we guys are brave: we are not afraid of one in every way and do not tremble on the couch!

During the first day, we walked fig-da-nifiga kilometers and weighed in on an uninhabited clearing in a forest. All evening they hounded stories and frightened Kiryu with encephalitis ticks.

Day: anarchy on the river Derzha

On the second day, we passed a little more and reunited with the Beta group (Danya and Wonderful Girls in the amount of: 3). Danya also found a kayak sofa. And the Girls went to the "Pike-3" gallery, which was obviously specially invented to test the resilience of novice water workers.

In the photo: Kirya scares the Toad. Periodic blockages and small rolls made a variety in the alloy. A couple of times I even had to get out in order to remove myself from a log or navigate boats. In general, exciting.

We bivouacked at a very nice parking lot outside the village of Pogoreloe fortified settlement, not reaching the bridge over the M-9. In the evening, they arranged a banquet and the dedication of pearls to the water industry.

Meanwhile: Danya saw Jack's bottle and is trying to take off =).

Day: Walim

The morning was sunny. The day promised to be warm. It made me happy. May after all. The soul is already asking for warmth. Loaded and drove! Volga ahead!

Site about active rest, rafting and sports water tourism

on the passage of the water tourist sports route of category 5 in the Altai Republic along the Katun - Chuya - Ursul rivers, made from August 10 to August 27, 2017

Route book No. 1/4 - 508

Group leader: Gladkov Maxim Sergeevich

The FST-OTM Route Qualification Commission reviewed the report and believes that the route can be credited to all participants and the head of the 5th category of difficulty.

Hike video (21 min)

General route information

Catamaran-4 “Noname” V = 1800 HP 1 pc (К4-2)

General information about the sites

4P Katun-Chuya k-2, k-4

4U Katun-Chuya, building-2

Twice a year WaterWay. ro arranges expeditions that bring tears to their eyes. In the spring we open the season, and in the fall we close it with trips at the price of a Timati burger or a pair of boots, or a full tank of gasoline. All in all, inexpensive travel.

Why do we need this?

As you understand, we invented the low-cost yachting to travel cheap ourselves. We don't like to pay extra. But when there is not even 10 thousand rubles, then welcome to our chip trips. We try to make these trips interesting. And, believe me, we get no less pleasure than from crossings in Greece. Previously, we ourselves hammered catamarans from all sorts of trash. Now we have assembled an inflatable catamaran and we are organizing campaign tours on it. Yachting can be cheap and cool! And if you are still dreaming of hiking, but you haven’t made it out anywhere, then you yourself are to blame.

Three Rivers

We have a WaterWay catamaran assembled for 40 thousand rubles and the idea to go through three rivers. There is also a special thrill going through the arrow and getting from a small river into a big one. We experienced this pleasure twice in September. We live in Vladimir on the Klyazma, and this river was passed along the entire navigable route, with the exception of the stretch from Gorokhovets to the mouth. This time they decided to go from the Klyazma to the Oka, and from the Oka to the Volga. Start in Gorokhovets, finish in Nizhny Novgorod. Let's go!


The catamaran was brought to the ancient merchant city on the Klyazma on the roof of a car. A slipway was set up near the pontoon bridge.

Two hours of work and a sailboat on the water.

As soon as we moved away, we noticed the low hanging wires. Few people go with sails in the vicinity, so we take the mast out of harm's way. Cases when yachts hit power lines are not uncommon and often they end in death.

We pass by the former shipyard. Previously, giant barges were built here, plowing the Volga expanses. The legendary “Martha Posadnitsa” is from Gorokhovets. And now only the bay remains.

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