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Canoes are the distant descendants of Indian canoes, hollowed out of wood, which have become very popular in our time. They acquired new forms, modifications, made of plastic, composite materials, plywood, aluminum, durable PVC coated fabric, but still remained maneuverable, nimble, roomy boats, driven by single-blade oars.

Canoes are now produced by many manufacturers in a huge number of varieties, and it was rather difficult to surprise the consumer with new products until their transparent versions appeared on the market. These are unique models that allow you to enjoy not only moving on the water, but also observing the life of the underwater world. Scuba diving may well be called diving accessible to everyone. It does not need any specific skills, equipment and brings an unforgettable experience.

Production of transparent canoes

Transparent canoes are made of polycarbonate (thermoplastic), Lexan or polyurethane and have a frame made of composite materials, plastic, aluminum. They are made of transparent modules, which, after assembly, turn into a light original vessel with almost invisible frame details. There are also inflatable canoes with a transparent bottom, the sides of which are made of dense synthetic fabric.

The resin from which the modules for transparent canoes are molded gains high strength and ductility through high pressure processing. Initially, its granules are passed through a high-temperature unit, and then in the form of bundles they enter the molding equipment. In terms of its transparency, the material is practically not inferior to glass, it can undergo bending in a cold state, and is capable of withstanding extremely low and high temperatures.

The boats have been tested for strength, rigidity, hydrodynamics, and have shown very good results. They are lightweight, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, aggressive environments, and are suitable for use in fresh and salt water.

Types of transparent canoes

Initially, the transparent canoes were produced in walking versions and were exclusive models that provide an opportunity for exotic entertainment. Over time, the demand for them increased, and various modifications of such canoes appeared on the market, intended for passage not only on calm waters, but also for passage along rivers of medium difficulty. There are even sports canoes of this type, which are used not so much for achieving records as for organizing spectacular shows.

In general, transparent canoes are divided into two types - collapsible and inflatable. They can be single, double, triple, focused on swimming in calm water. Transparent canoes are not suitable for windy weather and high waves. They are too light, quickly lose control and go off course. At the same time, they are convenient for fishing and family walks, as they allow you to see everything that happens at the bottom and do not cast a shadow.

Transparent canoe manufacturers

The first mass manufacturer of transparent canoes was Clear Blue Hawaii, which offered consumers unique models of super-light boats with fully viewable hulls. Her initiative was supported by the German manufacturer Hammacher, who developed nautical versions of transparent canoes. They are now manufactured in China, Portugal and other countries. Models with adjustable seats, additional buoyancy tanks, the ability to install a low-power motor and sail rig appeared on the market.

In fact, these are ordinary canoes with a decent carrying capacity, withstand significant loads. But the rather high cost and unusual appearance classify them as exclusive, unsuitable for long trips and ordinary water activities. These are boats that are able to give exceptional sensations on short-term voyages in reservoirs with clear calm water and useful for those who want to explore the underwater world in its natural state. They allow you to have an excellent rest, calm your nerves, gain new knowledge, and have a great time with your children. And with regular use, small cracks or scratches may appear on the canoe hulls, which will spoil the appearance of the boat, negatively affect its transparency, and then all the charm of surface diving will disappear.

Transparent canoe

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  • The Northern seaside peoples could not imagine their existence without Aleutian kayaks and Inuit kayaks, which, in principle, are the same thing. Only thanks to the presence of such devices was it possible to hunt the animal and move loads. Currently, analogues have not lost their popularity, but have become more modern. The main area of ​​their use is water activities.

    Kayak varieties

    The best manufacturers produce 3 types of designs:

    • Classic collapsible wireframes. Basic elements: metal or wooden frame, covered with quality synthetic material. The main advantage is the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the minimum rigidity and the possibility of flooding in unforeseen circumstances.
    • Non-collapsible corpus. Composite or polymer materials are used in the manufacture. The body is completely or mostly closed. It enjoys well-deserved popularity due to such characteristics as unsinkability, wear resistance, durability and strength. There are 2 options for boarding: on top of the kayak or inside it. The first method is most suitable for beginners.
    • Inflatable. They are very close in functionality to a rubber PVC boat, but they are distinguished by a high speed of movement due to the optimal shape. Endowed with such positive qualities as unsinkability and ease of movement. Such devices are not resistant to mechanical damage (punctures and cuts).

    In addition to the above options, kayaks are of the following types.


    They are used for skiing along the coast and are available for rent by beachfront hotels for outdoor enthusiasts. Beach kayaks have high initial stability, low driving characteristics and excellent sailing performance. These are steering wheel models.


    This is a cross between a beach and a nautical option. They are rented to people without professional training. Such models are inexpensive in price, have a closed deck, as well as high running and seaworthy characteristics. Popular kayaks of this type are available in lengths from 3.5 to 4.8 meters and are used for walks on calm water surfaces.


    Their distinctive feature is the presence of compartments for equipment and catch, as well as special stands for rods. Manufacturers produce branded models with a foot pedal drive.

    Overview of transparent canoes, types, main manufacturers and production process.

    Active recreation has long "won" over traditional beach recreation. But the decisive favorite among hundreds of ways to restore your own mental strength and mental energy in the dynamo is the one that is associated with the exploitation of the water surface of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. At the same time, the majority understands that a reliable watercraft will be required for recreation on the water. Without your own inflatable boat for hunting and fishing, you will not be able to indulge in satisfying one of the primal instincts of Homo Sapiens, just as the absence of a raft, surfboard or wetsuit will not allow a person to float, ride the waves or take a selfie with catfish, respectively.

    What to do? Naturally, buy personal inventory designed to interact with the water element! For example, you can buy a single-seater inflatable fishing boat in our online store. Everything that is presented in the catalog - rafts and kayaks, cylinders for catamarans and hermetic packaging - is produced, personally tested and approved. In addition, the absence of intermediaries allows us to maintain the balance between the quality and price of the goods desired by each buyer. Plus - guarantees for all pvc boats for hunting and fishing.

    And now let me be more specific, starting a conversation about the possibilities of a kayak for fishing in St. Petersburg. If you do not go into the analysis of the hydrographic grid of the Leningrad region and the nearby Republic of Karelia, which could well take away the nickname "land of a thousand lakes" from Finland, then it is the kayak that can be called the ideal floating craft for individual fishing and hunting.

    Why is an inflatable kayak convenient for fishing?

    And now we propose to make out point by point why it is more profitable to buy a single inflatable boat for fishing than its analogue of any kind.

    1. Kayaks were invented by the so-called small peoples of the North - Eskimos, Aleuts. They made a frame of wood or whalebone, and then covered it with durable walrus or seal skin. On such boats, the primitive peoples of the Arctic calmly fished and thoughtfully hunted large marine mammals from the point of view of tactics. They hunted not only in the coastal seas - the waters of the Arctic Ocean, but also in rivers and flowing lakes that replenish it with their waters. The first argument in favor of a kayak is the millennia of successful use of a watercraft of this design. Convinced? Moving on. 2. Inflatable boats for hunting and fishing such as kayak are characterized by high maneuverability, very shallow landing and a sufficient level of stability. These qualities of our inflatable boats will be useful both on lakes overgrown with aquatic plants and on narrow rapids. An ideal option - a deep vast lake or a deep flat river with a low flow rate and convenient shores for chalka will be a favorable environment for hunting and fishing on any type of equipment.

    3. A lightweight and compact inflatable boat for hunting and fishing is much easier to deliver to your favorite vacation spot than a metal motor boat or an archaic wooden one.

    4. Our PVC boats for hunting and fishing have high quality indicators - they are resistant to tears, stretching and other mechanical damage such as collision with sharp stones and sunken snags. Naturally, some kind of collision can cause damage to the case. But, firstly, the light weight of the vessel, high landing and good speed of a pvc boat for hunting and fishing greatly neutralize the consequences of "encounters" with unwanted objects. Secondly, the material from which our inflatable spoons for hunting and fishing are made can be repaired by the owner of the watercraft himself without contacting specialists and manufacturers.

    5. Landing in a kayak - on the buttocks, is most favorable for thoughtful fishing or philosophical reflections on life.

    In the domestic market of kayaks for fishing in St. Petersburg, the following models of single inflatable boats have proven themselves in the best way.

    Barbarian kayak with open deck. The product is produced in three different sizes, which are selected depending on the experience of water travel and the personal ambitions of our potential client. Each kayak is manufactured in two versions - a model with a solid bottom and a model with self-draining holes and a thick bottom. If you buy a single-seater inflatable boat for fishing of this type, then you can indulge in your favorite pastime not only on the relatively calm rivers and lakes of the Russian North, but also on rough water with a strong wave.

    An additional advantage of "Varvara" is a single-layer manufacturing technology. Therefore, the process of transportation to the desired reservoir, assembly and possible repair is greatly simplified.

    Kayaks are small single or double rowing boats with a narrow long hull and sharp ends. They are distinguished by good stability, light weight, shallow draft, high cross-country ability, and today they are actively used for fishing, hunting, boat trips, tourism, rafting, and in a number of sports.

    Kayaks can freely cross shallow water, move through swampy and reedy places, pass rugged rapids and waterfalls, and penetrate the most inaccessible backwaters. However, their stability does not allow sailing in high waves, and their carrying capacity does not allow carrying a lot of luggage. These problems are solved by kayak-catamarans, which are twin boats of increased stability and capacity.

    Catamaran kayak construction

    Kayaks-catamarans are small two-seater vessels, the design of which includes rests for feet, hips, knees, backs, stringers, stems, frames, fenders. Such boats are inflatable, collapsible, one-piece, driven by single-blade oars, have two hulls, connected with a duralumin frame.

    These are boats with a high cross-country ability, capable of maintaining alignment even when not fully loaded. They are used for recreational purposes, for trekking on rivers of high difficulty, for traveling across the sea and can be equipped with large luggage compartments, sealed chambers, and rod holders.

    Kayak-catamarans are sometimes supplied with transoms for motors, devices for sailing equipment, equipment for mounting echo sounders, compass, navigator. Inflatable models consist of two cylinders placed in a power shell, reinforced bottom, lacing, reinforcing the frame on gondolas. They have drain holes, drain valves, inflatable seats.

    Catamarans kayaks have a harness and carry handles. In sports options, safety handles are added, for which the crew holds on when passing too rough rapids. Walking models can have a sit-in landing with rowers inside the cockpit, and a sit-on-top landing with people on the top of the boat hull. The design of sea and tourist kayak-catamarans often includes a rudder with a pedal drive, floats, fins located under the bottom. Collapsible models have a durable PVC-coated material shell, buoyancy tanks and a snap-on deck.

    Specifications of the kayak-catamaran

    Kayaks-catamarans have a length of 3.2 meters to 5.6 meters, a width of 96 centimeters to 187 centimeters, a carrying capacity of 200 kilograms to 450 kilograms. These are stable models with very high buoyancy, stability, weighing from 18 kilograms to 56 kilograms and withstanding heavy loads. They are made of chemically inert materials of high strength, do not crack at sudden temperature changes, and withstand powerful impacts.

    Inflatable types of kayak-catamarans have cylinders with a maximum diameter of 56 centimeters and a deck height from 15 centimeters to 20 centimeters. Models with transoms are made for motors up to 5 horsepower.

    Kayaks are narrow oar boats with swept bow and stern, light weight and compact size, characterized by high maneuverability, excellent maneuverability, and easy handling. In ancient times, such boats were made by the peoples of the North, creating them from bones or wood, fastened with whalebones and covered with walrus or seal skins. Now kayaks are made of PVC, duralumin, plywood, composite materials and are used for boat trips, rafting, tourist travel, family walks, sports competitions.

    They are also very popular among hunting enthusiasts. The kayaks have a shallow draft and excellent agility, thanks to which they freely pass through shallow water, channels overgrown with reeds and make it possible to move silently, without scaring away the game. In addition, the low weight and convenient design allow such boats to be carried overland without much difficulty, which gives hunters the opportunity to spend some time on the shore.

    What types of kayaks are best suited for hunting

    All types of kayaks are divided into frame, hull, inflatable and can be single, double, triple. The most convenient for hunting are single-double inflatable and frame small boats, which can be delivered to reservoirs by any transport and are ready for operation right on the shore.

    Frame versions are collapsible and consist of several sections (modules) and a waterproof durable shell. They are quickly assembled and disassembled, have good roominess, good stability, obedient in handling at fairly high waves and in windy weather.

    Inflatable kayaks are distinguished by increased agility, practicality, low cost, excellent buoyancy. But they do not keep their course well in troubled water and with a crosswind or headwind, so if long hikes in wide open bodies of water are coming, it is better to give preference to other kayak options.

    Some hull models made of plastic or polyethylene are also suitable for hunting. These are solid boats made of durable materials by rotary molding. They are stable, withstand low and high temperatures, have a plastic body that is not afraid of powerful blows, unpretentious in maintenance and practically not subject to serious damage. The only drawbacks of such boats are the higher price than the rubber and frame models, the need for a fairly spacious storage space and the complexity of transportation. To deliver such a kayak to the reservoir, the hunter will need a personal car.

    Hunting kayak design

    Traditionally, hunting kayaks consist of a cockpit, pillers, frames, bow and stern posts, fenders, stringers, knee, hip, foot, and back rests. In some models, instead of the foot stops, a pedal drive with a steering blade is used. Boats have drain valves and drain holes

    The design of hunting kayaks includes unsinkable tanks, sealed chambers, skirts and aprons that protect rowers from splashes, and the boat from flooding. The models have rims, cable ties, and are supplied with special devices for transporting equipment and strengthening additional equipment. Frame and body versions can be equipped with small luggage compartments, inflatable versions usually have pockets instead.

    Kayaks for open big water are often equipped with a retractable keel and a sharp edge to improve directional stability. The boats have ergonomic adjustable seats that are able to take the most comfortable position for the hunter. In some modern models, there are folding inflatable pontoons, which increase the stability of the vessel and allow the hunter to stand in the boat even in rough water.

    Specifications of hunting kayaks

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