How to draw up a competent business plan for opening a travel agency

Water tourism tourism business plan

Before deciding to open a travel agency, an entrepreneur needs to be aware of a fairly high level of competition in this industry, which requires continuous and painstaking work from the owners.

The main difficulties lie in conducting tedious negotiations with people and in diligently indulging their every whim. If you already have doubts that you will have enough patience, then you should not start.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Currently, the tourist services market is experiencing rapid growth. Moreover, despite this, the amount of income increases annually, which confirms the fact that the services offered are becoming better quality.

The main part of the services (almost 90%) is assistance to tourists wishing to spend their holidays abroad, which indicates a large number of competitors who are ready to offer this particular service.

What is the reason for this growth rate? First, the population's ability to pay has grown significantly. Secondly, the infrastructure of the tourism business is developing tirelessly. In addition, the area is very attractive for investors.

Recently, a completely new service has become very popular - online booking through special sites and so-called booking systems. This significantly saves time for both the client and the tour operator, and automation has a positive effect on profitability and profitability. Result: with minimal costs, the entrepreneur receives a decent income.

Large tour operators (main competitors) are known not only in a particular city, but also in the country as a whole. It is almost impossible to deal with them, so the only correct solution is fruitful cooperation. In the modern world, it is not uncommon for a well-known travel agency to help a small entity in this area, of course, not on a gratuitous basis. In return, they expect a return of a certain percentage of the profits.

Format options

You can open a travel agency at home, the main thing is to have a phone and a computer. However, if you plan to get a good income, then broader thinking is needed. To begin with, you can try to find an area not covered by the tourist business and open a business there.

This activity involves the implementation of the following areas:

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Walking along the river and, in general, river shipping in Russia is in a sad state, it seems, a little more, and river transport will sink into oblivion. The state does not seek to develop this industry, maintaining its own ship is a very difficult, responsible and costly business, which only reduces the number of private ship owners. Huge inland waterways and thousands of kilometers of river routes are plowed by a very small number of vehicles, and every year its number only decreases.

The most inexpensive transport - inland waterways - has a disastrously small percentage of freight and passenger traffic compared to other types: road, rail and air (and even pipeline). Such a poor condition can be partially explained by the main drawback of river vessels - the extremely low speed of movement, because the plane is tens of times faster than the steamer. However, such a leisurely movement of the ship can be turned to your advantage, because a large number of people do not want to get to their destination faster, but rather enjoy the trip, as evidenced by the high demand for this type of service such as organizing walks along the river.

We can say that today river walks are an area that entrepreneurs can develop instead of the state, providing such services on their private ships, thus, the fate of river transport still has a chance of salvation. Russia is a country of beautiful nature for many people, many residents of this country will gladly ride a motor ship along the river, which has a leisurely pace and allows you to fully enjoy the trip. The organization of such walks along the river is a very promising undertaking, however, it has many nuances and subtleties, without disassembling which before going on a big voyage, you can go to the bottom after the first paid walk, only figuratively, and not in the literal sense.

Conditions for creating a river walking business

The overwhelming number of cities have their own waterways, almost all major cities were founded on the banks of the river and even got their names from it. The river is a visiting card of many settlements, a kind of attraction. But before you start organizing walks along the river, you need to find out if this will be in demand at all in a particular city where you plan to start a business.

There are definitely prospects for walking along the river in big cities, here the indigenous people themselves will be happy to climb aboard a motor ship to go on a short journey through the river expanses of their native nature. In the minds of the inhabitants of big cities, the notion that if the river is navigable, then it is definitely worth taking a ride on a ship at least once in your life. For many, this generally becomes a vacation for every weekend, but since not everyone can afford a yacht or even a boat (in addition to the considerable purchase price, a water vehicle is also required to maintain, which is much more expensive than the purchase itself), a pleasure boat becomes the best choice - paid for the trip and, without straining, you rest while walking. If the city is also a tourist center (a good example is the "Golden Ring"), then in addition to the locals who love their land, there are tourists for whom visiting the city of cultural heritage and not taking a ride on the river is comparable to not visiting the city. They arrange mainly sightseeing trips with their own guide.

The situation with river walks is very bad only in small settlements that do not have anything remarkable for travelers, but even there there may be a couple of steamers that are engaged in cargo transportation, and in their free time they arrange bars on the water with skiing on river for the natives. In addition, in large cities where such a business has existed for many years, there is a huge number of competitors, who, at the same time, dock in close proximity to each other, and the visitor chooses which one he likes best. This is an important aspect of such entrepreneurship, because the client will have to be attracted with something special, trying to win back a certain part of the population, creating a target audience specifically for your vessel.

Starting a river walk business

A novice businessman is unlikely to be able to provide a consumer from the very beginning with a large multi-deck ship with a capacity of several hundred people, on which first-class service is organized and all additional services are available, including Thai massage. Large players, who have been engaged in pleasure flights for several years, keep such ships and carefully take care of their client, attracting new ones.

The tourism business is considered one of the most profitable. The following travel agency business plan is a ready-made example that will help you verify this.

Such a business can be conducted in any country, regardless of climatic conditions. A beginner can order a travel agency business plan in a special form, or can draw it up on his own. To do this, you will need to carefully study all the information related to this case and familiarize yourself with the economic situation in your country. This will help you make the right decision and assess all the risks. A ready-made example of organizing your business will help you avoid controversial situations in the future, since they will be thought out and resolved in advance.

Tourism Business

What is Tourism Business Planning? First of all, it is a program for selling tour packages to customers. It is best if the travel agency will work with clients throughout the entire stay. This implies high costs and the attraction of highly qualified personnel, since representatives of your organization will have to communicate with foreign employees of hotels and agencies. It is better for a novice entrepreneur to purchase a ready-made business - a company that sells vouchers to certain countries, bought from tour operators at low prices. With constant cooperation, tour operators provide good discounts, which will increase your profits.

Why is the tourism business attractive? First of all, it is stability and profitability. The rapidly spreading fashion for overseas vacations forces an increasing number of people to resort to the services of travel agencies. Novice businessmen are attracted by this industry with minimal start-up investments and the absence of the need to organize production processes. Opening a travel agency is difficult, but quite interesting. If you have set clear goals for yourself and are rapidly moving towards them, you will succeed.

Before you learn how to start your own business, you need to study the specifics of this business sector. There are 2 types of companies working in this area: travel agencies and tour operators. Tour operators are engaged in the selection of routes, cooperation with hotels, the organization of charter flights. Travel agencies are directly involved in the implementation of vouchers. When starting your own company, decide what exactly you want to do. It is quite difficult and costly to organize trips from start to finish, so novice businessmen stop at the opening of a travel agency.

How to open a travel agency

It is best to register your company as a limited liability company. Most often, residents of our country vacation in Turkey, Egypt and Thailand, so focus on selling vouchers to these countries. The demand for the services of your company will grow annually, so there is no doubt about the profitability of the newly opened enterprise. So, your company will be engaged in the implementation of vouchers to the most popular countries, but you can diversify the range of your services by offering vouchers to less visited places.

The next step is to analyze the sales market. Research the tourism market in your area. Find out how much the products of such companies are in demand, how many companies there are in your city. Even if there are many travel agencies and they are quite competitive, you should not give up your dream. Any competition pushes to improve the quality of the services provided.

The main point in terms of organizing the work of your company is to find a room. It is desirable that the office is located in the city center - this will ensure a constant flow of clients. The more people see your office, the more profit you will get. The acquisition of office space in the ownership is the most costly moment. The next step will be to carry out repairs in the room: it should be bright, but at the same time have a strict corporate identity. This is the only way you can instill confidence in future customers.

The next step is to obtain permits. The activities of a travel agency are regulated by the state; to obtain a license, more than 20% of employees with special education and work experience in this field are required. The same requirements apply to the head of the enterprise. A hygienic certificate is issued only after completing special courses.

At the initial stages of the firm's work, you will need to involve a minimum number of employees. For the normal operation of a newly opened travel agency, 2 people are enough: a director and a tourism manager. The director of a company is most often one of its founders.

According to statistics, about a thousand new travel agencies are opened in Russia every year, but no more than 30% "live" more than a year. This indicates the lack of clear planning and study of the specifics of the market at the very beginning of the start of a business.

Travel Agency Business Plan

A well-written business plan will allow you to analyze the market, competitive environment, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project and outline a strategic plan for the development of the company. Therefore, the stage of implementation of any idea must be preceded by the stage of writing a business plan.

Where to start?

Many entrepreneurs who decide to start their own business make the same mistake. They start implementing a business idea without prior planning. As a result, after a month or two of vigorous activity, they are faced with unforeseen risks and situations that could have been avoided with a drawn up plan.

The business plan is the key to the successful implementation of the project and takes into account all weaknesses and possible risks.

How to make money on tourism

This document will be a step-by-step guide that will help you achieve your goal without deviating from the main idea. The business plan reflects all aspects of the activity and helps to plan the sequence of actions necessary for the successful implementation of the company's goals.

Its structure consists of the following sections:

  • Summary - This section describes the relevance of the idea.
  • General provisions - this section contains general information about the company, its founders.
  • Market analysis shows the market capacity, the number of competitors, their strengths, etc.
  • Product Description - this section demonstrates the services that will be implemented within the project.
  • The Organizational Plan is a clear guide to action that shows the direction of activity step by step (business registration, purchase of equipment, personnel search, etc.)
  • The Marketing and Strategic Plan is a step-by-step guide to promotion of services that will help attract customers.
  • The production plan includes a detailed list of issues related to the purchase of equipment, raw materials, etc.
  • The financial plan reflects the required spending, projected profit, profitability and payback forecast.

The importance of planning in the tourism business

Don't think that writing a business plan is a waste of time.

  • analyze the competitive environment;
  • find the target audience;
  • calculate the payback period of the business;
  • write the required amount raw materials and techniques for the implementation of the idea;
  • see the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

How to arrange catamaran rental

Today, in every city park there is a river, near which catamarans rental is organized. Such entertainment does not cost much - about 300-500 rubles per hour of use. The price can fluctuate depending on the city and the popularity of the place.

Another tempting place to start a rental business is, of course, the beach. This is important - the beach itself. It is unprofitable to create a rental point just along the river bank. Few people will know about you if you are out of sight. Vacationers are key.

To start your own business, you need to find out who is in charge of the beach. It can be a municipal organization or an individual. You need to find out the conditions, conclude an agreement and pay the agreed amount. Only then can you arrange a rental point.

An obligatory clause in the lease agreement is to indicate the delimitation of zones for floating people and rental of boats and catamarans. Further, it will be necessary to fence off these two territories - again, to avoid accidents. It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation during its use by the tenant. If necessary, it is necessary to provide emergency assistance as soon as possible.

Don't consider a place like a wild beach. Recently, they have been actively checked by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations so that people do not swim in prohibited places. So both holidaymakers and entrepreneurs who use wild beaches can expect very significant fines.

Inflatable boat rental

Inflatable boat rental is a great option for a novice businessman. First, a rubber boat is not that expensive compared to other flotation devices. And, secondly, the demand for it will be high.

An inflatable boat is not only a great option for those who just decided to relax and raft down the river: to admire the beauty of the landscapes. Boats can be actively used by fishermen! That is, you can rent your boat to those who like fishing, not only near the beach in a quiet backwater, but also anywhere. To do this, simply add the daily rent of an inflatable boat to the list of your services and make money on someone else's hobby. Having fishing tackle or camping equipment available for rent is great, it will only increase your income.

Motorboat rental

First, let's clarify the definitions: a motor boat is a small boat equipped with an outboard motor. That is, if a motor is attached to an inflatable boat, it will become a motor boat.

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