How to choose the right men's thermal underwear, the best manufacturers and models of men's thermal underwear

Thermal underwear for alpine skiing and snowboarding

Thermal underwear is an underwear used mainly by people who play sports. Clothing perfectly retains temperature, while completely absorbing moisture. But not all thermal underwear will last a long time, retaining its original characteristics, so it is necessary to choose products that will not change their quality under different weather conditions.

The most popular Norveg brand

The popular brand of underwear Norveg, produced in Germany, has been used in Russia since 2002. Premium thermal underwear perfectly absorbs moisture, even with high physical activity. In addition, Norveg thermal underwear has good heat-saving properties.

Variety of Norwegian thermal underwear sets for women

Norwegian products are tested by athletes, children and outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Products made from merino wool can be used at any time of the year. Thermal underwear regulates heat exchange and provides protection from cold and heat.
  • The Soft Kids series, designed for children, has the same properties. In addition, children's thermal underwear does not cause allergic reactions and is completely invisible under clothes.
  • The Norwegian thermal underwear serves for a long period of time and has an ideal anatomical design.

X-Bionic Thermal Underwear

Functional, stylish underwear made in Switzerland. In the manufacture of products, new developments, innovative technologies, and environmentally friendly raw materials are used.

X-Bionic thermal underwear is produced with design features that take into account the anatomical structure of the human body. Products create comfortable conditions at different times of the year, creating an optimal temperature and perfectly removing moisture from the body.

X-Bionic thermal underwear has interesting designs

How to choose the best women's thermal underwear

Women's thermal underwear refers to the base layer of clothing that is in direct contact with the skin. The middle layer provides insulation, while the top or outer layer is a sheath for protection from wind and precipitation.

For a person to feel comfortable and be able to move freely, each subsequent layer must be wider than the previous one. By heating the air between them, the body retains heat in cold weather.

Thermal underwear is designed to quickly remove moisture into the outer layers of clothing. With intense physical activity, the body stays dry and the chances of getting sick decrease. In addition, due to a variety of inserts, thermal underwear allows you to regulate the temperature in different parts of the body. It dries quickly and does not need much maintenance.

When choosing thermal underwear, you should define your goals. There are models on the market for both active sports (skiing, snowboarding, and so on) and for everyday wear.

There are three types of thermal underwear:

It is compact and almost weightless, pleasant to the touch, lasts a long time and does not roll, elastic and easy to clean and clean. The problem with synthetic underwear is that it absorbs odors and requires daily care. It makes sense to choose such underwear for winter sports.

The main advantage of such thermal underwear is that it weighs little, does not absorb odors and will keep warm even if it gets completely wet. After washing, woolen thermal underwear dries a little longer than synthetic. There is also a risk that it may sit down. It makes sense to purchase such underwear for everyday wear.

Manufacturers make such underwear by combining natural and synthetic materials.

When choosing thermal underwear, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

The best women's thermal underwear

Dareb Symbolize black thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is one of the most important elements of tourist equipment. Possessing a number of advantages over ordinary underwear, it allows you to create maximum comfort in all weather conditions. In this article, we will tell you what points deserve attention when choosing so that the purchase will meet expectations. Reading time - 7 minutes.

Why do tourists need thermal underwear

Unlike ordinary underwear, having absorbed sweat, thermal underwear does not hold it, but effectively removes excess moisture from the skin, preventing it from remaining on the body and cooling it. Due to this, even with active sweating, thermal clothing remains dry, there are no favorable conditions for the development of bacteria that provoke the appearance of an unpleasant odor and various skin irritations.

It does an excellent job of regulating heat exchange - at low temperatures it helps to retain heat, and in hot weather it helps to avoid overheating.

We select solutions for different types of tourism

Different tourist destinations differ in the level of difficulty and type of activity. Thermal underwear for active use, accompanied by profuse sweating, must effectively wick away moisture. With passive use of thermal underwear, the emphasis is shifted to keeping warm.


During a hike, physical activity often alternates - intense during the transitions and minimal on halts. The weather is also very changeable, and even forecasts of weather forecasters do not allow us to accurately predict it in advance along the entire length of the route. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any situation and select high-quality thermal underwear with high rates of heat retention and moisture removal. It is also important to take care of the upper layer of the equipment that protects from wind and rain - a membrane jacket and pants.


Mountain climbing is a more intense type of physical activity than hiking. It is accompanied by long transitions along the route, constant movement and, as a result, profuse sweating. Therefore, the primary task of thermal underwear is to remove moisture, otherwise a tourist in sweat-wet underwear will freeze faster and catch a cold. But the warming effect is also important, because in the highlands there are sharp changes in temperature, and the nights are much colder than the day.

In order for the thermal underwear for alpine skiing and snowboarding to do their job - to effectively remove sweat and prevent jumps in body temperature - you need to be able to choose the right one. This article will teach you this.

Remember in childhood - as soon as we get wet, immediately cry? After all, this is how our parents knew that it was time to change diapers! And if the children are dry, then they are happy, right? So adults smile longer and more often if the body in thermal underwear is dry, warm and comfortable under any load and any weather.

Thermal underwear for alpine skiing and snowboarding (also called functional) should not hinder our movements, be affordable and undemanding to care for. Let's take a look at what is offered to us on the market.

The underwater ski jungle is home to a huge variety of types of thermal underwear: underpants, underpants, T-shirts with short and long sleeves, women's and children's thermal underwear ... By the way, ski socks can also be classified as thermal underwear - they also wick moisture away and help feet breathe.

Some types of thermal underwear should fit snugly around our body, while others should hang freely. Both are acceptable.

There are interesting colors of thermal underwear. It is bought not only because of its useful properties, but also because of its appearance. So, after skating, throwing off your pants, you can attract the attention of the right person. What manufacturers do not do to make us part with our rubles more often.

There is a universal linen - for any weather, there is a target - for extreme conditions. Needless to say, we are on the brink of an incredible discovery. Let's dive in!

Thickness of ski and snowboard thermal underwear

Conventionally, all thermal underwear is divided into three categories in terms of thickness: thin, medium, thick. The former is for hot weather, the latter is for cold weather, and the middle is for what is between these points.

Some companies (for example, Odlo) use a different scale for classification (but the meaning remains the same):

  • cool,
  • light,
  • warm,
  • x-warm.

The main criteria for choosing thermal underwear

For everyday wear, a distinction must be made between cotton and woolen underwear. Thermal underwear on cotton basis is lighter, and woolen underwear warms better. But this type of linen wears out quickly. Thermal underwear, where there is a lot of synthetic fibers, can be worn for several seasons. Choose underwear according to the type of behavior in extreme cold.

Polypropylene synthetic material removes moisture best of all, it dries quickly, but it is an expensive material, therefore, sportsmen mainly use thermal underwear with polypropylene.

Polyester is less moisture-absorbing, but it is cheap, so products with polyester are good for walking in the winter. All seamless patterns are made from polyamide, so it is part of unisex products.

For severe frosts and winter fishing, thermal underwear with Polartec material is best suited, it retains heat best. All Scandinavian manufacturers use merino wool for its manufacture. It is a fine wool with antibacterial properties. Such linen is difficult to care for.

Choosing men's underwear for cold weather

Thermal underwear

It is sewn with "waffle" weaving, forming small pockets in the fabric, using both natural and artificial threads. This underwear is for everyday wear, but it is not suitable for use during strenuous physical activity. Such linen is not blown through and heats up reliably at 20 degrees below zero. But he has a short wear period.

Moisture-wicking thermal underwear

It is also called functional thermal underwear .. The fabric is entirely made of synthetics, wicks away sweat, making the body dry. It is thin, but made in such a way that when heated, the inside of the linen increases pressure, due to which moisture goes to the outside of the linen. Such thermal underwear is worn for a long time, but you need to constantly move in it. The peculiarity of this underwear: due to the large amount of synthetic fibers, the new underwear is very hard to the touch.

Hybrid thermal underwear

This linen is double-sided, the bottom is moisture-permeable polymers, the top is warm natural fabric. The linen is pleasant to the touch, is not blown out, and is most suitable for physical exertion in severe frosts.

- For winter fishing, you need a set of thermal underwear for low physical activity with a high content of natural wool.

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