How to choose an underwater camera for fishing

How to choose an underwater camera for fishing

Devices called underwater cameras allow you to take original pictures and capture many interesting moments underwater. They can be used not only by specialists who study the underwater world at a professional level, but also by fans of extreme sports and fishing. It remains only to correctly carry out the selection of the required model.

What is an underwater camera?

Modern products are digital. They have a perfect design and a set of unique functionality. Manufacturers of video devices for fishing from different countries produce a wide range of products, and they focus on the following main parameters:

  • sensitivity ;
  • working depth;
  • the ability to shoot in fresh or salt water;
  • angle of perception ;
  • lens quality;
  • changeable optics;
  • display size and resolution;
  • availability of a recording device;
  • battery life;
  • backlight and flash enabled

Why does a fisherman need such a camera?

Fishermen can use a video camera to catch fish at any time of the year under favorable and unfavorable conditions. It can be used for fishing in open waters and under ice both from the shore and from a boat.

The underwater camera will allow a fisherman to capture the following moments with high quality:

  • the presence or absence of fish in the place of fishing;
  • the depth of fishing;
  • the fish's reaction to a certain type of bait;
  • change your fishing strategy to achieve a positive effect;
  • see the perfect catching moments;
  • record interesting fishing incidents

Underwater Fishing Camera Operation

The device must work flawlessly and efficiently perform all the functions assigned to it in the process of shooting. This will simplify and expand the possibilities of fishing. With a video camera, it is easier to observe specific types of fish, find out their habits and fishing characteristics.

Modern fishing video cameras are easy to operate, provide the highest quality images, and have long surpassed such popular fishermen products as echo sounders. Many fishermen have been using them for a long time in their arsenal.

They record lines and arcs that only an experienced angler will tell about the features of the bottom topography, the presence of fish, and the use of devices, especially the latest generation, will show all the nuances of fishing. The bottom, fish, vegetation will be visible in all its glory to the smallest detail. This is the main difference between an underwater camera and an echo sounder.

Underwater camera position modes

Underwater camera for angler

The underwater depths fascinate and attract people, but for many centuries people had no opportunity to take pictures in the water column, as any video camera in such conditions would quickly fail. The situation changed drastically as soon as waterproof cameras were developed, they are now available in stores in a wide range. However, you can take really high-quality pictures only if you have good technology, choosing which you should take into account many different factors. They will be discussed in our review.

Devices for video and photography in the water column are gaining more and more popularity every year. They were first introduced to the market in 2012, they were invented by the engineers of the American company GoPro.

Over the past decades, many other companies have also taken up the creation of underwater cameras, moreover, they have made the devices more perfect - as a result, photographers have been able to take truly unique pictures.

Among the characteristic features of this technique are:

  • compactness and low weight;
  • enclosures are resistant to external influences;
  • high parameters of protection against dirt, dust, shock, and also moisture;
  • good viewing angle;
  • availability of additional options.

Such cameras are bought not only by professionals, but also by amateurs, diving or fishing. Using this device, you can fully convey all the beauty of the underwater world without distorting the video sequence.

There are several types of diving action cameras. The most popular on the market are aqua boxes, which are waterproof covers for a wide variety of equipment.

They are very convenient, since they do not interfere with the operation of the camera, do not degrade the quality of shooting.

However, this solution has several disadvantages:

  • the aqua box significantly increases the total weight of the structure;
  • the original mounts are far from always suitable for masks;
  • the form of the aquabox does not provide for streamlining, but this leads to increased energy consumption for the diver.

Also in stores you can find standalone models that allow you to submerge in water to a depth of 20 m without any special devices - such means are usually made miniature, fasteners for a helmet are not provided in them.

Diving enthusiasts will surely enjoy the version of the camera mounted in a swimming mask, although this design creates certain restrictions on the use of the device.

Why do anglers need an underwater camera? How does it work and how is it useful? The most famous and popular brands of underwater cameras.

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video camera for yachts and boats for night navigation

video camera for yachts and boats for night navigation

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Contents (click for quick jump):

The technical equipment of a modern fisherman is multifaceted. There are many accessories available to make fishing from the shore or boat more comfortable. But to solve the main task - to make fishing effective and interesting - advanced fishermen use a special type of device.

Why does a fisherman need a camera?

Among the arsenal of fishing gadgets, echo sounders have taken pride of place for a long time, making it easier to find fishing spots. However, there is also a more modern device - an underwater camera for fishing. It allows you to:

  • Explore the reservoir for fish.
  • Select the depth for fishing as accurately as possible.
  • Track the reaction of underwater inhabitants to different baits and select the most suitable ones.
  • Change the tactics and strategy of fishing depending on the specific situation.
  • Study the bottom of the reservoir and the features of its relief.
  • Determine fish activity (using a built-in thermometer installed on underwater cameras for winter fishing).
  • Select the optimal time for the sweep.
  • Shoot fishing without being distracted by adjusting other gadgets (regular camera or smartphone).
  • Find a trophy specimen under water and hunt for it.

Conservative fishermen still consider the underwater camera a completely useless bells and whistles that take away the thrill of fishing. However, while they are analyzing lines and arcs on their echo sounders, those who already have a camera are playing out big trophies and sharing these brilliant videos:

How does the video rod work?

A fishing camcorder is a very simple but multifunctional device. Traditionally, such gadgets consist of:

  • a lens hidden in a sealed waterproof case;
  • infrared illumination for exploring the dark depths of the reservoir (infrared light does not scare fish, but at the same time allows you to conduct high-quality shooting with a clear picture);
  • a high-strength cable (up to 30 meters long) and a reel for winding it, which allows you to adjust the immersion depth of the gadget - to submerge and retrieve from the water without fuss and unnecessary movements;
  • monitor with good resolution for instant picture display.

The main differences by which cameras can be classified

It would seem that until recently every photograph was worth its weight, if not gold, then at least silver. The photographers took care of each shot, trying not to waste the film just like that, and after a long time they developed it. Today it is difficult to surprise someone with cameras: they are found in all mobile phones and tablets. A similar fate befell video cameras: just 20 years ago, most could only dream of a simple amateur camera, but today their choice is much greater. Action cameras are one of the types of video cameras.

What is this

Their name comes from the English "Actioncamera" - these are special cameras designed for filming in extreme conditions. Usually they are used by extreme sportsmen: such cameras are not afraid of water, wind and dirt.

The first cameras of this type were invented by the American company "GoPro" in 2012 - they were the first to develop video cameras that can work in the most incredible conditions. Of course, the first attempts to attach a camera to the head or arms were recorded back in the middle of the last century, but then the result was not very successful.

Due to its small size and light weight, the camera can be mounted on the human body, thereby providing freedom of movement

The differences between action cameras include:

  • Small dimensions: this type of camera is rather small, it literally takes up half of the palm.
  • Light weight: action models weigh no more than 30-50 grams, while conventional camcorders can weigh up to half a kilogram.
  • Special mounts: most often cameras are mounted on helmets, belts, arms or neck, they can also be mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle. This allows you to shoot video from the first person. Some cameras can also be attached to pet collars.
  • Body: Action cameras have extremely durable bodies that protect them from dust, dirt, sand, impact on the ground, and in some models, water.
  • Angle of view: it reaches up to 170 degrees, which means it covers much more than a simple camera. Some models are spherical, that is, they "look" both forward and backward.
  • Shooting quality: these parameters are much higher for action cameras. Models record about 60 frames per second versus 30 frames in a conventional camera - this allows you not to miss a moment in a frequently changing picture. The resolution of the models is at least 1280 * 720 pixels versus 720 * 576 pixels in a conventional camera. Also, the cameras are distinguished by high clarity and sharpness, a fixed-focus lens, which allows you to get high quality images.

Attention! Unlike autofocus, which "catches" a single subject and tracks it, fixed focus determines the distance and clearly captures everything that falls into it. This allows you to get blurry video.

Action cameras are used in a wide variety of fields that require a first person view:

  • During extreme sports: skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, skydiving, parkour and others.
  • For underwater filming when scuba diving or surfing.
  • During military trials.
  • As video recorders when driving a car or motorcycle.
  • In 2011, action cameras were first used for filming a television series, although later they were replaced by similar options, but giving better resolution.

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