How to choose a tent for fishing and tourism: parameters of winter and summer models for outdoor recreation

How to choose a tent with a vestibule; four or two bed

Preparing for a winter hike - choosing the right equipment, hiking clothes, shoes. Equipment should be checked as weather conditions often approach extreme. The main element is a winter camping tent, which should be lightweight and frost-resistant.

Requirements for winter tents

Searching for camping gear begins with analyzing the conditions. An overnight stay in a winter forest is different from a rest in the mountains. Often, tents for winter hikes are taken for fishing. Therefore, there should be an opportunity to make a hole, the moisture inside should not adversely affect the microclimate.

  • resistance to wind gusts, shape retention;
  • temperature changes do not affect the elasticity of the material, the likelihood of damage due to mechanical impact does not increase;
  • easy installation, this is necessary if there is no time to fix the tent;
  • light weight so that it does not take up much space in the equipment;
  • good thermal insulation if there is a heat source inside , the cooling does not have to be fast.

To choose, you need to take into account several factors - budget, capacity, availability of additional functions. If damaged, you can quickly make repairs, patch stickers on the hole.

The basic requirements for winter camping tents are wind-resistant, two-layer bedding throughout, aluminum arches are used to reduce weight. For thermal insulation, there should be a vestibule with two sealed valves in front of the entrance.

A skirt is not a requirement for winter hikes. To increase the weight of the edges, you can dig in, make a snow shelter around the structure. Capacity is the number of people plus one. We need a supply of space for things and other equipment.

Types of tents

Synthetic fabric is used for the production of tents. It can be nylon, polyester or polyester. For winter, fabrics with a polyester base are used. An example is lavsan or polyester. The higher the amount of fibers, the denser the material. Possible impregnation with polyurethane or silicone. The hiking model comes in a variety of shapes.

  • Wireframes. The structure is reliable and stable. The disadvantage is a lot of installation time. First, the bottom is spread and fixed, then an awning is pulled over the arcs. The model is taken for a multi-day stay in one place, for example, on a fishing trip.
  • Cube. What kind of temporary shelters are made in full growth, stiffening ribs provide stability and reliability. But with strong gusts of wind, there will be windage. Weight is more than standard, which makes it difficult to hike.
  • Automatic Advantages - quick installation. It installs in less than a minute. But it has little stability.

Trekking tents are rarely used for hiking in winter. There are models designed for low temperatures, they can withstand strong gusts of wind.

Almost all types of tents come with a vestibule - trekking, camping, extreme (expedition). But not every one is suitable for all occasions, because there are trips with a large company, family, on a par with solo trips to the forest or mountains.

In this article, we will understand the benefits and drawbacks of the tambour at the tent, as well as its main technical characteristics, which it can influence.

After reading, you will find out why a double layer tent is the best choice for a tourist!

Why do you need a vestibule?

Before proceeding directly to the description of important characteristics, let's figure out why a tourist needs a vestibule in a tent? At least three main reasons can be deduced:

  • A place where you can sit out a bad hike;
  • A place where you can put all additional equipment, equipment, shoes;
  • A place for arrangement of a kitchen or even a dining room in bad or windy weather.

The advantages of the vestibule are obvious and it really will create additional comfort from the trip, but, as you know, you have to pay for everything, and in this case the weight is the payment. A tourist tent with a vestibule will be 20-30% heavier than the same analogue, but without it.

Now we are talking about a trekking tourist tent, for which weight is important, because a tourist has to carry everything on his shoulders. Camping tents, by and large, are all with vestibules, and here the choice is more about the type of construction, tent material, etc.

Which tent with a vestibule to choose from a variety of tourist models?

The word "tourist" is common for such equipment and it would not be correct to call them tents only for hiking trips. All the same, any outing into nature, be it by car, motorcycle or bicycle, can also be called a tourist trip or a hike. Therefore, I propose to call hiking trekking, and not tourist.

First, decide what you need a tent for. If you are going on a hike, you should pay attention to trekking models. They are indispensable for active sports, because they are:

  • Easy to carry;
  • Can be placed and disassembled quickly;
  • Easy to fold (they are compact).

With the arrival of the warm season, the hiking season has also begun. If you are going to go out into nature with overnight stays, then you just need to purchase a tourist tent. What kind of tent to choose and what to look for when choosing, you can find out from this article.

Types of tents

Tents are divided according to various criteria. First of all, decide in what conditions the tent will be used, that is, its purpose. By purpose, tents are divided into:

- camping. These are large, tall tents, often with windows and a vestibule. Mainly used for caravan travel, family vacations and overnight stays for several days.

- trekking. Lightweight and small tents for installation in flat areas.

- assault. The tents are ultra-light and compact in size, fast and easy to set up, reliable and durable. They are used mainly in extreme conditions.

Tent shape

1. Hemisphere. It consists of two or more arcs crossed among themselves, which form a dome. Tents of this shape can withstand strong winds, water easily rolls off their surface and comfort due to their large volume. At the moment, the hemisphere shape is the most common.

2. Half roll. With this shape, the arcs do not intersect, but stand parallel. They have a large internal volume. It is not very easy to install, as the parallel arch frame requires stretching. In addition, tents of this shape have low wind resistance. The half roll shape is mainly typical for camping tents.

3. House. Classics of the genre. They have a gable structure without a frame. Snow and rain slide off them easily. But at the same time, they have low wind resistance. The most difficult to install.


1. Summer. Mainly designed for use in the warm season. They are made of thin materials and have good ventilation. But it must also be said that such tents are unlikely to save you from heavy rain and wind.

Camping tents are designed for those who are not used to traveling "on foot", and the equipment is transported by car. Having installed a shelter in a convenient place, you can wander around the neighborhood all day, and then have a good rest.

Fortunately, the size allows you to sleep with your legs fully extended, and move inside the tent without bending over. Looking to buy a camping tent? We will try to help and clarify the most important points.

What is a camping tent?

Supporters of water or car tourism transport or ferry equipment by kayak. They do not need to save on comfort, and the weight of the shoulder bag is not important, because it still does not need to be dragged on. Unlike backpackers, they choose any tent, even the largest and most comfortable one.

A camping tent is needed for travel and recreation, if you do not need to carry equipment. When we say “camping,” activity lovers mean a parking lot or a kind of tourism: living in the same place combined with easy walks in the surrounding area.

This is why comfortable camping models with large dimensions and height, a large vestibule and the absence of elements of extreme tents were invented.

The difference between a trekking tent and a camping tent

A tourist (trekking) tent is useful for long-term hiking with overnight stays in designated areas. A product weighing no more than 4 kg is easily carried in a backpack, quickly assembled and disassembled, remains stable in strong winds.

But! Resting in a low, streamlined tent is not very comfortable. Low dome and only one bedroom - a fly in the ointment in a barrel of merits.

Large and heavy (7–20 kg) camping tent is not suitable for hiking or extreme climatic conditions. Install it for a few minutes longer than the trekking one.

It is difficult for tourists, fishermen and travelers to do without a tent. You can spend the night on a rug in a sleeping bag, but there is a great chance to spoil the impression of the rest due to bad weather, crawling insects and other surprises.

We decided to tell you how to choose a tent for fishing and tourism, as well as for family outdoor recreation. Alexander Khaleev, a sales assistant at the Extreme store, helped us to understand the intricacies of the issue.

With all the variety of models available on the Russian market, it can be difficult to correctly determine which tent to choose for a particular occasion. We highlighted the key evaluation criteria and talked about the existing types of products.

At the beginning of the article, we suggest considering the features of the three best tents for different occasions, which are in great demand among buyers:

WoodLand ULTRA Fishing Tent

Large and tall 2-seater ice fishing model. Two entrances, one room. The cubic shape creates optimal volume - the two-meter height allows you to get up from time to time without problems so that your legs don't get numb. The two-meter width (length) does not interfere with the placement of folding beds.

There are two ventilation holes at the top and bottom. A 25 cm wide skirt protects fishermen from wind and snow. The water resistance of the three-layer structure is 5000 mm of water column, which allows using the product in heavy rain when fishing in spring, when the ice thickness is still safe. Reflective elements on each side make the awning visible even in the dark.


Users leave mostly positive reviews. There is a rational form that provides space, good air circulation, and the presence of screwdrivers in the kit.



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