Hot springs in Votkinsk: thermal baths, a sea pool and a salt room for strong immunity

In the bowels of production: are the enterprises of Udmurtia ready to open their doors to tourists

On June 12, Izhevsk residents will celebrate the next City Day. Izhevsk, which until the beginning of the 20th century had the status of a village, and later a settlement, arose in the water area of ​​an artificial pond, the history of which dates back to the construction of the dam in 1760. The reservoir was required for the needs of future production. At first, an iron-making plant was erected on the shore, and in 1807, by the decree of Alexander I, the construction of the first armory in the Urals was laid. The settlement where the workers worked grew up around industrial facilities. The first streets and buildings were adjacent to the coastal zone. On the eve of the city day, the Udmurtia news agency traced the changes in its appearance from the 18th century on the basis of archival photographs.

19th century

This is an important time for Izhevsk - it was then that the first photographs of the village of Izhevsk Plant appeared. The embankment has not yet acquired its present shape: the Bodalevsky cape protruding into the pond and the bay near the Osiny cape have been preserved.

History of the Izhevsk embankment

In those years, rafts loaded with timber went from the Volozhka River to the industrial complex. The upland part of the village, where wealthy townspeople and artisans settled, was connected with the plant by the Long Bridge, which has survived to this day. There were walkways for rinsing clothes at the dam, and at the pier, located to the right of what exists today, frail boats of beggar fishermen were piled up.

Zarechnaya volost

In the southern part of the embankment, where the CHP is located today, sticking out far into the reservoir, there was a swampy Aspen Cape. From here began the Zarechnaya volost (Zareka), inhabited by the poor. The photographs of those years show the dilapidated shacks of the peasants, who, having worked at the factory from dusk until late evening, hurried to their boats to get fish for their family for dinner.

Fire brigade

The construction of the premises for the fire brigade on the bank of the pond next to the current pier dates back to the 1830s. In those days, when most of the buildings were erected from wood, their divisions were located next to all major industrial enterprises. According to Evgeny Shumilov's book, the combat formation of one fire brigade consisted of "50 rockers and water suppliers, 50 axemen and boatmen and 13 musicians, without whom, apparently, even a fire is boring."

Embankment of the late 19th century

Arms Factory

Water station, circus and Jordan: which objects on the embankment of the Izhevsk pond have not survived to this day

The best excursions in the city

Interesting stories about the architecture and history of the city and its resemblance to St. Petersburg

Tour of the car factory and visit to the exhibition of cars produced at the factory

The complete process of making a product from grain to freshly baked bread and the history of the factory

Excursion for school groups to the production of cotton candy, popcorn and candy sticks

The process of the birth of a greenhouse complex, a master class on sowing and growing seedlings

A story about pottery and participation in the creative process of creating a clay craft

6 best excursions in Izhevsk with experienced guides, prices for tours from 350 ₽

Excursions in Izhevsk

Going on an excursion around Izhevsk, you can see one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Russia and a real Buddhist stupa, a unique Kalashnikov museum and a plant that produced the famous Izh motorcycles. Monument to dumplings, charismatic crocodile and street art give the city a special flavor.

At the same time, Izhevsk is often called a miniature copy of the Northern capital. The first local architect was a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, and it was to him that the city owes a special arrangement of streets and avenues, as well as several unique buildings erected more than two centuries ago. The most famous of them are the central building of the arms factory and the Arsenal building, which have the status of architectural monuments of federal significance.

80s of the XIX century This is an important time for Izhevsk - it was then that the first photographs of the village of Izhevsky Zavod appeared. The embankment has not yet acquired its current shape: the B protruding into the pond has been preserved

Thermal water is of great benefit to the human body. These are underground waters, saturated with salts and minerals, which flow from a depth of 4-5 km. Thermal springs are a fairly affordable type of recovery that can be found in any corner of Russia, including Votkinsk.

About the Votkinsk Termy Health and Recreation Center

Votkinsk Termy is a health and recreation center located in the city of Votkinsk, Udmurt Republic. The place will warm anyone, even on the coldest day.

It includes: steam rooms, thermal pool, Turkish hammam, salt sauna, sea pool, phyto-barrels, cedar sauna. You can also purchase massage and peeling services, order a mud procedure and visit a circulating shower.

A professional bath attendant will steam bath visitors for a fee. "Votkinsk Termy" are distinguished by their modern technologies and directions of health improvement and recreation. They not only bring pleasure and enjoyment from the stay, but also strengthen health, thermal water improves the condition of the skin, eliminates the problems of the nervous system, and prevents the occurrence of colds.

The center provides all the necessary services for recreation. This amazing place has already been visited and appreciated by Sergey Trofimov and Lotter Pirc.

Thermal Indications and Health Benefits

Thermal water is rich in salts and minerals, so it is able to treat many diseases. The list is wide. It includes such problems as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, endocrine processes, problems of women's health, nervous system, osteoporosis and even sclerosis. People going through the rehabilitation period after operations will not be amiss to be in contact with thermal water.

There are exceptions to each rule, and if a visitor has diseases, in the presence of which, it is better to refrain from visiting such a complex. These are oncological formations, pathologies of the cardiovascular system, asthma, eczema on the body, high blood pressure, diabetes.

If the purpose of visiting the Votkinsk Termy complex is health improvement, then you should consult with a specialist before going to the center. He will analyze the problem and prescribe a treatment schedule.

Attention! If there are no contraindications, then you can visit, but not the fact that there will be any improvements without first visiting a doctor.

Pools of the Votkinsk Thermal Complex

There are 2 completely different pools on the territory of the springs:

Izhevsk is proposed to be granted the status of the capital of industrial tourism, but are the enterprises themselves ready to welcome guests?

The new status for Izhevsk was first discussed at the international forum "Udmurtia - 2016". It was then that they planned to do everything so that in October 2017, for the first time in our republic, a forum on industrial tourism of an all-Russian scale was held.

“There are hundreds of merchant cities in Russia, but only a dozen. We need to learn to appreciate it, "- revealing the topic, said in October 2016, Deputy Director of the municipal exhibition center" Gallery "of Izhevsk Marina Rupasova.

What is industrial tourism and why was it invented?

There are people like that: collectors. he is fond of numismatics, collects bells, other envelopes from all over the world. And the lion's share of modern tourists collects "places". Experienced travelers have replenished their treasury of impressions with dozens, and some with hundreds of theaters, museums, beaches.Many in search of new impressions visit the most remote corners of the world, arrange independent trips, filling them with unpredictability or adrenaline, while others are looking for knowledge and emotions of a different kind. Probably, it was for them that industrial tourism was invented in the 19th century. The direction was born in the state of Tennessee, USA. Jack Daniels, the producer of the whiskey of the same name, opened the doors of his distillery to visitors.

Industrial tourism, or, as the head of the Udmurt regional branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Elena Zakhidova, industrial and manufacturing, specifies an excursion to the enterprise, during which you can not only see from the inside the manufacturing process, even the most secret and unique , but also to touch the final product with your hands, and sometimes even to participate in the action yourself. Typically, industrial tourism in Russia is engaged in alcohol factories, confectionery factories, manufacturers of toys and non-food products. Unique tours, like an excursion to a diamond production in Yakutia, are much less common.

The interest in manufacturing and industrial tourism is quite understandable, but why should the enterprises themselves let outsiders into their "holy of holies"? It's simple - advertising and additional income. For example, the manufacturer of the world famous Volkswagen has built a very original plant practically in the center of Dresden, where you can see what is happening from any side.

“In search of new destinations for tourists from Udmurtia, we traveled to Germany and, among other tourist sites, discovered a unique structure erected by the Volkswagen enterprise. A light glass building that looks more like a museum or a medical laboratory than a production hall. Initially, when they were going to build it, the production workers of the most democratic country in the world asked the residents for permission to erect a building practically in the center of the city and were rebuffed. But they did not stop there and launched a completely transparent light tram around the city, explaining that the future workshop would be just as amazing, ”said Elena Zakhidova, head of the Udmurt regional branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

Photo: www. apantimes. o. p

And although for most Russian businessmen this is nonsense, but at the end of the working day, when the time for excursions ends, the owners of Volkswagen rent the building for various events: from quests to corporate events and weddings.

“They use every hour, because time makes money. Everything there is automated and almost impossible to break. A separate entrance has been organized for such events, ”explained Elena Zakhidova.

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